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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, TransGender, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A transfer to the west coast brings more changes in a man's life than he could ever expect.

I've long been of the opinion that everybody has at least one incredible adventure in their life. I had some wonderful experiences during my thirty seven years, but I felt that my own incredible experience was still in the wings. As it turned out I was right. But now that it has happened I want to share it with the world.

It was a brilliant spring day, the kind that has always filled me with good feelings and energy. I've never been athletic or anything like that. I always hated PE class when I was growing up. The only sport that I ever really played and liked was tennis. So that bright day, with its endless blue sky and warm breeze, made me wish I could play some tennis.

Unfortunately, I was new to L.A. and had not yet made any friends. The only people I had even spoken to were my coworkers, my landlord, and the clerks at the gas station and supermarket. My company had transferred me two weeks previously — giving me a promotion and a healthy raise in salary for fucking up my life. Still, the weather there was better than back in New York. The cost of living was lower on the west coast and with all the sunshine and mild weather the women wore skimpier clothes more of the year.

So, since I lacked a tennis partner I had to settle for the time honored male pastime of "girl-watching". I took a walk down along the beach and enjoyed the sight of spandex clad rumps gliding roundly past on inline skates and passing joggers with their breasts and asses bouncing. I suppose there were males passing by, engaged in similar activities, but I didn't notice them.

I came to a little lunch wagon and grabbed a taco and a cup of lemonade. I took a seat on a vacant bench at one of the many tables the county provided for its citizens. All in all, the beach walk wasn't crowded. It would have been surprising on such a nice day, except that it was a Wednesday and most people were at work. My new position was fairly flexible and I was able to do a lot of my work from home.

There were a lot of vacant benches and tables along the beach walk. A sign I passed informed me that I could thank the county (i.e. the taxpayers, i.e. me) for them. I picked one near the taco cart and resumed my observations.

Since there were so many available tables, I knew right away that it wasn't out of necessity when she walked up and asked if she could join me. I looked up and found myself face to face with an incredible looking woman. I won't describe her because it wouldn't do her justice. Just know that her hair was a golden brown and her eyes had little gold flecks in them that seemed to capture and tame the sunlight.

I'm no fool. Or... well, you decide. Of course I asked her to sit down. "My name is Drew Williams," I said, holding out my hand.

"Serena Bullock," she replied, taking my hand in her warm, dry one. She had a decent grip for a woman. Most of them just take your hand and let you do the rest. Serena took the initiative. For some reason it made her more fascinating to me.

"So what do you do, Serena Bullock, that gives you a beautiful Wednesday morning off?"

"I'm a writer," she answered. "So I'm never really 'off', as you put it. I'm always turning thoughts into ideas and ideas into stories, even when it seems like I'm just sitting and enjoying the company of a handsome man." Her compliment took me by surprise and I felt my face heat up. She gave a throaty chuckle and sipped from her soda.

I took a bite of my taco (wishing right then that I'd left the onions off) to buy some time for composure. She jumped right in then and returned my question to me. I explained my job to her and the freedom it gave me. I finished my food and we talked a long time. For some reason I found Serena very comfortable to talk to. She seemed to have an intuitive grasp of things that, in my experience, women usually have trouble 'getting'.

I think it was that quality more than anything physical that pulled me toward Serena. When I said she was incredible looking, I didn't mean she was conventionally attractive. She was slender with small breasts. Other than those eyes, her face was not that remarkable. She was pretty, everything symmetrical and all that; she just wasn't striking. Anyway, I guess you could say I liked her more "for her mind" than her obvious physical attractiveness. There was just something about her.

At any rate, by the end of our two and a half hours there on the beach we'd exchanged numbers and our parting handshake was more lingering than our introductory one. Serena even used both hands to wish me a great afternoon. I almost thought she would hug me but I had to wait for that.

Another thing we'd discovered was that we both liked to play tennis. When Saturday rolled around I called her and asked her if she'd like to go hit a few balls over a net. I sweetened the offer. "Listen, part of the package my company gave me to compensate for my transfer is a membership to a country club. I've been out there once, but just for dinner. I was thinking we could play a while, shower there and then have dinner."

Serena laughed. "And just whose balls did you want to hit?" she asked. I had to laugh.

"Well, not mine," I said.

"Nor mine," she returned. That made me laugh even harder. "We'll see about the rest, but I'll put my tennis shorts on and I can meet you there. I gave her the address and directions. We arranged a time to meet and I hung up. I finished up my email and logged off the company web site. Then I went and changed into my tennis clothes. I grabbed some clothes to put on for dinner — the club had a casual dining room — and stuck all but the shirt (button down — they aren't that casual) into a small gym bag. The shirt stayed on its hanger.

