Come On In

by 4degrees

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Caution,

Desc: : majorly bizarro dream a friend told me about.

Sitting at my desk next to the open window was a good work atmosphere. The fresh air and slight breeze helped my dull paperwork seem not quite unbearable. I glanced up and let my eyes rest on the trees that swayed gently on this mild summery afternoon. Then my gaze was jerked rudely away from the botany, and to a figure lying on the grass. It was a girl, a very attractive and subtly sexy girl, lounging in the ankle-high fescue. She lay on her side, propped up on one elbow, appearing to study a small daisy or clover flower. Her knees were pulled up, ever so slightly, and her skirt had ridden up to her mid thigh. She faced away from me, but even still, I ducked down trying to make myself invisible to her in the window, might she look. My eyes looked over the top of my glasses as I strained to see up her skirt. It seemed to just keep getting shorter. Especially when she shifted.

Without warning she rolled onto her back, and that short skirt had moved up enough that I was able to actually peek up there, between her legs a bit. It was dark with shadow, I couldn't see any detail at all, but still I felt my cock swell behind the fly of my no-iron Dockers. I lowered myself even more, making sure I was out of her sight. But as I watched, it became clear to me that she was looking straight at me. I wasn't invisible, in the least. She stared at me as I tried to stay out of sight in the bottom half of the window. Her eyes burned into mine as a small grin formed on her pinkish lips, and my jaw dropped as she tugged her skirt up past her hips, giving me a full view of her fuzzy muff.

I stood right up; hell, she was quite aware of me. My hand went into my pants and I began a slow rub with my thumb over my damp cockhead. She smiled bigger now, and her legs parted seductively, somewhat slowly like an elevator door. Now I could see all her gorgeous fuscia folds, and her small opening. Her hand went down, and she spread her nether lips apart, and she smiled even bigger. Part of me was thinking, what the... but most of me was focused on this hot eye candy, and my swollen erection. Then things became bizarre.

My focus on her pussy was distracted by movement. Movement on her face. I cut my eyes to her face and watched, aghast, as her nose began to elongate and stretch. It was almost like watching a computer animated version of Pinocchio. Her nose transformed into a long thickish arm of sorts, hooking downward at the end, like a fairytale witch's. My hand had long left its warm place in my pants and gone to cover my mouth, which was in a large 'O'. I gasped and felt some sort of deep fear, but I couldn't bring myself to look away. That nose of hers grew and reached right down in between her long legs, and the hooked tip of it grasped her cuntflesh with the dexterity of an elephant's trunk. Holding fast to the top of her orifice, that nose-thing pulled and opened her wide... wider... impossibly wide. What was a sweet looking girlish pussy only moments before was now like a deep black well, large enough to stick my fist in with no resistance. Hell, maybe even my foot. I'd surely seen enough, and my good sense urged me to run from the window, but I remained glued to that spot, unable to turn away. So, I was asking to witness what came next, I suppose.

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