Easing His Grief

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, BiSexual, DomSub, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Food, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Steve loses his entire family in an instant. He is distraught and turns to a friend and cyber lover, Curtis. Can his friend help Steve to live life again?

Thanks to 4degrees for his help, friendship and Digital Imagery

The Amtrak train was making good time headed south. In all his sorrow, Steve could only stare out the window as towns and cities passed like wispy clouds that brought neither rain nor shade.

It had all changed so fast. One minute he was a loving husband and father, the next he was a grieving widower on his way to Atlanta. He needed something to take his mind off what he had lost. His family was gone, dead, killed in a car crash. All three of them dead in an instant. Steve saw an ambulance responding to something, but he had no idea what the emergency was. He only found out later, when the State Police had called to break the news, the news that he was suddenly alone.

He was more alone that he realized. His cyber girlfriend was finally engaged to the man, everyone else knew, she was destined to marry. The only person he had left was someone that he had not even met, a fellow writer and cyber sexual partner on a story site, Curtis. You see, Steve was cyber-bi and Curtis has grown into a close friend.

Steve had PMed Curtis as soon as he had decided what he would do. Since Curtis had invited Steve down before, and when he offered the invitation anew, Steve jumped at that thrown life-line. Perhaps this is not the right time; but I need someone whose shoulder I can cry on and to hold me. I need someone caring and willing enough to help me through this drastic change to my life.

Steve was still staring out the window when the train pulled into Atlanta, GA. He and Curtis had exchanged photos before, so Steve knew that the dark-haired man standing alone on the platform was Curtis. Steve slowly got to his feet, grabbed his overnight bag, and wearily climbed down the steps to the platform.

Steve never made it to the platform. Before he could step down, he found himself in a bear hug. Steve was lifted, bag and all, from the train's steps and spun around merrily by Curtis. Curtis finally set Steve down and stared into his eyes. Curtis noticed what the past week had done to Steve. His face was gaunt and his expression humorless. "I'm sorry about what happened, but I'm glad you're here buddy. I'm glad that you chose me in your hour of need." I've got to find a way to break through this funk that has overcome my friend and show Steve that life is still worth living. "Now let's get a taxi and go to the hotel, this place is depressing."

They arrived at the 4-star Marriot hotel and were led up to the room. Curtis tipped the bellhop, while Steve sat down on the sofa. Soon tears started to run down his face. How could this happen, my life is over. What did I do to bring this on? How can I ever go on?

Curtis saw the tears on Steve's cheeks and took him in his arms. "There ... there ... just let it all out." Curtis held Steve tight as a started to sob. For his part, Steve, just held on and let all his anguish drain from him. Curtis lifted Steve from the couch and walked him into the bathroom. "What you need is a hot bath, buddy."

Curtis started the water and helped Steve undress. He helped Steve get into the oversized tub and slowly began to wash Steve's body. Steve seemed to be in a daze. He barely acknowledged what Curtis, was doing to him, for him. It could have been anyone bathing Steve, he wouldn't have noticed. Curtis didn't take any liberties, although he desperately wanted to. Steve appeared to be growing relaxed and his eyes closed. Curtis continued washing and massaging Steve's body, all the while softly muttering platitudes. He realized that Steve needed a friend more than a lover and he was going to be that friend.

Steve started snoring softly and Curtis knew the bath had done its trick. He drained the bath and dried Steve off with a fluffy white towes. Curtis then carried him to the bed, naked; tucking him under the soft down covers. He looks so peaceful now. I hope he wakes up knowing that he is loved. Curtis ran a hand over Steve's cheek and sat down in the chair like a nurse in the intensive care ward.

Steve woke to find Curtis snoring softly in a chair. He felt pretty good, the bath and the sleep were just what he needed. He felt so peaceful and was awash with emotions. Curtis had showed that he cared and rekindled spark of life within him. I know he wants to have sex with me. Am I ready? Am I ready to give as well to receive?

