My Wife, The Writer

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My wife is to close to her readers and fans. I can't go on like this. What decisions will she make. Her fans or Me?

Thanks goes out to my friend 'Techsan' for editing this story.

Chapter 1

I looked in the study and there sat my wife of three years typing away. All her attention focused on her thoughts and transferred to the computer screen. You see, she was a writer. She wanted to become an author some day. Right now she was totally focused on writing short stories.

We met a little over four years ago. I was in my forties and she was twenty at the time. I decided to go back to college at night and get that degree that I never got twenty years before when I dropped out of college. My employer would pay for it. It was part of their "Advancement program." So I headed back at night to finish the degree program I started twenty-four years before. That's where I met Charly. Her name was Charlene but I just called her Charly. I always liked nicknames.

We met in an English class of all places. She was a full time student but took some classes at night to complete her degree sooner. She was brunette, short 1⁄4 maybe 5'2" 1⁄4 built with nice big boobs and a big bubbly personality. She was also a really good looking chick. The minute I saw her I was awestruck. I couldn't help it, I had to get to know her. I might add that I had been recently divorced and hadn't got any in awhile so I guess I was somewhat on the prowl.

I couldn't believe it. The first night in class she came and sat down next to me and just started talking to me. She asked me if I minded and of course I told her, "Of course not. I'd be honored to have such a young pretty gal sitting next to me."

She looked at me a little strange hoping she hadn't made a mistake sitting there. She said she liked to sit near older men. They seemed to have a better intelligence level. All the younger guys in college just wanted to hit on her. I could see why. I wanted to hit on her myself and she was young enough to be my daughter.

If there was something called instant infatuation, I had it. She started telling me about her going to college and how she wanted to become a famous writer. She loved reading novels. Love stories and fantasy stories were her favorite. She had been attending college for three years now. She wanted a degree in literature so she could have some credentials when she published her books in the future.

We had English twice a week and I looked forward to class. I hated English but because of Charly it soon became my favorite subject. After a few weeks of classes I asked her out. She smiled and I could tell she was thinking about it. After all I was probably as old as her parents.

She told me she didn't go on many dates. Her career came first and she didn't want to get to distracted from her goal. I told her, "Thank you, I understand."

She looked at me and said, "Where did you want to go?" I couldn't believe it. Someone this nice, this cute, would go somewhere with an old fart like me. I told her anywhere she chose. Movies, dinner, plays, a drive-in movie would have been great but there weren't to many around any more. Besides she probably wouldn't have gone there with me anyway.

She told me she wanted to go see a new sci-fi movie that just came out. I readily agreed and asked, "Dinner after the movie?"

She agreed and we had our first date. Damn, I felt like a young kid again. Only this time I was more mature and took it slow. I was much more experienced and just had to use my brain a little more. That's the brain in my head, not in my pant's though hopefully that would come later.

We saw the movie and had a wonderful dinner. She was so nice and smelled so good. Just being near her made my day. The people at work couldn't believe what a happy disposition I had lately. It wasn't hard to explain 1⁄4 I was falling in love.

We started seeing each other outside of college regularly. I didn't want to push it. I knew her career came first and figured we had plenty of time. After a couple of dates I kissed her. It just happened. For some reason I was dropping her off at home and reached over and kissed her.

When I pulled back, she looked at me with her dark hazel eyes and said, "I liked that, can I have another?"

I kissed her again, only more passionately this time. God, it felt so good, I felt so alive. I didn't push it. She smiled at me and said she would see me at school and went into her house. When I got home I had to wank off, I couldn't help it. My balls would explode if I didn't get some relief. I just thought about Charly and it didn't take but a few seconds. Damn, masturbating never felt so good. It must have been the person I was thinking of. I really slept good that night.

Our relationship progressed. I asked her about our age difference. She told me she never thought much about age. Either she liked the person or she didn't, it was that simple. That's when I told her I more than liked her, I was falling in love with her. She didn't seemed surprised and just said she knew. She could tell it many dates ago. She was just trying to hold off till she finished school. She was having strong feelings about me also. She still had six months until she was able to get her degree.

"Charly, I can't wait six months to have you. I need you in my life, I need you in my bed. I want you to be my wife." What was I saying? I had only been divorced a year and here I was proposing. What had gotten into me? I wanted her bad but was I going too fast just to get in her pants? I didn't know for sure but I had said it. I couldn't retract it then.

