A Loving Mother


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Story of how Mother and Son close relationship leads to them being lovers. Story told by both Mother and Son

Note: Both mother and son tells this story.

I met Roger during the summer break between my sophomore and junior year of high school at the town's annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration. My two best friends, Janice and Kathy and I were waiting in line to ride the large roller coaster, but when we finally made it to the front, we were told only two could ride in the same car. Janice and Kathy jumped in the first car, and I took the second car. Since the rules were that two people had to ride together, a guy, Roger, from the group behind us climbed in with me. After the ride, he asked my name, which I told him, and the rest of the evening the six of us sort of hung out together waiting for the fireworks show to begin.

There was something about him that really interested me, and when he asked for my phone number, I quickly gave it to him. As promised, he called the next day and asked if I would go out with him, and that is how things started between us.

We continued to see each other through the rest of the summer and into the new school year, when he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I couldn't have been happier, and didn't hesitate to say yes. Our relationship grew deeper and deeper, and it was during a heated make-out session he said he loved me.

One evening we were at his house while his parents were visiting some of his relatives and began making-out on the couch, working each other into a heated passion. When he slid his hand under my blouse I didn't stop him, and wasn't long before he had my bra pushed up and placed his hand on one of my breasts. I wasn't really upset that he did that, but it did make me fell a little uneasy. After a few moments, I relaxed and began to actually enjoy his touch. From that night on, whenever we made out that was part of our routine, nothing else until the night he slipped his hand up my leg and under my skirt. Slowly he inched farther and farther until I felt his hand reach my panties. I then began to get worried that things would get out of hand, although I was enjoying what he was doing, and knew I had to either stop him or turn his attention elsewhere. I remembered what my friend Karen said, that if you give a guy a hand job he would cool off in a hurry.

As we continued to kiss, I move my hand between his legs and slowly rubbed the bulge I felt under my palm. His breathing got heavier and he moved his hand from under my skirt and leaned back and moaned softly. Seconds later he grabbed my hand and told me to wait a second, and quickly unzipped his pants and for the first time in my life I saw what a boy had between his legs. He took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock and I began stroking it up and down as Karen told me. I knew what was going to eventually happen, but was shocked it happened so soon. Suddenly he groaned that he was going to cum, and bingo, warm creamy liquid spurted out. I couldn't help myself, but I started to giggle when I saw his reaction to what I had done, and kept stroking him until he finally grabbed my hand and said he couldn't take anymore.

After he cleaned up the mess I made, he kissed me again and said that it felt wonderful and wanted to return the favor. Before I knew what was happening, he had me pushed back onto the couch and was pulling my panties down my legs. He moved onto the floor in from of me and pushed my legs apart, and without any warning whatsoever, he went down and licked me where I never thought anyone would. I was too shocked to protest or stop him, and a feeling came over me I never experienced before. I felt myself voluntarily open my legs farther as he continued his licking. Then it hit me, my first ever orgasm and I felt my whole body tremble for what felt like forever. I didn't know it, but Roger said I was actually screaming loudly as I reached orgasm.

When I finally regained my composure I asked where he learned THAT, and he laughed and said that was the first time, but heard stories and saw pictures in a magazine. Well, my reaction was he WAS going to do that again when we made out, and he was more than willing.

I graduated from jerking him off to giving him blowjobs, and quite honestly I really enjoyed doing that to him. No, not the first time, it gagged me and I puked, but I learned just what to expect, and had no problem after that.

It was at the prom picnic when things did go to far when both he and I were a little tipsy on some wine that one of the guys had given him. We had a small tent set up and were lying there kissing and petting and when he moved down between my legs, I just assumed he was going to eat me like all the times before, and I would blow him. This time, when I came, he moved up and started kissing me and before I knew it, he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy. Being a rookie at eating pussy is one thing, but this being his first time at actually fucking was a different story. He wasn't gentle at all, and just plowed right in and the pain was excruciating. He must have been really turned on, and it took only seconds before he groaned and tried to pull out, but it was too late, or so we thought. Thinking had already become pregnant, we had sex again after than, and it wasn't until the Labor Day weekend did I actually get knocked up.