The club is a small one. The director told me they had only two hundred members at the time I arrived. The Saturday I took Serena there, there were around fifty members engaged in various activities, including golf and swimming. I'd called and reserved a court but it appeared it wasn't necessary. Only one other couple was playing, leaving four courts empty.

The tennis was unspectacular. I had a feeling that Serena was holding back. She won enough games to let me know she had a great serve and a killer backhand stroke. We lost track — or at least I did — of the score during the fourth game so we just stopped keeping it at all. We took turns serving and simply enjoyed the day and each other's company.

Another thing I enjoyed was the sight of Serena over there on the other side of the court. She'd chosen a lime green top and the nearly obligatory pleated skirt of the same color. The skirt left her long tanned legs very bare and gave me tantalizing glimpses of her contrasting white panties and nicely rounded butt. Come to think of it, maybe that was why she beat me — my mind was certainly not on tennis all the time.

I got the feeling that she could have gone on playing until it got dark, but I was more out of shape than I thought. I worked up a heavy sweat and my legs were getting tired. Finally I called a halt. "I concede, Serena," I called to her. Her teeth gleamed when she grinned her acceptance of my defeat. I went up to the net and she met me there. "I don't know about you, but I need a shower," I told her. I was just about to suggest we use the club facilities but she did something that surprised me.

She took both my hands and pulled me to her. Her lips were warm and tasted salty from her sweat. I felt lightheaded and let her tongue invade my mouth. Her breasts pressed into my chest and I sucked on her tongue. We held hands as we walked together to the end of the net. As we were drying our faces Serena said, "I didn't bring anything else to wear."

It had completely slipped my mind to tell her to bring something to wear for dinner. I suggested we both go home. We could shower and change, and I could pick her up. "Maybe you'd rather go someplace else to eat," I offered. But she had a better idea.

"Maybe we can both grab a shower at your place, Drew. Then we could just order a pizza or something if you have beer to go with it."

I glanced up, surprised — well, not completely surprised after that kiss. I'd expected I'd have to wait before we reached this point. As I said above, I don't think I'm a fool, (no matter what you decide) so I smiled back and said, "That's the best idea I've heard all day. Pizza and beer: you're a woman after my own heart, Serena." We picked up our bags and headed for the clubhouse.

The apartment the company found for me is a two bedroom place. It's not a luxury penthouse, but it's a better place than I'd been able to afford back home. The best part is the spacious balcony outside my west facing window. I'd spent a few bucks on patio furniture and two fair sized palm trees in heavy pots. I spent a lot of time out there.

Serena followed me out there after I'd poured some drinks. The shower was still on the agenda but she wanted to see the view first. Since we were equally sweaty her heated scent didn't bother me. I knew I smelled, too, but it was a fresh, honestly earned sweat. I put my arms around her from behind and kissed the side of her neck. She sighed and reached behind her leg to grip my thigh. She pressed me tighter against her. I knew she could feel my growing erection through my shorts.

I slid my hands upward and cupped one of her small round breasts in each one. She ground her ass into me and growled, "Let's get to that shower, Drew." I was pulling her toward the bathroom almost before the words were out of her mouth. The move brought a sultry chuckle from her. But we got there. I wanted to watch her undress as I did but she stopped just inside the door and said she had to get something out of her bag. "You go ahead and get in. I'll be right back."

I was in the shower when she returned. Through the curtain I could see she was naked, but I couldn't see her clearly. I stuck my head under the spray and rinsed my hair and the whole room went dark. "Serena, what..."

"Hush, dear," she said as she got in behind me. "I just like to shower in the dark." Her hands went to my ass and then around my hips to grip my erection. "Mmm... this feels nice, Drew." Her hip was pressed against my butt.

"Yeah, I agree. You have just two days to stop that, young lady," I joked. When I reached behind to grab a feel of her crotch she backed up.

"Ah, ah... you just let me be the boss here for a bit. You'll get everything you want, I promise. Now just turn around..." As I turned her words came from lower and lower. She was kneeling down. The next thing I felt was her tongue licking my belly. I jumped but her grip on my cock kept me from jumping too far. She pressed her mouth to my hip next and her tongue was hot and slick as she moved all over my midsection. It was one of the most erotic things a woman had ever done to me.

