Making a Faithful Wife

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Cheating, BDSM, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A newlywed husband discovers that his wife is cheating on him. He does not wonder why she cheats, but decides to save his marriage.

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Roger could not believe his eyes. His lovely wife of only three months was already cheating on him. Roger had gotten all the way to work when he realized he had forgotten something back at home. When he returned to their home, he was surprised to see his wife's car, a new VW Beetle, in the driveway. If she was home sick, why didn't she call him? And why did she park in the middle of the two car driveway?

Roger parked his car on the street and fumbled for the key to the door. As his hand was on the handle, he realized it was unlocked. Roger walked in still puzzled about what was going on. He stood in the foyer for a moment then heard that the shower upstairs was in use. A shower in the middle of the day? Roger shook it off as he walked into his den and grabbed the papers he had forgotten. As he was walking back to the front door, he thought of going up to check on Carla. When the shower stopped a pair of giggles stopped him in his tracks. One was obviously male and the other sounded a lot like Carla. Roger was bewildered; he crept up to the staircase and peeked around the corner. I must have just imagined that. His balloon of false security was popped by his wife running naked down the upstairs hall, he only saw her for a second, but her laughter carried for almost a minute. A naked man was chasing her and bellowing for her to stop or get spanked. The flash of the running man across the stairwell revealed Carla's boss.

Roger had heard and seen enough! He felt the anger welling up in him. He was ready to fight for what was rightfully his, but decided against it. If he were to go confront Carla and her lover right now, he was sure there would be some pink mist. That wasn't what he needed right now. He ran down the steps and went out the front door, not worrying about making any noise. Roger even left the door slightly ajar, he just didn't care.

He managed to drive back to work without getting in an accident, but through no fault of his own. Roger spent the afternoon in a daze, trying to find a reason for his wife's infidelity. It's not like I'm unattractive or anything. Everyone always said that we were the perfect couple. As Roger sat at his desk at work and pondered his life and marriage, he started to get a feeling of Righteous Anger. I did nothing to warrant this kind of behavior! I have been a good husband and attentive to her needs. Well, I guess not all of her needs, but I am not to blame! She should have told me that she needed more. Roger felt the spark of an idea in his fevered mind. An idea that grew and grew, until he believed it was the only solution to the situation. Roger still loved his wife, but his self-respect called for... no, demanded action.

Roger pulled into the driveway minutes after his wife had arrived at their suburban home. He joined her in the bedroom just as she was changing out of her work clothes. Roger's manner was jolly and he slapped her playfully on her panty clad ass.

"Hurry up and get something nice on, I'm taking you out to dinner."

"Dinner? What's up dear, did you get a raise?" Carla inquired as she got dressed in a stylish gown. She was confused by both the slap and Roger's festive mood. Roger shook his head, grinning at her as he disrobed to take a quick shower. He figured that Carla was clean enough, seeing she had a shower at lunch. Roger finished his shower and began to get dressed in a tie and sport coat.

"Where are we going, my darling husband? What is the occasion?"

"We're going to Valle's Steakhouse and you know I never need a reason to do things for you, especially if it strengthens our marriage." Roger replied as he finished tying his tie in a severe full Windsor. He spirited his wife downstairs and even opened her car door for her.

Valle's was a fashionable restaurant and night club just across the river from their home town of West Springfield. Carla was very affectionate to Roger as they drove there, kissing his neck and rubbing his leg as he drove. They enjoyed a nice meal and even enjoyed some dancing before going back to their house. Carla had been drinking rather heavily, not having to drive or work the next day. Carla never remembered such a nice evening. She was still bubbling about the unexpected night out as Roger led her to their bedroom.

She went into the bathroom and Roger took that moment to tie-wrap a bicycle chain to the frame of the bed. Carla emerged from the bathroom wearing a diaphanous silk teddy. Roger embraced her then sat her down on the bed.

"I hope you enjoyed tonight Carla."

"Mmm... Tonight was wonderful my love. The night isn't over though." Carla replied as she looked deep into Rogers eyes. Slowly her hands reached up to undo the tie & she started to unbutton his shirt. She felt heat start to rise inside of her. In an effortless motion, Roger tie-wrapped the other end of the bike chain to his wife's ankle. It took the inebriated Carla a few seconds to realize what he had done. She started to protest, but Roger cut her off.

"Don't say a word. I came home during lunch today and saw you and your boss." Carla gasped when her husband implied that he knew of her illicit affair. "Don't try to explain, I saw enough. Remember that I told you that I would do anything to strengthen our marriage? You obviously cannot be trusted, so I am going to 'help' you to be faithful to me and our marriage. This," Roger rattled the bike chain, "is merely temporary. I have some shopping to do tomorrow morning to make a more permanent arrangement for your new status." Roger stripped off his clothes and got into the bed. "Goodnight Carla, I love you."

"Roger... Roger! You listen to me! Get this chain off of me. I don't know what you are talking about..." Carla continued and called him all sorts of names. She even punched and scratched him, but nothing seemed to be working. Carla finally stopped ranting when it was apparent to her that he wasn't listening and didn't intend to acknowledge her. Plus the fact that she had hit and scratched him with no avail. She tried to get comfortable and finally drifted off to a troubled sleep. Her last thought was, He loves me, yeah right. Wait until tomorrow, I'll show him love.

Carla woke first having to pee. She attempted to swing her legs off the bed and found she couldn't. The rattle of the bike chain reminded her of what had happened the night before. At once, Carla became angry and elbowed Roger in the ribs.

"Wake up! Let me loose Adolph, I need to go pee!" Roger smiled into her flushed face and pulled a knife from his night stand. He cut the tie around her ankle and she raced into the bathroom. Roger sighed and got out of bed. He entered the bathroom without knocking finding her sitting on the pot. "Hey! Can't a girl get any privacy?" Roger's only reply was to grab his cock and piss into the pot between her legs. She was voicing her agitation when he left the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He could still hear her ranting and raving as her voice had gotten louder. Roger just smiled to himself as he got dressed.

Carla stormed out of the bathroom, her voice rising in volume and continued her tirade. Roger just grabbed Carla by the wrist and dragged her down the stairs and into the kitchen. He plopped her into a chair, tie wrapped her to the chair and started cooking breakfast. Carla was running out of steam, so she just sat there and nursed her rug burns.

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