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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My brother and I are twins, but not identical. We are both tall, over six feet, but he's dark whilst I'm fair. Ever since our mid teens we have been active on the girlfriend front. But we have always had this one rule, 'No poaching girlfriends, otherwise all things are fair.

My brother and I are twins, but not identical. We are both tall, over six feet, but he's dark whist I'm fair. Ever since our mid teens we have been active on the girlfriend front. But we have always had this one rule, 'No poaching girlfriends, otherwise all things are fair. I have dated old girlfriends of his and he has done likewise. His current girl, Sue-Ann, is a curvaceous redhead who gives me a hard-on every time she comes near me. I can't wait for him to chuck her, but I may be in for a long wait. The current lust of my life is a girl called Pat, a slim blond who I adore, but she can get a bit clingy, and gets jealous whenever I even look at another girl. It's a good job she can't read my mind over Sue.

For our 21st birthdays, our parents have given us the deposit for our own place. We moved into our very own two bedroom place, so no more cramped and uncomfortable sex in our cars for us. Now we have this place, I'm seeing more of Sue, and I do mean more, she has this habit of walking about in her underwear; it was all very frustrating. The other Saturday night, we went out as a foursome, we all got smashed and we ending up in one bed, fucking our own partner's brains out. It was a bit embarrassing next morning when we bump into each other in the bathroom, but now that I have seen Sue naked, I can't wait to get my hands on her.

As I work for the local newspaper as a news photographer, I invited Sue to pose for me; she was shy at first but with a few well-chosen and flattering words, what pretty girl could refuse an offer to appear in the local rag. Sue was doing a charity walk for cancer research, so I used that as an excuse for the pictures. I had to get Tom's permission of course; he was all for it, a girlfriend of his in the Paper, he was chuffed.

Sue arrived at the Paper's studio straight from work, looking very nervous.

"Come on, love, no need to be shy, you know me, after all," I said soothingly.

"Here, have this" I poured her a glass of wine, "it'll calm your nerves and then go in there" I indicating the small changing room, "and fix your hair and makeup, ok."

"We start with what you're wearing. But latter you can change into any of those outfits you see hanging in there, ok" I said.

After ten minutes or so, she came out with her hair nicely done, looking gorgeous.

"That's right, Sue, come and sit over here" I said.

Sue moved over and sat on the stool I had previously lit. I started to take pictures using my Hassleblad 6x6 camera till the first film was used up. I was using a 6x45 back with 15 pictures on each roll of 120 black and white film.

"That was great, love," I said, "now go and change into something else."

"What do you want me to wear?" she asked taking a sip from her second glass of wine.

I went into the changing room with her and picked out a full-length gown, off the shoulder and low at the front. When she came out into the studio, she looked stunning; I started taking pictures again. The wine was making her more relaxed and daring.

"That's right, love," I cooed, "lean towards me a bit, show me those great tits."

Two more glasses of wine later, she was really flying. She had changed into a short skirt and waistcoat with her own bra underneath.

"No, you can't wear a bra under that" I said forcefully, "it will show."

So, she turned her back and removed it, she is now posing for me showing a lot of flesh.

"That's great, love, push those tits out at me" Flash! The studio lights fire off, "good, good, now undo another button," flash! "That's good, now open the top," flash! Her naked tits appeared for the first time. "Lovely, now point them at the camera," Flash!

I changed backs on the camera again, this time to a colour film to finish off with.

"Ok, Sue, off with the top," Flash! "Great, turn this way," Flash! "Squeeze them together," Flash! "Off with that skirt, that's good," flash!

When the film had run out, I told her what a good model she had been, she got herself dressed and I took her home.

The next time I saw her, I had the proofs ready. I only showed Tom the first half of the session, when Sue was properly dressed.

"These are great, John" he said, "Here look, Sue" he invited, "which one are you going to use for the story?" he asked.

"I thought this one," I pointed to one where Sue was in the long gown, with a fair bit of tit showing.

"Oh, yes, that one's really nice," he agreed.

Sue was very quiet throughout all this, with odd pleading looks at me from time to time.

In due time, this picture along with a paragraph I wrote about her charity walk was published. Tom was ecstatic to see his girlfriend in the paper.

The following Saturday, Tom was at work when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in" I said to Sue, "I'm afraid Tom's at work till late tonight.

"Yes, I know, but it's you I want to see" she said.

"Oh, yes," I said.

"It's about the pictures you took of me, you know the ones you didn't show Tom," she said nervously. "What are you going to do with them?"

"I was thinking about selling them to a Men's Magazine," I said half jokingly, "you did sign the Release Form, you know."

"Oh, did I, I don't remember, but please don't do that, I'll do anything if you don't," she pleaded. "I know, I'll pay you for them, you know, for what you could sell them for," she added in desperation.

"No, that's ok," I said, "if you don't want me to sell them, I'll won't."