I stood there as Serena devoured my body, the water cascading over us both. She was saving my dick for last. Her other hand conducted an exploration of my ass. I gladly helped her effort by moving one foot farther out. When her fingers slid into my crack she slid her mouth to my balls. She took them one at a time into her mouth and sucked them gently. I felt her finger find my anus and she wiggled it there.

My groan was response enough for her to know I liked what she was doing. So then she took my cock into her mouth. I pushed forward and slipped back. With each backward slide her finger pressed harder at my hole. Her hand left my ass for a few seconds but came back fast. She'd found the soap and was slipping the bar deep along my crack, from my balls to the top.

The soap disappeared and the finger returned. It was easy work for her to slide her finger inside me the next time. She removed her finger and used her thicker thumb. All the while her blow job was bringing me closer to orgasm. She moved me back against the tiled wall and began to fuck my ass with her thumb. She redoubled her effort at sucking me and was rewarded in less than another minute with a full load.

She swallowed as I spurted it out. Then she gently slipped her finger free of my rectum and my dick from her mouth. I sensed that she had stood up and reached out. I found one shoulder and one breast. I pulled her nipple, none too gently, and she came forward. I released the shoulder and ran my hand up to her cheek, then her nape. I pulled her to me and we kissed. I tasted my semen on her tongue.

She resisted a closer hug, however. "Drew, there's something you need to know about me. I'm not... exactly what I seem to be. If it bothers you I can just leave and we'll never meet again." I couldn't imagine what there would be about her that would allow me to lose her so soon after we met. Then a thought occurred to me. I moved forward and she backed up. I kept moving until she could go no farther. I reached down and found a perfectly respectable erect cock — and it wasn't mine.

I only held it for a second before I pulled my hand away. I was without speech — both because of the shock and because I didn't know what to say. "Drew?" Serena's quiet voice came out of the darkness. I still couldn't reply. I reached down again, as if to confirm what I already knew.

That time I held her cock and slid my hand down it to her balls (it reads strangely, but I still thought of Serena as a 'her' — the cock was the only thing about her that wasn't feminine). She was smooth everywhere I touched. There was no trace of facial or pubic hair, not even stubble. Her skin was also soft wherever I touched. Everything about her felt like a woman except for that slender erect cock. I thought about the way she had made me laugh at the beach. I thought about how much fun it was to be with her; I thought about her smile at the tennis court. I thought about her kiss.

My hand still grasped her cock and my other hand slid from her nape to her breast. I rolled the nipple and she groaned. I leaned forward and used my face to feel for her breath in the inky room. I found her breath and then her lips. I let go of her cock and her arms went around my waist. We pressed our bodies together. Everything had been accepted.

That was what it felt like there in the dark, anyway. We finished washing up and got out of the shower. Serena opened the door a couple of inches so light could filter in from outside. I watched her dry off. She was to all intents and purposes, a woman with a cock and balls. Her breasts were real, not plastic ("Hormone shots," she explained.). Her waist curved in and her hips flared out the way any shapely woman's do. I dried off and we went to the bedroom.

On the bed, Serena rolled over to her belly. I dropped astride her thighs and started rubbing her back. She told me everything. It seemed a trite story, but it was real for her. She'd always felt she had been born into the wrong body. Name-calling, schoolyard fights, ostracism, and cruelty drove her within herself and eventually to the doctors. "I'm trying to decide now if I really want to go all the way... and have the last surgeries," she said.

I kneaded her shoulders and down her back. I slid my crotch lower on her leg and began to grasp her ass cheeks. She sighed and gave a little wiggle. "Do you have any lube?" she asked me. I said I didn't. "That's okay, I have some." She asked me to get up and she went out. I watched her feminine ass as she went. She came back and her cock waved in the empty air in front of her. She smiled at me when I looked up. I looked back down.

"Maybe there's something you want to do before you invade my ass with that beautiful cock of yours," she said. She mounted the bed on her knees and knee-walked toward me. The truth was that I'd made a huge adjustment in the half hour past. I had been thinking about what it would be like to suck her cock. As she got closer my hand went up and wrapped around it. I looked up into those golden eyes and then I lowered my mouth to find out my answer.

As I was giving my first blow job, Serena took one of my hands and squirted some lube on my finger. She then moved my hand under her crotch and up, placing the finger into her crack where I found her hole and started to grease her up. When she blew her load into my mouth I was startled and jerked my head back. The first glob went down my throat but the rest ended up in my chest hair and on my belly. I apologized but she laughed. "Hey, it was your first time! You did great! Next time I'll warn you." 'Next time?' I hadn't thought about what would come next -- after this day and night.

