My Dream Lover

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Paranormal, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Steve had a very involved dream when he was a young man, but it was lost. Now he has just remembered the whole thing. What happened then and will happen now?

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I dreamt of her today. It was during my nap and it dragged up a memory that had long been forgotten, suppressed. I could not bury those memories again. They were out now, plaguing my thoughts, distracting me to no end. I had to revisit these events in order to find peace.

video game machine I was eighteen when I first saw her, eighteen without a clue. I was still a virgin, but had lots of knowledge, book learning. I thought I was mature; I had made it out of High School after all. My life was going nowhere, but I didn't care. I had a part-time job that gave me enough money for gas, junk food, and quarters for the arcade. That is where I first saw her in a video game at the arcade.

It was Dark Stalkers, to be exact. Another Mortal Combat knock off. This one had creatures of horror: Frankenstein monster, the were-wolf, vampire, the mummy, a vampress, a sorceress, a witch, etc. Each had their own special attacks, basically the same as Mortal Combat. The difference was that when a monster 'died', there was a flash and most of their clothes, especially the women, disappeared. Of course, they couldn't show anything, but the effect was very suggestive. And she was there, she was the sorceress.

logo on screen

The sorceress was clad in a red slit dress that had a plunging neckline to show off her impossibly firm bust line or a long bare computer generated leg when she did various Martial Arts moves. The best part was when she was vanquished and I caught a flash of her black bra and panties. My only interest at the arcade became the Dark Stalkers game. All of my quarters fed it daily. I became obsessed with the sorceress. All of my thinking, yearning was of her. Then one night, I saw her in a dream.

Like most of my dreams at that time it was a wet dream. She stood before me, clad in her very same red dress, except she was real. Real flesh, sensual flesh and she was there right in front of me. I reached a hand out, and touched her arm. She moved her arm and held my hand in hers. I clumsily took her in my arms then realized that I had a hard-on and was naked.

I tried to pull back and cover myself, but she whispered that it was OK. She held me tight, her large boobs pressed tight up under my chin. I was suddenly thrust into teen erotic heaven. I tried to mutter something, but her lips crushed mine in a kiss. She stepped back, breaking the kiss, and then started stripping, it was not a long process. Once the dress was slipped from her shoulders, she stood barefoot in a plunging black bra and panties. Two simple movements and she was standing before me, naked.

Words poured out from behind her full crimson lips, "I've seen you play. You're very good. I simply love being bested by you." For a moment I just stood there naked, ogling her toned body. Her Large, firm breasts with spiked erect nipples, and longer than long legs that would put any other woman to shame. I knew this, because I had seen many women at their best in magazines. They all paled before her, she looked better than a most perfect Vargas Girl. I reached for her and she disappeared...

I skipped out of work that day and went to the arcade early. My junk food money disappeared into the change machine to chunk out as shiny quarters. I fed the Dark Stalkers machine, but my mind wasn't into it. And I needed to get past this level to see my sorceress. C'mon Steve, you can do it with your eyes closed, concentrate! A few dollars of quarters later, I finally made it to her level; however, I could not fight her and she won easily. Did that evil laughter come from the machine or was it in my head? I spent the rest of the money I had and never made it to her level again. I could not believe my misfortune. She is toying with me. Going home, I collapsed into bed still wearing my clothes. It had been a rough night at the arcade and I soon fell asleep.

I awoke naked again, in a pool of sweat. The sorceress was standing next to my bed. She was wearing the same outfit, but with a wave of her hand and she was naked. Another wave and my covers were gone. Both of us naked and her just feet away from me, almost close enough to touch. I knew that she was real, that I could cradle her huge breasts in my hands, that I could pinch her erect nipples.

I made a move to get up and she held her palm up in a gesture indicating stop. I stopped and shook my head. Why is she doing this? "You can touch me again, but..." She smiled and threw her hair back with a twitch of her head. Her hair floated in a cloud, surreal. The motion made her full breasts rise up, then slowly fall back down. My breath caught in my throat. They were everything I had ever dreamed about and more. "I know you want to touch them, hold them. And I want you to touch them, to hold them... will you be satisfied with just touching them? Can you ever go back now that you've seen me, once you touch my breasts?" She cupped her tantalizing tits beckoning me forward with a nod and a smile.

I slowly moved forward with my hands outstretched. The first thing I touched was her hands, then my hands covered hers and my fingertips brushed against her nipples. It was electrifying! I was sure that her nipples grew larger and she moaned. My breath caught again and I rotated my hands pushing hers away and replacing them cupping her breasts. They felt better than I had ever imagined, so soft and full, her nipples so hard. I was enjoying the sensation when she slowly disappeared and I lost consciousness.

I awoke the next day, uncomfortable like I had slept in my clothes. I woke up fully realizing that I had. What happened? I was naked when I touched her tits. Yes, I did, I remember doing that. Why does she keep disappearing?

I could not concentrate at work. Thoughts of her sultry, naked body kept rushing into my consciousness forcing the mundane thoughts of the task at had away. As did the remembered feel of her breasts and nipples, I know I touched them, but I wanted more, much more. I sat in my car after work, trying to decide what to do, where to go. My ingrained habits took me to Wendy's for supper and then to the arcade. I knew the machine could not satisfy my lust for the sorceress, but it would provide some diversion until I could fall asleep again.

I was somehow better at the game, bypassing the level of the sorceress and even setting a new high score. As I entered my initials to record my score, I saw where the others were displayed. They were initials on some sort of crypts, but I didn't give it much thought at the time.

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