Untapped Sources

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Grand Parent, Aunt, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Returning home after being reported missing for eleven weeks he discovers the women to his liking all living close at hand.

Arriving back home to Edinburgh after my time in Australia, I was met at the rail station by my father. He was glad to see me and hugged me, something he had never done in years. A bit awkward, for he was only five feet seven and now I was almost a foot taller than him and very much broader.

"You had us real worried when we never heard from you for three months, then to be informed by the Police that you had been lost for eleven weeks with an old woman. It must have been a dreadful experience for you."

"It wasn't all that bad really dad, in fact I learnt a lot in those eleven weeks about human nature." I didn't tell him I had been shafting Gerry many times a day every day and that I only want to fuck old women now.

We drove home out past the zoo as the other approach was having road works done. Then a right turn to our home. I saw that dad had my car out all nice and polished. Almost the whole family came out to meet us as the car pulled into the driveway. Mum, old sour puss Gran and Great-Aunt Alice. These were my mother's relations, Gran she always had a sour look on her face; in her eyes I could do no right. Aunt Alice was my Gran's sister and she spent as much time in our house as she did in her own, mum and she was great friends.

Mum came and gave me a hug looking up to my ever increasing height. "Chris you are even taller than when you went away, will you never stop growing?" I bent down and kissed her not on the cheek but on the lips, which took her aback a bit I saw. Aunt Alice wanted a hug and kiss as well and she too got a kiss on the lips. Gran just grunted something.

Mum had prepared tea for us and we all sat down and I related the experience of my plane crash leaving out a great deal.

Gran was staying with us for a few days as she was having the floors of her house resanded and sealed and needed three days for the seal to dry.

"Walk Aunt Alice home," my mother asked me. So Aunt Alice and I walked round to her home with her holding on to my arm. When we got to her door I bent down and again kissed her on the lips.

"Nice to be back Aunty, be seeing you," I said turning and walking back home.

Next day I had to take some preservative round to Aunt Alice and I went straight into her house. She was preparing for her weekly card game with her friends and Gran. I gave her the jar and turned to leave.

"Aren't you going to give me a kiss before you go?" She asked.

She had never acted like this before I left for my long holiday. I held out my arms, for I wanted her to come to me, which she did. I took her in my arms with one hand on her bottom and pulled her into me as I crushed my lips on to hers. She must have felt my rigid penis for it was pressed between our bodies. It only lasted seconds, but I knew then and there that this was going to be another willing partner. For she had rolled her hips into my penis as I held her and she never objected to me placing my hand on her bottom.

Just as I was leaving the three ladies arrived, my Grandmother, and another sour looking female and a Mrs Woodward who I used to run messages for, they were all in the same age group and all grey-haired.

Two days later I again called round and got no reply from the front door, so I went round the back. Aunt Alice was bending over in one of her flowerbeds weeding, or planting something with her legs wide apart to avoid stepping on her precious plants.

She must have seen me as she said without looking around. "Won't be a minute Chris, I'm just finishing this."

I couldn't resist it I crept up behind her placed my hand just below the hem of her dress between her legs and lifted up cupping her large plump mound in the palm of my hand. She just stopped what she was doing and stood there. There were several things she could do, scream, knock my hand away, stand up but she did neither she just stayed where she was with me holding this lovely warm mound in my hand.

"Is that all you are going to do?" She asked.

I left the hand where it was wrapped my other arm around her waist and lifted her up and carried her up the steps through the French doors and laid her on the sofa. During the time I was carrying her she had dropped the trowel and the gloves and threw her arms around my neck. I replaced my hand up her dress pushed the loose legged panties to one side and had my middle finger up her wet and sticky passage.

"I've never had a man lift me that way and it has been years since a man has even came near me. Let me up a minute Chris, please."

I released her and she stood lifted up the sides of her dress and removed her panties and tucked them behind the cushion, and once again sat down with one leg up on the sofa. I needed no further invitation; I dropped my trousers and pushed my hard penis into her willing crack. God how she moaned and sighed, as I easily pushed my very large penis into her moist and willing cunt. It was as thick as her wrist but that didn't stop it sliding into her warm body as she encased my young rod. Her arms were around me and the moans continued.

"Chris; God you are a big boy aren't you, I am glad I can take this, it feels like heaven. Give Aunty the lot Chris, fuck me good and proper."