She looked at me and said, "I want you too, Gary, but marriage is a little ways off. I do want to make love with you. Would you make love to me without us being married?"

What the hell kind of question was that? I'd fuck her into next Tuesday if she would let me. I had to watch how I handled this question though. Didn't want to blow it now. I looked into her eyes and replied, "Yes, Charly, I want to make love to you. My marriage proposal can wait until after your graduation from college. As long as we can be lovers until then. I want you. I need to be close to you. I will stand back whenever you ask. I know your degree means a lot to you and I don't want to change your focus. Just add a little focus in my direction during our love making."

After our next night out I took her to my apartment. We both knew what was going to happen. We walked into the bedroom and I looked into her eyes and asked, "Are you sure about this? The last thing I would want is to hurt you or, even worse, lose you."

She smiled at me and said, "I've wanted this ever since our first date. I don't know why you waited so long to ask me. All I ask is that you be gentle and make love to me, not just hard sex. I love foreplay, soft touches and being caressed."

With that said I kissed her gently and then in a slow methodical manner I began unbuttoning her blouse and gazed at her breasts heaving under her lacy silk bra. Just staring at her heaving breasts could make me go insane. I sat on the edge of the bed with Charly standing in front of me and kissed the valley between the soft mounds of her breasts. God, what a beautiful sight. As I buried my face between her young mounds I reached behind her and undid the clasp to release the pressure of the silk bra against her breasts. Then after pulling the bra off her shoulders I put a hand on the side of each globe and pressed them into my waiting face.

I kissed and sucked them like there was no tomorrow, listening to her moans of pleasure. I didn't want to stop but had to continue my explorations of this incredible woman. While sucking and kissing her breasts, I put my hands on the front of her jeans, unbuttoned and than lowered the zipper exposing her panties. This was a pure delight. There is nothing like seeing a beautiful woman exposing herself slowly to you. I had to slide my hand down inside of her panties. Feeling the softness of her skin and then running my hand over her bush and into the crevice below. Soft, moist and getting wetter. I could smell the hotness of her sex. It wasn't going to be long now before the taking of this lovely creature. As I ran my fingers over her vagina they became moist and slid right into her. I heard a big intake of breath as she pushed her mound against my fingers, taking more into her sex.

I pulled my hand out of her panties A soft moan left her lips, then I slid her jeans down her legs and onto the floor. Then I stood up and sat her on the edge of the bed and gently pushed her to lie down with her legs hanging over the side of the bed. To that point she hadn't murmured a word. Just sweet noises coming out of her being. I reached down then took hold of her panties and as I pulled, she raised her bottom and the panties came right off. I spread her legs and was looking at her moist valley. I was never a big pussy eater but I have to tell you the smell from Charly's sex was entering my nostrils and I had to dive in. I have never been this engrossed in eating a pussy, but Charly's was special to me. I buried my face, nose and mouth as deep as I could into her. I was sucking, licking, tonguing and even lightly biting for all I was worth. My face was totally covered with her juices. I continued to eat her out until she came. That was the first time in my life I had ever ate a woman to orgasm. It was great. It was time to mount her. I couldn't believe she was going to let me. God, I must have done something right. As she lay on the bed with her legs dangling over the side, I stood up and pushed my hot tool in that moist wet crevice between her thighs. I just pushed very slowly and very gently, letting her feel it an inch at a time. This was the type of love making I have always read about but had never experienced. I had to stop pumping. I didn't want to come yet. Charly was moaning and moving her head back in forth. I pulled my member out of her and then I climbed upon the bed. As I laid on my back, I had Charly mount me. She held onto my rod and slowly lowered herself until we were pubis against pubis. Whenever she raised up I saw her juices glimmer on my rod. I knew I wasn't going to last long. I held her down tight as I unloaded into her. Spasm after spasm, coating her insides with my cream. I felt her tighten her vagina muscles as she came, draining me of every ounce of cum.

She rolled off of me and lay next to me with her bottom pushed against my now soft member, our juices coating my cock and her mound. I pressed up against her knowing it would probably become hard again. We cuddled as I put my hand over her hip and onto her warm wet sex. She was everything I expected and more.

We continued to see each other in class and tried to get together once a week. The sex was always great but I'll always remember that first time with her. It was just so special. After she graduated and got her degree in English Literature, she started writing short stories 1⁄4 children's books and how to books mostly.

