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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He meets a slut who reminds him of his mother...


It was a Friday evening. I was a writer, coming home after a meeting with my publisher, and I was looking forward to slumping in front of the TV with a whiskey and putting something in the microwave before getting an early night. The train drew into the station and I got out and headed for the exit. As I left the station, I vaguely noticed a woman standing against the wall, and as I approached she turned towards me.

'Can you spare some change, mister?'

She wore a loose off-the shoulder peasant blouse that displayed more than a hint of cleavage, and a short flowery skirt, and as she moved I noticed her breasts moving unhindered — she obviously hadn't got a bra on under her blouse, and when I glanced down I saw that her legs were bare, and that she was wearing scruffy sandals on her dirty feet. She seemed to be about fifty, and looked as though she needed a good wash, and her hair was lank and greasy. She'd obviously noticed me looking at her breasts, because she grinned and wiggled provocatively.

'Or we can go somewhere and I'll give you a good time, darlin' — any way you want it!'

She wasn't exactly my type, but I suddenly felt a spurt of desire, and reached out and gripped her breast through her blouse, and she giggled.

'A feel will cost you a quid, darlin' — but you get your money's worth!'

She slipped the blouse further off her shoulder and offered me her naked breast, and I cupped it and fondled her nipple, feeling it stiffen, and I knew I wanted her badly.

'I live about ten minutes away — come home with me and I'll make it worth your while, ' I said hoarsely, still fondling her bare breast, and she nodded.

'But you'll 'ave to wear somethin' when we do it — I don't want to catch nothin', nor get pregnant!'

Privately, I thought it would be a very good idea, because I didn't want to chance 'catchin' nothin' from her, either, and I nodded. 'Come on then.'

She slipped her breast back into her blouse, and set off. We were given several curious glances as we walked together with the woman letting her breasts swing freely — my cock was already semi-erect, and I wondered what I found so attractive, if that's the word, about her, but I just knew I wanted to fuck her.

We arrived at my flat and I opened the door and ushered her in. As I closed the door she turned and pressed herself against me, and I ran my hands over her body as I felt her squeeze my cock. I lowered my head and kissed her bare shoulder, and then her neck, and she lifted her face to let me kiss her. I forced her against the wall, twisting her arm up behind her back and savouring the feel of her soft, yielding body against me, tugging her blouse down to bare her breasts, and then I released her, panting slightly.

She giggled again. 'D'you want to fuck me 'ere, or give me a beatin' — I don't mind, or shall we go in proper, darlin'?'

I led the way into the kitchen, and decided I need a drink. 'I'm going to have a scotch — would you like a drink too?'

'Yeah, gin if you've got it, ' she said, looking around and pulling her blouse up a little, so that it only just covered her nipples, and for the first time I got a good look at her. She was about five feet seven or eight, not plump but certainly full-bodied. I already knew — and could see — that she had ripe, heavy breasts, and I saw that she had good legs. Her dark hair was streaked with grey, and her eyes were startlingly blue as she looked at me over the rim of her glass. Her face, hands, arms and legs were grimy, and her clothes were dirty too — they looked as though they'd been slept in, which they probably had, and I felt my cock getting even harder.

'Wait here — I won't be a moment, ' I said, and put my drink down and headed for the bedroom. I certainly didn't want her in my bed, and I got a condom from the bedside table and went back to the kitchen. My idea was to fuck her quickly, then give her some money and send her on her way.

I found her sitting on a chair with one foot up on the edge of it, her knee beside her face as she felt her foot with her hand. Her skirt was up round her waist, baring her legs completely, and she'd taken her sandal off.

'I got a stone or somethin' in me sandal, and cut me foot, ' she said, wincing as she gingerly squeezed the fleshy part of her foot.

'I'll give you a plaster, ' I said. 'Let me look.'

I knelt in front of her, and she put her grimy foot on my thigh. I turned it slightly, to see a small cut on the sole. Almost without thinking, I lifted her foot and kissed the cut, tasting her saltiness, and ran my hand up her bare leg and thigh, feeling her soft skin.

'It's not bad, ' I said, seeing her looking at me strangely, and I got to my feet.

'That was nice, ' she whispered, and took a long sip of her drink.

Her skirt was still up around her waist, and I looked at it and her blouse again. To my surprise, I heard myself saying:

'Those clothes look as though they could do with a wash. I've got some stuff to put in the machine, and you can chuck them in, too, if you like.'

She looked at me gratefully. 'That'd be nice! They 'aven't 'ad a wash in days — me neither!'

'I like you dirty, ' I said, and I saw her run the tip of her tongue over her lips. She quickly peeled off her blouse and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, and then eased her grubby white panties down over her thighs and stepped out of them.

'Here I am!' she said, 'nice and dirty!' and I studied her naked body. Her breasts were capped with dark brown aureoles the size of my wrist watch, with equally large nipples that stiffened as I stared at her, and the base of her slightly-curved belly was adorned with a thick triangle of hair, and I thought she looked wonderful.

I produced the condom and fumbled with the zipper of my trousers, but she brushed my hand away.

'Let me do it, darlin'!' she murmured, and sank to her knees in front of me. She reached into my trousers and dragged out my stiff cock and kissed and licked it, then opened the packet and got the condom out. She kissed my cock again, and then expertly slipped the condom on before getting to her feet.

I took her in my arms and kissed her hungrily, slipping my hand between her legs and discovering that she was already dripping wet. I pushed her back against the kitchen table and she spread her legs invitingly. I stared into her eyes as she guided me into her, and then I started to fuck her. At first I fucked her slowly as we continued to stare at each other — my left arm was around her naked body, supporting her, while I kneaded her heavy breasts with my right hand. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts towards me, and then she slid her arms round my neck as I began to quicken. She started to writhe against me, and then her mouth found mine.

We kissed with increasing passion — I ran my hand over her smooth bare back, and released her breast to stroke her thigh as she hooked her leg around me, and she began bucking against me. She was making little noises in her throat, muffled by our mouths as they worked on each other, and suddenly I could hold back no longer and erupted violently, my legs trembling as I spurted uncontrollably.

She gave a little scream, and fell back on the table, her breasts heaving and her head thrashing from side to side as I continued to ram my cock into her. Finally she gripped my arms and hauled herself up to kiss me wildly, clinging to me and grinding her breasts against my chest. At last we broke apart, and as she smiled at me I was alarmed to see tears in her eyes.

'Are you all right?' I asked. 'Did I hurt you?' and she shook her head.

'No — I'm 'appy, that's all. I get fucked all the time, but some'ow that was special — I can't explain it, it was just — I don't know!' She kissed me again, and then grinned. 'There'll be no charge — just a quid for that feel you had earlier!'

Suddenly she was all business, sorting through the laundry basket and loading the washing machine while I watched her, and then she kissed me.

'I know you like me dirty, darlin', but do you think you'd like me clean, too? I'd love to 'ave a bath, and wash me 'air!' she said.

I poured us both another drink as she ran herself a bath. I carried them into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bath and watched her as she proceeded to wash herself. I realized I couldn't take my eyes off her, and wondered why. She wasn't particularly beautiful, although her body was magnificent, and there was something very attractive, and almost familiar about her that I couldn't explain.

She saw me staring at her, and she grinned. 'If you're goin' to look at me like that, take your clothes off too and let me 'ave a look at you as well, darlin'!'

I quickly undressed, and when I sat on the side of the bath again she leaned over and took my soft cock in her mouth, sucking me gently. Almost at once I started to harden again, and she laughed and squeezed my balls.

'Wait until I've finished — and I'm not sure that the next one will be free, so don't count your chickens!'

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