Fuck her I did, she was a very energetic partner, bucking and thrusting her body into mine, as I continually hit her cervix until I blew my load into her.

"Oh Wow, who would have believed it, seventy and fucked by a teenager. God I feel good, better than I have felt for ages."

"I think your great Aunty."

"Don't call me Aunty now, it's Alice from now on. Come round any time I can take you any time Chris."

"I'll take you up on that Alice."

"I mean it Chris I honestly do. You have awakened the lust devil in me and I need more than this."

I left her there on the sofa and went looking to see if any of my friends were still around. They were all either dating or not willing to go out. So I returned to Alice's house.

"You can't get enough either is that it?" She teased as she was washing up some dishes.

I lifted her dress to find she had no panties on; I took out my penis and rubbed it up the crack between her legs. She reached behind herself, wet the head in her vaginal juices then placed the head at her anus. "Here this time, I want it here."

I had often thought about it with Gerry but never done it, frightened I would hurt her, but here was Alice asking me. I pressed into her arse and all that happened was I pushed the flesh in. Then gradually I felt my head sinking in grasped with a tight ring, as it slowly moved up my shaft. The feeling wasn't quite the same but still felt nice. I continued pushing until I was flat against her buttocks fully enclosed by her rectum. I only done a few strokes when I felt it just wasn't right. So I withdrew leaving a great hole which I watched slowly close up again.

"Why did you stop Chris?" She asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"No Alice I don't like it, it doesn't feel natural."

"My husband always wanted it there that is why I asked you, for I thought all men wanted to fuck arse."

"No Alice the front and right one is all I want."

"Come let us shower and clean up and start again."

So I showered with her and she washed me thoroughly and then got on her knees and kissed my penis just tenderly all over.

"This is my master, what he wants he gets."

By her administrations I was as hard as ever so I lifted her up and sank into the proper hole with her legs wrapped round me and her back to the wall, we had a knee trembler. I rammed as hard as I could into her body as she responded with equal aggression. We both shuddered as we both climaxed. We then sat on the floor of the shower laughing at each other.

"That was a rut if ever there was one," I said to her.

"Want to come with me to Mrs Woodward's for tea?"

This was the chance to meet some other women I couldn't have enough contacts. So I went with her up to Mrs Woodward's home which was again only a few houses up the street.

We walked in and Gran and the other sour puss were there already. Alice was beaming like a Cheshire cat and hanging on to my arm. She should have just shouted it out. "I've just been fucked." For they all knew by her attitude what had happened.

"I know I wasn't invited Mrs Woodward, but Alice asked me to come."

"No more Mrs Woodward, Daph will do, that's short for Daphne. You are always welcome any time." She raised her eyebrows as she said the last, and I knew she meant when she was alone.

After tea I took Alice home and Gran round to our house. Everyone was out, dad to the pub, and mum to her night school. Gran turned to me when we got inside. "You have been bonking my sister, what has she got that I haven't?"

I stood there with my mouth open. I couldn't believe I heard these words coming from my own grandmother. "I thought you had given up men the way you always talk about us."

"Don't believe all you hear, some of us put up that screen for we are that frustrated and can't get a man. You never even gave me a kiss when you came back," She said then burst out crying, with her hand up to her eyes to wipe away the tears.

I reached over and pulled her closer to my body and I felt her hand on the shaft of my penis sliding her palm up and down judging the size if anything. I lowered my head and gave her a kiss but she had her mouth open and her tongue shot in. My hand dropped to her bottom and I could feel no panties at all, no elastic or outline.

"No good checking, I am not wearing any. I took them off in the car."

"You old witch, you were preparing for this all along."

"Horny old witch please," She said with the first smile I have ever seen on her face.

To hell with it I picked her up and carried her through to her bedroom and pulled up her dress revealing a grey mass of hair with moisture glistening from the lips of her puffy slit. After all it was my grandmother, I got on to my knees and placed my lips over these puffy ones between her legs and she clamped my head between her thighs. I could feel the soft skin of her inner thighs press on to my cheek and ears as I manipulated my tongue up and down inside her secreting lips. She tasted salty but I love the taste and the smell of an aroused woman, this made me harder than ever.

"Oh Chris, your good to me, I always wanted someone to do that to me, you can do that as long as you want."

I took my head away and looked at her. "No Gran I want my cock deep inside your body I want us to be joined and as deep as I can get."

