My Birthday, My Fantasy

by T M Trog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Lactation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I was sure my wife was cheating on me and I was determined to catch her. As it turned out I was the one caught. It was my birthday and she gave me a surprise gift I'll never forget.

"I fucked him", she whispered almost silently before turning over to sleep.

At the time of the writing of this story my wife and I have been married over thirty years. She has presented me with two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. They grew up giving us lots of grief but mostly love and joy.

For years Lynn, my wife, talked a pleaded with me to get a computer. You have to realize I'm just an old fashioned sort of man and leaping into the new age of computers just didn't set well with me. Well, as you've guessed by now she convinced me.

At first it was fun and I experimented quite a bit. I also was often banned since it was I that caused it to crash. Oh, don't get me wrong, I would always manage to get it back up and running but only after a few days.

Time progressed and so did our knowledge of computers. Along came AOL and we were both hooked. It was a whole new world out there and we explored with the gusto and curiosity of children. I discovered the world of sex online and like any child I was instantly captured. My wife found herself interested and we both delved into the newly found forbidden world. IM's and E-mail quickly became addictive and we soon found ourselves become more aroused with each passing day. I guess what I'm saying is our sex lives took a giant leap forward.

I wasn't long before Lynn decided it wasn't fun anymore and bailed out of the sex scene. That should have been my clue to take another look at what I was getting into but I didn't. Before long I was up to my eyebrows in alligators. I was more than just hooked; I was becoming a sexual junky firmly tied to the internet. Before long it looked as if I was having one affair after another with many different women. Oddly enough, if one can believe any of what is said online, most were married. While it seemed as if we were plotting to have real time affairs nothing of the sort ever even came close to taking place.

To cut to the meat of the matter I found myself so firmly embroiled even the phone was not considered off limits. To my credit I never made any of the calls. OK, I'm cheap and refused to spend the money on long distance phone calls. It was always the woman calling me but only in the phone line dedicated to the computer. There was no way I was going to give out our home number. I guess I had just enough sense to not allow that sort of trail that could only lead to doom.

Like any man I was extremely sure of myself. I knew without any doubt I covered myself completely. There was absolutely no way Lynn could possibly find out or know of my actions. RIGHT!!!

I was caught and I knew it. She had me cold and no amount of lying would get me out of trouble, so I did the only thing any man could do; I lied anyway. Lot of good that did me because it almost cost me my marriage. We spent hours talking until I finally confessed my sins. For weeks afterwards I walked on egg shells doing everything I could think of to convince my wife I was being up front and honest. I even went so far as to unlock my password so she could have access to my screen name.

We started to rebuild our marriage and her trust in me. Both of us began to open up more and talk about what led up to my becoming such a complete ass. The word fantasy was often mentioned and we began to discuss them. Lynn had little to add in the way of what she thought of sexually. On the other hand I had a few and when I told her some of them she seemed to cringe. I can only guess she was thinking I really was a pervert. One of the fantasies I often mentioned was my love of breast milk. We talked about it a great length. While neither of us had thought about it at the time when she was lactating I loved seeing her milk spraying from her large firm breasts as I kneaded them. Feeling her hot milk coating my body as we made love only increased my sexual desires. At the same time Lynn confessed how aroused she became as I expressed her milk at the same time relieving the pressure in her breasts.

Since I had such a fixation with lactation I told her of my writing stories and posting them online. I know for certain she was shocked when I also told her what some of my stories were about. She rebelled when I expressed my like for writing and reading incest stories. What really seemed to get her the most was they few times I wrote about threesomes. I explained to her that most men at one time or another fantasize of being with two women at the same time. What naturally followed was her questioning if I wanted to share our bed with another woman. She then floored me by asking what if she wanted to share our bed with another man.

"You can't be serious," I gasped.

"Why not? Men like the idea of having two women at the same time so why not a woman wanting two men?"

"Well to begin with I'm sure you would never do that. I'm really not so sure you even have that sort of fantasy. As for me being with two women I might think about it but I know it would never happen."

