A Loving Mother


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Story of how Mother and Son close relationship leads to them being lovers. Story told by both Mother and Son

Note: Both mother and son tells this story.

I met Roger during the summer break between my sophomore and junior year of high school at the town's annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration. My two best friends, Janice and Kathy and I were waiting in line to ride the large roller coaster, but when we finally made it to the front, we were told only two could ride in the same car. Janice and Kathy jumped in the first car, and I took the second car. Since the rules were that two people had to ride together, a guy, Roger, from the group behind us climbed in with me. After the ride, he asked my name, which I told him, and the rest of the evening the six of us sort of hung out together waiting for the fireworks show to begin.

There was something about him that really interested me, and when he asked for my phone number, I quickly gave it to him. As promised, he called the next day and asked if I would go out with him, and that is how things started between us.

We continued to see each other through the rest of the summer and into the new school year, when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I couldn't have been happier, and didn't hesitate to say yes. Our relationship grew deeper and deeper, and it was during a heated make-out session he said he loved me.

One evening we were at his house while his parents were visiting some of his relatives and began making-out on the couch, working each other into a heated passion. When he slid his hand under my blouse I didn't stop him, and wasn't long before he had my bra pushed up and placed his hand on one of my breasts. I wasn't really upset that he did that, but it did make me fell a little uneasy. After a few moments, I relaxed and began to actually enjoy his touch. From that night on, whenever we made out that was part of our routine, nothing else until the night he slipped his hand up my leg and under my skirt. Slowly he inched farther and farther until I felt his hand reach my panties. I then began to get worried that things would get out of hand, although I was enjoying what he was doing, and knew I had to either stop him or turn his attention elsewhere. I remembered what my friend Karen said, that if you give a guy a hand job he would cool off in a hurry.

As we continued to kiss, I move my hand between his legs and slowly rubbed the bulge I felt under my palm. His breathing got heavier and he moved his hand from under my skirt and leaned back and moaned softly. Seconds later he grabbed my hand and told me to wait a second, and quickly unzipped his pants and for the first time in my life I saw what a boy had between his legs. He took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock and I began stroking it up and down as Karen told me. I knew what was going to eventually happen, but was shocked it happened so soon. Suddenly he groaned that he was going to cum, and bingo, warm creamy liquid spurted out. I couldn't help myself, but I started to giggle when I saw his reaction to what I had done, and kept stroking him until he finally grabbed my hand and said he couldn't take anymore.

After he cleaned up the mess I made, he kissed me again and said that it felt wonderful and wanted to return the favor. Before I knew what was happening, he had me pushed back onto the couch and was pulling my panties down my legs. He moved onto the floor in from of me and pushed my legs apart, and without any warning whatsoever, he went down and licked me where I never thought anyone would. I was too shocked to protest or stop him, and a feeling came over me I never experienced before. I felt myself voluntarily open my legs farther as he continued his licking. Then it hit me, my first ever orgasm and I felt my whole body tremble for what felt like forever. I didn't know it, but Roger said I was actually screaming loudly as I reached orgasm.

When I finally regained my composure I asked where he learned THAT, and he laughed and said that was the first time, but heard stories and saw pictures in a magazine. Well, my reaction was he WAS going to do that again when we made out, and he was more than willing.

I graduated from jerking him off to giving him blowjobs, and quite honestly I really enjoyed doing that to him. No, not the first time, it gagged me and I puked, but I learned just what to expect, and had no problem after that.

It was at the prom picnic when things did go to far when both he and I were a little tipsy on some wine that one of the guys had given him. We had a small tent set up and were lying there kissing and petting and when he moved down between my legs, I just assumed he was going to eat me like all the times before, and I would blow him. This time, when I came, he moved up and started kissing me and before I knew it, he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. Being a rookie at eating pussy is one thing, but this being his first time at actually fucking was a different story. He wasn't gentle at all, and just plowed right in and the pain was excruciating. He must have been really turned on, and it took only seconds before he groaned and tried to pull out, but it was too late, or so we thought. Thinking had already become pregnant, we had sex again after than, and it wasn't until the Labor Day weekend did I actually get knocked up.

The story I was told was mom was receiving her high school diploma when the first pains hit her. She bravely endured each pain as the rest of the class receive their diplomas, and when the commencement exercise was over she was quickly rushed to the local hospital, and I was brought into the world.

My dad drove a truck for a living and was on the road quite a bit, and it was mom who brought me to my little league games when dad was away. The weekends were always special, since that was when dad was home, and he would spend time with me. I know mom had a lot of work on her hands when dad was away tending to the needs of my two younger sisters, but she always made sure she got me to all of my games.

It was two days before my youngest sisters sixth birthday that we lost dad. Driving through a big snowstorm, he hit some ice on the interstate and his rig went into a ravine and he was killed. Mom was now handed the task of taking care of three young children, myself who was nine, my sister Sharon who was seven, and Kathy the youngest was now six.

One day I was riding my bike and felt pain between my legs, and when I got home I went to the bathroom to see if I somehow had gotten cut or bruised. I couldn't see or find anything wrong, but the pain wouldn't go away. Finally, even though quite embarrassed I told mom something was hurting me down there. She took me to her room, away from my sisters, and had me take off my pants and shorts to have a look see. She seemed a little concerned when she noticed that the sack that my balls were in was quite swollen, and called the doctor to make an appointment. Like I said this was all quite embarrassing, but I wanted to pain to go away.

Losing my husband, the love of my life was pretty hard to deal with, but the thought of losing a child was really tearing me apart. Jimmy came to me one day saying he was hurting, and after I looked at him, I knew something was terribly wrong and quickly brought him to see a doctor. It was determined that Jimmy had a tumor, and the pathology test proved it was indeed cancer. After further tests, the doctors felt that his cancer hadn't spread, and although not a 100% successful, chemotherapy and radiation was suggested.

It was about seven months that passed before the doctors assured me that after removing the tumor, and the treatments, Jimmy was out of danger, and it didn't appear the cancer had spread through his body.

Jimmy and I became really close, not just because he was my first child, but the fact that I had almost lost him. I didn't neglect Sharon or Kathy by any means; its just Jimmy was a little more special to me.

Although Roger had a large insurance policy that took care of the home mortgage, there were still plenty of bills that had to be paid that always made things a little difficult. Jimmy must have sensed that, and during the summer he would get jobs cutting lawns in the neighborhood and instead of spending his earnings on himself, he would give it to me. I really didn't want him to feel he had to do this, but even the small amount he gave me helped a lot.

I guess I was lucky that mom had enough sense to get me to the doctor when she did, and although I really didn't realize just what was happening, I could see mom was scared, and relieved when it was all over.

I could also see her agonizing over the bills she had to pay every month. Yeah, she had a job and everything, and the insurance that dad had paid off the house, but there were still bills she had to manage. It wasn't a hard decision to make at all, I lined up some grass cutting jobs during the summer, and shoveled driveways in the winter to help mom all I could. She always said she didn't want me to be doing that, but still she did accept what I gave her.

When I got to high school, I landed a job after school at the corner grocery store stocking shelves and bagging groceries, and every payday mom got my check. When I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a job that trained me in computers, how they worked, how to repair, and how to write programs. I became very adapt in all aspects of the computer, and it allowed me to start my own business of developing and hosting web sites, but that job also was where I met Mary Anne, the girl I would eventually marry.

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