An Evening's Entertainment

by Peter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, FemaleDom, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young married couple attend a friend's party where the guests are required to provide the entertainment.

This story is purely the product of the author's imagination. Any similarity to the characters portrayed and any actual people is purely coincidental. It was inspired by the many web sites that feature partygoers having sex in public. Makes you wonder if someone organizes the 'entertainment' at these parties?

Paul read through the invitation one last time. Everything seemed normal except for the last line.

'Acceptance of this invitation implies willingness to provide the party entertainment if so requested.'

"Honey, what's this line supposed to mean?" he asked his wife, Mindy, who was still dressing in the bedroom of the small apartment the couple shared. "It says something about providing the party entertainment."

Mindy chuckled slightly as she walked out of the bedroom, running a brush through her shoulder-length jet-black hair. The petite Asian woman, who almost looked ten years younger then her twenty-five years and in fact was often confused for a teenager whenever the couple went out, gave Paul a disarming smile and said, "I forgot, you've never been to one of Jay's parties. I've attended a couple of them. Don't worry too much, there will be a couple of dozen people there. It's unlikely we'll get chosen for the entertainment."

"But what if we are? What do we need to bring? A board game or DVD or something?"

Mindy leaned up on her tiptoes to reach her much taller husband's cheek, planting a quick kiss there before saying, "Don't worry about it."

An hour later, the couple entered Jay's apartment. Jay, a friend of Mindy's from their college days who Paul had only met on a couple of occasions, was busy mingling with the crowd, dropping drinks off with a pair of girls when he noticed the couple arrive.

"Welcome! Glad you could come," Jay said as he hugged Mindy tightly and shook Paul's hand.

"I hope we're not too late," Mindy said as she accepted a beer bottle Jay offered.

"Oh, don't worry, you haven't missed anything important," Jay said with a wink. Paul was about to ask what was in store for the night when the host was quickly called away by another guest. Mindy instead lead her husband toward the table where snacks and drinks were spread out and shoved a beer bottle into his hand, clinking bottles with him before taking a swig of the amber liquid.

The couple spent the next half hour or so mingling with other guests, some of whom they knew from Mindy's circle of friends, until another guy came up behind the couch they were sitting on, leaning over and saying, "Hey, Mindy. Jay says he needs to see you in the other room."

"Tell him I'll be right there," she replied, handing her beer bottle to her husband as she added, "I may be a while. Mingle." She then gave him a quick kiss before heading off toward the other room. Paul watched her go for a moment before returning to the conversation he was having with Melissa, another of Mindy's college friends.

Twenty minutes later, just as Paul was beginning to wonder what was keeping his wife, he started hearing what sounded like shouts, laughing and clapping coming from the apartment balcony just beyond the kitchen.

"Hey, the entertainment has started!" someone shouted and there was a surge of partygoers heading toward the small kitchen. After a couple of minutes, when the crowd had not thinned out any, curiosity got the better of Paul and he moved to join the crowd.

It took a couple of more minutes for Paul to make his way through the crowded little kitchen as people slowly moved in and out, grabbing a fresh beer from a cooler on the breakfast table as he did, until he finally joined the loudest group of partygoers, all of whom were watching something out on the darkened balcony. Paul tiptoed to see over the shoulder of the guy who was standing in front of him, then nearly dropped his beer bottle in shock at what he saw.

There, on the balcony, were three naked people. One man reclined on a patio lounger, arms raised behind his head and a huge smile on his face, while a petite woman mounted him facing his feet, bouncing on the guy's cock like a professional rodeo rider as she leaned toward the end of the balcony, sucking the dick of a second man who stood with his back against the balcony wall overlooking the street and a city park far below. It was apparent that no one outside the apartment could see what was happening on the balcony unless they climbed down from the balcony above. However, a couple of the people watching from the kitchen had cameras or small video cams pointed at the action, occasional flashes lighting up the performers.

Paul did not recognize either of the guys out on the balcony. What had made him almost drop his beer bottle was the fact he most certainly did recognize the woman involved with both of them. The petite Asian woman glanced over toward the crowd for a moment, her hands stroking up her small firm breasts and pinching the nipples, and froze when she noticed Paul watching her. The second guy's cock dropped out of her mouth for a second before Mindy seemed to remember where she was and she turned right back to pumping the college-age man's dick. Whistles and cat-calls from the crowd encouraged the trio, who a couple of minutes later changed position, Mindy moving off the first guy's cock and turning around to kneel on all fours between his legs. She then proceeded to start licking and sucking his boner while the second young man moved up behind her ass, slipping his still hard cock into her dripping wet little pussy. The clapping increased in volume as Mindy's moaning become louder and the breathing of both guys quickened.