Meanwhile Serena was arranging herself on her shoulders and knees. Her smooth twin mounds were two feet from my eyes and I leaned forward to plant a kiss on each side. The lube was flavored (coconut) so it didn't bother me too much when I used my tongue on her ass. She writhed as I plundered her ass hole and licked along her crease. Then I got serious about getting her ready.

Once I could slide two fingers into her easily I wiped the rest of the slippery stuff on my dick. I got up on my knees and centered on her star. I leaned forward and she pushed back. I popped inside and waited. Then I pushed farther. She pushed farther back and I was soon buried in her tight tube. My belly slid on her round ass and I reached around for her breasts. She arched her back and pressed into my hands.

With a nipple in each hand I pulled my cock out halfway. I pinched those hard nubs as I slid back into her and she rewarded me with a groan. I continued to fuck her that way until she told me she was going to climax. I was surprised she had arrived so soon after the blow job. I was used to women taking longer; to the gradual motions speeding up and slamming together before orgasm bells went off. But I reminded myself that Serena wasn't a typical woman. In fact, she was technically still male, despite all the female hormones in her system.

I was nearly ready to climax too. But she said her ass was a little tender. Ever the considerate lover, I slid out of her rectum and rose to my knees. She turned around and took me into her mouth — straight from her ass! It was wet and warm in there -- not as hot as inside her ass, but warm, and with the added bonus of her slippery, eel-like tongue. She pulled me out and licked me like a lollipop before plunging me down her throat and applying strong suction.

It only took a few minutes of that before I was shoving deep and painting the back of her throat with gooey semen. I relaxed my shaking legs and we collapsed to the mattress. I stroked her cheek and her eyes held mine. I brushed stray hairs back from her beautiful eyes. It was a tender moment. We kissed and she brought her lips to my ear. Sometime I want to fuck you," she whispered. It sent a shiver through me.

I kissed her. The combination of tastes was indescribable. "Well?" she asked. "What do you think?" I looked at her and took a breath. My thoughts were tumbling around crazily in my mind. On different levels were thoughts of lust, affection, shame, and wonderment. Finally, all I could do was shake my head, smile at her and kiss her again.

"I'm going to need some time to digest all this, Serena." Her face changed, going from open communication to a closed, blank wall. She started to rise but I grabbed her arm. She stiffened and refused to look at me. "Wait! All I can say for sure right now is that I want to see you again." She relaxed and turned to look at me over her shoulder. The pain had not left her features yet. I needed to make her understand.

"Listen, I've never experienced anything like this before. Surely you can see that?" I tugged her back down next to me. I kissed her with all the tenderness of any kiss I'd ever given any natural born woman. "I don't know what kind of reactions you've experienced before at this point in your previous relationships, but I can imagine. Knowing people in general, I'm sure you've been treated cruelly at times. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed what we did. All of it. I just need time to absorb it all and to figure out where these pieces fit into the jigsaw puzzle of my life... of who I am." I looked at her and added, "I thought I was one person and now it feels like I'm somebody totally different. Well, maybe not totally different, but certainly other than I thought I was.

I kissed her again and fondled her silky cock. Soft, it was so small! Her balls, too, were miniature. I didn't know if that was an effect of the changes she'd put her body through or if her size had something to do with the way she'd turned out. I didn't really care. She rolled to her back and I stroked my hand up and down her chest and belly, ending once again at her cock.

She talked then about some of her previous dates since she'd come out as a 'near-woman'. A couple of guys had taken it out on her physically when they learned she not only lacked a vagina, but had a cock as well. "One time I was in the hospital for three weeks with a complex fracture of my leg. "Another guy just broke down and cried when he found out. He couldn't find words to tell me what he felt. In fact, he never said another thing to me. I never saw him again so I can't say what he was feeling.

"A few guys were curious and we had sex — sometimes he'd do what you did. Two other guys have let me fuck them, but they never called me again. One guy threw up all over himself when he realized he'd kissed another man — even if that man had nice tits." We laughed at that. "I finally decided that the next time I was tempted — this time — I'd just move right to the sex instead of dating you a few times."

She rolled onto her stomach and my hand caressed the roundness of her pretty ass. I patted it and she wiggled from side to side — like a dog wagging her tail. I grinned and swatted her. She moaned and I gave her another one. "You'll get me all hot again if you keep that up," she said.

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