A Double Standard?

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Man is caught cheating on his wife. If she did it to him would he use a double standard?

Chapter 1

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I am one of those weird people who read erotic stories. Yes, I admit it. Once I start reading them it's hard to stop. Some stories are total trash; of course that is only my opinion. But then you come across a story, not paying any attention to the authors name, you never heard of him or her but the title of the story draws your interest. You decide to click on it and kind of give it a scan through, not really reading it. After you scan through about a third of the story, you stop and think to yourself this is pretty good. You put your pointer back to the story beginning and start reading every word.

The author has drawn you in or is it your own emotions that are making you read this story? Another story about a spouse having an affair. Damn! I hate stories about affairs. The wife fucks some guy, either a stranger or her husband's best friend. She leaves some stupid clue and her husband finds it. Now he has to do something about it.

He faces her with the cheating facts. She says how much she loves him and it was just sex. It didn't mean anything. She tells him how much she loves him and had just made a big mistake even though she did it a half of dozen times. She cries and begs his forgiveness and promises never to do it again. What a crock of shit! Or is it?

I'm just an ordinary guy. Mid-fifties, happily married, have been for thirty years. I worked most of my life in sales. I sell products for the home. The company had a home-based store stationed in Chicago but we, the sales force, had to travel fairly often. We went to the surrounding states to keep in touch with our retail stores. Speaking for myself it did get lonely sometimes, being away from the family and at night really missing my wife.

There were times that I would go down to a lounge just to be around other people. Of course there were generally women alone or with a small group of women. I might dance and talk to them just for the company. In the beginning I didn't set out to have sex with them but it happened. This constitutes an affair in most people's book. I picked up a woman, took her to my room and had sex with her. I've done this many times over the years. I never thought much about it. I was in a strange town or even a strange state. I was horny and did something about it. I found someone else in the same predicament and had sex with her. Not love but sex.

Now I have to tell you. I love my wife. I am a devoted family man. Our family spends time together, I went to all school events when they were younger and I even attend church once in a while. I also love my grandchildren. I am like a lot of men out there. I'm not proud of my affairs but I'm being honest with myself and with you. I could sit in my room and masturbate while watching an x-rated movie or read erotic stories on the computer and jack off. I'm not being funny here, I'm being honest.

I think of all the names the readers of erotic material call the woman who has had an affair a bitch, whore, slut, and many more names. They want the husbands to dump their wife, beat them up and in some cases kill the mother fuckers. They never try to understand them or why they did it. They don't take the time to listen to them and most of all never forgive them.

Is there still a double standard? Should a woman forgive her husband if he has an affair or should she just grab him by the short hairs and divorce him?

If he says, "I love you, I just made a big mistake, it was just sex. I was just so lonely and you weren't there. God, how I wish you were. It is you I love and want to spend all my remaining years with. Please believe me, don't end this marriage. I know it will take time but we can work through it." Sound familiar?

Well, surprise! That is what happened to me just last week. One of the women I had sex with was followed by her husband. He found out who I was and contacted my wife. When I got home she just came out and told me about the man calling her. She asked me point blank if it was true? Did I have an affair with this man's wife? It was too late to try and deny anything. I just looked at her and she had tears in her eyes as I told her "Yes, it is true." Then I told her all the things that I just mentioned to you.

She told me she needed time to think. As of then, she had no idea what she was going to do. She asked me to please sleep in the spare bedroom until decisions were made. As of now she didn't want to be in the same room let alone bed with me.

The cheated husband offered to send her pictures and recordings of me having sex with his wife. Miriam said she knew it happened but really wasn't interested in seeing all the details close up. She was distraught enough just knowing it happened.

There was so much more to think about than just separating or divorcing. Of course someone would have to tell the kids. Then we have all of our assets to separate. Dividing the savings accounts, cd's (certificate of deposit), my future pension plan, my 401k. Then at our age there is even the insurance to think about. It might sound funny to some people but health insurance is a pretty big expense that someone has to pay. We couldn't afford to lose it.

She was a homemaker who spent most of her life making a home for us and the kids. She only worked part time jobs to help us pay up some of our bills when we got behind. So then there could possibly be alimony. I'm sure the courts would feel she deserved some money for her 30 years of us being together.

I haven't even thought about the house value and all our personal stuff that we accumulated over the last thirty plus years. Damn, this could turn into a real mess. We're talking about possibly more than a few hundred thousand dollars or even much more when considering all the assets.

The odd thing was, as I have said earlier, I really love my wife. I guess I was able to separate the sex from love. I know I have never loved any of the women I picked up. The sex was good, why wouldn't it be. I get her pussy wet, she gets my cock hard, I stick it in and both of us have an orgasm. I did use condoms most of the time.

After about two days of pretty much silence I came home from work and told Miriam I had some good news. Joe Bailey was retiring at the end of the month. I was the senior sales rep which meant I could take his territory. I would hardly ever have overnight stays again seeing he had the local sales area. I wouldn't be away like I have been in the past.

Miriam said, "That's great, Harry, it could help solve part of our marital problems." She then looked at me and said, "Harry, it's time to talk." We both had a cup of coffee and sat down in the living room.

"Harry," she said, "I'm going to let you decide whether or not we stay together. It is going to be up to you." I blurted out, "If it's up to me we will live together forever."

"Not so fast, Harry. Please listen first to what I have to say. Then if you still feel the same, we'll stay married."

"I don't understand, Miriam. What do you want to say?"

"Please don't interrupt me, Harry, I have to get this out. About two years ago you were in Indiana and I called you at the motel to talk to you. You were out of breath when you answered the phone. Then I heard a woman talking in the background."

"But, Miriam, it must... " She cut me off.

"I'm done listening to your excuses and lies, Harry. I know you had a woman in your room and was having sex with her. You could hardly wait to hang up. I figure she had your dick in her mouth. I was distraught after hanging up the phone. I was crying when there was a knock at the door. I opened it up and it was my brother-in-law Steve. He came over to see how I was doing since you were away. My sister Barbara stayed at home. Steve said she wasn't feeling well. Steve saw me crying and asked me what was the matter? I just put my head on his shoulder and continued crying. He wrapped his hands around me and held me close."

"I was mad at you, Harry. I was lonely, distraught, and wanted revenge on you. All I had on was my robe and nightgown. Steve pulled my belt loose and slipped off my robe. He then led me over to the couch. As we sat there, I told him that you were having an affair. At this very minute you were fucking some slut. I looked at Steve and you know how we always use to kid around. Well, this time I told him I wanted him; I wanted him now.

"I wanted my revenge against you, Harry. Steve took off his trousers and briefs. His cock was standing hard and at attention. He slid my nightgown over my head and I straddled his lap. I grabbed his hard cock and he guided it into your wife's pussy, Harry. You were the only man that I have ever had till that night with Steve."

I had tears in my eyes listening to Miriam talk about her affair with Steve. Besides being my brother in law he was also one of my friends. It was hard to believe she could do this to me. She was always a loving wife.

She continued, "Well, Harry, Steve just rode my pussy and played with my tits till he was ready to shoot his load in me. He didn't have on a condom. I was sure he was clean and I have been past the baby stage for a few years. He shot his load up my pussy, Harry. Just like you were doing to that slut. We probably all came at the same time."

I looked at Miriam, her face sad. "Was that the only time, Miriam? Was that the only time you ever cheated on me?"

"No, Harry, Steve and I did it six different times whenever you went out of town."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My loving wife had cheated on me six different times. "Why did you stop, Miriam?"

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