The Invitation

by Paige Turner

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Woops! Sometimes things quite unexpected happen and you find out that the person you thought you were dealing with isn't the one that you thought they were... Just one of those times...

It has been one of those days.

Not an unmitigated disaster day, just one where the thought of a little pampering was all that got you through to the end. Then Kathy had called her at work and she was saying about how sore her shoulders were from all the hunching over the computer, putting the finishing touches on an article that was past due and had to be in today or else! She impulsively invited her to join her after work for a soak.

Getting home from work, a fast yogurt snack, change into some sweat pants and a pullover and then down to meet Kathy at the tub. She was glad to see her, freed of her dead line and going manic.

They went into the changing room, chatting about her article and what this would do for her career. She liked Kathy and had known her for years. It was nice to have her up about this sale. She needed to have somebody with her that was having a nice day.

She put a towel around her and excused herself to use the bathroom, when Kathy said, "Wait just a second." She dug around in her leather bag and handed her a few pieces of paper. "I decided not to wait to give you this." She took the sheets of paper and glanced at then, but all she saw was 'To Be Read In Private.' She really needed to use the john and took them with her to read, thinking that it was probably some office joke Xerox. She sat down and thumbed through. The first pages were full of yellow highlighter marks. She started to read them and they snapped her attention. What the hell? She thumbed through them until she came to the page which seemed to explain it.

You seem to be someone I feel might be open to this.
I should tell you that it is from someone you know
Before you read this,
This contains some sexually orientated material
And the potential for a really good fantasy
So here's the deal.
Find a time to sit down and read this in private.
I hope that you will find it interesting.
If you don't, you can throw it away
If you throw it away,
You'll never know who sent it.
You'll know that you have a secret admirer
Who thinks that you might be open to something
Mysterious and erotic.
Now lets say you read this and find it interesting.
But you feel that it is maybe not your sort of thing.
So there are several ways
For taking a pass on it.
To make matters more interesting for the both of us.
There is a way that you can find out who it is
And still say no.
And keep me on tether hooks for revenge.
If your interested in this, got to the e-mail address
At the back and leave a yes. Or a no
Let's say you find this intriguing.
You've said to yourself,
I could go for this.
Now once you send that message,
What is going to happen?
Your going to have an adventure.
Sometime in the next one hundred days
You will be talking to a friend
And they will suggest taking a hot tub.
Here's where it gets interesting.
This is someone who knows you
But are they the one who sent you this?
Your in the tub with your friend
You get your back rubbed.
It feels good.
What the hell.
Why not?
Let's cut to the chase.
You have to say yes to this.
After all, the vibes might be wrong.
Cold feet set in.
Don't worry
Enjoy the tub
This fantasy has a fail safe.
Nothing is going to happen until you
hand over this questionnaire.


What the hell was she going to do? She hadn't sent it to Kathy.

Just from curiosity, she looked through the other sheets. And wished she hadn't. This was way too much for her to know about her friend's sex life. Now what?

She thought about it for a few minutes. How was she going to tell Kathy that she hadn't sent it to her? Just put her clothes on and walk out was one thought that jumped through her mind. After reading the questionnaire, she wanted to. It was going to be embarrassing as hell facing her. Whoops, sorry!

Jesus. Kathy really went for some pretty wild stuff. The questions had been really explicit and there had been some stuff highlighted that was amazing. There was some things highlighted that she didn't even know what the hell they were. No, she'd heard the words, but what do you do with anal beads? Whoever the true author of the questionnaire was, they definitely had a marked lack of inhibitions.

The strange thing about this whole deal was that she had had a secret crush on Kathy for years. She had found her oddly erotic, with her gamine face and athletic body. She'd never let her know it. Or so she'd thought. Maybe she'd let something slip.

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