Four Couples

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Cheating, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Four married couples agree to have a swap time where the mates of each swap off and they enjoy sex in one room together. The result is an erotic evening beyond imagining.

Chapter 1

Four married couples all agreed to get together one Saturday evening for a mate swap session that they had discovered they were all fantasizing about. Finally, they agreed to take their sexual fantasies and turn them into realities. Actually, it had been the four wives who regularly got together and in the course of conversation found out that they all had various sexual fantasies about each other's husbands and about what it would be like to sleep with some of the other husbands. One of the wives, Pam, finally suggested they all put their fantasies together and make them either a very disappointing or a very erotic reality.

The four couples came together and they had all agreed that in order to make this new sexual relationship work out, everyone would have to be open to sharing their mate with all of the others in the group. Their focus was on man/woman swapping, and that was the main emphasis although they didn't prohibit any girl/girl sexual activity if that happened somewhere along the line. All of the guys had made it quite clear that none of them were interested in any kind of male/male action at all. They were all clearly in favor of either fucking one of the other wives or in watching two or more of the women getting it on in girl/girl action. One other rule was that no one could start out with their spouse at the evening's beginning should the setup continue after that first night. And, to make things really interesting, they all agreed that no one would be on birth control and there would be no regard given to ovulation cycles. Admittedly, since all the women were still in child-bearing age, someone might get knocked up but that was an extra element of excitement that all of them had agreed upon up front. So, that was their ground rules and other guidelines would be established if the first night's get-together was a success.

The wives names were Pam, Lydia, Rachel, and Holly, and their respective husbands' names were Tommy, Eddie, Philip, and Sam. And between the four women and the four husbands there was a wide variety in physical appearance and sexuality. Pam and Tommy were the ones who hosted the evening's sexual playtime and they'd prepared light refreshments and snacks not only to help break the ice initially but so everyone could grab something to eat later in the evening after they'd worked up an appetite.

Lydia, Rachel, and Holly along with their husbands all arrived at Pam and Tom's house and their hosts took their coats and encouraged everyone to get to know each other and make themselves comfortable before they got started. Pam had worn a rather sexy short black dress that showed a lot of her nice cleavage and the dress fit her well-shaped body just right to show off her breasts, flat stomach and her nicely rounded ass. The other three wives had also dressed fairly sex to get the attention of the men present and to make the other women a bit jealous. Tom was very proud of his sexy wife and he knew that whichever husband got her for the evening was going to be one happy man. And he had the hots for all three of the other wives so he knew he'd have a nice time no matter which one of them he drew to have sex with.

Finally, everyone had arrived and even though Pam and Tommy had offered their home, Holly and her husband, Sam, had actually been the ones who'd led the existing fantasies to be brought into erotic realities. So, Sam and Holly stood in front of the other six people present and brought the entire room into order so they could start their evening of sexy mate swapping into action. As the four separate couples had arrived, everyone had been given either a pink or a blue terrycloth robe to put on when they'd gotten naked. To enhance the element of "first viewing" surprise, each couple was told to change out of their clothes in one of the bedrooms and then don their robes before joining everyone in the large family room. So, as Holly and Sam stood in front of the other six folks in their robes, everyone else was dressed similarly as they sat there waiting to get started.

"Hello, everybody," Holly said in greeting as she looked around the room at the other men and women who were there for one purpose -- to swap mates for an evening and experience the delicious pleasures of having sex without someone other than their mate and with that mate's approval. Holly's pussy was already wet in anticipation and her nipples were hard and perky on her breasts as she stood in front of everyone, totally naked underneath her pink terry robe.

"I've got a bowl with the names of the four wives here in my hand and you husbands will each pick one -- you cannot have your own spouse on the first round, so if you'll pass this bowl around, we'll get things started," Holly said as she passed the bowl to Pam's husband and let him have first pick. He reached in, making a big deal of his being the first guy to get to pick one of the other wives to fuck and when he pulled his hand out, he and the other men had been told to keep their "pick" a secret until everyone had a name. He looked down and when he saw the name he'd gotten, Tommy got a big knowing smile on his face and everyone else started to wonder which woman he seemed so pleased to have gotten. His wife, Pam, happened to noticed Tommy's reaction and she was excited to see which of the other wives gave him such a pleasant anticipation. She'd love to know how he regarded all of the other women since she knew he was quite a very hot lover in bed with her. She loved knowing that not only was Tommy going to get to fuck another woman besides her but he was going to be there in the room where she could watch him in action. And, Pam also got a special sexy reaction to knowing that Tommy was going to see her in action with another man, too.

