by Daniellekitten

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman surprises her man when he thought that their planned vacation would have to be put on hold.

I had promised him this trip for months, promised to take the days off of work and make this time just for us. I'd been looking forward to it, setting up my calendar so that I was free with no work or worries.

And then it happened. Hurricane Katrina hit taking out half the project that I thought was almost wrapped up and leaving me with a mess on my hands just two days before we were supposed to leave. I, personally, was called into the boss's office and told to deal with the mess.

I handled things as best I could, rushing through phone calls, staying late at the office, but there was only so much I could do and a very important meeting was set for the day that I was supposed to meet Ken at the airport for the second half of the trip to the island.

When I called him, full of apologies, he hadn't seemed too upset and had been very understanding. My job was important to me, and to the people who worked with me. I was project coordinator and if I wasn't around, things didn't get done. This project, destroyed by Katrina had been one of mine and had meant a lot to my team.

So I turned my ticket in, got another for the two days later and made plans of my own on how to make it up to him. I sent Ken an email, letting him know of the change in my plans and told him to go ahead, spend a day relaxing. He'd need it.

The meeting went better than I had thought it would, everything wrapped up and plans made to scrap what needed scrapping, getting new supplies sent out right away so that the building could continue. I was ecstatic, my pet project was back on target and I was done well before I thought I would be. I went to the boss, filled him in and got his blessings for a long blissful vacation.

Now if the airport behaved and could get me a flight, I could be there just after midnight, island time. And I was going to surprise Ken, something I had never been able to accomplish.

He called on my cell phone just as I was getting ready to leave the office.

"Hey, love, made it here okay."

"Ken. How's our room?" I almost chuckled when I thought about being with him tonight.


Poor baby, I thought, grinning as I hit the button for the elevator.

"It's only until I get things settled, baby."

"Any idea when that could be?" I could hear the strain in his voice and almost told him that I was headed to the airport. But why ruin the surprise?

"Not yet, honey. But you know how important this project is."

"What about me?"

Uh oh. Dangerous territory.

"I promise, Ken, I'll get there before you even realize I'm not there. I love you."

I heard the heavy sigh and a mumbled comment that I couldn't quite make out.

"I love you, too," he said, sighing once more. "But it's not easy."

It'll be easier when I have you in bed, the thought came into my mind and made me smile. I listened as you hung up on your side and clicked the phone off to call the airport.

I picked up a cab, grabbed my bag while I had the cabbie wait and was at the airport just in time for check in. I hadn't even had time to change and was still wearing the business skirt and jacket I had put on this morning for the meeting. My feet were killing me, three inch heels weren't exactly made for running through airports in.

I'd gotten a seat in coach, the last available seat in any plane today and I made due, sitting back and making idle chit chat with the older lady I was seated beside. I ignored the looks from the men aboard the plane and instead planned out the way I wanted tonight to work. Now if Ken just cooperated, everything would be perfect.

I made the connecting flight by the skin of my teeth, and arrived at the island just after midnight. Going through customs wasn't a problem, I hadn't packed much more than two bikinis, a couple negligees I had no intention of wearing longer than it took for him to get me out of them and a few sundresses in case we ever got tired of the view in our room.

By the time I made it to the hotel, I was tired and hot, wishing for a shower before I saw Ken but instead, I took the key, grabbed my own bag and went to our room.

Ken had spared no expense, getting us a suite of rooms with views over the beach. The sitting room that I entered when I opened the door was beautiful, done in wicker furniture with soft fuchsias and sea greens mixing with the ivory used as a background. I didn't take much time to look around, instead sneaking into the bathroom to change and then to surprise him.

I could hear his breathing, soft and slow in sleep coming through the doorway. It was perfect. And I knew just how I wanted to wake him up.

I undressed and brushed my teeth, pulling a long white sheath of silk over my body and then letting down my hair to tumble down over my shoulders to the middle of my back. A few quick tugs with the brush was all I was going to give it, loving the look of sexy muss it had from being piled on my head all day. A quick spritz with the perfume he had given me and I was ready.

My heart started beating faster at the thought of finally seeing him again. We had been separated for a month, waiting for his job to let up so he could come back to me. That was why this trip had been so important for us, something that would celebrate our being together again at last.