The story I was told was mom was receiving her high school diploma when the first pains hit her. She bravely endured each pain as the rest of the class receive their diplomas, and when the commencement exercise was over she was quickly rushed to the local hospital, and I was brought into the world.

My dad drove a truck for a living and was on the road quite a bit, and it was mom who brought me to my little league games when dad was away. The weekends were always special, since that was when dad was home, and he would spend time with me. I know mom had a lot of work on her hands when dad was away tending to the needs of my two younger sisters, but she always made sure she got me to all of my games.

It was two days before my youngest sisters sixth birthday that we lost dad. Driving through a big snowstorm, he hit some ice on the interstate and his rig went into a ravine and he was killed. Mom was now handed the task of taking care of three young children, myself who was nine, my sister Sharon who was seven, and Kathy the youngest was now six.

One day I was riding my bike and felt pain between my legs, and when I got home I went to the bathroom to see if I somehow had gotten cut or bruised. I couldn't see or find anything wrong, but the pain wouldn't go away. Finally, even though quite embarrassed I told mom something was hurting me down there. She took me to her room, away from my sisters, and had me take off my pants and shorts to have a look see. She seemed a little concerned when she noticed that the sack that my balls were in was quite swollen, and called the doctor to make an appointment. Like I said this was all quite embarrassing, but I wanted to pain to go away.

Losing my husband, the love of my life was pretty hard to deal with, but the thought of losing a child was really tearing me apart. Jimmy came to me one day saying he was hurting, and after I looked at him, I knew something was terribly wrong and quickly brought him to see a doctor. It was determined that Jimmy had a tumor, and the pathology test proved it was indeed cancer. After further tests, the doctors felt that his cancer hadn't spread, and although not a 100% successful, chemotherapy and radiation was suggested.

It was about seven months that passed before the doctors assured me that after removing the tumor, and the treatments, Jimmy was out of danger, and it didn't appear the cancer had spread through his body.

Jimmy and I became really close, not just because he was my first child, but the fact that I had almost lost him. I didn't neglect Sharon or Kathy by any means; its just Jimmy was a little more special to me.

Although Roger had a large insurance policy that took care of the home mortgage, there were still plenty of bills that had to be paid that always made things a little difficult. Jimmy must have sensed that, and during the summer he would get jobs cutting lawns in the neighborhood and instead of spending his earnings on himself, he would give it to me. I really didn't want him to feel he had to do this, but even the small amount he gave me helped a lot.

I guess I was lucky that mom had enough sense to get me to the doctor when she did, and although I really didn't realize just what was happening, I could see mom was scared, and relieved when it was all over.

I could also see her agonizing over the bills she had to pay every month. Yeah, she had a job and everything, and the insurance that dad had paid off the house, but there were still bills she had to manage. It wasn't a hard decision to make at all, I lined up some grass cutting jobs during the summer, and shoveled driveways in the winter to help mom all I could. She always said she didn't want me to be doing that, but still she did accept what I gave her.

When I got to high school, I landed a job after school at the corner grocery store stocking shelves and bagging groceries, and every payday mom got my check. When I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a job that trained me in computers, how they worked, how to repair, and how to write programs. I became very adapt in all aspects of the computer, and it allowed me to start my own business of developing and hosting web sites, but that job also was where I met Mary Anne, the girl I would eventually marry.

Jimmy never seemed to mind helping out whenever he could, and I remember the day he handed me his very first ever paycheck from the grocery store he worked at after school. His eyes seem to sparkle, and a big smile was on his face when I opened the envelope. Tears came to my eyes, and he hugged me and said he would do anything I asked and was happy to help.

