Shaia and the Cat

by Daniellekitten

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Halloween has never been her favorite holiday until a cat follows her home.

White blonde hair tumbled untidily beneath a black conical shaped hat that flopped as she walked. Well stormed was more like it. There was a tear in the thin gauzy fabric of the black skirt studded with silver stars and moons. The top, black satin and lace with thin straps, was skin tight and displayed curves that were generous and firm. The tie lacing the top together was torn also, giving glimpses of the satiny pale skin beneath.

"Who the hell does he think he is anyway?" the girl muttered under her breath, incensed by the turn of events that had so thoroughly ruined Halloween for her. She'd been looking forward to this night and this party for ages, ever since Jack had invited her to go. And now...

She glanced down at her ruined costume. She'd spent hours making this, getting the studs just right so they sparkled and glimmered when she moved, pressing and starching the hat so it stood high and tight over her head, slowly sewing through the delicate satin that ripped so easily under the flying needle of her sewing machine. And it was ruined.

Something brushed against her ankle, startling her and making her trip in her too high heels. She managed to turn so she didn't land on her knees, instead bruising her posterior against the hard cement of the sidewalk.

"What... ?"

Her small purse had spilled open, the change she had thrown in earlier after trying to use a payphone that was broken, scattered and rolled over the hard ground. Her keys were thrown into a near by yard and the tube of lipstick that she had saved for a month to buy opened and landed in a puddle out in the street.

Tears of frustration welled in the violet blue eyes of the tiny woman and she felt a strong urge to give in and have a good old fashioned temper tantrum. A hint of wry amusement touched the smile that came when she thought what the neighbors would think if they saw her out here on the sidewalk, kicking and screeching at the top of her lungs like a two year old.


A large black shape rubbed against her side, the fur from a ridiculously long tail curled under her arm, tickling her. Huge amber eyes gleamed up at her in the dark, blinking slowly as if the cat were trying to communicate with her.

"Hello," Shaia said, tilting her head at the inquisitive cat. She brushed the grit off her hands before reaching out slowly to stroke the silky soft fur. "Are you the one that tripped me up?"

The huge cat preened under her caressing fingers, arching its back and walking in circles under Shaia's hand. It's purr was loud and rough, like an engine that hadn't had a tune up in years. It pushed it's head between Shaia's fingers and she felt the sharp tip of its teeth as its mouth opened against her hand. It wasn't biting her, just enjoying her hand as cats were apt to do.

Shaia thought of her date for the evening. It was too bad he didn't have the sensual nature of a cat. Instead he was all dog, no finesse, no foreplay, wanting to rip right into her for the finale.

She stirred herself, reaching out and grabbing her keys and as much of the change as she could reach and returning it to her purse. Then she pushed herself back up on the four inch stilts that she planned to destroy the instant she got inside her apartment and went to rescue the lipstick from the puddle and it's cap from the curb. The cat walked with her, following her as she moved to gather her belongings. And when she resumed her walk to her apartment, he followed along, ambling beside her as if it were his place to do so.

Shaia found herself talking to the cat.

"Can you believe what an ass he was?" she said, looking down at her companion. "He tore my skirt and ripped through the laces. Do you know how hard it is to sew these holes open for them in the satin?" She laughed at herself. "No, of course, you don't. You're a cat."

The cat looked back up at her, blinking it's large amber eyes knowingly.

"Anyway, I wasn't going to stay there with him anymore but I didn't know anybody. And when I tried calling, no one was home. So that's why I'm walking." She turned into the front walk of her apartment building, stopping at the entry way. "Well, Mr. Cat. It's been nice having your company. You've been a much more polite date than most of mine." She knelt down and rubbed his soft fur with her hands, hearing his rough motor purr start once more. "Sorry I can't invite you in. The land lord is allergic." She looked around the well inhabited neighborhood. "Besides, your owners are probably wondering where you are now."

She stood reluctantly, sorry that she couldn't keep the wonderful feline. "Thank you, sweet savior for your protection on my trip home in this dark scary world." She laughed, the neighborhood was the safest in any in the city. She blew the cat a kiss and pushed her key into the lock, opening the door to go in.

