The Affair

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cuckold, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The wife has an affair. How does the husband deal with it?

Chapter 1

I hardly know where to begin. I'm all shook up inside. I can't think rationally. I don't know what to do. My wife had an affair and I saw it happen and didn't do anything about it. Now I have to live with the consequences.

My wife Linda and I, I'm Chuck, have been married for twenty-one years. We have a daughter who is twenty-one and married. She is our only child. She's been out on her own for a year now. For those who like to deal with ages and dates, my wife was pregnant when we got married.

Linda is a good looking woman, far from being a Barbie doll, but a decent looking woman just the same. She's about 5'4" on the heavy side maybe 160 lbs. Of course when we got married she was a lot thinner. At forty-one she still attracts attention. Probably because she has 40D tits and wears short skirts, which heavier women usually don't do.

I'm nothing special; I'm 5'10" 220 lbs. I am a little overweight also. I guess after seeing my wife have sex with another man (she doesn't know I seen her) it makes me a cuckold, because I didn't stop it when I had the chance. I don't want to be a cuckold and plan on doing something about it. I just don't know what, yet? It's tearing me apart inside just thinking about it. I have to do something soon before the rage over takes me.

Please let me regress back:

In our younger days we had sex a lot, we still do. I was pretty jealous back then. I got pissed if I seen her even talking to guys. I knew most guys just wanted in her pants or at least see how far they could go. I told her that and she always just laughed it off. Looking back now I don't know if she had affairs or not. There's no way of knowing and besides I'm trying to deal with the latest liaison.

We do most everything in the sex department, other then a few of the fetishes. We both like oral, fuck in any position, and once in awhile anal. I've always been there for her sexually. I don't know why she had to cheat on me.

I have to tell you that I get off reading erotica, maybe I'm two-faced or just totally mixed up. I get off reading stories where married woman are seduced. I love the stories where married woman are caught cheating on their husbands. It's a real turn-on for me. The odd thing is I want the woman to get caught and for the husband to wreak havoc on the cheating couple. I want them to pay dearly, but in some cases I want to see the woman show remorse, a lot of it, and then maybe go back together at the end. No remorse, kick her ass out.

I can't stand it when the guy is a cuckold, who accepts his wife as a slut and even eats her pussy out afterwards. I hate endings like that. Now, if I knew the cuckold fellow and I was the one fucking his wife it would be okay with me. That's the two faced part of me. I would love to fuck married women. I haven't, but when I read stories about it I sure would like too, the old fantasy versus reality thing. It really does happen and most of the time it has bad results. But, people still try it.

I wish I could separate love from sex with my wife. I think I can do it with other woman because there is no love there. It's all about getting off and maybe getting your partner off.

I believe that if a person can separate the two, love and sex, then you could swap, have sex on the side, and have an open marriage. It's just so hard for me to believe when I'm reading these stories that these are happy marriages, that there is true love for each other. A husband saying "Honey I love you so much, I want you to be happy, so fuck this guy as long as you come home to me." That just seems like total 'bullshit, ' but there are people out there that say it's true.

You read enough of these stories and I think you start believing this shit, I really do.

Take wife swapping, I always thought it would be something. Take this mans wife, kiss her, fuck her, let this married woman give you oral sex. Do everything with her except love her. Then just walk away. I could do that, I know I could. But, then I think about my wife being treated the same way by another man. I'm just not open minded enough to accept that. To believe my wife will feel the same about me when we go home. I know now I wouldn't feel the same about her.

Of course like most married couples, topics like this in the heat of passion always spark interest. We say things like, "Oh honey, I wish some man could be here watching me fuck you, looking at your juicy pussy, feeling these tits. God I love you." or, "Damn, I can picture some other guy laying the meat to you, wouldn't you love it?" Fantasies that make the orgasm better.

Of course if anyone mentions it later, it was only a fantasy and I wouldn't want to do it. The thought is there, in the recesses of our mind.

In the last year or so since our daughter has been gone my wife's sex drive has increased considerably. We do it more often in more ways then we've done in years. Neither of us says no to the other. The sex is great, especially after reading a few of the cheating wife stories and put my wife as that cheating wife. I know it's a fantasy and really get off on it. It's a lot better then masturbation.

We started going out more to lounges and bars. Places where I could show off my wife. We got into some exhibitionism. I would feel her up in public and she would pretend that she didn't see the guys watching us. God, it was hot knowing these guys were watching me finger my wife or even show her pussy to them. The place we always drew the line was no one was allowed to touch her. I am not saying what we do is for everyone. But for us it's a big turn on.