When he finished high school, he landed a pretty neat job with a place that did a lot of computer stuff, even though I really didn't understand any of it, he always tried to tell me what he learned each day.

One day he brought home a girl he worked with, and introduce her to me, Sharon and Kathy. I don't know if it was mother's intuition or what, but there was something about her I didn't like. It just wasn't me, Sharon thought she was a little on the smug side.

They dated for a couple of years, but it was still a shock when he came home one night and said he was going to ask her to marry him. I tried to be happy for him, but I just didn't think she was his type. Jimmy was a giver, and she seemed like a taker. Still it was his choice, and I remained silent.

Mary Anne and I dated for just a little over two years when I got the courage to ask her to marry me, which she agreed to. We set the date for August, three years to the day we first met.

Although I now had a wife and my own home to care for, I still made every effort to help mom and my sisters out whenever possible. Soon Sharon met someone and they too got married, followed shortly after by Kathy leaving the "nest", leaving mom alone for the first time.

Sharon and Kathy were into some sort of exercise class, and somehow persuaded mom to join them. Although mom wasn't on the heavy side in the least, it took just two months and I could see a difference in her. She always had a nice figure, but now everything was tightened up, and she looked really good. She must have enjoyed the classes, and when Sharon and Kathy finally gave it up, mom stuck with it.

Both Sharon and Kathy moved farther out in the boonies and while they talked with mom a lot on the phone, their visits were few and far between. I remained just a few miles from her house, and would stop by on the way home from work, and on weekends help her with the lawn and other home maintenance needed.

After Jimmy got married, which Sharon and Kathy did the same; I agreed to attend a jazzercise class with Sharon and Kathy. I really felt out of place there, since everyone there was the girl's age, but I have to admit it was fun. Although I still had pretty good figure, the classes toned and tightened all the loose ends, so to speak.

When Sharon and Kathy moved out into the country, I still attended the classes alone, and even bought a video to do workouts at home, and a treadmill to walk on while I watched television at night. I guess that was my way of dealing with being alone, but I did enjoy it.

Jimmy, being the doll that he is, would stop by every night to say hello and if something need fixing, he was there. One day, he came in during one of my workouts and commented how sexy I looked in the spandex shorts and tight top I was wearing, which made my face turn red with embarrassment having my son see me dressed like that.

I don't know if it was the time he spent by me that was causing problems between Mary Anne and him, but something wasn't good at home, I could tell.

Mary Anne always seemed happy, but one Saturday morning she said something that hit me like it was a ton of bricks. She sat at the kitchen table and looked straight at me and announced she didn't want to be married any longer. At first I thought she was joking around, but she said she was serious. We talked, and she assured me that there wasn't anyone else, that she loved me, but didn't want to be married to me. How could someone be married for four years, claim that they love you, but still say they want to end a marriage.

Since she never went out alone, worked in an office with just girls, I couldn't see how she met anyone else, but she had to, even though she swore she hadn't. She claimed she simply didn't want to be married anymore and wanted to end it. Even though it was part of her money that bought our house, she said she wasn't interested in any part of it, I could keep everything, and she didn't want or expect me to pay any type of alimony. She just wanted out, period.

I wasn't about to let things just end, and finally got her to talk about what had gone wrong, and she revealed it was because I couldn't father a child due to the cancer I had years ago. I was more than willing to adopt, but it was her desire to be a mother, not just a parent. Even the idea of a sperm donor couldn't change her mind, as she was terrified of aids, and wanted no part of that, and that's how things ended between us.

Mary Anne didn't take a thing when she left, except her clothes. She even gave back the wedding and engagement rings I gave her, leaving me with everything, the house, cars all of it.

It was a very painful experience I went though, and never wanted to go through something like that again, especially if the reason Mary Anne gave were the truth. Would another girl feel the same as she did? How could that subject be approached?