I received my BA degree in business and got a promotion at work. I finally asked Charly the big question again. She said, "Yes" and we got married a few months later.

Life was good. I went to work and she was a work-at-home writer. She wanted to become more than a writer. She wanted to be a famous author. She submitted a number of short stories but they always got refused. They were excellent but she was not a known commodity. The damn business world was just not giving her a chance. She was always told, "You need more experience, more exposure." So she finally asked one of the publishers how and where was she supposed to get this exposure? She was told to go to web sites and submit stories and get her name out there. Then she would have a following and a resume of stories posted. That's the way the system worked.

She went from one web site to the next looking for somewhere to post her stories. She came across three web sites that accepted stories from new authors. She submitted one of her old stories to all three web sites. Her story came across like gang busters. Everyone loved it. The comments started coming in saying what a wonderful new author she was. She was riding high. Of course she didn't get paid but she was building up this experience they talked about.

She began submitting story after story, every one a success. The readers loved her. They would love her more if they really knew her like I did. God, what a wonderful woman she was. A good wife and companion, and the sex was always good.

The only problem was the sites she was submitting her stories on were sex sites, erotic stories. Most of her stories didn't have a lot of sex in them but were widely accepted. Then she started writing stories that were a little more erotic. Fantasies, incest, cheating to name a few. They were great reading. Some were novels and could have been published if the damn business world would just give her a chance.

The comments and e-mails were coming in fast and furious. Most everyone loved her, a few called her names. Damn anonymous e-mail. They shouldn't be allowed. It upset Charly whenever she got a negative e-mail. I wanted to kill the sons-of-bitches for upsetting her. If I could find out who they were I think I would have.

Other guys and even a few gals tried to put the make on her. They wanted to know where she lived and all kinds of personal questions. Height, weight, bra size and then the real nasty ones, wanting to fuck her or do oral on her. Some were stupid enough to leave their e-mail addresses. I was going to reply to them when Charly asked me to please not do it because she didn't want to give them the satisfaction of knowing they shook her up. Fucking perverts! I did jot down their addresses and was going to find out all I could about them, just in case they tried to stalk Charly.

I had a computer geek friend who could find out everything I wanted to know. Somehow he took the ISP's like AOL, Comcast and others and ran their sign-up addresses through their data bases. Some he had to go through as many as three address data bases to get to their original sign-up address. He made me a list of them. Most of them were at least a couple of states away. There were a few in our state and adjoining states. If she continued to get threats or nasty letters from them I was going to pursue them. I told her to tell them politely one time to quit e-mailing her. Then the second time to tell them the truth, that I had their street addresses and would be coming to talk to them. I asked her to give them their street name and city. That way they would know that we weren't bluffing. That probably stopped 95% of the crank e-mails

We knew a lot of these nasty letters were probably from married men and the last thing they would want was for me to show up at their door and talk to their wives. Also by not really knowing me they would have no idea who I was when I showed up.

Charly kept writing her stories and getting rave reviews. She even won a couple of monthly contests that the web sites have. So she was even making a few bucks now.

I was reading all her stories now and it was really starting to bother me. She wrote about incest with her brother. I knew she had a half brother and it made me wonder if she ever did it with him. We never talked about our sexual past. Since she was almost a kid when we first met. I didn't think there could be much there. But it was starting to be worrisome.

I know one big hit story was a little girl on girl action. She described to a tee what supposedly she and her college roommate did. The detail seemed so real, damn could that girl write. Then she posted a story about being picked up by two guys in a bar. Now it was really beginning to bother me. The stories themselves would be a turn-on to most people because they were so well written. But since it was my Charly writing them it began to bother me. After I read the threesome story I was rather solemn. I walked in the other room and just kind of sat in my chair.

Charly got back from shopping and saw me just sitting there. She looked at me. "Honey, what's the matter," she asked.

"Oh, nothing important," I replied.

"Bullshit, Gary, you're my husband. No one knows you as well as I do. Please tell me what's bothering you? I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong."

I didn't want to tell her but wasn't sure what to do. I loved her so much and was almost sure she was faithful to me.

"Please, Gary, tell me?" she asked again.

"Your stories, Charly, your stories are starting to bother me," I replied.

"My stories? My stories are bothering you, Gary? I don't understand, don't you like them? The readers are giving me great feedback. What's wrong with them, Gary?" she asked.