Once we went into an adult movie house. There was a suck and fuck film on the screen, but the men around us were watching my wife and I. I took off her panties and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Then I put two fingers into her plump pussy. Damn, it was hot, watching these guys watching us. One old guy came right up and sat on the other side of my wife. I looked at him and said, "You can look all you want. But, if you try and touch her, I'll fucking kill you." He backed off some but still sat there looking at her, then unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He shot cum all over the seat in front of him. Then my wife had a huge orgasm, spraying pussy juice all over my hands.

We quickly got up and left. When we got home we stripped and started fucking within minutes. We were out of our heads in lust. I asked her if she wanted that old geezer's cock.

She looked up at me and said, "God yes, I wanted to fuck him so bad. Did you want to see him fuck me with that big cock? Did you?"

We were both in the heat of passion and I of course said, "Yes, yes I did." After we both had orgasms we talked about it. I told her I love showing her off but if she ever fucked them that I couldn't handle it.

She told me I was all the man she ever wanted and how much she loved me. This is the way we always talked after a fantasy.

One night while we were out dancing we met another couple. Mark and Susan were probably in their mid thirties and have a couple of kids. They said they like to go out at least every other week and just enjoy their selves. We asked them to join us and got a secluded table at the back of the lounge. We were having a pretty good time. My wife and I got up and started dancing. So did Mark and Susan. I had both my hands on Linda's ass and started squeezing. I glanced over at Mark and he was watching us.

We were all getting a little inebriated and talk turned to sex. We just told them that we were monogamous but did a little exhibitionism but would never swap. We just enjoyed each other and showing off a little.

Mark said, "So show us yours and we'll show you ours." as we all laughed.

Being somewhat intoxicated, I reached over and slid my hands up Linda's short skirt, pulling her skirt up till we could see her creamy white thighs. I put my hand on her mound as she closed her eyes and breathed hard. Mark grabbed his wife's skirt pulled it up and grabbed her mound also.

Mark looked at me and said, "Well are you going to let me see her pussy?"

I reached up and pulled her panties down letting Mark get a full close up view of my wife's pussy. Nice trimmed black curly bush. I couldn't believe I was doing this, just showing a strange man my wife's pussy... I looked at Mark and said, "Your turn." as he pulled Susan's panties off and showed me her bald cunt.

"Ever see a bald cunt as nice as that Chuck?" he asked. "Want to put your fingers in it?" He then pushed his fingers in his wife's bald cunt and brought them out coated with her juices all over them. "Smells great," he said putting them up to his nose.

I told him it was a great offer but this is where Linda and I drew the line. I had three fingers shoved into Linda's pussy. She was intoxicated and ready to orgasm. When we got home we had a wild night of sex.

We would go out with Mark and Susan pretty regular. They never said that they were swingers but could have been. They never pushed us. They really like the little exhibitions the same as we did. That way nobody got hurt. The last time we went out Mark asked if he could dance with Linda. I had no problem with that and I danced with Susan.

She was a sweet little gal. She seemed happy and bubbly. She pressed her body up against mine; I had no problem with that. I started to get hard and she just laughed and said that Linda was going to get the results of all her work. I looked over at Linda and Mark. Nothing seemed inappropriate so I was happy.

As usual we probably all drank to much and whenever that happened the subject turned to sex. Mark asked Susan to remove her panties and when she did Mark said to hand them to me. I took them and Mark said are you going to return the favor?

I slowly removed Linda's panties and handed them to Mark.

He put them up to his nose and said nice, and wet. Linda just laughed, so I had to do the same with Susan's panties. It was very intoxicating, smelling another woman's pussy juices.

Well the girls had their panties off Mark grabbed Linda and asked her to dance. Susan said she had to go to the bathroom and I headed up to the bar to get more drinks. I lost sight of Mark and Linda but when I finally saw them I thought I saw Marks hand under Linda's skirt. I wasn't sure but thought I better keep my eyes open. I didn't want to accuse anyone unless I was sure.

When they came back to the table everything seemed back to normal. So I didn't push the issue. I might mention it to Linda tonight just to make sure. We all went home shortly after they came back to the table. We said we would get together again in about two weeks.

When we got home I just came out and asked Linda if Mark felt her pussy?

She looked at me and said, "My God no, whatever made you think up such a thing? Did you feel Susan's pussy?"

I said, "Of course not," and apologized for even asking.

