The Football Supporter

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Grand Parent, Aunt, InLaws, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Are you sure all mad sports people are actually going to support their teams? Well maybe this small story will open your eyes to what really goes on.

Copyright© 2001

'You want me to what?' I asked my sister-in-law.

'I want you to give me a baby. I thought that would be plain enough even for you Jack, ' she said looking up at my six feet six frame from her five feet three frame.

'Why what is wrong with George, I know he is a scrawny looking man but I'm sure he can manage that chore on his own, ' I replied.

'That's just it, he can't, he has a very low sperm count and too many damaged sperm, well that was what the doctor told us this morning. Oh we may strike it lucky, but he said don't hold your breath. Well that was what he told me after George stormed out of the surgery, ' Sarah explained.

'Surely, if I made you pregnant he would know?' I replied.

'You both have the same mother and father, so who would tell the difference?' She countered.

I know my mother always said George and I had the same father. My father and George was almost a pair, both five seven and thin as a racing snake, slumped shoulders and dark hair, whereas, I was broad, blonde and six and a half feet tall. No-one ever took George and I for brothers, even though he was the eldest. I had even to fight his battles for him. I honestly think my mother had a bit on the side, because no-one on her side of the family were blonde or big.

Granted we had the same blood group but that didn't mean that much, not in these days of DNA testing.

'What if I too don't knock you up, maybe I'm like George.'

'I suppose Betty Talbert got her baby in a lucky bag?' She asked smiling.

'Maybe it was one in a million chances the doctor talked about, ' I said, too smiling.

'Well, will you or not, I'm offering you it on a plate, without any of the restrictions or responsibilities, ' she replied.

'So when do you want me to start?'

'My danger period starts on Friday, George is off to watch his team from Friday night and he won't be back until Sunday. Can you come round on Friday after eight, he will have gone by then, ' she said in a matter of fact voice.

'I'll be round on Friday evening then Sarah, when I'll be seeing a good bit of you, ' I said with a laugh.

She turned and walked away into the rain towards my brother's home. I walked the hundred yards to my parent's home and got the usual yell as I entered, from my mother, 'Don't bang the door!' Of course it was too late; the door was on its way and banged shut.

'God Jack how many times have I to tell you, ' she said standing there in the passageway. I picked her up and gave her a kiss on the lips, but no mother son kiss, for I had been screwing my mother for about two years now.

'She asked me to put her in the pudding club, mum. Did you have something to do with this?' I asked patting her on the bottom.

'Well she was so upset, I kind of suggested it when she told me about the results of George's sperm count. I knew you would like to get between Sarah's legs so this is your chance, ' she said smiling.

'Not afraid she will take me away from you are you?' I said sliding my hand up her dress and groping her wet moist pussy.

'You know I'm off to my mothers for the next week and I couldn't see you going without, all that length of time.' She said opening her legs wider, so I could insert two fingers into her wet moist pussy.

'God your wet tonight mum, got the hots?' I asked.

'Too late to do anything about it now, your father will be in, in just a minute, ' she said squirming away from me.

'You can wait, ' I said smiling, for I knew she would be creeping into my room tonight. Since I had stuck my great big cock into her she has hardly missed a night. I've never met another woman who loves being fucked as much as my mother. My father according to my mother couldn't get a hard-on, even though she had tried many methods including Viagra.

Friday I said cheerio to my mother at the rail station and then drove round to see Sarah. I passed all the supporters busses on there way south with their scarves and banners flapping in the air. Better them than me, for the forecast was for more rain, but they seemed impervious to such trivialities as a bit of rain. Myself, I would rather be stuck up some woman's pussy than standing in the cold watching a lot of stupid men chase after a ball.

I loved it when the supporters went to the away games, there were that many frustrated wives left that I usually picked one up easily and I scored in the way I loved best.

Sarah was dressed in a see-through nightie and it was obvious she had had a bath and doused herself in perfume, trying to make herself as sexy as possible. She needn't have bothered for me; the sight of a naked pussy was enough for me. Here she was with the lights low and all dressed up; she really was a good-looking woman. Why the hell she chose George when she could have picked someone a lot better. He was a typical drunken football supporter, all mouth and only one thing on their mind — football.

I started undressing right away for I was definitely going to get into Sarah, and I think she had been thinking about this all day. Now she was even helping me off with my things and just throwing them on the sofa.

'I hope you're not wanting me to fuck you here, I want to go to bed, ' I said as she took off her nightie, and stood in front of me naked.