"They're so real. The detail is so vivid that I have to believe you did all those things. Incest, group sex, lesbianism and it's really bothering me. I'm sorry. I know neither of us has ever talked about our past sexual experiences, but now you're writing about yours and I'm having a hard time handling it."

She looked at me with those big beautiful eyes and said, "Honey, do you want me to tell you about my sexual past? Would it make you feel better if I did?"

"I don't know," I replied. "It's just everyone else knowing, I guess. I always thought of you as pure as the driven snow and now I'm taken aback some. I love you so much. I have to accept your past. There isn't a lot of choice there." I replied.

"The first thing you have to know is since we've been together going all the way back to our first date, I have not slept with anyone, male or female. You have to also know that I have not cheated and will never cheat on you. I love and respect you too much for that to ever happen," she said.

"About my past," she continued, "I won't tell you everything. I have experimented a little in my life. I was not the neighborhood slut and there aren't a lot of people running around saying they had sex with me. One of my female roommates and I experimented a little my first year of college."

"Now I write some sexual stories. I try to make them as real as possible to the reader. Every story I write that is about me is an exaggeration or fantasy. I don't fantasize anymore. I don't need to. I have you here to make it all real. You are all the man I will ever want and all the man I will ever need." She then leaned over and kissed my very passionately.

"Is that enough information or do you feel you need more?" she asked. "Oh, no, I did not sleep with my half brother but it did make a really great story."

"Charly, I love you, you know that. Thank you for making an old man happy. If you ever have a problem or need to talk, please come to me. I will always be here for you. Whatever you do, don't keep secrets from me. That's all I ask."

Things were going pretty normally. She was writing her stories and seemed really happy. She hadn't mentioned much about the feedback lately other than she received some very positive comments. One web site posted their comments. I would go there and read them after finishing her stories. They really were nice comments about what a great author she would become one day. I felt really proud of her after reading the on line comments.

A couple of months had gone by and I was to go away for a few weeks on a business trip to New York. I thought about taking Charly with me. She could do her writing while I was out on business. Then we could spend our evenings together. I left work early and came home to talk to her about it. She wasn't home. Probably out shopping again. I decided to sit down at the computer and read any new stories she was working on. We shared our computer. We didn't hide secrets from one another and I rarely spent much time on it since I was on them all day at work.

I was reading an e-mail and accidentally deleted it. I always tried to leave them for Charly to read and she could delete them after reading them. So I went into the deleted file to move the e-mail back into the inbox for Charly. My God, there was all kinds of deleted mail. Charly must be forgetting to empty the deleted items folder. Most of the mail was feedback letters sent to Charly. I clicked on a few to read them. They were bad, they were more like porno letters than comments on her stories. I read a number of them till they put knots in my stomach. Why didn't she tell me about these?

I decided to check her sent file to see if she answered any of them, maybe telling them off like I suggested. I clicked on at least a half dozen replies. She wrote back to these perverts like they were good friends. I couldn't believe it. Why on earth would she write sweet letters to people like these. Was my Charly cheating on me? I honestly couldn't believe she would do it. I honestly couldn't. Tears started to well up in my eyes. I couldn't stop it. I knew I had to deal with this situation and it was tearing me up inside. I heard Charly come into the house. She yelled out, "Honey, are you home?" as she walked into the computer room.

She looked at my face and saw the tears. She quickly put down her packages and came over to me. "Honey, what's wrong? Are you okay? I've never seen you like this. What's the matter?"

I was devastated about what I read in her e-mails. I have never yelled or raised my voice to Charly. There was never any reason too. Now I wasn't sure.

I looked at Charly and said, "Why, Charly? Why did you let it go this far? Why didn't you tell me? Maybe we could have worked it out."

She was startled and ask, "What is it, Gary? What's wrong? Tell you about what?"

I clicked onto her deleted item folder. She said, "That's nothing, honey, just more feedback about my stories from my followers."

"This is not e-mail. It's porn. It's the same as phone sex only you don't get paid."

"How can you say that, Gary? They're just feedback letters from people who like my writing."

I spoke with my voice a little louder than usual, "Listen to what this nice gentleman says about your writing. 'Man, woman! You sound like the kind of slut I'd like to put my big black cock in.' Or this one, 'Damn, girl, my wife and I would sure like a threesome with you. My wife wants to lick that pussy of yours'. Here's another one. 'Damn, girl, you sound hot. Come to our college party and lets get those holes in your body filled up.' Now here is a couple..."

