Cab Ride

by Daniel1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A story about a teriffic and sexual woman and the thugly, inter-racial encounter she provokes.



She went to the airport to surprise him, and share his ride home. He had been gone for a week on business, their longest separation. It was plenty of time for her fertile, sexual imagination to work on her. During the nights she'd become reacquainted with all her toys, the ones she used a lot, and the ones she'd forgotten.

He had taken a cab to the airport after checking his car into the garage. But, that wasn't what she told her girlfriend. When she asked her girlfriend to drop her off at the airport, she'd said his car was at the airport, and they'd ride home in it. But, what she really wanted was to share a cab ride back. The cabstand outside the baggage collections point was quite typical. There was a line of cabs from different companies. She had come early so she could pick the one she wanted. Five or six cars down, she saw it.

The cabstand manager had seen her walk down the line of cabs, and took notice of her again when she approached him. She was quite petite, yet very slender, with a long, graceful neck, accentuated by the way she wore her hair. Her body was also slender save for her really ripe bosom, and round, womanly bottom.

She was wearing a dress that was made out of a silken material, with diagonal black and pink stripes. It went from her shoulders to just below her knees. The top was finished in a black, faux-fur edge, and hung on her beautifully from a neckline that went almost off her shoulders to plunge in front and back. The dress had seven large black buttons closing the front, and a wide, black belt that gathered tightly at her waist.

"I'd like to hire that cab, there (she pointed), number 5 down."

"Lady, you get the next one in line. All right? Is that all right?"

"Well, you see, I really want that one there." She held out a twenty-dollar bill. He looked at the cab, dirty windows, older model, some bang-ups and dents, the driver a large man slouching as though asleep, indifferent. This was a one-man show, and not a very good one. He looked at her again.

"Lady, are you sure?" He didn't believe her.

Her striking blue eyes were laughing at him and his discomfort. "Well you see (she said it quietly like she was telling a joke), I think he's from the same neighborhood that I am."

The cabstand manager didn't believe her, but by then he didn't care. He gave her the cab she wanted because he decided he really liked her. Men really liked her. It was a power she had.

When he pulled up, the cab driver hustled out to open the back door for her. "Have you got any luggage, lady?"

"No, but we're picking up someone else. I want you to circle the airport and come back here to arrivals. His plane is coming in about 20 minutes." As he pulled away, he adjusted the mirror slightly in order to be able to check her out as he drove. She's a little blonde, dressed very nice, and classy looking. Her hair is brushed up and away from her neck and ears, and rolled into a soft knot on top of her head, making her taller. Little wisps had escaped to soften the back of her neck and ears, and forehead. She was looking at him, checking him out too.

He's a very tall black man. His hair is done in totally unflattering, tiny pigtails, spaced irregularly over his entire scalp. His nose has been broken at least 3 times. One such attack has left him with a squint that makes one eye look smaller than the other. His unapologetic grin revealed an excess of gold. He's well over 6 feet tall.

Before he pulled away, she handed him $100, and a slip of paper. "Here's what I want. My husband's been gone for a week and a half, and we are going to have a lot of very personal things to discuss. We often talk about very personal things while we're out driving, but since he's been gone, we'll probably have more to talk about than usual. I want you to take your time getting us to this address. Do a nice job driving us around and don't let anyone interrupt us." "Little lady, it'll just be us. Do you and your husband do this kind of thing very often? Or, is this a special occasion?"

"First time," she said, "something in the way of one of his fantasies." She was feeling hot rushes, and she wanted to stretch, but she held it. She patted her skirt below her belt, and rubbed her thighs together feeling the egg she'd inserted into her pussy, a wireless vibrator with about a 6-inch, flexible wire antennae that hung between her legs. She took the remote control out of her purse and began to experiment. When she turned it on very low, it still buzzed her so good she froze and caught her breath. She looked up but couldn't tell if he saw her. (He did).

Once she got it going, she was able to turn it up and begin to learn her range. By the time they got back to the terminal, she was enjoying constant sensation, but she was still able to walk and to converse.

"Wait here," she said.

He hustled to get around and open her door. Helping her out of the car and noticing the dazed look in her eyes he got her pointed in the right direction. She was beginning to like him. As she walked down the wide hallway to his gate, she realized that the juice from her moistening pussy was beginning to creep down the little flexible antennae that dangled between her thighs. She almost swooned.

I was really surprised she came to meet me, and then I wasn't. She was that kind of girl. Then she gave me another surprise. Her kiss was a long one, wet and lingering, and she held me really close.

"Can you feel it," she asked?

"What? Feel what?"

She pulled me down the hall and into a narrow side corridor, and pulled me in for another close kiss. This time, she pulled my hand between us so I could feel between her legs the subtle vibration emanating from her Mons Veneris. She grinned at my expression. I looked down the corridor to see if it presented any possibilities. But she took my hand and quickly moved me back into the hallway, and out to the cabstand.

Outside, she maneuvered me over to a cab that she already had waiting. This had to be one-man cab company. No cab company could put together a fleet of cars that looked just like this. This was an old, beat-up sled of a Chevy that probably had a V-8 that could go 150 miles an hour.