The cat streaked inside and waited for her at the stairs that lead to the top floors.

"Wait," she said, hurrying after him. "You can't come in, I told you. My landlord would throw a fit." The cat purred a little louder and rubbed against her legs. "No," she said looking down at him. "No," she stressed the word as if the cat would understand. He stared up at her and then started up the steps.

Shaia followed him, whispering, "Here kitty, kitty." She followed the cat up to the third floor watching as he angled down the long hall and ended up at the last door, her door. Then he stood there and waited.

"How did you know where I lived?" She looked down at the cat which just sat down and stared up at her as if saying, "well, going to open it up or should we discuss this here."

She pulled out her key and opened the lock on the door pushing it open. She was going to drop her stuff, pick up the cat and take him outside to leave him. Just at that minute, the door to the apartment down the hall, the apartment that housed the landlord's new girlfriend, opened. Shaia pushed the cat inside with her foot and quickly and as quietly as she could, closed the door. She leaned against it and put her finger to her lips to tell the cat, "shhh."

She heard some talking and then the door closed again.

"Well," she said, staring down at her intruder. "I guess you're spending the night. I sure can't open the window and toss you out and I'm not going to try and sneak you past Lori's door." She threw her purse on the stand and took off the hat, dropping it on the floor next to the stand. The shoes came off her feet with a tired sigh of pleasure.

"Are you hungry, cat?" Shaia asked the animal as he followed her through her apartment. It wasn't much of a place, three rooms, including bathroom with old fixtures and even older appliances. She'd done the best she could with it, painting and adding curtains. But it was just gloss over old, sheen over tired. She kicked her way out of the skirt, rolling down the cheap black hose she'd found at a thrift store that was now officially ruined and throwing them away. She was left standing in the tight satin tank that was now very unlaced, showing the round inner curves of her breast and just the hint of stomach, and lacy black panties that dipped low in front in a provocative vee.

The cat growled, deep and low in his throat, startling Shaia. She looked around and saw his eyes fastened upon her for just an instant with what she could have sworn was lust in them, then the cat plopped his butt down and starting cleaning his back leg seeming without a care in the world.

Had she seen... Could he... The thoughts running through her head were too ridiculous to finish. It was a black cat, it was Halloween. She'd had a long day and an even longer date with Jack the jerk and now, it was all getting to her.

She pulled the top over her head, flipping her long white blonde hair back and out of her face when it was off. Her breasts swayed heavily when she stood, her nipples clearly erect in the chill of the room. She shivered and grabbed her robe from the back of the door, pulling it on and walking into the other room.

The cat sat, transfixed, his tongue still out as he held his back leg up to be cleaned. He closed his eyes once and then blinked them again as if coming out of a trance. Then at the sound of the girl's voice, he shook and hurried from the room, jumping lithely up onto the tiny counter space in the kitchen area of the main room.

"There you are. I thought you might have gotten tired of my company already." The heavy purr of a response made her laugh and she stroked the black cat once along it's beautiful arched back. "I'm hungry, let's see what we got."

Shaia pulled out snacks, tuna for the cat and a small bowl of milk, cookies and a large glass of milk for herself. Then she took the food, put Cat's on the floor and curled up on the couch, pulling down a blanket that she kept on the back for cuddling purposes. She picked up the remote on the second hand TV she'd gotten and flipped it on. A good, stupid horror film caught her attention and she sat back to watch it.

When Cat had finished his snack, he jumped on the couch beside her and curled into her lap, purring when she stroked his soft fur, nuzzling his face into the vee created by her belted robe and laying against her skin. It was nice to have another presence in her apartment, even if it was just a cat. It was comforting listening to him purr. Before the movie was even half over, Shaia fell asleep.

The first bonging of the big clock across the square on the court house woke her. She glanced at the time on the small alarm clock next to the couch. Midnight.

She stirred, meaning to go to bed and realized the cat was missing. She sat up and threw the covers back, feeling a draft from her half open robe. She reached down to fix it.

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