I could see Jimmy was torn apart by his divorce, much like I was when I lost Roger, but this was so much different. He still came around like always and helped out both financially and with any chores that were needed, and one evening he walked in while I was on the phone with a collection agency regarding my past due account on my car payments.

When I hung up, Jimmy looked at me with those big brown eyes and smiled. He then came over and hugged me a moment. "You know mom, why don't you put the house up for sale, pay off all you bills and come live with me. I have four bedrooms, a large finished basement that is plenty big for both you and I."

I knew I had trouble keeping up with the house alone, but I didn't want to be a burden on him, but his insistence finally won out.

I don't know if it was I being alone, or me thinking how hard mom had it, that made me convince her to sell her home and live with me. Hell I had plenty of room, and even promised she could set up the basement as her own exercise room. She finally agreed, and over the weekend I moved what ever she was keeping to my house, and we worked on selling off the rest of the stuff, along with the house.

I guess it was about three months or so when things between mom and I began to change, and I mean really change. Being with out a wife or girlfriend, I turned to checking out the different sites on the Internet, sites that had all kinds of porn, videos and pictures. Of course since I developed many of then, I could easily get in without paying, I think that was as exciting as seeing what was inside.

One evening I was watching a video I had downloaded, and with the headphones on, I didn't hear mom come into the room. Here I was watching some guy going down on a girl and my mother walks up behind me. When she put her hand on my shoulder, it shocked the hell out of me. I pulled off the headphones and quickly tried to close the screen as I heard mom say. "Jimmy, what are you watching?"

As I fumbled with the mouse to hit the close button she laughed. "Don't get so worked up, it's only a movie. I saw that before, and that girl looks like she is really enjoying it. Damn I miss that. Your father was really good at that."

I finally succeed in getting the screen closed and mom seemed a little disappointed that I shut if off, but I was freaked out having my mom see what I was watching, and thought she must think I was a pervert or something.

I had just finished walking my twenty minutes on the treadmill, and when I came up the stairs I called out for Jimmy, but he didn't answer. I saw a light from under the door of the one bedroom he used as an office and figured he was in there. Although it was close to 9:00, I had a taste for ice cream, and was going to see if he would like some.

As I walked into the room I called his name, but he didn't answer, and I could see he had a set of earphone on. When I came up behind him I could see clearly what he was watching, and I guess I scared the shit out of him when I touched his arm. He tried to hide what he was doing, but it was too late, and seeing what was on the screen sent a little shiver through me.

I never really saw a movie like that, but I could see why people enjoy watching, and was a little worked up seeing it. There were times over the last twenty years where I craved sexual pleasure and turned to manually pleasuring myself, and tonight I knew was going to be one of them.

After getting undressed I slipped under the covers and stared at the darkened ceiling as visions of seeing that girl on the screen enjoying what my beloved Roger would do for me. Slowly I slid my hand over my body until I felt the wetness of my long neglected pussy. I couldn't believe that just simply seeing something could get one so aroused, but it certainly had an effect on me.

As my finger rolled over my excited clit I fantasized that it was Roger's expert tongue that was getting me closer and closer to orgasm. I could hear myself quietly urging Roger to eat me as my hips started to grind up against my own hand. Suddenly as my body succumbed to the pleasure and I exploded, I cried out; "Oh eat my pussy baby, make me cum. Eat me Jimmy eat me."

As I cam down from the most intense orgasm I had in years, it hit what I had said. I mentioned my own son's name, as I was cumming. I tried to rationalize that it was because it was he watching the movie, but still, that had an effect on me that flooded me with guilt.

After I was sure mom had gone to bed, I opened up a few more sites and for the next hour I downloaded a few more videos for future viewing. As I was quietly moving towards my bedroom I thought I heard something from mom's room that stopped me dead in my tracts. I stood quiet, straining to make out what she was saying, and for a second I thought she was on the phone, but that was not the case at all. Suddenly it hit me what was happening. Mom was masturbating, and what I heard were her moans of pleasure. It felt a little weird to hear and know mom was doing, but it did bring a smile to my face. I thought at least I wasn't the only one in the house to have to take care of things alone, and started back towards my room when her voice floored me. I heard her cry out softly she was cumming, but when I heard MY name I stood there in shock.