Finally, all four husbands had selected a piece of paper with one of the women's names on it, and they were ready to get started. Pam noticed that Tommy immediately got up and went over to where Holly was sitting. He'd picked Holly and Pam felt a twinge of envy as she knew what Holly was in for and she knew it would be very hot. Holly was a rather petite brunette who had a very nice rack of tits even though she was shorter than the other three wives. Pam really didn't know anything about the other three women and not much about the other husbands but she knew they were all going to know each other a lot better before the evening was over.

Tommy stood next to Holly as she was sitting there waiting for his approach in her pink robe, and he bent over, kissing her slightly on the cheek and then when Holly turned her face towards Tommy, his lips closed over hers as his hand moved up and covered her rounded right breast through the material of her terrycloth robe. Just as Tommy began to touch and caress Holly in foreplay, he looked around and saw that his wife, Pam, had been picked by Lydia's wife, Eddie, and Eddie had already started caressing her and preparing to seduce her, too. Tommy loved the fact that all four couples were going to get it on the first time here together in the same room. He wasn't sure how that would be since he and Pam had never fucked in front of anyone else but he was game to find out. He also quickly noticed that Holly's husband, Sam, had picked Rachel's name and was pairing off with her, and that left Philip who had selected Lydia's name from the four women.

"Man, this is going to be so fucking hot," Tommy said as he stood Holly up and undid the tie holding her robe closed, and then he flipped the robe back so he could have access to her naked body. Tommy's cock grew instantly into a very big hardon as he also unfastened the tie of his robe so Holly would have access to his naked body at the same time he was playing with her. Tommy had been very pleased when he'd picked Holly's name because he had actually seen Holly before and secretly lusted after her. Now that he was going to be seeing Rachel and Lydia naked and intimately involved too, Tommy was pretty sure all four women were going to be high on his "Most Desired Women" list. He used that list to jack off sometimes when he got really horny and Pam wasn't around to have sex with him.

Tommy wanted to be careful what he said; he didn't want to make his wife jealous or say anything that would jeopardize his potential chances of having sex with the other two wives later that night or sometime in the near future. "You're very gorgeous, Holly," Tommy said as he did find her very sexy as she was sitting there in front of him, all for him to have sexually in the coming hours of this night. He stood, letting Holly see that she'd definitely turned him on and his cock was jutting hard and at a very sexy angle out of his groin in full hard erection.

Tommy found the whole experience of being semi-naked with another man's wife and getting ready to have sex with her a very arousing and exciting prospect. His cock was so horny to be inside a tight wet pussy that he could hardly wait but he had some things in mind to enjoy with Holly before he got that far. Tommy stood there stroking his hard cock and then he motioned for Holly to spread her legs for him. He noticed that Holly had a very sexy dark brunette bush of pussy fur and he wondered if the other women still kept their pussies furry and trimmed or if they shaved smooth. He'd have to try and notice that little sexy detail.

"You've got really nice tits, Holly," Tommy said as he leaned over, covering Holly's left nipple with his lips and she wrapped her hand around his hardon and began to stroke his hard cock up and down as he was suckling her nipple. Tommy knew that Lydia and Rachel had both had babies but he and Pam did not have any children and he didn't think Holly had any kids either. It was going to be interesting comparing these different sexy wives, some who were mommies and some who had never been pregnant and given birth.