But now that I was here and he was in the next room, I got nervous. Did I look okay? Maybe the other gown would... okay, stop it. I took a deep breath that did nothing to calm the nerves or bolster my courage and pushed open the door of the bathroom. I'd left the light on low, and as I moved from the doorway, it illuminated enough of the room to enchant me.

Ken had left the doors to the private balcony open and I could smell the ocean air salty and mixed with the perfume of flowers that were blooming riotously outside. The winds were blowing into the room, making the thin white sheer curtains billow like ghosts. The bed was centered on a platform and looked the size of a small lake. And in the center, white sheet covering just past his hips was Ken, his chest bare, one hand laying negligently against his stomach, the other up and under one of the pillows.

My heart caught at the sight of him in this room just made for romance. He was so handsome, dark haired, tall and strong. My hand went to my throat as feelings just seemed to overwhelm me. He'd swept me away from our very first hello. Swept me away and out of a bad relationship and into one that was full of fire and romance, passionate and caring with just enough spice to keep it intriguing. He'd made me realize that men didn't need to continually dominate to be men. He'd taught me that I was beautiful, not just on the outside but down deep where it counts. And he'd done it all just by being himself and showing me his world.

Love and lust burned inside of me in a way that made me catch my breath before forcing myself to move to him. I climbed on the bed, carefully, not wanting to wake him. He'd sounded so tired and drawn earlier and now, with his face quiet in repose, I could see the faint shadows under his eyes. It almost made me change my mind about waking him. Almost.

But knowing how tired he was, did have me shifting in my planned seduction. Instead of being intense and burning, I was going to awaken him slowly, gently, a tender passion that would steal into him just as his love had stolen into me.

My hand drifted above his skin, feeling the heat but not the actual texture. I touched him without touching him over his hard chest, down across his stomach before taking a hold of the sheet between two fingers and pulling it down and over his thighs. When he was bare from the knees up, I snuggled next to him, cautiously letting him feel my skin, and the cool silk of my gown, stopping every time he stirred or moved.

My hand rested upon his stomach, just below his own, laying against the soft skin just above the triangle of hair at his groin. It fascinated me, the way it felt, the texture against my skin, rough and slightly wirey. I liked feeling it under my hand, against my body.

I snuggled my nose into his neck, kissing him gently and slowly, letting my tongue run down the long cord that ran into his shoulder. He muttered and stirred and I held my breath, waiting to see if he would wake up. When he moved his head and murmured my name under his breath, I felt a smile start in my heart that made my head spin. Even in his dreams I was there.

I pulled the long sheath up until it was across my thighs and then straddled his groin, stroking my tongue down his chest. He tasted so good, so clean and masculine. I felt as if I could never get enough. And every time he would move, every time he would shift or mutter, I would stop and let him relax again.

The hand on his stomach moved, his finger tips stroking up his chest as he stretched out beneath me. His legs shifted, one brushing against mine and I caught my breath wondering if he would wake. But he calmed again and I moved lower. I wanted to take him in my mouth, to make him wake with pleasure and know that I was here.

His cock was semi hard from my gentle stroking and I took it carefully in my hand, staring up into the sleeping face of the man that I couldn't live without. I knew what he would feel like, how he would taste in my mouth and I was eager for it. I took him between my lips, his flesh still soft for the moment. I suckled gently, hearing a soft moan as his shaft grew upon my tongue. When his flesh grew hard between my lips, I could feel him touching the back of my throat, my hand fisted at the base. I grew bolder in my strokes as I tasted his excitement upon my tongue, a musky tang that had me desiring more. I felt his hand come to rest on the back of my hair, softly as if he didn't understand what was happening.

"Danielle?" his voice was slurred with sleep, raspy from the desire I had woken in him. "What are you... ahhh, God." His hand tangled in my hair and I felt his hips push toward my mouth.

Now that he was awake and aware, I could let my hands roam more. I pulled his heavy cock from my mouth, lifting it so that my mouth could caress his balls, loving the feeling of them as I suckled them gently with my mouth before stroking the long length of his cock once more with my tongue.

Ken was moaning and moving under the skilled caress of my mouth and tongue. And when I sucked him deep, feeling him moving down into my throat, cries were wrung from his throat.

"Danielle... baby, I'm gonna..." his hips shot upwards as I hummed in appreciation of the taste of him and I felt him spurt, long thick streams of cum into the back of my mouth. I smiled around his shaft as his hands fisted into my hair and I swallowed every drop milking him with a gentle fist and licking him clean.

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