The Admiral's Wife's Aide

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: John joined the Navy to get a roof over his head and his first duty assignment is as the driver, aide and general flunky for an admiral's wife. Mary and John grow close as she mother's him, then they begin a loving relationship, that is until the admiral's daughter catches them in bed. See the unusual ending.

This story happened to me almost 25 years ago this month and it changed my life forever, but I'll get to that part later. I had one semester to go to finish off my AA degree at a junior college in San Diego when I ran out of money. I was working part time at a grocery store, at minimum wage, when my two roommates bailed out on me and I couldn't keep paying the rent with my meager earnings so I enlisted for two years in the U. S. Navy. I finished boot camp in early January and was assigned to the Naval Base, Coronado, California.

After taking a week of leave (vacation to you civilians) I reported to the personnel office at the Naval Base and waited for an assignment. A Chief Personnelman interviewed me for several open positions and because I was almost 21 and had a couple of years of college and was a little more mature than the average Seaman Apprentice he asked me if I would like to be the Admiral's wife's Aide. I asked him what the duties would be and the Chief told me that the admiral lived in government housing on base and that I would be assigned to work at his house and be the admiral's wife's driver, helper and general flunky. It seemed like it would be an easy job so I told him that would be happy to work for the admiral.

After I got settled in the enlisted barracks I went over the base headquarters for my interview with the Admiral Rice. I was scared to death of him, after all admirals in the Navy were next to God. He took me into his office and talked to me for about 15 minutes and he actually seemed like a nice guy, for an admiral that is. He told me to go over to his house and meet with his wife and if she liked me the job was mine. The admiral's aide, a Commander, gave me a set of keys to an Official Government Vehicle and the directions to the admirals' house and I was off for my second interview of the day.

I parked in the driveway and looked at the house. It seemed huge to me, two stories tall, a three car garage, a real behemoth of a house that was situated on an acre of land with no other house within a half of a mile. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. I only had to wait about a minute when the door opened and a mature woman invited me inside.

"You must be Seaman Fitro."

"Yes ma'am, John Fitro. The admiral asked me to come over and interview with you for the vacant drivers job."

"Well come on in John and let's sit and talk for a while."

She showed me into the kitchen and I took a seat at the table. She offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted, and we talked.

"Tell me a little bit about yourself John."

I told her that I was a San Diego native, had almost finished my AA degree before I ran out of money and that I had joined the Navy for a roof over my head. She had an interesting way of listening to me, kind of in a motherly way and yet like what I was saying was the most important thing in the world.

"What do you know about the job John?"

"Well ma'am, nothing really. The Chief told me that I would be your driver and help around the house, that's all."

"Hummm, well that's certainly some of your duties but there are other things too. The base commissary officer assigns cooks for the three meals a day so you won't have to cook but you will need to accompany me on shopping trips, help with cleaning the house, some outside work... things like that. I don't go out all that much so driving really isn't a big part of the job, except for the parties that the admiral and I attend, and then you'll be out with us. I hope that you don't mind spending some of your evening time tending to the admiral and myself?"

"Oh no ma'am, I really don't have anything to do anyway so that would be fine."

"Good John, then I think you'll do. You can go back to my husbands' office and I'll call him and let him know that I approve of your assignment. Oh, by the way, did they tell you that you have to live here with us?"

"Live here? No ma'am, they didn't."

"Well there is a one bedroom cottage behind our house that will be yours. You can move in this afternoon if you like."

"Thank you ma'am that will be fine." I didn't know that I had to live there but a cottage had to be better than living in the enlisted barracks, three guys to a room.

"Look John you have to stop calling me ma'am or you'll drive me crazy. My name is Marilyn but I go by Mary. As long as we're alone you can call me Mary but if the admiral is around or there is company in the house you'll need to be more formal so Mrs. Rice or ma'am would then be appropriate, OK?"

"Yes ma'am... uh, Mary."

She smiled at me and she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen - it absolutely lit up the room. Mary walked me to the door and I drove back the admirals' office and told the Commander that Mrs. Rice had told me that she approved of me and that the job was mine.

