The Princess and the Frog

by DG Hear

Copyright┬ę 2005 by DG Hear

Erotica Sex Story: It happened on Halloween Eve. What would Mike do when given some weird choices? Read it and see what Mike does.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Tear Jerker   First   School   Transformation   .


My girlfriend was standing there naked, as I watched her looking through her dresser drawers. I was laying on the bed naked with my cock sticking straight up in the air. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Get over here and sit on this totem pole until it becomes a geyser."

"I'm trying to find something to wear to the Halloween party tomorrow night. We need a costume of some kind."

I looked at her and said, "Just slip on my hiking boots and go naked."

"And what kind of costume is that?" She asked.

"Puss and boots." I laughed.

"Yeah right," she said, and you can put a pot on your head and go as 'Peter Pan.'

Then she came over to the bed and slowly lowered herself onto my very rigid rod. Damn, that felt good, little by little she moved that pussy up and then slid down, up and down, up and down. My cock getting harder and her pussy getting wetter. This is what sex is all about.

Kayla my girlfriend attended the same college that I did. She was the lead cheerleader and of course I was the quarterback of the football team. I guess we were meant to be together. The sex with her couldn't be better. She fucked, and sucked just about anytime I wanted. I guess the problem was we weren't monogamous. I had sex with most of her friends, and she fucked some of my buddies.

I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Don't get me wrong, I loved the sex, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, she'd drop her pants for me. What more could I ask for in a girlfriend?

She was about ready to climax, I could feel her beginning to shudder. Then I came, I shot a full load up her snatch. As she had an orgasm I could see the juices coming out of her and down my cock. Damn! That was hot. Then she just hopped off and said, "That was great."

That, I think was my problem, I didn't love her but the sex was great. She was not marrying material, she was fucking material. If she could be monogamous it might have been different. I don't know how women think, I'll never claim to know. If a woman fucks other men while you are dating, it seems that the trend would continue after marriage. Maybe I'm wrong, but it scares me. As of late Kayla is talking marriage. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I know I don't want to marry her.

Does that make me two-faced? Wanting to fuck a gal but not wanting to marry her? Do women feel the same way? I don't think I could go through life knowing all my buddies and the football team have had sex with my wife. Yes, she is my girlfriend now, that's different. That's why I don't believe I love her. I can't picture people coming to my house and telling me what a good fuck my wife 'Is or Was.'

We decided on some costumes. We stopped by the costume shop and found something we could wear as a duo. Her as Jeannie, in 'I Dream of Jeannie', and me as Major Nelson. We tried on the costumes and she looked great. She had the body for it. I thought I looked pretty decent myself.

On Saturday I picked her up at her apartment and we headed to the party. It was in full party mode when we got there. Lots of drinks and lots of beer. The football team as a whole stayed away from the drug scene. To many scholarships would be lost. The coaches just told us easy on the booze.

As we entered the party everyone greeted us and of course complimented us on our costumes.

Let me explain how Kayla and I first met.

One day I met Kayla, who was my first college fuck, after a football game. I wasn't in her pussy for two minutes when I shot a load. Kayla was pissed, I promised her I would do better the next time.

She looked at me and said, "If there is a next time."

I went to a couple of after game parties and the girls were plentiful. All the tits and ass you could want. I grabbed a gal named Gail and just pulled her panties down, and stuck my dick in her pussy. I jacked off a couple of hours earlier so I wouldn't embarrass myself at the party. It felt good, the fuck not the jack off, well it wasn't to bad either. My second college fuck,.

As soon as I got off Gail's back, another guy took my place. Kayla came over to me and congratulated me on being the hero of the game and gave me a big kiss, tongue and all. She told me she was sorry for the way she talked to me weeks before and asked me if I wanted to go into the bedroom with her. She didn't like making love, as she called it, it front of everyone. My hormones were flying high, I had no problem getting another hard-on, so into the bedroom we went.

I was going to put on a condom when Kayla said she preferred bareback. So I just shoved it in.

She said, "Okay, fuck me." and fuck her I did. Since I had just shot a load fifteen minutes before, it took awhile this time. Kayla was screaming to high heaven. "Oh God that feel so good." Then she came making all kind of noises."

This went on week after week. Kayla was telling everyone I was her boyfriend. I guess in a sense I was. She just wanted the star of the team. The quarterback and the head cheerleader, was the way she seen it.