Once I got to my room I sat on the edge of the bed wondering if I really heard what I thought I heard, and quickly thought I just HAD to be wrong. I tried to fall asleep, but the thought of mom pleasing herself was getting to me, and I felt my cock twitch inside my jockeys. I slowly started to stroke my fast hardening cock as her words filtered through my mind. Suddenly the thought of her saying my name made my self indulgence even more intense, and I groaned softly as I reached climax; Oh yeah mom, suck my cock, suck me mom, I'm cumming."

The next morning when I came down to the kitchen to make the morning coffee, mom surprised me with not only coffee already made, but was fixing my favorite breakfast, waffles.

I sat at the table sipping the hot coffee and glancing at the sports section of the paper when the thoughts of last night came roaring back to me. I looked up at mom, who was wearing a loose fitting shirt and tight fitting shorts and I felt my cock twitch. I couldn't help the thoughts that I wasn't looking at my mother, but rather a very attractive woman, a woman who just a few hours ago was fantasizing I was eating her pussy. Weird and crazy thoughts ran though my mind as I stared at the tight blue shorts and could almost see the puffy mound of her cunt protruding through. My thoughts were interrupted when mom sat at the table across from me and started talking. "Jimmy, you're quiet this morning, is there something wrong?"

"No, it's just that, well I didn't get a real good night sleep. Tossed and turned most of the night."

When I awoke the next morning the events of the last evening were still with me, and I just couldn't believe that I subconsciously thought of my son as I was reaching an orgasm. Hoping to relieve the quilt I was feeling, I went to the kitchen and fixed his breakfast like I had done many times in the past.

I could tell that something was bothering him, and I assumed it was I walking in while he was watching a video on the computer, but he claimed to only be tired from a restless night.

I still had thoughts of what I saw on the screen, and wondered if that was the reason I was in the mood I was in last night, and hoped that somehow I could check his computer out, when he was not at home, that is.

Since this was Saturday, the day Jimmy would do most of his errands, it was no surprise that he said he had some stuff to take care of, and would be gone for a few hours. Moments after he left, I went to his "office" and logged on to his computer. I stared at the many icons on the screen, and began to open a few. It only took a few minutes until I was in a member's area of one of the web sites he created for a customer.

This site was filled with hundreds of videos and film clips of numerous categories, and I opened the one that was labeled "Oral" and began to watch. For two hours I saw girls receiving and giving oral sex, my favorite kind. I fondly fantasized that was I in the video with Roger pleasing each other, and could feel the wetness form in my panties. I looked down at my powder blue shorts and could see the dark wet spot between my legs. I slowly rubbed my aching pussy as I watched, but wasn't getting the pleasure I was seeking, and quickly went and changed from the tight shorts to a loose fitting pair of short pajama bottoms.

As I now watched the screen, I could slip my hand inside and gently finger myself. When it got to the point to where I couldn't take any more of my "teasing" I leaned back in the chair, closed my eyes and pictured Roger licking and sucking my dripping slit.

I was getting close, when I heard the front door open, and quickly made my way to my bedroom. With the moment now gone, I dressed in my workout clothes and went to the basement for my twenty-minute walk on the treadmill.

I carried three of the six bags of groceries I had purchased to the kitchen, and on the way out to get the rest I saw mom in that hot tight spandex outfit coming from her room.

After putting away the groceries, I went to my office to work on a project for a customer that I had promised to complete by the end of next week. I don't usually like to "work" on the weekends, but since I had nothing on my schedule I figured I would get it out of the way.

