Storm Tossed Siblings

by Daniellekitten

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A brother and sister wait out a storm by creating one of their own.

The storm hit with a ferociousness none had expected, the wind whipping trees and tearing off loose shingles on the houses around them. Teri stood outside, one hand holding down her flying skirt, the other shading her eyes from the slashing rain.

The noise was deafening, hurting the eighteen year old girl's ears even as she strained to hear over it. She was listening for the sound of a car engine, her mother's, who had gone into town shopping earlier, before the storm had started.

The rain had already soaked her to the skin, making the lightweight tee shirt seem like part of her body as it clung to her every curve. Her hair was drenched, hanging in wet strands around her face, emphasizing the worried frown that marred her beautiful face. Her eyes were cloudy, the normal spark missing from her huge hazel gaze. Visibility was very low, she could barely see past the porch railing and she took two steps further into the yard, her worry over her mother making her fearless of the storm that threatened their small town.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

He grabbed her around the waist, dragging her back towards the house. Rich, her older brother and most avid tormentor, was much taller than Teri, and stronger, ignoring her struggles. "Do you want to get killed?" he shouted over the storm.

"Mom's out there." Teri yelled back, her fingers pulling at the arms wrapped around her slim waist. She wriggled against him, their wet clothing sticking to each other as he carried her back up the porch and in through the front door of the house.

Even inside, the sound of the storm was fierce, rain pounding down on the roof, beating loudly against the skylights in the kitchen. The wind howled and roared like a living beast, trying to battle its way through to them.

He let her go just inside the front door, spinning her around to face him. "Do you think she'd want you outside in this waiting for her? Where's your head, Teri?"

Even as mad as he was, as worried as he also was for their mother, he couldn't stop his eyes from traveling the long line of her body. Her clothes stuck to her like a second skin, the lace of her bra showing clearly through the almost transparent tee shirt. He could see her rounded breasts and her nipples, hardened by the cold, thrusting against her shirt. He felt his body stir in appreciation and his mind spouted in disgust at himself. She was his sister, for cripes sake, he shouldn't be noticing these things about her.

"Well, I can't just stand here. She could be in a ditch somewhere, or in a tree." Teri waved her arms around in her frustration, the movement making her breasts jiggle against her wet clothing. Her skirt raised, the hem sticking to her slim thighs as she stormed through the room. "And you want me to just sit here and do what? Watch TV like you were?" She picked up the remote and threw it at him, hitting him solidly in the chest with it.

His eyes narrowed as he stared at her, the remote bouncing harmlessly off the firm muscles of his chest. He stalked toward her with vengeance in his thoughts. He grabbed her, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder, dumping her on the couch. She sat, splayed, her skirt above her hips, her legs open for just a second, giving him a glimpse of long tan thighs and smooth skin above a tiny pair of panties.

He turned his head quickly while she tried to straighten her skirt, glancing back over his shoulder, straining to catch another look, before catching himself. "She's your sister, man. She's your sister," he muttered crossly to himself.

Teri straightened her skirt, her breath caught at the way Rich had been looking at her before he turned his head. She'd seen his eyes, he'd been staring at her crotch. And he'd liked what he'd seen. She'd had enough boyfriends to know. She should be disgusted by the way he'd been staring at her, or at least yell at him for it, but she couldn't. Her mind was on how his arm had felt around her waist, how his hands had felt against her skin. She'd never thought of Rich this way. Maybe it was the storm, some weird elemental thing. She stared at her handsome brother, admiring his lean body while his head was turned.

"Ahh, Teri, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." His hand waved in the air toward her.

"It's fine, Rich. Just admit you're the worst brother a girl could have and I am the queen and ruler of this house and I won't tell mom you're bouncing me on the furniture again."

She laughed as he growled and started after her, grabbing her around the waist. Her body fell against his, her breasts sliding across his shirt. Her nipples that had been hard, grew more so and she shivered in reaction. They stood that way for a long moment and then he yanked his hands off of her as if she were fire and backed away staring down at her, his breath coming faster.

"Teri..." He forgot whatever he'd been about to say as his head cocked to the side, his ears straining to catch what he thought he had heard.

"I'm sorry, Ri..."

He cut her off with a quick shush, still listening. "Oh shit. Come on!" he yelled, grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the door that led to the unfinished basement.

Teri could hear it now too, the long slow rising of the town's fire siren, it's lengthy shriek. "Tornado?" she gasped, flying down the stairs at her brother's heels.

Rich yanked a couple of blankets off a box of junk and pulled Teri into the small storm shelter his father had built after the last major series of storms. The walls were stone set into cement, one small window that was reinforced set up high against the ceiling. There was a mattress set on the floor, a radio and flashlight in a corner as well as a box of bottled water and some food.