Linda said, "Apology accepted and off to bed we went. We had our usual fuckfest, it was great.

The next morning I told Linda that I thought maybe we were going too far with our fantasies and especially Mark and Susan. Maybe we ought to cut back on the exhibitions?

Linda just said that she did it all for me, and if I wanted to cut back she would have no problem with it. It was me she loved and only me.

I asked her if she could ever watch me fuck another woman. Could she separate the sex and love?

She looked at me and said, "No never, I could never watch you with another woman. It would break my heart. It would make me think that I wasn't enough woman for you, that you had to find love elsewhere."

I told her that was what I wanted to hear. I just loved her so much.

The next day was Linda's day off, so I thought I would come home and surprise her and maybe go to lunch. When I got to the house there was a car in the driveway. It didn't look familiar. So Instead of just walking in the front door like I always do, I went back and thought I'd enter from the kitchen.

When I got to the door I looked in and there was my wife, the love of my life bent over the kitchen table with her skirt up on her back. Behind her stood Mark with his cock plunging in and out of my wife's pussy. I just froze and listened to them have sex. This sure didn't look like the first time. Linda kept yelling how much she loved his cock. How he could have her anytime he wanted.

I was being cuckolded. I should have run in and killed them both. Instead I back up slowly like the cuckold I am and went to my car and cried. Was this what the husbands in the cuckolding stories feel like? How can they call this feeling erotic? I felt like shit, like my life was over. I drove to the nearest bar to drown my sorrows.

I had to regain my senses till I decided what to do. I tried to act normal when I got home that evening. Linda greeted me like she always does. I told her I wasn't feeling good and was going straight to bed. I would sleep in the spare room in case I had something that was infectious.

Linda gave me some medication for colds and off to bed I went. The next day Linda had to work so I called off work and thought I would just stay home and put my thoughts together. I decided what I must do. I would do it tomorrow.

When she got home that evening she said she was concerned about me. Why didn't I make a doctors appointment and get checked out?

I just told her I was feeling better and had to work late the next day seeing I took the day off. I probably wouldn't be home till nine in the evening. With that said I headed for the spare room. I doubted that I would ever have sex with Linda again.

The next day we both left for work. I returned at lunch time to get my pistol, a 25mm, smaller then the size of my hand. I put it in the car and went back to work. I left work about six and went to Mark and Susan's house. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a puzzled Susan.

"Where is Mark?" I asked Susan.

"He went to your house Chuck, something about a meeting. Shouldn't you be there?" she asked.

Without saying a word, I turned around went to my car, and drove home. When I got there I used the front door but no one heard me. I walked passed the kitchen and then to the master bedroom. There was Linda lying on her back, with her blouse and bra pulled above her tits, her skirt pulled up and her panties not even taken off, just pulled to the side with Mark's cock imbedded deep in her pussy. He was climaxing as I entered the room.

Linda was screaming, "Fuck me Mark, fuck me, I never had it so good." Linda then looked toward the door and seen me standing there. She looked up at me and screamed. Mark had just shot his load of cum into her pussy.

He turned around and looked at me, almost grinning. He said, "Damn good pussy buddy as he climbed off Linda. Then he seen my pistol and said, "Hold on Chuck, this isn't what you think," as I planted three shots to his chest. He fell straight to the floor, where he was just lying there, bleeding to death.

Linda was screaming, "Don't shot me Chuck, don't shoot me, I love you."

Then I did something I would never have thought I could ever do. I struck Linda. I slapped her along side the face. Then I ripped her bra and blouse off, and then slapped her big tits till they were bruised. Then I half ripped her panties. I slapped at her thighs bruising them also. As she was lying there, crying hysterically, I picked up the phone and dialed 911.

This is Chuck Masters; I just shot a man who was raping my wife. Please send the police and two ambulances. I gave them my address. They asked me how the man was who I shot. I told them I think he is bleeding to death. Even though she was crying Linda heard everything I said. I will wait and see what she tells the police.

The police arrived first with guns drawn. I just handed them my pistol. They looked over at Linda all battered and bruised lying on the bed. Her clothes ripped to shreds and bruises all over her body. They could even see the cum on her pussy.

Then they saw Mark lying on the floor, nearly dead but still breathing. The paramedics came in and put Linda in one ambulance and Mark in the other. I told her I would see her at the hospital.