Steve knew it was time that he finally decided what to do. Curtis and he had steamed up the internet with their cyber sex. Did he honestly want to try the experience of physically being with another man? Curtis was right here and was a great friend, maybe he would be a great lover. Curtis is kind of cute in a rugged sort of way. I'll give it a try, what can I lose? He woke Curtis with a kiss. "Get up sleepy head, we have to order a late supper from room service if we want to eat. Wake up silly-boy. Wake up, my hero."

Curtis rolled over while Steve placed an order with room service. Curtis mouthed 'my hero' and woke up instantly. Curt rolled over to where Steve was hanging up the phone. He grabbed Steve in a clumsy embrace and kissed Steve hard on the lips. After a moment Curtis felt Steve kissing him back. Caught up in the moment, they rolled to the center of the bed in a tight embrace.

Steve was overcome with emotion. He was sobbing and returning Curtis' kisses feverishly. This is the only one I have alive that loves me, if anyone can get me though this dark night, it's Curtis. They just held each other until there was a knock on the door.

Steve looked at a momentarily puzzled Curtis. "I hope you like chili." Steve said with a smile. The waiter brought two bowls, two plates, two desert dishes and a small box. "The box has your desert. Will there be anything else?" Steve paid him and gave him a big tip. Once the waiter had gone, Steve and Curtis each enjoyed a plate of chili fries. They dug into it like it was their last meal.

Curtis looked at Steve when they had finished. "Did somebody say desert?" Steve opened the box and pulled out a couple of pies. After they had polished off both pies, Steve yawned, tired and full. "Let's go to bed, baby, I'm still tired. I've had a hell of a week." They hugged, Curtis' hands wandering. Steve was just too overwhelmed by events of the past week. They crawled into the same bed, holding each other, comforting each other. They were soon asleep.

Steve woke up with a strange sensation. He had been having a strong erotic dream. As he woke it vanished from his memory, but the sensation just grew stronger. His first feeling was very familiar; his cock was as hard as a rock. That was not new; he always woke with a hard-on. What was new was that his hard cock was being sucked and tongued expertly.

Steve opened his eyes to see a head with short-cut dark hair chomping on his dick. Who? What? When he stirred the head looked up and he saw Curtis' face. Oh, it's just my friend, my lover. My brain tried to reason things out, but I just gave in and stopped thinking. Curtis' eyes smiled at him, and then his head turned back down for some powerful fellatio. Steve groaned as the feelings traveled from his dick to his brain. Steve realized he was close to cumming; Curtis must have been sucking on him for awhile.

Curtis' tongue stroked the underside of Steve's cock and Steve shouted while he came in a rush, his hot semen filling Curtis' mouth and giving Curtis a warm, liquid breakfast. Curtis greedily drank the perishable offering and sucked to get more. Steve had to caress his cheek to get him to let go. Curtis sighed and his lips parted releasing Steve's spent shaft.

Steve soon replaced his cock on Cutis' lips with his own lips. He picked Curtis up in a bear hug and held him tight while kissing him passionately on the mouth. Curtis had been what he needed to get out of the funk he had been in. Steve could now get on with the rest of his life and he intended to start with Curtis.

He had such a love for Curtis and not just physical, either. He loved the way Curtis laughed, the way he did every little thing. Curtis was Steve's idea of a best friend and more. Curtis was going to show Steve how the other side lived, and Steve was ready to embrace it with both arms.

They spent the rest of the morning just holding each other and getting to know the other's bodies. It was a very tender morning. They dressed for lunch and then Curtis showed Steve some sights as they walked through Atlanta in the cool spring air.

They stopped by to pick up some packages. Curtis was very mysterious about the contents and would not be swayed by anything that Steve did. They put the packages in the hotel room and visited the dining room for dinner. All throughout the meal Curtis kept teasing Steve about what might be in the packages, which he said they could open after dinner.

Steve rushed through dinner like a child promised something he had always wanted. He even skipped desert in his desire to end the suspense. Curtis made a point to eat his meal very slowly, until Steve threatened to go up alone.

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