I touched the space bar to turn off the screen saver and instead seeing my home screen, one of the web sites I set up was running, but was minimized. I just assumed that I forgot to "kill" the site last night and didn't give it much thought at the moment. It was only when I started to exit did I realize that it wasn't I who had this site open. Running in the background were five videos, videos that I wasn't looking at. Whoever was on my computer didn't close each video, rather just opened another leaving the rest still running.

It was then that I noticed an ashtray with two spent cigarettes crushed out, and I realized by the brand just who was at the computer, it was mother. I checked the videos that had been opened, and each were similar to the one I was watching when she came into the room, and felt like a parent who had just caught their child in the cookie jar.

Was she "spying" on me to see what I did in my spare time, or was she in fact watching for her own enjoyment? I really couldn't confront her, which would be quite embarrassing if she indeed was just watching, but still, for some reason I just had to find out. I mean I didn't care, but I still wanted to know.

It took about six hours to finish the project I was working on, and was about to kill the computer, when I had a thought. If mom were checking out different web sites, she certainly wouldn't do so if I were around, so I set the trap by leaving a site open.

I went downstairs and announced that I was really tired and told mom I was hitting the sack a little early. If she wanted to use the computer, this gave her an easy opportunity.

After I had finished with my workout, I did some laundry and dusted and vacuumed the floors, which left me a little tired and since Jimmy was working in his office, I went to my room for a short nap.

The sound of the phone ringing awakened me, and as I glanced at the clock radio I realized I must have been more exhausted that I thought, and had been asleep for over three hours. I took a short, but refreshing shower to help clear the cobwebs from the long nap and headed down to fix Jimmy and I some dinner. As I passed Jimmy's office, I could see he was still hard at work, so I decided to hold off until he was finished, and whip up something then.

It was almost 8:00 when Jimmy finally came down the stairs, but when I asked if he was hungry, he said he was really tired and the restless night he had the night before had taken its toll and wanted to just go to bed early.

The movie I was watching ended just a little past 10:30, but I was still wide awake from the long nap I had, and flipped through the channels for something interesting. Since there wasn't anything on the tube worth watching, and I certainly wasn't ready for bed, I grabbed a book and started reading. After just a few pages it dawned on me that since Jimmy was asleep, it would be a good time to check out some more videos.

As it did last night, and this morning, the videos had an effect on me. I slowly rubbed my nest as I watched video after video. I felt myself getting close to where I needed to cum, and planned on going to my room to enjoy the moment just after this last video finished. This particular video had an older woman, not and hold hag, but was certainly older than the guy, or should I say boy that was with her on the bed. I had been watching with sound down, but I could see the women talking to the boy, and I wanted to hear what was going on, so I quickly slipped on the headphone and turned up the volume. I was stunned at what I heard, and clicked on the rewind arrow to play it again. "Come on sweetie, lick mommies pussy for me. Make me cum, and I promise you I'll take care of you. Come on, hurry before your father gets home."

It was obvious that this video involved incest between mother and son, even though I doubted she was actually his mother, and he had to be over eighteen, but looked a lot younger. When she reached orgasm, if it was real, she moaned. "Yeah baby, that's it make mommy cum, eat me baby." It hit me, that last night I uttered words very close to that, and I felt the heat rush through me.

I was shaking with desire to find sexual relief, and slipped off my shorts and panties and eagerly fingered my dripping pussy as I watched the entire video again. I kept myself from getting off too quickly, and hoped to cum when the women on the screen reached orgasm. Since I had already seen the video, I knew when she was going to cum, and I began to work my clit at a faster pace. It was as we were connected, and I heard myself moan with her. "Oh yeah baby, eat mommies pussy. Make me cum."

Although I had a very intense orgasm, I wanted to continue and turned off the computer and went to my room for some more pleasure. I couldn't believe how fucking horny I was, and realized that maybe Jimmy was right, I should have allowed myself to get involved with another man.