I told the police that I had come home early from work and heard my wife screaming. I ran in the room and saw this man raping her. So I grabbed my pistol which I kept in the drawer pointing to a stand we kept in the hallway. I said, "The man whose name was Mark jumped off the bed and came toward me and I fired three shots. I felt I was in danger and he as you can see was raping my wife." They asked me a number of other questions which I answered.

Then I asked if I could leave, I wanted to go to the hospital and see how my wife was.

They told me to be available for more questions later.

I told them, "No problem; I just did what I hope every husband would have done to protect his wife." Then I left for the hospital.

They took Linda to the rape crisis center, because of all the bruises and the cum in her pussy, they believed she was raped. Now it was in her ball park as to what she would say.

After checking her bruises, they took her to a holding room and told her she would probably be there a couple of hours. The police would be in to talk to her shortly. I figured it was time to talk to her. Well Linda do you have anything you want to say?

Linda spoke, "I'm so sorry Chuck. I don't know what happened. We can get past this, you know I love you."

How can women cheat on their husbands and then say 'I love you.' It makes no sense. If you loved your man you wouldn't have fucked around in the first place.

"No I don't know that Linda. You just told me yesterday that you can't separate love and sex, just yesterday. Now today you are fucking Mark on our marital bed. How can I ever trust you again? Without trust we have no Marriage."

"I made a mistake Chuck, a really big mistake. Our love can get past this, I know we can. I can't live without you Chuck. Please believe me, it will never happen again. I made a one time mistake; surely you can forgive me with twenty-one years of marriage. One mistake Chuck, you can't forgive one mistake in twenty-one years?" she was crying.

I looked at her battered bruised body which I did to her. She was crying, waiting for my answer.

"Okay Linda, we have always trusted each other. Our whole marriage was built on it. So I have one question for you. If you answer it honestly, I'll give our marriage another try. If you lie to me, our marriage is over as of this minute. Is that fair enough Linda?"

"That's fair enough Chuck, I won't lie to you." replied Linda. "What's the question?"

I looked at her, starring at her eyes and asked, "Have you had sex with Mark before tonight?" I could see her thinking, she didn't know that I had seen them a couple of days before.

Linda was thinking; Mark is dead or dying. There is no way that Chuck will find out anything about my past with Mark. If I tell him the truth that I have had sex with Mark at least four times he'll leave me for sure.

Linda looked at me and said, "This was the first and only time I have had sex with Mark, honest honey."

"Well Linda, the rest of our life depended on your answer. Two days ago I saw Mark fucking you on our kitchen table." You are a liar, and a slut, who I can never trust again. Our marriage is over."

"Linda, our marriage was a sham and I have nothing else to live for. Goodbye Linda, see you in Hell," as I walked out of the door and out of her life. I heard her yelling from the room but wasn't listening.

Chapter 2: Linda speaks

I'll just start at the beginning. Chuck and I met when I was nineteen years old. We dated for about six months and I became pregnant. Chuck and I got married shortly after that. We had a beautiful baby girl who meant the world to us. She is now twenty-one and married.

Chuck and I had a wonderful relationship. Sex with him was great. There is very little that we didn't do. We really enjoyed our sex life together. It was just all around good.

After Becky our daughter started high school I started working part-time in an ad agency. I went to different businesses and helped set up newspaper ads. I drove all over the city. It was a fun job. I got a lot of attention from men, even though I was heavy. Men just seemed to like big boobs, and that I had.

I like the attention from men. My husband Chuck was the only man I had been with. I made the mistake one night and let another man have me. I don't really know why I did it. I guess because he kept flirting with me and as we were writing up his ad. He slipped his hand up my skirt and touched my pussy. I asked him please don't do that.

He said,"Didn't it feel good honey?"

I said of course it did but I was a married woman and have only been with my husband. That made him try all the harder. Finally I gave in and he lifted up my skirt in the back, pulled down my panties and gave me a royal fucking.

When I left his business I went to my car and cried. Wondering why did I fall to temptation? Why did I do that to my husband? I felt so guilty that when I got home I grabbed Chuck and fucked the hell out of him That was the night I gave him my anal opening. It hurt like hell but I figured it was payback for cheating on him. That was about fifteen years ago.

That was the only time I gave myself to another man until I met Mark. I met him at his store a few months ago. I was writing up his advertisement while we were talking and the subject turned to sex. I ended up telling him some of the things that Chuck and I were doing to explore our sex lives. He was getting turned on listening to me. Of course I liked turning men on. There was something erotic about talking to strange men about sex. I think guys feel the same way especially with married women. They always want into your pants.

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