"OK son, then you better get your gear and move into the cottage."

I drove over to the enlisted barracks, packed my gear and drove back to the admirals' house and moved into the cottage. I was almost unpacked when there was a knock on the door and Mrs. Rice walked in.

"You about moved in?"

"Yes ma'am... Mary. You'll have to forgive me it might take some time to remember that I can call you Mary."

It's OK John, we'll work through that. Look, I need to go over to San Diego and meet with a wives club group, can you drive me."

"Sure, what time?"

"Oh about an hour from now."

"I'll get changed and have the car at your front door."

"Thank you John."

She left and I went into the bedroom, changed out of my dungarees and took a shower. I pulled my dress blues out of the closet, put them on and then checked myself in the mirror. Looking good John, you're looking good. I left the cottage, got into the car and drove around to the front of Marys' home. When she came out onto the porch I got out of the vehicle and walked around and opened the back door for her. She was dressed in a stunning baby blue colored sundress that highlighted her golden hair and long suntanned legs. As she slipped into the back seat I got just a peek of her thighs as she slid across the seat. She held her dress together and I closed the door and thought nothing else about her little slip of modesty.

Mary and I chatted as I drove, mostly about living in the San Diego area. I drove across the Coronado Bridge then south on the I-5 and into the 32nd Street Naval Station. I parked the car in front of the Officer's Club, open the door and was rewarded by another show of Mary's long legs.

"You can park in the admiral's spot across the lot, I'll only be about an hour or so, then we can go home."

"Yes ma'am." She walked up the steps and into the club and I re-parked the car. While I waited for her to emerge from the club I began thinking about Mary. I wasn't positive about her age but I guessed that she was in her late forties, maybe somewhere in the 47 to 50 range. She had long blonde hair with green eyes and as I said earlier a beautiful smile. I guessed that she stood around 5' 7" and maybe a hundred and twenty-five pounds. She had nice breasts, not real big, maybe 34C's. I really didn't have any sexual thoughts about Mary, well not any that I was going to thinking about acting on, I think they shoot enlisted men for having affairs with officer's wives.

The next month or two went by quickly as I dove into learning the intricacies of my job, some aspects that I hadn't even thought about. The cooks came to the house twice a day but the individuals changed almost daily. Some of them were nice, but some were surly apparently because I had beaten them out of the cushy job. A couple of them would ask me to help out by picking up food orders. I would get their list of food and take the car and go to the commissary and buy the food. The admiral traveled a great deal and there were times that Mary would invite me to eat lunch with her, but never dinner. I noticed that when the admiral was out of town Mary drank more wine with her meals than she did when he was home. That information came from cleaning up the kitchen in the morning. I never saw her drunk or anything, just a little tipsy once in a while.

The first time anything untoward took place between us happened just after lunch on a Monday. The cook had made a lunch composed of a Caesar salad and iced tea. We had finished and I was helping clear the dishes when I accidentally slipped on the tile floor and fell squarely on my ass. The glasses I was carrying went up in the air and I ended up with iced tea all over my white uniform. Nothing was injured besides my pride. I sat on the floor apologizing for being such a klutz when Mary came over and helped up. "I'm sorry Mary, honest. Let me get a swab and clean up this mess."

"It's OK John, you get the swab and I'll pick up the glasses, and thank heaven none of them broke or you would be covered in blood."

I came back with a swab and Mary had already picked up the two glasses and put them into the sink. As I swabbed up the tea Mary tapped me on the shoulder.

"John, you have iced-tea all over you and if we don't get the uniform in some cold water soon it will be stained forever."

I turned and looked down at myself, pulled my pants to see how stained they were, then I shrugged my shoulders. "Look Mary, I'll just head over to the cottage and run some water in the tub and..."

"Nonsense John, just slip them off and I'll run them through the washer. Come on son, give them to me."

I was a little hesitant to take off my pants in front Mary but didn't know what else to do. I untied my shoes and took them off then unbuttoned my white pants and handed them to her. I was left standing in the admirals' kitchen wearing my white boxer shorts and my uniform top. I'm sure I must have been red-faced but Mary was really nice about it.

