The Admiral's Wife's Aide

by TheMoose63

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: John joined the Navy to get a roof over his head and his first duty assignment is as the driver, aide and general flunky for an admiral's wife. Mary and John grow close as she mother's him, then they begin a loving relationship, that is until the admiral's daughter catches them in bed. See the unusual ending.

This story happened to me almost 25 years ago this month and it changed my life forever, but I'll get to that part later. I had one semester to go to finish off my AA degree at a junior college in San Diego when I ran out of money. I was working part time at a grocery store, at minimum wage, when my two roommates bailed out on me and I couldn't keep paying the rent with my meager earnings so I enlisted for two years in the U. S. Navy. I finished boot camp in early January and was assigned to the Naval Base, Coronado, California.

After taking a week of leave (vacation to you civilians) I reported to the personnel office at the Naval Base and waited for an assignment. A Chief Personnelman interviewed me for several open positions and because I was almost 21 and had a couple of years of college and was a little more mature than the average Seaman Apprentice he asked me if I would like to be the Admiral's wife's Aide. I asked him what the duties would be and the Chief told me that the admiral lived in government housing on base and that I would be assigned to work at his house and be the admiral's wife's driver, helper and general flunky. It seemed like it would be an easy job so I told him that would be happy to work for the admiral.

After I got settled in the enlisted barracks I went over the base headquarters for my interview with the Admiral Rice. I was scared to death of him, after all admirals in the Navy were next to God. He took me into his office and talked to me for about 15 minutes and he actually seemed like a nice guy, for an admiral that is. He told me to go over to his house and meet with his wife and if she liked me the job was mine. The admiral's aide, a Commander, gave me a set of keys to an Official Government Vehicle and the directions to the admirals' house and I was off for my second interview of the day.

I parked in the driveway and looked at the house. It seemed huge to me, two stories tall, a three car garage, a real behemoth of a house that was situated on an acre of land with no other house within a half of a mile. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. I only had to wait about a minute when the door opened and a mature woman invited me inside.

"You must be Seaman Fitro."

"Yes ma'am, John Fitro. The admiral asked me to come over and interview with you for the vacant drivers job."

"Well come on in John and let's sit and talk for a while."

She showed me into the kitchen and I took a seat at the table. She offered me a cup of coffee, which I accepted, and we talked.

"Tell me a little bit about yourself John."

I told her that I was a San Diego native, had almost finished my AA degree before I ran out of money and that I had joined the Navy for a roof over my head. She had an interesting way of listening to me, kind of in a motherly way and yet like what I was saying was the most important thing in the world.

"What do you know about the job John?"

"Well ma'am, nothing really. The Chief told me that I would be your driver and help around the house, that's all."

"Hummm, well that's certainly some of your duties but there are other things too. The base commissary officer assigns cooks for the three meals a day so you won't have to cook but you will need to accompany me on shopping trips, help with cleaning the house, some outside work... things like that. I don't go out all that much so driving really isn't a big part of the job, except for the parties that the admiral and I attend, and then you'll be out with us. I hope that you don't mind spending some of your evening time tending to the admiral and myself?"

"Oh no ma'am, I really don't have anything to do anyway so that would be fine."

"Good John, then I think you'll do. You can go back to my husbands' office and I'll call him and let him know that I approve of your assignment. Oh, by the way, did they tell you that you have to live here with us?"

"Live here? No ma'am, they didn't."

"Well there is a one bedroom cottage behind our house that will be yours. You can move in this afternoon if you like."

"Thank you ma'am that will be fine." I didn't know that I had to live there but a cottage had to be better than living in the enlisted barracks, three guys to a room.

"Look John you have to stop calling me ma'am or you'll drive me crazy. My name is Marilyn but I go by Mary. As long as we're alone you can call me Mary but if the admiral is around or there is company in the house you'll need to be more formal so Mrs. Rice or ma'am would then be appropriate, OK?"

"Yes ma'am... uh, Mary."