The following week we won our game again and of course had another party. Kayla came right up to me and was high on something. She needed to be fucked. We went into one of the bedrooms and I started to pump into her pussy, she couldn't get enough. As I came she kept saying she wanted more.

A few of my teammates had come into the room and were watching us. Ralph asked her if she wanted his cock? He pulled it out and put it next to her lips. She kissed it and said, "Give it to me Ralph, fuck Mikes woman. Show him how a real man fucks a woman."

Two more of my teammates were watching and when Ralph came another guy took his place. Then the third guy put his cock in Kayla's pussy. She started having an orgasm and screaming, "God I love it, I love it." Then Tom the guy in her pussy pulled out his cock and came all over her belly and pussy.

I couldn't believe how erotic it was to see all these guys fucking my so called girlfriend. After most games it was the same thing, fuck parties. Jim, one of my teammates brought his wife to the party. He was busy feeling up Kayla while his wife was in the other room. I looked at him and asked him what he was doing. His wife was right there.

He just told me, "Everyone says what a good fuck Kayla is and I wanted some of it before you two got married."

Get Married, I thought? What has Kayla been telling everyone? She's a great fuck but marry her, no way. Then Jim said I could keep his wife company while he lays some rope to Kayla. That way she might not find out saving a big argument.

I did walk over and talked to June. She asked where Jim was and I just told her in the other room with the guys. We got to talking and she asked if all the parties were like this. She was looking around at a lot of couples being intimate.

I just told her a lot of that goes on.

She then asked if Jim joined in some of these so called intimate scenes? I just looked at her.

She then said, "He's fucking someone right now isn't he?"

I didn't answer as she got up and walked in the room and seen Jim, her husband fucking Kayla.

She came back out of the room and said, "Mike, will you fuck me? Right here, right now," as she stripped in front of me. God what a fine ass body. I took off my pants and shorts and put on a condom.

She looked at me and said, "Thank you, I never thought about the condom."

I looked at her and said, "Your married, I don't think you want another mans baby."

Then she climbed onto my lap and rode me like a fucking bronco horse. She was wild, and I was loving every minute of it. Just as I came into the condom she had an orgasm. She just pressed down harder onto my cock getting all she could get.

Then she turned around, there stood her husband asking her what the fuck she was doing?

She looked back at him and said, "Apparently the same thing you've been doing for weeks now." Then she got off my cock and said, "Thank you to me for a great fuck." Got dressed and then she and Jim left the party.

So we have been having these sexual parties for quite awhile. I really have to say that I'm a little tired with the parties. After awhile a lot of the newness is gone and it's just fucking. Also no-one practices safe sex including me most of the time and that's beginning to bother me.

Back to the Halloween party:

Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We were talking about the different couples that were there. A lot of them already in sexual positions. I looked up and saw a 'Very overweight Girl' sitting by herself watching everyone. I asked a few of my friends if they recognized her, no one seemed to know anything about her. She kept starring at me and it begin to bother me. Why was she watching me?

One of my friends said, "Hey Major Mike, referring to my costume, why don't you go and say hi to fat girl over there. Give her a glory fuck." then he laughed. "She might like a man in uniform."

She was heavy, maybe two hundred seventy-five pounds or more. She only stood maybe 5'3". She was dressed in kind of a old granny dress. She looked about my age, Why would a young girl let herself go like that?

My girlfriend Kayla was busy being felt up by one of my classmates. It was really starting to aggravate me with all her free sex thinking. So, I walked over to the heavy girl, I say heavy because it just doesn't feel right calling her the fat girl. Just maybe she couldn't help it.

I sat down next to her and said hi I'm Mike... and she interrupted me and said, "I know who you are. I'm Pam, your future wife."

"Whoa! Hold your horses girlie, where the hell did that come from?" I asked.

"I'm sorry if I shocked you, but my 'Fairy God Mother' told me to come here tonight and the first guy that comes up to me will be my future husband." She said.

"I looked up at her and said who put you up to this, Tom, Gail, Rob, Kayla?" I looked back over at my friends and they heard what Pam had said and they all started laughing.

She looked over at them and said, "Don't worry Mike, they have no idea about love. All they know is sex. Love is much better then sex and when the two are put together you get ecstacy. The true sexual meaning. That's what we will have together."