"Stop it, Gary, I know there's more, I read them."

"What about this one, Charly? 'Could you send a picture of your big beautiful tits so I can look at them while I masturbate. Please, I won't show anyone, I promise.'"

I looked at Carly, "Wow! They sure talk a lot about how great you stories are."

I continued, "Sounds like you really like receiving this kind of e-mail. Do you get turned on knowing all these people want you, Charly?"

"I don't know Gary? I really haven't thought about it. I get so engrossed in my writing, I never paid it that much thought. I know I was always happy to get feedback from readers," replied Charly.

"These aren't your readers and fans, Charly. These are just people who want in your pants or to have e-mail sex with you. Kind of on-line sex. None of these e-mails I've read to you are readers. They're stalkers, looking for their next victim, and I think they found her."

"They mean nothing to me, Gary, honest. You're the only one I love, you're the only one I want to be with," cried Charly.

I then went and clicked on the sent tab on the computer. "Here's what's bothering me the most Charly. You answered all that garbage e-mail from all those sick fucks. Here let me read a couple of your replies to the ones I read you. 'Wow! A big black one, sound interesting.' Here's another, 'Nice proposition. Haven't had my pussy licked for a long time by a woman. Check me out when you're in our town.' You gave them our fucking town, Charly. They could show up at your door anytime." "I didn't give them our address, Gary, just the town." She began to cry.

"Charly, this is a town of two thousand people. Yes, they could easily locate you. Maybe that's what you want? To that group of college guys you wrote, 'A group of young men sounds tempting but I don't think my husband would allow it.' Now I'll ask you about one more. The guy that asked for your picture so he could masturbate while reading your stories. You sent him a picture of your tits, didn't you, Charly?"

She looked at me and starting crying. I waited a few seconds before continuing. "I don't want to hear you lie to me so I'll tell you I know about the picture."

I pulled a copy of the picture out of my briefcase. "I sent you that e-mail. I was thinking about you while I was working and sent you that e-mail as a joke, hoping you would get a kick out of it. You sent me a picture of your breasts. At least you didn't show your face. You didn't even know it was me. You were so busy with your feedback friends that you didn't notice that you e-mailed the picture to my office computer. When I received it, I thought you were going along with the joke until now. You never knew it was me, did you? You sent a picture of your tits to a guy you thought was a complete stranger."

Charly was still crying. "I didn't mean anything by it. I just got so wrapped up in the feedback. Yes, I did send the picture and No, I didn't know it was you. I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean anything by writing all those letters. I just wanted to keep my readers interested, I guess."

"Charly, how many times do I have to tell you those are not your fucking readers. They're your stalkers. They want to rape and fuck you if you let them."

Then I went to one of the story sites and clicked on her comment section. "Charly, these are your readers. Notice the difference in comments. 'Loved your story, please write more.' 'Charly, love all your stories, you're one of the best.' 'Another great read, Charly, you are a professional.' 'Always look forward to your stories, don't forget us when you write your book.' 'You're husband is one lucky fellow to have such a talented wife. Congrats on your latest story.' See the difference? These are your true readers, the ones who want you for your writing."

I continued, "Charly, I'm deeply hurt. I don't know what to do. I love you with all my heart but my heart is being torn apart. You're going to have to make a choice."

"What, Gary? What choice? Please, Gary don't do this. You want me to choose between you and my writings. Please don't do this. God, you're my everything but my writing means so much to me."

Chapter 2: Charly's Decision

"Charly, I would never make you give up your writing. You're too talented and I know you will become a famous author some day. You can continue to write if you refuse the feedback. You see, I checked out everywhere you post. You can check the boxes that say 'No e-mail accepted' and just receive comments. You would also have to change your e-mail address."

"You know, the reason I came home early was I have to go to New York on business for two or three weeks. I was going to ask you to go with me but I've changed my mind. I think we need this time apart so you can think of what you want to do. I can't go on like this. I'm all torn up inside. I have always believed you but now I'm not sure. I only went through one day of your e-mails. I couldn't take anymore. For all I know you could have been doing this for months or even years."

"Please don't leave me, Gary. I need you, I love you. Please believe me. I have not had any affairs since I met you years ago. I'm so sorry if I hurt you," replied Charly.

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