She smiled at me and she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen - it absolutely lit up the room. Mary walked me to the door and I drove back the admirals' office and told the Commander that Mrs. Rice had told me that she approved of me and that the job was mine.

"OK son, then you better get your gear and move into the cottage."

I drove over to the enlisted barracks, packed my gear and drove back to the admirals' house and moved into the cottage. I was almost unpacked when there was a knock on the door and Mrs. Rice walked in.

"You about moved in?"

"Yes ma'am... Mary. You'll have to forgive me it might take some time to remember that I can call you Mary."

It's OK John, we'll work through that. Look, I need to go over to San Diego and meet with a wives club group, can you drive me."

"Sure, what time?"

"Oh about an hour from now."

"I'll get changed and have the car at your front door."

"Thank you John."

She left and I went into the bedroom, changed out of my dungarees and took a shower. I pulled my dress blues out of the closet, put them on and then checked myself in the mirror. Looking good John, you're looking good. I left the cottage, got into the car and drove around to the front of Marys' home. When she came out onto the porch I got out of the vehicle and walked around and opened the back door for her. She was dressed in a stunning baby blue colored sundress that highlighted her golden hair and long suntanned legs. As she slipped into the back seat I got just a peek of her thighs as she slid across the seat. She held her dress together and I closed the door and thought nothing else about her little slip of modesty.

Mary and I chatted as I drove, mostly about living in the San Diego area. I drove across the Coronado Bridge then south on the I-5 and into the 32nd Street Naval Station. I parked the car in front of the Officer's Club, open the door and was rewarded by another show of Mary's long legs.

"You can park in the admiral's spot across the lot, I'll only be about an hour or so, then we can go home."

"Yes ma'am." She walked up the steps and into the club and I re-parked the car. While I waited for her to emerge from the club I began thinking about Mary. I wasn't positive about her age but I guessed that she was in her late forties, maybe somewhere in the 47 to 50 range. She had long blonde hair with green eyes and as I said earlier a beautiful smile. I guessed that she stood around 5' 7" and maybe a hundred and twenty-five pounds. She had nice breasts, not real big, maybe 34C's. I really didn't have any sexual thoughts about Mary, well not any that I was going to thinking about acting on, I think they shoot enlisted men for having affairs with officer's wives.

The next month or two went by quickly as I dove into learning the intricacies of my job, some aspects that I hadn't even thought about. The cooks came to the house twice a day but the individuals changed almost daily. Some of them were nice, but some were surly apparently because I had beaten them out of the cushy job. A couple of them would ask me to help out by picking up food orders. I would get their list of food and take the car and go to the commissary and buy the food. The admiral traveled a great deal and there were times that Mary would invite me to eat lunch with her, but never dinner. I noticed that when the admiral was out of town Mary drank more wine with her meals than she did when he was home. That information came from cleaning up the kitchen in the morning. I never saw her drunk or anything, just a little tipsy once in a while.

The first time anything untoward took place between us happened just after lunch on a Monday. The cook had made a lunch composed of a Caesar salad and iced tea. We had finished and I was helping clear the dishes when I accidentally slipped on the tile floor and fell squarely on my ass. The glasses I was carrying went up in the air and I ended up with iced tea all over my white uniform. Nothing was injured besides my pride. I sat on the floor apologizing for being such a klutz when Mary came over and helped up. "I'm sorry Mary, honest. Let me get a swab and clean up this mess."

"It's OK John, you get the swab and I'll pick up the glasses, and thank heaven none of them broke or you would be covered in blood."

I came back with a swab and Mary had already picked up the two glasses and put them into the sink. As I swabbed up the tea Mary tapped me on the shoulder.

"John, you have iced-tea all over you and if we don't get the uniform in some cold water soon it will be stained forever."

I turned and looked down at myself, pulled my pants to see how stained they were, then I shrugged my shoulders. "Look Mary, I'll just head over to the cottage and run some water in the tub and..."

"Nonsense John, just slip them off and I'll run them through the washer. Come on son, give them to me."

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