'Wherever you want Jack, I don't care, just fuck me, ' she said, using my language, for I'd never heard her swear before.

I picked her small light body up and carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed, swung her legs to the side and she opened them allowing me between her lovely soft thighs. As I penetrated she let out a long sigh as I opened her up and slid my cock into her. It was like she was a virgin, but this time no blood just a lovely feeling of her gripping the whole length of my cock.

'Jack, you are very big, so much bigger than George, I never thought it would feel so nice, ' she said thrusting her hips into me trying to get even more of my cock into her.

I started with her as I did with my mother long slow strokes which seemed to drive her crazy. She was thrashing herself on to my phallus, as though this was to be the last thing in life for her. She was nothing like mum, mum fitted me like a glove and she was more receptive than Sarah. Who would ever have thought I would get to fuck the arse off Sarah, George should keep her serviced more, for if Sarah thinks this is just going to be a one-off affair she was wrong.

Sarah was now in my clutches and I will be making use of her whenever I felt like it. Oh I'll let her have her baby, but after that she'll be serviced by me. Mum said when I fucked her the first time there would be no more, but the next night she was in my bed having my ten inches shoved up her hot and steamy cunt. Sarah will be the same, wait and see.

I kept my mind clear as I kept up my pounding into her body, she had a few climaxes, one in particular was really severe and I bet I will ring the bell tonight. The rest of the weekend will be for pure pleasure. I'll make sure she will never be satisfied with George's little cock any more.

When I shot my bolt I was as deep as I could go and the only way my sperm could go was into her waiting cervix. Now she had me locked in with her lovely legs which I was stroking and looking down at her.

'You like a big cock don't you Sarah?'

'Yes, it's a pity it is only for these few days.'

'Oh it won't be, I'll be seeing you a lot more times, ' I said as I withdrew from her moist heaven.

I got into bed and pulled her towards me, she came like a lamb.

'No, it would be wrong for us to carry on like this, all I want is a baby and I'm sure you can give me one Jack, ' she said kissing me.

Half an hour later I was once again buried inside her body but this time she was riding the cock horse. Now she was pounding her hips driving me deeper into her small frame than I had previously. I just let her work herself up and I loved watching her breasts move like jellies as she ground her pelvis into mine, titillating her clitoris on my mound.

I lost count the number of times I flooded her body with my semen all the next day and night. On Sunday I was sore by the number of times I had poked my cock into her body, I have never felt so drained before. The one great thing I was leaving a very contented woman.

'You're right Jack, I do want to see you again, so any time you want just come round, after all you are my brother-in-law, ' she said smiling.

I went back home filled a bath with warm water and soaked myself and gently wrapped a warm face towel around my red cock. As I lay there I realised this wasn't the way I wanted to die, not sore like this.

Three month later I was walking up the road towards home, just dying to sink my cock into my mum's hot pussy. She was that a good fuck I often daydreamed about her. Walking towards us was Sarah and her mother, if there was one person I didn't want to meet was Sarah's mother. Her name was Ester and as you can tell by her and her daughter's names, she was one of those religious types always quoting the bible. I think she knew it word for word, the whole old and new testaments.

'Jack, I'm pregnant, isn't it wonderful. I'm three months pregnant and the doctor thinks it is twins, ' she said getting on her tiptoes and kissing me.

'I'm happy for you, I'll have to come round and visit you some day, ' I said.

'I think you have done enough damage Jack, but my daughter is over the moon. She has at long last got her wish, but I disagreed with the method, ' she said scowling at me.

'You told her?' I said to Sarah, but not loud enough for Ester to hear.

'She knew, she came to visit me half an hour after you left that weekend, but she says at least it's in the family. She's really happy with her going to be a grandmother, ' Sarah said smiling.

'Sarah, walk on a piece I want to say something to Jack, ' Ester said to her daughter.

When Sarah was well out of earshot Ester stood in front of me. 'Sarah told me what you two had been up to, I didn't approve at the time, but I have changed my mind seeing how happy she is. I want you to come and see me, say Saturday afternoon, I don't want your affair with Sarah to continue, ' she said.

'Ester that is Sarah's choice not yours, but I'll come and see you on Saturday, ' I said walking away and letting her catch up with Sarah.

That night my father was off with his supporters club and mum and I had a really good time, I fucked her three times that night in my fathers own bed.

'You're taking me to see my mother in two weeks Jack; I want her to see you now and again. George goes up and sees her, so it's about time you did also, ' my mother told me, as I was sunk into her lovely cunt. How could I refuse at a time like this?