I awoke just after 3:00 in the morning and quietly went to my office to see if in fact mom took the bait and went on my computer. I was quite sure she didn't realize I had set up a web cam recorder, and if in fact she had logged on, I would have the proof right in front of me. I didn't want to "film" during the night if no one logged on, so I wrote a short program to start the recording if, and only if the computer was logged on. Suddenly there I was seeing mom on the screen staring at the monitor. The timer indicated that over two hours had passed since she logged on when I was shocked to see my mother slip off her shorts and panties and began fingering her pussy. I felt a little guilty at knowing my mom was obvious in the need of sexual pleasure, but I also was disappointed that I didn't have a wide angel on the web cam to get a better view of her cunt. I don't know what had come over me, but the thought of seeing my mom on video made my cock rock hard, and I pulled it free and stoked it slowly as I watched mom finger herself.

I heard mom starting her morning shower and quickly shut down the computer and slipped back into my room to enjoy a good cum. I plopped back on the bed and closed my eyes and the vision of mom came back when suddenly my fantasy changed. Mom was now stroking my cock for me, and as I got closer to shooting off it was her lips that was stoking me. As the hot cream shot over my stomach I groaned; "Oh mom swallow me, that's it eat my cream mom, suck my cock."

The rest of the day, all I had on my mind was the quilt of beating off and fantasizing I was having sex with my own mother, but that night I repeated my fantasy again.

Over the next month or so, I was obsessed with searching sites that featured incest between mother's and their son's and would end the evening by stroking my cock to climax as I replayed the videos in my mind.

Many nights I would stand outside her room and strain to hear if she was pleasing herself, but that was all in vain, as she either was very quiet about it, or wasn't doing it at all. I knew I just had to set up the web cam again to see if she was continuing to watch the videos on my computer. I wasn't disappointed, so I got brave. I left four videos running in the background that I had set up to begin to play when the enter key was hit. I was excited to see just what mom's reaction to seeing mother and son relationships, although I knew without a doubt she would never consider such an act, but a fantasy is just that, a fantasy.

It was more than a couple of weeks that passed that I had the opportunity to check out Jimmy's computer again. It wasn't that I was in a mood for sex; I guess I was curious, and if it got me in the mood, then so be it.

One particular day when Jimmy was out, I jumped on and instantly a video started to play. The only explanation was that Jimmy must have been on, and somehow didn't shut it down properly. The thing that really caught my eye was the title, Mother and Son, The Taboo Act.

It was easy to tell that this wasn't a professional video, and actually looked more like a home made video, with poor lighting and the reflection of a man holding the camera in a dresser mirror. The young man, actually he looked like a boy, had facial feature as that of the women, and I was sure it actually was his son, or a very close relative. They performed oral sex on each other for a while, the actual intercourse followed soon after. The filming wasn't all that good, and the camera kept moving around and zooming in way too far. When the boy began to grind faster and faster into the woman, she called out; "No baby not in my pussy, shoot in my mouth and over my face." I could only stare as the young boy pulled from the woman and held his cock close to her face. She opened her mouth and I could see two or three spurts of cream shoot into her mouth, then she wrapped her lips around it as the boy moved his hips back and forth against her face.

I watched two other movies with the same theme, and when I heard a car door slam, I quickly shutdown the computer and rushed to my room. I sat quietly on the edge of the bed wondering how a mother could actually commit such and act, and also let someone film it. Although I didn't feel in the mood for sex of any kind at the moment, I could feel the wetness that had dampened my panties.

When I got the chance, I checked my web cam, only to discover mom just watching, and nothing else. I felt a little disappointed, especially since I had the web cam set up on the file cabinet that would have given me a better view.

I wondered if it was the "theme" of the videos that I had left running that didn't get her in "the mood", and once again left a few running, but more like the ones she appeared to enjoy in the past.