"Well you'll better get on with it then I'm not holding you back."

I got up off the floor and removed my trousers and underpants and approached Gran as she opened her legs as wide as possible. She was looking with amazement at the mighty tool I had in my hand guiding it towards her eager cunt lips.

"God almighty Chris you are built like a donkey, you have put your grandfather to shame, and to think Alice has taken all that."

She shut up as she felt the first insertion of the purple head slide into her, stretching her vaginal sides to take the thing she was in wonder of a few seconds before.

"Oh man this is feeling great, keep on going Chris give me it all, I don't care just get it all in."

I really obliged her on her request, as very shortly I was all the way in resting on my elbows with her face directly below mine. She gave a few wriggles to get herself comfortable raised her legs and rested them on my thighs. I leant down and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Well Gran how does it feel having your grandson rove up your hot pussy"

"Grace, please when we are together, and it feels as if that is where it belongs. If I knew you were built like this I would have had you in my bed before this, but now you are here, don't stay away too long."

So now I started moving out almost to the head and plunged in deep again. Gran loved this and her sighs were enough to tell me I was doing it to her satisfaction. She was right, she felt just right we fitted each other perfectly. She didn't want it too rough; neither did she want it too slow. Just a nice easy rhythm and she responded in her own way as we both reached a climax together, me soaking her inners with my sperm.

"Next time Chris, in bed naked, it will be a lot better."

"Grace we are going to have a good many more times of this I love the way you react, I love fucking you, even though you are a miserable old witch."

"I'll never be miserable to you again, just keep giving me this kind of love and I will die happy."

I meant what I said she was a really good fuck. I felt very relaxed with her and satisfied.

"We'll better get up before your mother gets back," Grace said.

We disentangled, got dressed, went into the TV room and switched on the news. Just in time too, for mum came back then and looked in at the pair of us sitting on the sofa. After she left the room Gran looked at me and smiled. It was nice to see her smile after so long seeing her with a long face.

"Tomorrow I want you to take me to see Morag for tea; I think she would like what you just gave me a short while ago."

I was beginning to realise that if a group of women see each other a lot they are inclined to react the same, I was hoping this was true for I was determined to hunt out other elderly groups.

Morag was the other sour faced one, she must have been a beautiful woman in her youth, her figure was still trim and she had a good pair of legs on her. Gran now had a slight smile on her face and I was sure it was noted by the other three. When we arrived Gran and Morag spent a long-time in the kitchen before they came out with the tea-trolley. Now Morag was watching me like a hawk with a slight upturn on her lips. I suppose you could call it a smile.

Daph let slip that she plays cards with three other elderly women. I can work on her later, once I've sorted out this group for now I know they are all available, Gran and Alice are fully committed and would drop their knickers in a flash if I asked them. So far Gran is on the top of the list, her and I are best suited to each other. Morag was still watching me, but her eyes kept dropping to my crotch so Gran had been telling her about me I am certain. This was soon confirmed as Gran and Alice left together, then Daph left, leaving me and Morag alone.

"What has Grace been saying to you Morag?"

"Nothing, nothing really," She said with eyes cast down looking at the floor.

"You don't lie too well; I know what you and Grace have been talking about. She mentioned it to me before we came here."

"What's the problem, you know what I want, I want you to make love to me. Must I spell it out further?" She replied rather sharply.

"Don't get upset Morag, please. I know this must be hard for you asking like this. But that is over now come over here and I'll give you a hug."

She came over and like Gran burst out crying, these women were so frustrated that they were balanced on a fine edge. She was nice to hold and had the lumps and bumps all in the right places to.

"Want to go to bed Morag; I would love to take you there."

"Be honest with me, do you really. For once I do, I don't want to be dropped as a one-night stand, a trophy to hang on the wall."

"No it will never be like that, I won't forget you."

"All right then let's go, I need a lot of love. But firstly I must go to the bathroom. The bedroom is the last on the right I'll be right in."

I went along and entered her bedroom, it was the most feminine bedroom I had ever seen and smelt. Everything was silky and frilly and decorated in a light pink. I undressed and got into her pink sheeted bed. Soon she joined me dressed in a housecoat which she dropped at the side of the bed. With one arm across her chest she climbed in with me.

