After the Party

by Stormghost

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A romantic story written for a friedn of mine. She likes erotic fantasy...

We've gotten an invite to a cocktail party at some friend's house. The kids are with their grandparents for the weekend and we're going to be all dressed up for the occasion. You've been torturing me all week, but you won't show me the dress you bought. The party is around 6 in the evening on a Friday.

I get home first and take a shower, I'm tying my tie when you come bursting in, late as usual. You give me a quick kiss and begin tossing off clothes as you head for the shower. I get done and head out to the kitchen to get the appetizer we've promised to bring. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the spinach-artichoke dip when you finally arrive from the bathroom. You have on this slinky low cut, black, knee length dress, black hose and black pumps. There is a slit up the left side, almost all the way to your hip which shows the top of your black thigh highs if you turn quickly. You flash me an urchin's grin as you turn to get our coats in the hall closet. I almost drop the dish when I notice that the dress is backless. I assume that it must have a built in bra because of the amount of cleavage you are showing in the front.

We get to the party and mingle. You are easily the best looking woman there, even if I am a bit biased in my observations. There are lots of people, at least 20 to 30 other couples, so we make the rounds separately. Every so often you catch my eye and wink. After awhile I slip up behind you and whisper in your ear "I'd love to take you into a back room for about five minutes." You flush slightly and pause before continuing to follow the conversation around you. A little later I come back by and ask if you're having a good time. You nod so I lean forward and whisper "I bet you're absolutely soaking that thong you're wearing thinking of what I'm going to do to you later." Once again you just stop, unable to follow the conversation around you as I walk away. I know you love this game. I find time for a few more suggestive remarks over the next ninety minutes.

The party breaks up and we say our goodbyes. I hold your door and let you in the car, before walking over to the driver's side. We pull out. As we start the 15 minute drive home, you start fidgeting. Realizing this is your chance to get some payback you shift around until you're dress has ridden up your thighs to your stocking tops. You make sure I get a good eyeful at the stop sign then tug it back down. At the next red light, you make a big show of bending over to get something out of your purse, making sure my eyes track your breasts in the low cut front of your dress. As I drive, you begin to rub my thigh with your left hand. Going slowly higher and higher, your fingers trailing near my rapidly hardening penis, you continue talking, knowing full well I'm paying no attention. It's becoming a bit challenging to concentrate on driving as you begin tracing my erection lightly with your manicured nails.

Mercifully the drive ends soon. You get out before I do and head for the house. I rinse the dish out and put it dishwasher before I follow you into the bedroom. You've taken a moment to light a few candles and now you stand just inside the door with your back to me, holding onto the frame as you lift up your leg, bent at the knee to remove one of your pumps. I slip up behind you and slide my hand inside the open back of your dress and around to your waist. You lean back against me letting your shoe fall to the floor. As you go to remove the other shoe I kiss your exposed shoulder. I feel the quiver go through your stomach as you remove the other shoe. I nuzzle your neck lightly as my other hand slides around your waist.

You lean back into me, rubbing your ass against my crotch. I continue kissing your neck and let my hands wander up to gently cup the undersides of your breasts. You moan softly and lean back, your right arm coming up to wrap around my head. I nudge you insistently with my crotch, but make no effort to move further into the room. You wantonly rub back against me as my hands continue fondling your soft breasts and lightly pinching your nipples.

I finally let you pull away and slide my hands out of your dress. You walk sexily over to the bed. You turn to face me and with a seductive smile you reach behind and unhook the dress. You cover your chest with your hands as you slide out of the sleeves and let the material pool at your feet. I grin as you drop your arms showing your lovely tits. My eyes travel down to drink in the site of you standing topless in front of me wearing just a black thong and black thigh highs. You reach out for my hand and once I close the gap between us, you guide my hand to your soaked crotch.

"This is your fault. I've been like this for hours. It's a wonder that people couldn't smell me at the party."

I can smell your arousal now and I lick my lips in anticipation. I gently rub you through the silky material as I lean in for a kiss. Your hands are busy as our tongues swirl around in your mouth. Soon my shirt and tie join your dress. You break the kiss to kneel in front of me in the plush carpet and begin unfastening my dress slacks while I slip out of my shoes. You get my pants undone and slide them down along with my underwear. As my erect cock comes uncovered it bounces off your head. You reach up to grab it as I step out of the pile my pants have made. Your other hand reaches up and grasps my balls as you lick the dollop of precum off the head. You squeeze and fondle both my prick and balls while laying kisses all along its length. I groan and reach down to undo the bun you habitually keep your hair in. You slowly nuzzle my balls and take them one at a time into your mouth, rolling them around with your tongue. With a long lick you come from my balls up to the head of my cock then engulf it in your warm wet mouth.

I groan loudly as I finally get your bun undone and your long hair cascades down your back. You slowly suck me down as far as you can then back up. I moan and put my hands on top of your head. Not guiding, just resting them as you slowly bob up and down. I let loose a gasp and another moan as your finger slowly begins to penetrate my ass. I'm going crazy as you work your finger in an out in time with your mouth on my cock.

"Oh god... if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum," I warn you as my breathing rapidly increases.

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