"Oh, thank you," she hugged me, "now is there anything I can do for you in return?" she said with a sexy smile.

"No, that's ok," I said, "just as long as you're happy," I smiled back.

What I really wanted was her on her back, naked, with her legs open, but that's another story.

"Is there nothing I can do for you?" she asked provocatively.

"No, not right now," I said, wishing she wasn't my brother's girlfriend.

"Ok, some other time perhaps," she smiled again and left.

Definitely some other time, I thought. Her pictures were locked away in the cabinet in my bedroom along with other nude studies I had taken of Pat and other previous girlfriends.

Pat was getting on my nerves, lately, always moaning at me, so I decided it time to dump her. Now that I had seen Sue's assets, Pat's slim, boyish figure has lost it appeal to me. Before I did, however, I wanted one last session with her in front of my cameras and perhaps invite Tom to join me for a threesome. This was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Sue was out of the way, working late, so I plied Pat with a bottle of her favourite wine and a lot of flattery. Out came my Nikons and flashgun to record her body on film. I had colour print film in one camera body, with black and white in the other. Tom was in the lounge watching a film on TV when I called him into my bedroom to pose with Pat. Pat, by this time, was well away and didn't know what was going on or even notice the flashes going off. Tom, on my instructions got between Pat's thighs and thrust into her. When Tom had cum deep inside her, I took over and fucked her, while Tom operated the cameras.

When we had both finished, Tom and I returned to the lounge for a drink, leaving Pat sparked out on my bed.

"What's all that about, then?" he asked, once we had settled ourselves on the sofa.

"She been getting on my nerves, lately," I said, "always complaining, so I thought I'd make some money out of her before I dumped her."

"Oh," he said, "I thought it was a bit strange, you know, with our 'no poaching' rules."

"How can it be poaching," I said, "if I'm there as well," hoping this seed might germinate in his mind and a session with Sue may be on the cards.

"Anyway, there's this bloke I know from work who will pay for any pictures like those, for publishing on the Internet."

"Oh, well, I hope you kept my face out of them," Tom replied with a laugh.

"Yep, don't worry, only her face and, more importantly her body, will appear." We both laughed at that and toasted my forthcoming freedom with another glass of wine.

"I'll re-load both cameras and we'll have seconds," I indicated my bedroom.

"I know, brother," Tom said, "set up the camera on a tripod with a cable release and we'll both get in the pictures."

"Great idea," I said, "I got a long air release cable that will work even better. I'll load the cameras and you get the tripod out of the cupboard over there and let's get stuck in."

The thought of double teaming Pat on film got us both hard again. Poor Pat didn't know whether she was coming or going, with a hard cock at each end. After an hour and four rolls of colour film later, Tom and I had a second break and another glass of wine.

"You know, brother, we should get a video camera," Tom said with a laugh.

At that moment Pat staggered out of my bedroom and into the bathroom to be sick.

"All that spunk on top of wine," said Tom and we both laughed.

"That's not a bad idea, brother, I might put off dumping her for a week or two until we got her performing on tape. What do you think?" I asked.

"Well, if you can put up with her for another couple of weeks, I sure I can put up with putting it into her again," with this we both doubled up laughing.

It was not easy tracking down a good quality video camera, I couldn't afford to buy one, but by using my contacts at the paper, I, at last, I found this VHS handheld camera that had been used by the local TV station for outside News broadcasts. The new and much lighter digital cameras had superseded it; it was larger than I would like, but it was free and I think they were glad to get rid of it. I set it up in the lounge and recorded a few test shots. Old or not, the quality was superb.

Pat couldn't remember much of that Saturday night, other than being sick, so I just repeated the method. Two bottles of fizzy wine, some good beat music on the stereo and Pat was stripping off in front of the video camera, and dancing to the music. Once she was naked, I laid her down on the floor, panned the camera over her naked body and then joined her on the floor. I called Tom in after a while to take over operating the camera. Once I had finished fucking her, I took control of the camera leaving Tom free to take his place between Pat's wide-spread legs. Pat was so far out of it she again didn't know what was going on, she thrust herself against Tom's cock as if it was mine. Watching the two on the floor got me hard again so I joined in.

Pat and I split up soon after; I don't think she remembered much about that night, but what she did remember she didn't like very much, so in the end, she was glad to go. Tom and I spent a merry evening viewing the tape.

"We can't sell this," I said, "everyone can see who's doing the fucking. I thought the idea was only to see the fuckee." With this we both fell about laughing.

"Next time we must be more careful ok," Tom said.

"Right, brother, now rewind and let's watch it again," I said.

"Right, brother," I said pointing to the video camera on its tripod sitting in the corner of the lounge, "who's next for the 'Dino horrendous' treatment."

"I don't know," he admitted, "perhaps we should go out one Saturday night, without Sue, and see what we can pick up."

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