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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A friend of mine asked me to tell her a story to distract her from her homework. This story is the result of that discussion. It is meant as a foreplay story so it's a bit different than my usual stuff

Ok, so we're curled up together on the couch watching a DVD. I'm lying on my back head propped on the couch arm with your back to my chest, your head is resting on my chest. We're comfortable.

The movie is getting a bit slow... not so much you want to stop watching all together, but enough to make you a bit restless.

I start my hands gently running my fingers along your stomach and lower chest - avoiding your "fun bits" for now. Light pressure with the fingers, but not quite enough to tickle... then I kiss you on the back of the head, maybe a few minutes later one on the exposed portion of your neck, not letting my hands wander very far up or down. I'd nibble on your ear, gently, whispering "are you enjoying yourself" as one of my fingers slowly slides around the lower curve of your breast and up to your shoulder and cheek. Gentle pressure turns your head towards me and I cover your lips with mine, teasing you lightly with my tongue before breaking the kiss... Then I just stop... let you get a little more involved with the movie since it's gotten more interesting again.

After a few minutes the movie hits a slow spot so I gently nuzzle your neck and shoulder, this time letting my hands roam a little more freely, grazing the undersides of your breasts occasionally, maybe straying as far as the outside of your hips. I'd punctuate that with the occasional kiss on the lips... I can feel you squirm slightly against me fighting your reaction to what I'm doing because you're still interested in the movie. Now your hands are involved, rubbing on my thighs and occasionally directing my hands to touch you in some place. I tug gently on your earlobe with my teeth, then lean forward for long kiss. We break the kiss as the movie hits a funny moment and we laugh.

A few minutes later, I start nuzzling your shoulder a bit more insistantly while gently tugging your shirt out of your skirt. My other hand slides down the outside of your leg and inches your skirt up to the top your thigh highs. I slip my hand underneath your shirt onto your bare skin, just resting it on your stomach, while my other hand traces the bare skin just above the lacy top of your stockings.After letting your stomach warm my fingers up (I have NOTORIOUSLY cold hands), I gently trace the bottom of your ribcage from left to right, then back again - not hard enough to tickle. You squirm a little more causing my hand to ride higher and brush the underside of your breasts through your satiny blue bra.

A soft moan escapes your lips and you turn again, questing for another kiss. I acquiesce then trail kisses down your chin and onto your neck. You squirm around so we're a little more face to face rather than back to front and guide my other hand under your shirt. I slide one hand up to gently cup one of your breasts, feeling the nipple harden slightly against the palm as our tongues continue to dance together and your hands slide around my back. I break the kiss and slide my tongue lightly along your jaw to your ear, nipping lightly on the lobe while my fingers gently trace the exposed skin of your breasts along the top edge of your bra cups. I kiss my way down your neck to your shoulder and then along your collarbone to the hollow of your neck.

My hands continue to teasingly caress your breasts while clearly avoiding your erect nipples. You moan and squirm, trying to direct my hands without actually forcing them where you want to be touched. I slowly kiss my way across your collarbone and up the other side of your neck then trail my tongue back along your jaw until I find your lips.

You hug me tighter and thrust your tongue into my mouth as I continue to gently fondle your breasts.

Your hands work up to entangle your fingers in my hair and you break off the kiss to hiss in my ear "it's a front hook"

I get the message and pop the clasp then slowly peel the cups of your bra off your breasts, deliberately flicking your nipples on the way by.

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