Paul did not know how to feel. While his own sex life with his wife had always been satisfying, even adventurous at times, he never suspected she would ever do anything like what he was witnessing at that moment. But perhaps the most unnerving of all was the fact he could feel his own dick getting hard in his pants as he watched. He was shocked by the fact he was actually getting turned on by watching his wife fucking two strange men.

Seconds later, the guy fucking Mindy doggy style suddenly pulled out, shooting a stream of semen all over Mindy's back, the last spurt hitting her ass and dripping slowly down the back of her leg. The sight of his buddy ejaculating all over Mindy evidently caused the first guy to reach his own orgasm. With a grunt, he thrust into Mindy's mouth. Mindy's head stopped bobbing up and down as the guy shot his seed deep into her mouth. She waited for the guy's spurts to end, swallowing with each grunt the guy made. Finally, the show ended as the crowd started applauding and Mindy looked up, smiling as she wiped her chin of the last dribble of sperm. All three participants got up and headed back into the apartment, but before Mindy could reach Paul, the girlfriend of the guy she had just sucked off, who had been standing just inside the door cheering the trio on, stopped her and leaned in to kiss Mindy passionately, her tongue pushing deep into Mindy's mouth.

"Mmm, he tastes just as good on you as he does straight from the cock," the girl said, giving Mindy a quick smack on her clean buttock to send her on her way back into the apartment so she could join her own boyfriend, who was retrieving his clothes from the spare room and a beer from the cooler, not necessarily in that order. Mindy watched the two walk away with a small smile, which quickly disappeared as soon as Paul stepped over to her.

"What the hell was that?" Paul asked in a near whisper as others continued to move in and out of the kitchen, most still admiring the naked Asian woman as she used a paper towel to clean the semen off her back and ass. "That was the 'entertainment' you were keeping hidden from me?"

"I didn't keep it hidden... exactly," Mindy said with a hint of regret in her voice. "Every time Jay throws a party, they pick two or three of the guest names from a hat to put on a show for everyone who wants to watch. That's why his parties are so popular?"

"And how often do you get involved in the 'show'?" Paul asked, sounding skeptical.

"Actually, this was my first time. In fact, the reason I didn't tell you what the entertainment was is because I figured with all the people that would be here tonight, the odds of either of us being picked would be small. I just figured you would eventually find out once you got here, like you evidently did."

Paul took a swig of his beer, looking at his young, attractive, naked wife as he swallowed. She in turn grabbed the bottle out of his hand and took her own long swig from it. Finally, she asked, "You're not mad, are you?"

Paul looked sternly at Mindy for a moment before finally answering, "I'm not exactly sure how I feel. I would have preferred that you had told me before we got here." A moment later, his expression cracked and a small smile formed. "And just between you and me, I have to admit watching you with those two guys was starting to turn me on."

"So I noticed," Mindy said, smiling again as she glanced at the bulge in the front of Paul's pants.

"Who were they anyway?" Paul asked, nodding through the kitchen door where one of the show participants was still in the process of getting dressed right in the middle of the living room, a few of the other female guests watching with various degrees of interest.

"Well, Tom was the guy sitting on the lounger. He used to be in a class with me and Jay. But I have to admit I don't really know who that other guy is. Just another of Jay's friends I suppose."

Paul was surprised by that admission. And while he was not really sure if he wanted to know the answer to his next question, his curiosity got the better of him.

"Did you enjoy it?"

Mindy looked introspective for a moment before answering, "I didn't have an orgasm, if that's what you're wondering. But yes, I had fun. Never did it with two guys at the same time before. And you missed the beginning, when they were both kissing my neck and worked their ways lower and lower as they stripped my clothes off."

"And what else did I miss?"

"Well... ," Mindy hesitated for a moment before finally admitting, "once they were undressed I got them both hard by kneeling between them and taking turns sucking and stroking their cocks."

"I see... ," Paul said, again taking a drink from his beer. "I have to wonder how you would feel if you found me doing something like that?"

A strange smile crossed Mindy's lips, exactly the opposite reaction Paul had expected.

"You know," Mindy said, finally moving close to Paul and placing her arms around his neck. "Just because a person wasn't chosen to provide the entertainment at one of Jay's parties doesn't mean they can't participate."

Instinctively, Paul's arms encircled his petite wife, one hand grasping a cheek of her ass that moments before had been dripping with some stranger's sperm. She pulled him down into a kiss, in which he could taste the beer she had just drunk as well as a subtle, almost yeasty taste. Their tongues entwined as Mindy's hand groped at the front of Paul's jeans. Seconds later the zipper was pulled down with a muffled zip and Mindy's delicate hand was inside, stroking Paul's now steel-hard cock.

"Hey, everyone! The show's starting again!" a male voice shouted from the kitchen door with a whoop and Paul was vaguely aware of a camera flash or two going off. The curious face of their host Jay appeared briefly at the door, smiled at what he saw and quickly disappeared back into the living room again.

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