"What if I arranged for you to fulfill two fantasies at the same time? Two woman with at least one lactating?" Lynn had an evil look in her eye as she smiled. "If nothing else your cock seems to like the idea," she continued lightly stroking my iron hard erection.

"I see no reason for us to continue this discussion. Sure it arouses me but we both you would never allow it. Just like you would never have sex with any man but me."

As talked ceased and we made love I found myself more sexually aroused than I had been in quite some time. Not only that but Lynn was far wetter than ever. She was more vocal than ever begging again and again I take her harder and faster. We finished what was without doubt our most vigorous and sensual love making both falling into exhausted sleep.

Days became weeks that in turn grew into months. I had given up my sexual pursuits online and returned to being a devoted husband. We began chatting together online often exploring the world of our fantasies. From my prospective it seemed our marriage was back on track. Then Lynn began doing little things that puzzled me.

My wife cannot be described as a super model with a sexy figure that drives men wild. She tends to be just a tad overweight but not anywhere near fat. In my mind her best body part is her breasts. Large, soft and extremely sensitive sexually. She dearly loves for me to fondle them and suckle her thick nipples. Her normal manner of dressing is conservative to the extreme. Pants and blouses with never even the slightest hint of cleavage. Then I noticed her blouses were become more snug and she started leaving a couple of buttons undone. Most days Lynn is at work before I get home but it was slow one day and I came in just as she was about to leave. Again she was wearing a blouse that probably was a size to small with the top two buttons undone. I noticed how shear the material was to the extent I could easily see the cups of her bra. What really got my attention was how low cut the cups and the expanse of cleavage she showed.

"Hi, honey," she greeted just as she opened the front door. "I'm going to be late getting home tonight. A couple of the girls asked if I wanted to have a drink with them and I agreed." Kissed my cheek, walked out closing the door.

While Lynn seldom drinks she has been known to sip a wine or two on occasion. I didn't think anything about her having a drink after work but her blouse puzzled me. Shrugging my shoulders I decided she was changing they way she dressed to go along with our new found sexual pleasures. Actually I found it arousing thinking of all the men drooling at seeing how sexy she looked.

I can't say why I started having second thoughts a month or so later. Maybe it's because I wanted to surprise her one night and meet her during her lunch break. I thought it would be nice if I took her out to eat since she had an hour break. Finding a place to park I went inside and started looking for her. Up and down the aisles of check stands I walked without once seeing her. I knew it was at least ten minutes before her lunch so I found a supervisor and asked where I could find Lynn. I was told she called in sick and gave me a funny look. My mind spun as I replied I hadn't been home yet so didn't know.

Back home I went in and looked all through the house. Lynn wasn't home. Now I was really puzzled and began to worry. Visions of her in a hospital because of illness or accident raced through my brain. Fixing myself a drink and calming myself I sat and waited. I was glad it was Friday and I wasn't working the next day allowing me a chance to wait.

Finally close to midnight Lynn's van pulled into the driveway. I waited for a long time since she didn't seem to be in a hurry to come inside. Finally I went out just as she opened her door. She came up the walk, passed me without a word and went in the house. I followed anger seething just beneath the surface. I just knew she had been with some guy and I was itching for information.

"Sorry to be so late," she began quietly. "Henry was having some problems and asked if he could discuss them with me. I called in sick and we talked."

I knew Henry quite well. He was her department manager and they got along very well. More than once he had stepped in when problems came up at work and nearly always took her side. Lynn had told me of the many times they had teased each other but he was very happily married meaning nothing would ever come of it. I still wondered thinking of all the times it was Henry this or Henry that.

"Without getting specific can you tell me anything?" I asked.

"He and his wife are having problems. We had talked a little at work but today he seemed very troubled and asked if we could talk. He wanted my perspective and how best to handle his marriage."

I decided to let it go since I really didn't have anything to go on. My mind raced as I thought it might not be a bad idea to keep closer tabs.

For the next week things settle back into our normal routine. That's not to say I didn't check up on Lynn. I would drive by where she worked making sure her van was there. Once in a while I would go inside just to be sure she was working and hadn't left her van to fool me. I grew confident that her story was the truth and became comfortable again.