Three more times I set up the "trap" and each time mom only watched for a while and nothing else. I figured it was fate that wasn't allowing me to see her pussy, and gave up on the idea, but a stoke of luck at a newly opened river casino changed thing dramatically. Not only did I finally get to see her beautiful pussy, I saw it up close and in person, and more.

After Jimmy almost walked in on me watching videos and fingering myself, I made it a point to not use the headphones, and if needed, I would take of myself in the privacy of my bedroom. I would just die if Jimmy saw me acting that way, even though I just know he too had to have indulged in self pleasure a few times since his divorce. After all, seeing videos such as these had to get him aroused, and I am sure he isn't gay, especially since there were never any videos of that type on his computer.

Then one Saturday afternoon Jimmy surprised me. He came back to the house around noon and announced he had a date set up for me that evening, and I wasn't allowed to refuse. As it turned out, it was Jimmy who was to be my date, a visit to a Las Vegas style casino that had recently opened.

Since I really hadn't bought any new clothes in quite a few years, I frantically searched my closet for something appropriate to wear. After about an hour of frustration I came downstairs and tried to beg out, but Jimmy wouldn't allow it.

"Mom, you mean to tell me you haven't a thing to wear? Come on, I'll take care of it. Go to your room and I'll be there in a few minutes."

I went back to my room and sat on the edge of the bed wondering just what he had planned when he walked into the room with four boxes in his arms.

"Here, I bet you'll look great in one of these."

I stared at the boxes for moment the looked up at Jimmy. "Just what do you have there?"

These are some brand new outfits that Mary Anne bought, but when she left she forgot them in the hall closet. I don't know why I didn't just toss them or give them to someone, but I guess it worked out for the best. Here, try them on, and I'll pick one out. Yell when you're ready."

I was certain that whatever Mary Anne had picked out for herself wasn't going to be something a woman her mid-forties would wear, but Jimmy seemed excited by the events he had planned.

The first outfit I tried on left me laughing silently to myself. Here I was in a short; I mean very short skirt and a fancy off white angora sweater. I looked at the mirror and I looked like I was an eighteen year old dressed for the prom. There was no way I was going out in public looking like this, but Jimmy had other ideas. When he walked into the room, he stood there for a few moments staring at me, and I thought he certainly going to say no, but I was wrong.

"Holy crap mom, you look, ah you look like wow. Don't bother with the others, wear that, it make you look really good, I mean it."

I was nervous as hell as Jimmy pulled up the valet parking line, and I just knew people were going to think I was some old hag trying to discover her youth, and hoped at least I wouldn't hear any snickering.

Mom looked so good in the outfit I picked out for her, that while we were at the river casino, she didn't feel like mom, but a very pretty woman that I was lucky to be with.

She and I walked around the slot machine area when mom picked out one she thought looked pretty, and wanted to try that it. She put in a few tokens and got a few small returns, then started to play the max amount when suddenly bells started to ring. I looked at the machine, and hugged mom, telling her she had just won two thousand dollars.

After she received her winnings, I went to the bar and ordered a beer for myself, and one of those fancy fruity drinks for her. The rest of the evening, luck was on our side, and although we didn't hit anything big, we walked away from most every machine with more that we put in.

I could see mom was really enjoying herself, and I lost track of just how many drinks she had, but it was more than just a few and she was feeling pretty good, as was I, and by the time we finally left the casino, I had to help her to the car. Of course, I had to hold her to keep from falling over myself.

The alcohol took a while to really affect her, and by the time we got home she was well past being a little high. I helped her into the house and up to her room and eased her onto the side of the bed. I couldn't help but snicker as I watched her try to unbutton the blouse she was wearing. She finally got it unbuttoned, and slipped it off, and I assumed she was capable of getting the rest of her clothes off, and into bed. "O.K. mom, I think you got things under control, so I am going to my. Good-night, see you in the morning."

"Night sweetie, but give me a good-night kiss before you leave."

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