"Look John it's going to be just fine. I've got two children older than you, so this isn't the first time I've had a young man in the kitchen in his shorts. Relax."

Nothing else happened, Mary washed and dried my pants and I took them over to my cottage so that I could iron them later. I put on a clean uniform and went back to work

I really loved the job and didn't care if some days I had to work 14 to 16 hours. The admiral was real nice to me and Mary was a godsend. The first time I actually thought about Mary in a 'dirty young man' sexual way was the night I was driving her and the admiral to a full-dress function at the base Officer's Club. I waited outside their front door and when it opened the admiral came out on the porch wearing his full-dress white tux with his miniature medals. Mary was dressed in a beautiful formal gown that was long, black and strapless. As the admiral and Mary walked to the car I held the door open and helped Mary into the car. When she bent down to duck into the back seat I had a perfect view down the front of her dress and at her breasts - and I can only describe them as magnificent. I walked around the car and held the door for the admiral and then we were off to the Officer's Club. The drive took only ten minutes but I had my eyes glued to the rear view mirror and on a couple of occasions I was pretty sure that Mary noticed me looking at her and she smiled. After the event ended I got the admiral and Mary home around one in the morning and by the time I got into my cottage it was after 1:30. I undressed, took a shower and got into bed. As I lay curled up in my sheets I was thinking about the evening and the image of Mary's breasts came into my mind and before I even realized it I was stroking my cock. I took my fantasy to the next level and imagined her naked and between my legs sucking on my cock and it wasn't long before I erupted, shooting streams of hot cum onto my chest. I cleaned up, rolled over and fell asleep still holding onto my cock.

I think it was three days later when I was vacuuming the living room and Mary came downstairs and asked how I was doing. "Pretty good Mary. I'll be through with the living room in a few minutes. Do you want me to do something else?"

"Oh nothing special. I was just wondering if you would like to have lunch with me?"

"Uh sure, that would be nice."

"Good, we'll eat on the patio in about a half an hour."

"OK, and thanks for the invitation."

It was a beautiful spring day as Mary and I sat out on the patio and ate our lunch. There wasn't anything special about our conversation; we just discussed the normal day-to-day itinerary about where she and the admiral needed to be driven - things like that. She did ask me to clean the admirals' upstairs office sometime that afternoon and I told her I would take care of it for her. We cleared up the table and she went into the den and turned on the television and I finished up in the living room.

I looked at my watch, saw what time it was, and decided that I if I was going to get Admiral Rice's office cleaned and still make it to happy hour at the enlisted club I would have to hurry. I bounded up the stairs and down the hall towards his office and as I passed by the door to the admirals' bedroom I noticed that it was slightly ajar. I really didn't mean to look inside but when I heard moaning coming from within I had to peek as see what was going on. There, lying on top of her bed, in just her panties, was Mary with one hand buried inside her panties, eyes closed, playing with herself. Her tanned breasts sagged onto each side of her chest but I noticed that her areolas were large brown circles with prominent nipples that were standing at attention. As she moved her right hand in circles on her pussy the other one was twisting and pulling on a nipple. I wanted to walk away and let her have her privacy but I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was moaning louder and louder and muttering something that sounded like 'fuck me honey' and 'put your big cock in my pussy' things like that. Although I had always thought that she had a nice body this was my first confirmation of those thoughts. Then I clearly heard the next statement as she exploded into an orgasm... 'Oh fuck yes John, ram that cock all the way down my pussy and make me cum... ohhhhh yesssss!'

I backed away from her door and hurried down to the admirals' office and busied myself with cleaning... and thinking. Was Mary really thinking about me when she called my name? I was pretty sure the answer was yes but even if that was true what could I do about it? I couldn't confront her because if it was just a masturbation fantasy that she was fucking me and I tried anything with her I would be in the brig before the afternoon sunset. Still, the sight of this beautiful mature woman laying naked on her bed and calling my name was something that left me with a hard on that needed some attention. I finished off the admirals' office and quietly let myself out of the house and by the time I got into my cottage I couldn't wait to get out of my uniform and jack off. I lay back on my bed; eyes closed, and slowly stroked my cock and thought about Mary's naked body and how I would love to enjoy it. In my fantasy I had just entered Mary's pussy when I came.