I would rather have gone this weekend and then I wouldn't have had to go and see Ester, but I will go with my mother to see Gran and maybe even my Great-grandmother.

Saturday afternoon there was a home game so there weren't that many easy pickings so calling on Ester wasn't all that bad.

I was really glad Ester wasn't like some of the other religious freaks who dress all in black. Ester always wore bright silky floral dresses and always looked so neat and tidy, but her bible was never far away from her.

After coffee we were sitting in her kitchen at her kitchen table. 'Jack, I don't want you calling on Sarah. I know what you said the other day, but I ask you to let her be with George, ' she said so sincerely.

'Ester, when you have a good sex partner, you don't want to give her up. Sarah loves sex and we get on great together, ' I said, but I remembered how sore I was that Sunday morning when too much sex was bloody painful.

'Surely there is other women who would be willing to share their bed with you, someone who isn't married or is alone?' She said.

'It may be weeks before I could find one I liked, so why go hunting when I had one already?'

'What can I do to change your mind?' She asked.

'Well you could take her place, I'm sure you would like a man to share your bed, ' I said jokingly as I watched her face.

She went red and sat back in her chair and looked at me. 'I'm as old as your mother, surely you wouldn't want to have sex with one my age?' She asked.

'Why not, are you built differently from Sarah, and I'm sure you would love a bit of attention?'

'You're right about that, but you would leave Sarah alone, if I took her place?' She asked.

'Didn't I say that, well what will it be? If you agree, let's see how you perform, ' I teased her.

'Oh God, can I do this, I've never been in this situation before, ' she pleaded.

By this time we had moved into her sitting room. She was sitting on an American classical chaise longue with its scroll padded end.

'Ester, stand up and bend over the end of the longue, and then you won't see me, but drop your knickers first, ' I said to her. Now I expected her to really object, but she slipped her hands up the side of her dress while turned away from me and drew down her large knickers. They must have been the passion killer type for they were huge.

She leant over the end and all I saw was her large rear end. I think the Americans designed these pieces of furniture for just this purpose. There were a few other designs of longues but none so well designed for what I had in mind.

I got behind her and lifted her dress and threw it over her back. Ester had the most perfect arse I've ever seen, lovely and soft and round, with her mount just proud at the bottom. I took my cock in my hand and parting her not so puffy lips and slid my cock into her passage.

At first she was just slightly moist but it was as if she had turned a tap on when my knob was in her vagina her juices started flowing. I slowly penetrated her, but she was moaning and wriggling, saying it was sore as I spread her vagina to take my three inch wide cock. She may have been moaning, but that didn't stop me sliding in as far as bumping my balls against her clitoris, right into the hilt.

I had a hold of her hips and held her in tight and waited on her getting a good feel of my shaft buried into her pussy.

'Well Ester, want to continue, for I think you fit me like a glove, you are some lady, I am going to enjoy this, ' I said.

'Wow Jack, you must be huge for I feel pleasantly stretched. Yes I will willingly take Sarah's place, ' she said in gasps as I was now stroking in and out of this delightful cunt.

God my mother and her were two great fucks, I just loved the feel of their cunts, the way they completely held me into their bodies. Whoever said a young woman is the best fuck hadn't been sunk into these two women. Yes this was going to be a lovely change every now and again, from sinking in my mum.

The pace increased and I shot my load into her as she tried to reach behind herself to hold me. Her own vagina went into a spasm and it was as though she was trying to milk me dry.

I withdrew and she got up and turned, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. 'Oh Jack that was lovely, can you stay for a few hours longer, I would love to do that again but I want to see you, not doing it like an animal, ' She pleaded.

'Sure I can, see you're becoming addicted already.'

'Anything to give Sarah a rest, ' she said.

If she thought I was going to stop sinking one in Sarah from time to time she had another thought coming. I don't fancy fucking a pregnant woman, but once she's back to normal she will be getting the full ten inches again.

Twice more I shafted Ester before I left that evening, I could have stayed the night, but I had some mates to meet in our local at nine that evening. I left her well and truly fucked the last time I spent my load up her rectum. She screamed at first but once I was in she was more than happy to continue.

The following Saturday I drove my mother the twenty miles to see Gran and Great-grandmother. This was going to be a surprise visit to my Great-grandmother for her wedding anniversary.

'Jack, drop me off at my grandmothers and you go round and bring my mother round. My grandmother will be thrilled to see us all together, ' mum explained.

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