"Why the arm over the breasts, are you afraid I would see them?" As I said this I pulled down the sheets and placed my lips on the exposed nipple of her ample breast and she hugged my head closer to her and sighed out loud. My hand had gone to between her legs and I was titillating her little button up under her crack. The combined assault made her squirm holding me even tighter. I kept this up for a good ten minutes as she was masturbating herself on my finger.

I just slid over her body and she grabbed my penis and placed it between her legs as I pushed in. This woman took my penis as if she had it every day. She was either very slack or she was misusing herself with an artificial means. But I wasn't worried for I was sheathing my penis in the one place I loved, a pussy. She was another energetic partner but all this movement brought on an ejaculation far faster than I would have liked it. After I shot my load she just lay back and closed her eyes, with a big grin on her face.

"I take it you liked that Morag, you look happy now."

"Oh I am; I'm delighted."

After that I got out of her bed and returned home leaving a contented woman.

The next morning we had bad news. Daphne had found Alice in her garden dead after a heart attack. Her death devastated the whole family. I wondered if it was me who had killed her with all the extra energy she had displayed. Mum, because she was such a good friend and Aunt.

Dad didn't go to the funeral, but Gran, mum and I went. Gran was now living back in her own home, so mum and I returned to our empty house. Once inside mum broke down and I pulled her close and hugged her as the tears wet my shirt. I forgot who I was holding and my hand had slipped down on to my mother's bottom and I drew her closer. Feeling her body close to mine my penis took over and I felt it myself as blood slowly pumped into it and it pushed its way up between our bodies. Mum raised her face in surprise of the feeling and I just lowered my head and kissed her on the lips. This time they didn't just meet. She put her arm behind my neck and ground her mouth on to mine and she was grinding her pelvis on to my erect penis.

"I don't know what has come over me Chris, I want you, I know it's wrong for a mother to feel this way about her son, but I want you to fuck me please, now, not later, but now."

"Oh mum are you sure."

"I've felt this way since you came back, it has only got worse as the days pass."

While she was saying this she was removing her panties and pushed them in my pocket. I unzipped and dropped my pants and underpants. We got down on the carpet and she just nodded her head as I entered her. She was like Gran, I slowly opened her up to take my monster and she encouraged me all the time.

"Chris this is wonderful you're huge compared with your father. How I can ever get pleasure from him again I'll never know."

Slow but not too slow our bodies met, me deep in the passage that gave me birth and mum smiling every time I was thrust deep inside her body. She was rolling her hips in time to my thrusts. We went on like this for many minutes until reaching as high as I could in pleasure before deposited a full load so deep inside her body it must surely have entered her womb.

"Oh Chris, what will you think of me now, me letting you fuck me like this."

"I love you mum; now all the more, I will be here for you any time."

I rose and slipped on my clothing helping mum up on to her feet. She hugged me round the waist and looked up into my eyes. "I love you Chris and now also that lovely cock of yours, it surely pleasured me."

Next morning Dad had just gone off to work when mum was in my bed and a few minutes later I was embedded deep within her, giving what she really wanted.

Every morning was the same and it was now a ritual, she just couldn't get enough of me. Dad and she had made love some nights before she came to my bed in the morning, now she was complaining he left her high and she needed relieving.

I had visited Gran at least twice a week and still she was the best fuck of all of them. Morag was easy to please and the way she performed it was just a ten minute affair but she was happy with this and was always smiling when I left. I still had to get into Daph's body but the funeral had put that on hold.

Today I visited Daph she said come round any time and that was what I did. Of course I chose the wrong day for she had her three woman friends in having a card game when I called.

"We are nearly finished and we will be having a coffee afterwards, please stay Chris." Daphne pleaded.

It gave me a chance to examine the other three women, all over 55 or 60, all well-dressed, with gold bracelets and rings on their fingers. They all talked with an upper-class accent and were eyeing me, but not trying to be too obvious.

After they had finished Daphne introduced me to the three women. Charla Leddin; Sondra Brough and Janet Bomat all three had lovely soft hands and as each came and gave me a peck on the cheek they all smelt fantastic. The only rather plump one was Sondra but she seemed to have the warmest character.

"We must have you over to our next meeting; do you play bridge or whist?"

"I'll come but I don't play much card games."

"That doesn't matter we can always teach you, can't we ladies," Sondra said.

When the three had left in their car Daphne was left with me and she now seemed shy.