"Yeah, suck my nipples, Tommy," Holly said as she loved having his hungry lips on her naked tits and the other hand playing with her erect nipple on the other breast. Then, when Tommy had sucked Holly's nipples, getting them both very hard in arousal and nicely wet with his saliva, Holly pushed Tommy back from her chest and she bent over, taking the hardness of his big erection in her hand and she jacked him up and down a few times and then she bent over, taking his cock in her mouth. Tommy wondered if all the wives present gave head like his wife, Pam, and Holly obviously did. He sure hoped so. Holly sucked Tommy's cock for just a few minutes, and then he eased her mouth off the length of his cock and he bent down in front of her naked hot pussy. Tommy quickly had Holly's shapely petite legs over his shoulders and then he bent over, burying his mouth in her wet pussy and he began licking and kissing her as he ate her out. Holly responded hotly to his mouth on her pussy and she was soon moaning and squirming underneath his mouth's explorations of her horny cunt.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, yeah, mmmm, baby, eat me good," Holly said, and as Tommy was going wild in her pussy, Holly looked over and saw the other three wives in various stages of getting naked and in the throes of foreplay with the other three husbands. Suddenly, Holly felt herself quickly approaching orgasm and she started humping her naked pussy up against Tommy's mouth and lips as she brought her off to a strong cum. Then, Tommy got Holly comfortable and situated just right for him to mount and fuck her and he looked around just as he was prepared to slide his cock into Holly's pussy and begin fucking her. He looked over and saw that his sexy wife, Pam, had her partner Eddie's cock in her mouth and she was giving him good head just like Holly had with him. That made Tommy's cock twitch as he saw Eddie fully enjoying being sucked off just as Pam frequently did with him.

Tommy stood there in front of Holly, jacking his cock up and down, and then he moved in between her legs, slid the head of his cock into her tight wet pussy and he pushed forward, looking down and watching as he mounted her and his cockhead popped into her pussy and then he began pushing inside her as she allowed several inches of his hard thick cock to penetrate her on the first thrust. Then, Tommy pulled out slightly, letting Holly's ample wetness lube up his cock and as he began thrusting inside again, this time he nearly penetrated her until his entire cock was buried inside her tight hot cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, give me all your sexy big cock, Tommy," Holly said as she wanted the other six people to hear that she and Tommy had already started their fuck and it sounded like they were the first couple to achieve penetration. The other three couples wouldn't be far behind for sure.

Chapter 2

Tommy had just mounted Holly and had made three full thrusts in and out of her pussy and he knew this was really going to be good. Her pussy was nice and snug around his cock and he could tell that she had already been excited and somewhat wet when they'd been waiting to see who would swap with who that night. Now that Tommy's cock was fucking in and out of Holly's pussy, she was quickly getting into the fuck with him, and he could see that she was focused on the fact that he was in between her legs, with his cock hotly filling her pussy and slamming in and out of her horny pussy.

Tommy's attention was primarily on Holly underneath him, but he could also hear sounds and comments coming from the other three couples as they were all quickly moving towards the moment of beginning their fucks, too. His wife, Pam, had been busily sucking on her partner's cock and now Tommy could distinguish Pam's voice as she obviously had her new lover's cock inside her pussy and he was already getting the results from her that Tommy would have expected. Pam was very vocal when they were making love, and Tommy could hear her encouraging the husband getting ready to fuck her as he continued to pound Holly and fuck her good. His cock was fully lubed up now with Holly's nice wet cunt, and his balls were smacking hotly against Holly's ass as he fully penetrated her on each inward stroke. Holly was moaning and letting Tommy know that his cock was really feeling good as he was hotly sliding in and out of her pussy.

Tommy leaned over, cupping Holly's naked left breast and he locked his lips snugly around her nipple and sucked it firmly while had kept on jack-rabbit fucking her. Holly laid back, thrashing her head around hotly as Tommy was dicking her and then she exploded in her first orgasm and the first of the evening for any of the women from what Tommy could tell. Holly was losing it in orgasm, and as Tommy kept on drilling her pussy, he could hear Pam's voice and he knew that by now, she had her pussy full of a big horny cock and her partner was royally fucking her, too. Tommy loved knowing that Pam was getting well fucked by another lucky guy and he leaned up over Holly, now ready to really power-fuck her since she'd achieved her first good orgasm. He was smoothly and steadily thrusting back and forth, filling Holly's sexy tight pussy and as he did that, Tommy was able to look around and see the other three couples in action, too. He saw that his wife, Pam, was actually astride the husband's lap that she'd paired up with, and she was hotly riding up and down on his cock, giving him a good "babe on top" fuck as he sat there, enjoying her nice big naked tits jiggling and readily available for him to lick and play with. And then as Tommy looked further, he saw Lydia and Rachel both lying on their backs, getting their pussies fucked good by the two husbands that had picked their names for Round One.