Friday, the admiral left for a three-week trip to inspect units in the Pacific and for the first week things were pretty normal. On the following Saturday night I was laying on my bed reading a Playboy when my phone rang.

"Seaman Fitro, can I help you?"

"John it's Mary, are you busy?"

"No ma'am, what can I do for you?"

"I'm lonely John, would you join me for dinner... please."

I could tell that she had already been into the house wine as she was slurring her words just a little. "Ah sure Mary, what time?"

"Well the cook has dinner almost ready, so if you can be over here in... oh say fifteen minutes that would be nice. And don't wear your uniform John, come casual."

"Let me clean up and I'll be right over Mary." I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and put on a pair of gray slacks and a white polo shirt. I walked over to the admirals' house and entered through the back patio door. Mary was in the kitchen and the bottle of Chardonnay was almost empty. Mary was bare footed and wearing a flared skirt and peasant blouse. I walked up behind her and whispered, "Good evening Mrs. Admiral." She jumped, turned around and then put on an angry face.

"Damn you John, you scared the crap out of me."

I smiled at her obviously fake anger. "Tsk, tsk Mrs. Admiral, is that anyway to talk to the hired help?"

"Hired help my ass. Don't you ever do that to me again, do you understand me!"

I hung my head down not looking into her eyes thinking that maybe I had gone too far. "Sorry ma'am." Mary turned back to the sink, washed her hands then turned and flicked her fingers at me sending water all over my face. "Hey, no fair and please don't do that."

"And why not?"

"My older sister used to do that when she was teasing me and it always irritated the hell out of me, so I used to chase her down and spank her butt and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to have to do that to you."

"You wouldn't dare do that to me. I would have the admiral ship your ass to Alaska."

"Really, and who would you find to do all those dirty little jobs you have me do?"

"John," she slurred just a bit, "Hired help is a dime a dozen in the military so don't push your luck."

"I won't push anything Mary, just don't do that to me again."

"Really?" She got an impish glint in her eyes, put her hand under he faucet and flicked water all over my face and shirt.

"God damn it Mary, I warned you." I yelled. She inched away from the sink toward the dining room door.

"So what are you going to do about it?"

"Whip your ass just like I said I would." I reached out for her and she began to shriek and laugh as she ran from the room. I caught up to her in the dining room and had her in my grasp by the time we got into the living room.

"Let go of me God damn it John."

"No! I told you what I was going to do if you did that again."

"Don't you dare touch me!"

I moved so that I had her around the waist and I pulled her down onto the couch and over my lap. Even though she was wiggling and trying to get away from me I held her in place with one arm and lifted her skirt up over her back with the other. When her panties came into view I wasn't surprised when I saw that she had on plain white panties.

"John? John let me go, Oh my God, you can't do this, please let me go."

"Nope, I warned you Mary now take your punishment like a good girl." I slapped one cheek then the other, landing three swats on each of her cheeks before I was finished. She was squirming and her movements were making my cock hard and I thought that Mary had to know that I had an erection.

Mary was squealing but not loudly. "Please John stop, I won't do it again, honest."

I stopped swatting her butt and she just lay there on my lap, not moving but breathing hard and she certainly wasn't making any move to lower her skirt. I could hear her labored breathing and see Goosebumps on her legs and I thought I spotted a small wet spot near the front of her panties. I let my hand rest on her butt, then started rubbing her ass gently. She didn't say anything nor did she try and get up. My fingers traveled down her butt towards her pussy and still she didn't move. I was getting concerned that I might have gone too far and she would actually tell the admiral what I had done, so I quit rubbing her ass. She turned her head and looked at me quizzically, then she spoke up.

"I think that we better eat dinner before it gets cold."

"Uh, OK sure."