"Chris I may have given you the wrong impression the last time we met. I just don't know how to say this to you, you are so young. I know all the other ladies have been married and know all about sex and things. I have been a spinster all my life and have seldom moved in an environment where there have been males. I was a teacher in a purely girls school. Since then I have only mixed with the people you have seen, Oh I have a few other friends but no male ones."

"Daphne what you are trying to say you have never been with a man, is that it."

"How did you know, I don't think I'm a virgin in the physical sense for I have done a lot of sport and athletics and I used tampons when I had my periods. But never a man, I am inexperienced there. I need someone who will take this into consideration for I want to at least experience a man before I leave this earth and able to appreciate it. I'm 58 years old and still hoping."

"Well I am willing if you are, I don't care if you are still a virgin or not, I like older women and that's that. So if you accept me we can go right this minute into your bedroom or even on the floor here, you choose."

"You make it so matter of fact; I would like to feel wooed."

"If you want wooed to drop your knickers then find a man of your own age and hope he manages to satisfy you sexually. If you want a sexual experience then I can supply that."

"You see I don't know what I want; I want to feel a man inside me at least once in my life."

"Well let me and I can assure you it will be more than once. Well what will it be?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"We can either go to your bedroom get undressed and do it nude or you take off your panties and we do it wherever you want it."

"Let's go to the bedroom, but I will only remove my panties this time."

So hand in hand we went into her bedroom. She like the others hitched up the side of her dress and wriggled out of her panties and kept them hidden from me as she placed them in a laundry basket. And got on the bed and she turned her back as I dropped my strides and underwear.

I got on to the bed and made her kneel over my hips. Her dress hid my penis from her as it had draped over my stomach. The dress was lifted so I could see her well covered vaginal lips; I parted them and placed the knob of my glans at her opening.

"Daphne I'm going to leave it to you now, just lower yourself down, you are going to feel a bit uncomfortable for a bit but that will go away, take your time we have all the time in the world."

"I've been told it's painful the first time."

"A lot of rubbish, you are well lubricated let your body tell you what to do. I will hold your hips to help you."

She started to lower and when the knob was in I removed my hand from my penis and held her hips. Slowly she lowered herself and she was biting her lip as she lowered herself down. I felt the heat of her body close in around my penis as she steadily lowered herself. She was sliding down so nicely until she had her bottom resting on my thighs.

"Well the worst is over; you have my whole penis inside you. Was it as painful as you thought?"

"No I felt no pain only of being filled and the feeling as I sank down was out of this world."

Now she was comfortable with me inside her I rolled her over on to her back and started moving in and out. She was a bit clumsy at first but she soon synchronised with me or I her and her whole attitude changed.

"This is just too much, I feel too wonderful, God I love you Chris, I thought you would have rejected an old woman like me. But here you are giving me the best feelings I have ever experienced."

"Now you have had the experience, we will repeat this as often as you wish."

She was a willing woman and felt as good as Gran but she hadn't the experience of Gran but all the same she would learn fast. I shot my sperm into her and she too had a small orgasm not much but detected all the same. Still inside her I lay down at her side and pulled her to me. Kissed her lips and held her tight. She responded by wrapping her arms around me.

"Oh Chris, I love you, can we do it more, I know men need a rest between but when your rested."

"Do you think that you were only going to get it once, certainly we will do it again and again as long as I can keep a hard-on."

She hadn't long to wait either as I know my body a bit better now. We continued where we left off and this time within a minute she was experiencing the most violent of an orgasm. Her whole body shook and she clasped my penis like a clenched velvet glove for about a couple of seconds then she let out a long low sigh. I carried on but she was out of it. She had a smile on her face and a long lost look in her eyes. I didn't finish. I withdrew and left her lying on her bed out to the world. I pulled the quilt over her and left the house after dressing.

I myself was nearly on the boil and had to walk to calm down. I got home and mum had the radio blaring as I crept up behind her and reached round and grabbed a breast in each hand. She turned round and hugged me. "Chris I'm pregnant, I know it's not your fathers, it's yours, but your father thinks it's his. Now for heavens sake don't let anything drop. We are going to have a baby just what I always wanted."

"Mum are you sure I am the father. Why are you so certain?"

"Your father has never made me reach a climax for a long-time. Since you and I have made love, I have no feeling when your father makes love to me. He is always too quick anyway. Your father is a whip it in a few grunts and out again and off to sleep. Now I have had your large cock, no woman would be satisfied with your fathers little cock."

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