It had been a extremely hard week for me at work. I was overly tired every night and often went to bed earlier than normal. One such night I'd been having dreams and was close to waking when Lynn came to bed. I felt her lean over and kiss my cheek her breath warm on my skin.

"I fucked him," I heard her voice softly whisper in my ear. Seconds later I was again deep in sleep.

The following morning I had the oddest feeling. Something kept going through my mind until it finally hit me. My wife had kissed my cheek and softly whispered 'I fucked him'. I was sure it wasn't real. I know I had been dreaming and was equally certain it was just a part of my dream. Still it seemed so real that I couldn't put it out of my mind. You must know what I mean where a dream can seem so real that when you wake up you could swear it really happened. That thought kept going through my mind until I finally convinced myself that it was only a dream.

More days passed and again I was sleeping soundly. Normally even an earthquake can't arouse me but when my wife comes to bed I always feel her moving the mattress. This night was no exception as she leaned over, kissed my cheek and breathed into my ear.

"I fucked him again," she again softly whispered.

I lay fully awake as she turned over and went to sleep. She fucked him again? Her words grew louder in my mind. Who had she fucked? And what did she mean she fucked him again? I then knew I had to get to the bottom of this mystery and decided to take a few days off work and follow her.

As she normally does Lynn was dressed for work, got in her van and drove down the street. I had parked around the corner but could still when she left. Waiting until she turned the corner I went another way and saw her pulling into the parking lot at work. I watched as she got out of her van and saw she wasn't dressed for work. Not with that blouse with half of the buttons undone. Even from thirty feet away I could see her cleavage and that she hadn't worn a bra. Her breasts freely bounced and wobbled as she walked towards a car I didn't recognize. As she got in I saw her lean over, put her hand behind the head of the man behind the wheel and give him a hard kiss. When she pulled back I recognized Henry, her manager. Anger boiled in my veins and my first thought was to confront them right there, but as his car started to move I thought better and decided to follow them. I thought they would find some motel for their affair but I couldn't have been more wrong. Henry drove directly to his house.

I couldn't believe his nerve. I knew his wife didn't work and for the life of me couldn't figure out why he would take my wife to his house for sex. Even I wouldn't have been that stupid. Still I couldn't help but wonder so I waited half and hour and snuck into the back yard. Most houses have the Master bedroom in the back so I though that would be where I would have my best chance at catching them in the act. You could have knocked me over with a feather at what I witnessed through the uncovered window.

Three people were in the bedroom, one man and two women. My wife was one of the women and I recognized Henry. It was the other woman I didn't recognize at first since she had her back towards the window. What really caught me offer guard was I could hear voices coming from the room. It was then I realized the window wasn't fully closed.

"My husband simply isn't going to believe this when he finds out," my wife was saying. She was helping the woman remove her blouse and I saw from behind she was braless. "Such nice large firm boobs. Without any doubt my husband would love touching them. I know for a fact he would definitely love suckling your hard nipples and drinking your milk. As for me I love how they feel and the warmth of your milk on my body."

The woman turned enough that I saw her face and nearly gasped loud enough to give myself away. It was Henry's wife, Judy, and now both my wife and he were kneading her large firm naked breasts. Each swollen and engorged nipple was oozing thin white liquid as four hand caressed, kneaded and expressed her milk.

My wife turned to Henry and I saw her fingers working at his pants. She had them open and they dropped to his ankles. Inside his boxers she fished out his growing erection. Her fingers slipped around the thickness and began moving in an up and down motion. She was jerking him off, my brain shouted. My wife was jerking off the cock of another man.

I couldn't take it anymore. Silently I made my escape, got in my truck and raced home. How I managed to not have an accident I don't know since my eyes were flooded with tears. I had just witnessed my wife being unfaithful. Not only with another man but she included a woman. I had no idea how I was going to confront her but I knew it was coming. I waited at home sipping slowly on my Scotch and water. There was absolutely no way I wanted to get even a hint of a buzz. I wanted to be sober and sane when my cheating wife came home and I confronted her with what I'd seen.

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