She got up off my lap, straightened her skirt and walked out to the kitchen. I got off the couch, straightened my cock so my hard on wouldn't be too obvious, and walked out into the kitchen. The spanking incident wasn't discussed as we ate dinner and the conversation stayed on the light side as if nothing had ever happened. After dinner I thanked her for the invitation and went back to my cottage.

Three days later I was just finishing mowing the lawn and Mary stuck her head outside the back door and asked if I would like a cold drink. When I nodded yes she invited me inside and handed me a glass of iced tea. I set the glass on the counter and washed my hands in the sink, dried them off and wiped the sweat from my brow and then turned around and leaned on the counter top.

"Thanks Mrs. Rice, I really needed this."

"You're welcome John."

I saw an impish glint in her eyes as she moved over to the sink, washed out her glass then flicked water all over my face. "God damn it Mary, why did you do that? Didn't you learn your lesson the other night?"


She raced out of the kitchen before I even knew what she was going to bolt. I started out after her and almost caught her as she raced upstairs but her leg slipped out of my grasp. I picked myself up and went upstairs. Mary had gone into her bedroom and closed the door but there wasn't a lock on it so I easily pushed my way inside.

"Oh John, I didn't mean it, honest. Please don't hurt me!"

"I told you what was going to happen if you threw water on me so you made your own bed." I grabbed her and pushed her backward on the bed. "Get over my lap and take your punishment."

"No, never."

I grabbed her around the waist and twisted and turned until I finally had her over my lap. I lifted up her dress and was pleased to see that she was wearing a pair of yellow, French cut, thong panties. Her butt cheeks were completely exposed and there were already Goosebumps on her legs and ass. I slapped each cheek three times, but not real hard. She shrieked out her protests but she didn't make any attempt to get away. When I finished her spanking I again massaged her cheeks moving my fingers all over her butt and thighs getting close to her pussy without actually touching it. Finally I let my index finger draw line directly where her labia would be and she sucked in a breath, shuddered and then her whole body went limp and I was pretty sure she had just had an orgasm. Finally she turned and looked up at me.

"Let me up John, I have to go to the bathroom."

She crawled off my lap and went into the bathroom. I waited for her to return but she didn't come out and after about ten minutes I figured she was too embarrassed to come out so I left and went back outside and finished mowing the lawn.

Two days went by and Mary didn't say anything about the latest incident and I figured it had to have been just been a way to indulge her fantasies, after all, nothing serious had really happened. On Wednesday Mary asked me to drive her to the Coronado Officer's Club for an official function. We left the house at 8 p.m., and while we drove she told me that she would be at the club but wanted to leave by ten and that I could either wait for her or come back later and I chose later. When she went inside I drove off and went back to the cottage and watched some TV then at a quarter to ten I drove back to the "O" club to pick her up. Mary was waiting for me on the steps of the club, tapping her foot. I got out and opened the back door and she walked quickly down the steps and I could tell that she was really angry although I didn't have a clue as to why. When she flopped in the car her legs were spread a little wider that I think she had meant and I got a peek of her panties. She didn't say anything on the trip home and when I pulled up in front of the house she got out of the car without waiting for me, slammed the door, then she turned and said.

"John, please park the car then come back and see me, I am quite upset with your behavior."

"Yes ma'am, I'll be right back." I parked the car and walked around the side of the house and tried to figure out what I had done that Mary was so upset with me. When I turned the corner I saw that she was waiting on the porch.

"Come inside please."

I walked in the living room and stood there waiting.

"John, I had to stand on that damn "O" club porch and wait for you for almost twenty minutes! Do you know how bad that looks for the Commanding Officer's wife to have to stand on a porch and wait for her car? Well I'll give you a clue, it looks God damn terrible."

I knew she was furious and I lowered my head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry Mary. You said I could wait or leave but to be back by 10 and I was."

"John you are to NEVER leave me waiting again, regardless of what I might say, do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am, I and I apologize."

I looked up and saw that she was smiling. She had that devilish glint in her eyes, then she spoke.

"You know I think that maybe you need to be punished for your little misadventure, what do you think?"

"Punished? You're not going to tell the admiral are you? I mean I don't want to re-assigned, I like working for you."

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