Tommy knew Holly was petite enough that he partially stood up, and then as he lifted Holly's ass up off the couch with his cock still buried inside her, he was able to fuck back and forth, really enjoying the tight feel of her horny wet pussy as he smoothly fucked her while he quickly approached his first orgasm. He knew being able to fuck the other three wives and ejaculate inside their pussies without having to pull out or wear a condom was going to be one of the highlights of every completed fuck. Tommy kept on drilling Holly and she began to cum a second time as he reached his climax. Tommy rapidly picked up his in and out rhythm and when he felt his climax exploding from his balls, he whammed in and out of Holly's brown-furred pussy three more times and then buried his cock fully inside her as he began to spurt his hot jism deep inside her pussy.

Tommy remained inside Holly's pussy as his balls delivered their first cumload and then as they lay there naked in each other's arms, Tommy looked around and enjoyed the sights of the other three couples also engaged in various stages of their own individual fucks. It was amazingly erotic to see Pam riding the other husband's cock and to see the other two wives being fucked by someone other than their own husbands, too.

Chapter 3

Pam was really enjoying the sexy swap session between her and her husband, Tommy, and the other three couples they'd agreed to spend the evening with. Pam had known the moment she'd seen her husband, Tommy, pick the name of the wife he'd be fucking that he was delighted. She'd picked Eddie's name and she was equally excited to experience not only fucking another guy, but also the fact that all four couples were swapping mates, but going to have sex there in the same room -- at least the first time.

Pam almost wanted to laugh at how quickly her husband, Tommy, had made his way over to Holly, his "pick for the night" and he hadn't wasted any time in beginning to make out with her. She knew Tommy was one horny dude, and she wasn't surprised at how quickly he'd taken to the whole idea of swapping mates and fucking another man's wife that evening. Pam had mainly focused on Eddie and on her matching up with him, but she'd also kept an eye out to watch Tommy and enjoy vicariously watching him as he played with Holly, got her undressed and then quickly ate her pussy until she orgasmed before he moved in between her legs, mounted her with his big cock and began to fuck her. Pam knew what a good lover Tommy was and she knew Holly was going to get a nice fuck tonight.

Pam had allowed Eddie to pair off with her and she and Eddie had quickly put the others out of their thoughts temporarily as they got out of the terry robes and began to kiss, caress and make out. Pam loved sex and she was so excited by this arrangement to swap mates. She was already semi-aroused before they'd even arrived that night, and then when the wives names were drawn, she was excited to see which of the three other husbands had gotten hers. Pam felt her pussy clench in anticipation as she realized it was Eddie. She quickly shucked her robe in front of him, letting him see her nice well-developed body and her sexy full breasts. Eddie slipped his robe off quickly too and Pam could see that he was as aroused and excited to be paired up with her as she was with him. His cock was jutting up hard and ready from his groin, and Pam almost wanted to push him over and climb on top of him for an immediate fuck. Instead, she tried to be a bit reserved and let him have the control of their sex session. Eddie quickly caressed and kissed Pam's large breasts and perky nipples and he soon had her pussy so hot to be fucked. Then, Pam got down in front of Eddie, took his big cock in her hands and stroked him until she took his hardon in her hands and mouth and began to give him a preparatory blowjob. Eddie was hot to fuck and then Pam took the initiative. She'd already heard clear sounds telling her that not only was her husband, Tommy, bringing Holly off with a nice pussy eating. She knew Tommy was a wonderful pussy eater, and Holly's quick loud orgasm made it clear that he'd eaten her out really good, too. It made Pam horny to hear Holly cumming and moaning loudly as Tommy had brought her to climax, and that was when Pam finished sucking Eddie's hardon and she stood up and pushed him back, quickly swinging her legs over his lap so she could straddle him and mount him on his lap. Pam settled her pussy right over Eddie's big thick cock and as she looked over quickly to see what Holly and Tommy were doing (he was already inside Holly's pussy and hotly fucking her), Pam let gravity pull her down on top of Eddie's cock and she heard him let a loud moan out as he felt her tight wet pussy take his big cock inside her.

Pam loved to be on top in a fuck, and she was really loving it as she felt Eddie's big cock filling her pussy and she used her leg and thigh muscles to gradually let herself slide down and be filled with his big hardon. As Pam mounted Eddie, he reached over, cupping both her full rounded tits and he started playing with her erect nipples and caressing her large sexy breasts as Pam began to pick up the pace of their mutual fuck together.

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