Doing It By Phone

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Pam does phone sex at night and under her pseudonum of "Katie", she helps horny guys get off sexually for a price.

"Ring, ring", Pam's cell phone began to ring at about 10:30 at night. She'd just started to get busy thinking about going to bed but since she was "on call" for her agency to use her, she was more than glad for the telephone to ring.

"Hello, this is Katie," Pam said as she answered the phone with her "make believe" name that she used when she was working with the phone sex business. She thought Katie sounded a bit sexier than Pam and they'd always recommended that she not use her real name -- just in case. Pam thought of even picking a more sexy name but Katie had seemed to work and she got lots of repeat requests so she knew it was the phone sex she gave and not the name she used that made the most difference.

"Hi, Katie, baby, this is Honey, I've got a customer for you and he's a married guy, wants you to be a married woman who's not getting enough from her hubby and he wants you to get to the point in a hurry. So, don't keep him too long but he's paying higher than the normal rate, Katie, since he's putting pressure on. He must have his dick out and is already hard. He seems pretty intense if you know what I'm saying," Honey said as she gave Katie all the necessary information she'd need to give the customer the best phone sex service possible.

"OK, Honey, I've got it; I'll try to give this guy a good time for his money," Pam said to her phone sex boss as she quickly shifted into her on-line persona of "Katie" and decided how to proceed with this particular customer.

"Hello, this is Katie, how are you doing tonight?" she said as she tried to pick up the customer and get going with him.

"Hi, Katie, it's great to hear your sexy voice," the man on the other end of the line said as Katie could tell that he was already very aroused and probably sitting there with his hand stroking his big naked hardon. "I"m excited that you're going to spend some time with me tonight," he said as Katie could hear the arousal and sexual tension in his voice.

"I'm all yours, baby," Katie said. She reached down, sliding her hand down inside her warmup pants and then on inside her panties as she started to stroke her pussy in order to get herself aroused so she could actually provide some sexy wet sounds over the phone to this guy who was paying serious bucks for every minute he talked to her and had her give him "for pay" phone sex.

"Katie, tell me about yourself," the man on the other end of the line asked as she knew he was waiting for her to say some sexy things so he could really get off good while she was talking naughty to him.

"Well, I'm very pretty if I can say that, and I'm very horny all the time," she said as she loved how hot her hand felt down inside her panties as she was rubbing her pussy and getting hornier and hornier. "I'm going to fuck you in a few minutes if that's OK with you," Katie said as she knew that her customer, her "phone John" as they called them, was probably jacking himself off as he listened to her and imagined what she looked like and how sexy she was. "I've got a very pretty face, nice hair and a sexy figure that men love to look at," Katie said. She could hear the phone sex customer getting more and more aroused, and she heard him moaning as he was pounding his hard cock faster and faster.

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