We slid into the back seat, a big, wide, lounge of a seat. The bucket seats in front were divided by a wide console that was flat on top, and rode just above the level of our seat. The driver was leering at us to see whom she was bringing back. He was like his car, with a beat-up face and a body that looked like it could go like hell.

She sat next to me, grinning at her private little joke, her challenge to me. I liked to buy her sexy clothes to see what it would make her do. She liked to put me in challenging situations to see what it would make me do.

And she was hot! Her little grin had an edge to it, stimulated by the lust moving her. She didn't just want sex. She was having sex, in front of both of us! And by now, I just wanted to have it with her.

"Drive," she said! I reached for her as the cab pulled away.

I pulled away from the curb and made my way into traffic as soon as I could so I could watch that little white bitch and her man. I thought that she would do something. You know, there are some women who dress up and go the whole nine yards, but don't go the whole ten yards. Well, I just knew that she was going to go at least ten yards and maybe a whole lot further.

As soon as they got in the back seat they started cuddling and kissing like it didn't make any difference where they were, they were going to get business done. As they were going at it, she spread to lift her right leg and hook it over his left leg. As soon as she did, he began to feel her up. He was probably feeling for that vibration thing she had going on. She started to moan.

He put his hand on her lowest button. They stopped kissing to look at each other, checking each other out on this. She grinned, and he worked the button loose; And then the next, and the next, until her dress was open up to her belt. She was wearing stockings, black stockings and a little black thong, very sexy, contrasting with her creamy skin. The thong was very small, and her lips were partially exposed. He started to rub her there, and it made her crazy. She was ready so fast, she couldn't hold out!

"OH God, Honey, keep doing that and I'll have to let it go! I'LL HAVE TO LET IT GO!!!... OOOHHH GODDD!! OOHHH!!"

She let it go all right. Her head rolled back and her hips shook spasmodically. She was fucking his hand and cumming. Her climax let go of her slowly, but she deliberately worked herself against his hand and fingers until she had worked it through. And I could swear that from the time he started to touch her until she came, she was checking me out to see if I was looking.

She was breathing heavily and it took her a minute to recover. "Oh, wow! I have definitely been waiting for that all week," she said.

I thought the show was going to be over. But, once she recovered, she unzipped him. As she bent over to take him in her mouth, she swept her dress back and over her hip leaving her legs for me to look at. I pulled down my own zipper. I was getting so big it was starting to hurt, trying to bust outa my pants. I figured I could get in a few pulls while they weren't looking.

Did I say that my little wife really knows how to suck cock? She knows just how to suck up the full length, and to concentrate right on the corona where the feelings are intensified until I'm just ready to cum, and then go back to the long sucks, denying my release and getting me hotter all the while. And all the time she does this to me, she is moans and hums like she is getting it done to her. So hot!

She is so good at this; she can even do it while checking out the cab driver to see if he was looking. Which he was, while trying not to look like he was. The sound of his zipper being pulled was distinct to me, as I am sure it was to her. She loves turning men on. She's beautiful, but when I met her, she didn't think of herself as particularly sexy. So I bought her sexy clothes to show her a different way to look at herself; and I took her out to places to be seen. She reveled in the attention she got. I knew that this had to be stimulating her incredibly. I reached behind the hip she had exposed to feel the swampy, wet juncture between her thighs, and rub her vibrating little pussy some more.

"OOOHHH God, Honey!" Her mouth came off my cock with a slurp. "THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" She had to stretch and move her sexy legs without breaking contact with my fingers. So she opened her legs again revealing her entire exposed crotch wiggling down and down to capture my fingers. Her head rolled as she moaned, and then her lovely mouth came back down again to engulf my cock.

It became a game to see which of us was going to make the other cum first. Both of us were fully committed to the show we were doing for the driver, who was now turning to look as often as traffic permitted. The cab was starting to sway. She won.

"OOOHHH SHITT! OOHHH, BABE, BABE!" As soon as I started to spurt, she took her mouth off me, allowing my ejaculation to shoot into her open mouth and to drip on her face. I was swooning, close to passing out with the sensations I was feeling. I recovered to the sound of her chuckling at having beaten me. Losing never felt so good.

She caught the cab driver looking at her and when she smiled at him, I knew she wasn't finished.

"You're not done yet are you, Sweetheart? What do you think you're going to do now," I asked?

"I'm going to make you cum again; real soon, too. Oh, driver? Find someplace to stop this cab for a while before you get us in a wreck."

The driver's eyes got real big. Then he drove us safely, but quickly through the streets while we continued to touch and make out in the back seat.

While we kissed and touched, we were driven down a ramp to first floor of a well-lit parking garage. The driver backed us up into an extreme corner that had a wall on side, and a wide support beam on the other.

"No one will bother you here," he said to her, ignoring me.

"Are you sure about that cab driver," she asked as she spread her legs wide for him, completely exposing herself, the crotch of her flimsy little thong pulled well to the side from our extreme foreplay. Her pussy was all drippy, and wet, and sexy beautiful. She smiled at him as she exhibited herself, looking to see what he would do.

He watched her, waited, in her control.

"Let me see it cabbie. I know you took it out, 'cause I heard your zipper." "Lady, are you sure you are ready to see this thing? Some women faint when the see it." He grinned lewdly.

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