I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry but you're a nut case. There is no way I'm going to marry you or have sex with you. This might not be nice to say but look over there at my girlfriend. Good looking, very attractive, a hell of a body, maybe 115lbs. Fucks like a champ and I don't plan on marrying her. Why in God's name would I even consider marrying you?"

Pam looked at me and said, "The reason you will not marry Kayla is because she is a slut. You know this and so does every one else. I on the other hand am a virgin waiting for you. I have loved you ever since grade school. My 'Fairy God Mother' told me to finally come here this evening and talk to you and confess my love for you. There is more to me then meets the eye."

I said, "You got that right." I think I better leave and go back to my friends. I'm missing the Halloween party. As I stood up Pam spoke.

"My Fairy God Mother set up this party so you could finally meet me again. Please let me explain."

"When you were little did your parents tell you about the 'Princess and the Frog?"

I looked at her and said, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Please take a few minutes and listen to me. This is Halloween eve and a night you will never forget. Now, do you remember the 'Princess and the Frog?"

"Yeah, I remember, the princess kissed the frog and the frog turns into a prince, right?"

"Yes exactly," she smiled.

"What in the hell does that have to do with you?" I asked. Are you going to turn into a frog? As I started laughing.

"No I will not turn into a frog. I will turn into a beautiful woman when you take my virginity. I will turn into the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Our love will be so strong that you will never want another woman ever again. I will be yours totally, body and soul. I will never want or need another man. I will fill your every desire."

"You got to be kidding, I never heard such nonsense in my life." You are going to turn into a beautiful woman when you get fucked... She interrupted me again, saying, "Not when I get fucked, but when I make love with you. Then and only then will I become a beautiful woman."

"Damn girl, you're nuttier then a fruit cake. I never knew you in high school, or here at college. Who put you up to all this bull shit? I really would like to know."

"You just won't believe me will you? What can I say or do to make you believe me?" she asked.

"No, I don't believe you. You come to a costume party without a costume and waddle over to a chair and then I come over just to be polite and you say you are going to be my future wife. What's not to believe. I laughed. Oh, yeah I forgot. I have to take your virginity and you will become a princess and we will live happily ever after."

"Exactly, now you got it right, only thing you got wrong was that this fat, obese, overweight body is my costume. The true me is hidden under all of this. I just need you to make love to me to bring the real me out."

"Well Pam it has been interesting talking to you. You are quite a trip. I'm going back over to my friends now, catch you later. Then I went back to my friends who were all laughing hysterically.

They all started making fun of Pam, calling her names. Blimp, fat ass, and many others. I finally said enough guys, she's a human being just like you. Two arms, two legs, a heart and feelings. Quit talking about her.

"Damn, Mike maybe you are falling for her." They laughed

It's just not right to make fun of people just because they're different. Right then Jim, one of our big black linemen came by without a costume. Bill yelled to him and asked him where his costume was.

Jim just replied, "They didn't have anything big enough to fit me."

Bill grabbed one of the witches brooms and said, "Here Jim, stick this up your ass and go as a fudgescicle."

Jim grabbed Bill and lifted him up and said, "How would you like to be here as a dead person in a body bag?"

Bill quickly apologized. Saying it was just a joke. He was really sorry. Then Jim walked away.

Kayla looked at Jim walking away and said, "I'd like to fuck him."

I'm not a racist but I don't like the idea of my girlfriend telling everyone she wants to fuck the biggest black guy on the team. I walked away for awhile but was keeping my eye on Pam of all people. I watched a few guys walk up to her and she would shake her head no and they would laugh and then leave. I was beginning to feel sorry for her. She had this goofy fantasy and really believed it.

I walked back over to Pam and just started talking to her again. She started smiling when she seen me. I really believed that she thought I was going to be her lover. I asked her what the few guys coming over wanted?

"They all wanted to fuck me. They heard I was a virgin and just wanted to take my cherry." They came right out and said they didn't care that I was fat, they would still give me their cocks as a tear came to the corner of her eye.

"I'm confused, what if you had sex with them. Maybe you would enjoy it? Then you would turn into this princess." My God what was I saying? It sounded like I believe her.

She looked at me and said she didn't tell me the whole story.

I looked at her and said, "Don't tell me there's more?"

There's a lot more Mikey. "Do you really want to here it?"

"My name is Mike. Very few people have ever called me Mikey." I told her.

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