He turned, letting go of Teri's wrist and shut the door tightly, throwing the blankets on the mattress behind him. Then he picked up the radio and turned it on, shuffling through the stations until he found one that was local.

"A tornado warning is in effect for Lenawee County until seven pm. A tornado has been reported ten miles SE of Clinton and is heading to the NW at approximately thirty-five miles per hour. Residents in the immediate vicinity of this storm should seek shelter right away. To repeat..."

"Oh, God. Rich, I'm scared." Teri sank down on the mattress gathering one of the blankets against her as she started shaking. The basement room was colder than the rest of the house and her skin prickled with goose flesh.

"We'll be okay, sis." He walked over and took the blanket, wrapping it around her, then sank down next to her. When she cuddled close, he put his arm around her, holding her against him. They sat that way for a few moments, listening to the howling wind, the rain hitting the tiny window above their heads. Then they heard the sudden crashing sound of glass breaking and something thudding heavily right above them just seconds before the lights blinked out, leaving them in the stuttered darkness of the storm.

Teri screamed, grabbing Rich's arm. He grabbed the other blanket and pulled her to the corner of the mattress that was tucked into the far corner of the room. He worried now about the glass in the window above them, whipping the blanket out to wrap over the two of them to give them protection from flying shards, just in case. Huddled together, his arms holding her, their faces close under the blanket, they listened to the terror that danced and played just above them.

Rich could feel her breasts pressed against his chest, her tight little nipples burrowing into him and hated himself for the reaction it caused in him. He felt himself get hard, his cock pressing against the zipper of his jeans, and knew she could feel it too. Her breath touched his lips as she looked up at him, he could almost see her face through the flashing of the lightning that shone dimly through the material of the blanket. Her eyes were wide and he saw her small tongue dart out and lick her lips.

With a groan that was more felt then heard, he gave in to what he wanted. His lips found hers, covering the startled gasp she gave. Her mouth was full and sweet, opening under his with a quiet moan. His tongue dipped inside, tasting her as the scent of her filled his senses under the protective cover of their blanket.

Teri couldn't believe he was kissing her, but she wouldn't make him stop. Her mind whirled as his mouth demanded dark things of her. She knew she should fight him, should be shocked or even disgusted by this, but he was making her so wild with just his lips. She wanted more. Her arms rose and locked around Rich's neck, pulling him closer as she let more of her weight rest against his lean body.

The storm outside was quickly forgotten as heat filled both of them. Teri let her fingers slip through his wet hair, her nails lightly scratching against his skin. She trailed them down, around his ears, as her tongue fought with his. Down around his neck they slipped, finally reaching the first button at the throat of his shirt. She flicked it open, her nails teasing his skin, going to the next and then the next until his shirt lay open around him. Her mouth left his, finding his neck, to nip and nibble as she tormented her tormentor.

He growled her name and it was lost in the roaring cacophony of sound in the world gone mad that existed outside of their blanket. Inside, a storm of another kind was brewing, one more intense and potent then the tornado they dreaded.

Teri slipped lower, her teeth grazing the seam where his shoulder met his neck, tasting his flesh with her tongue. She laved open mouthed kissed down his chest, stopping to play and tease his flat nipples until they became hard. Her hands moved before her, feeling Rich's hard stomach, the muscles clenching as she slipped one hand just under the waist band of his jeans. Her tongue dipped into the small hollow of his belly button and then she tried to bite him, nipping at the flesh at his waist, but it was too firm, allowing her no purchase. He felt her mouth on the button of his jeans, pulling them open.

Looking down, he could see the dim outline of her as she pulled on the zipper that housed his unruly erection, the sound of the metal teeth coming undone silent in the storm. Her hand slipped into the opening, tracing the line of his hard cock, sliding slowly over the swollen head that jerked against her palm. Her nose nuzzled against the fabric of his boxers and he felt her breasts against his legs.

Rich's hands tried to find leverage on the smooth material of the mattress as his little sister softly stroked the long length of his hard cock with her lips. the only thing between him and the depths of her wet, hot mouth was the rapidly dampening cloth of his boxers. She was slowly driving him mad with her teasing.

She moved suddenly, pushing his jeans and his boxers down and off his legs, freeing him to bob brazenly in the space just in front of her face. A flash of lightning illuminated the room and for one moment, he could see the way she stared at his hard shaft, the pleasure she was getting from touching him and stroking him obvious in her eyes. His cock jerked at the expression on her face, tiny drops of precum slipping out to coat the small hand that she now had around him.

Her hand moved over him, slowly jacking his cock as he moaned his pleasure to the wildness of the winds. Her mouth moved over him and he felt the tip of her tongue dance around the sensitive skin of his head then the heat of her mouth as she engulfed him. She took him deep, her hand stroking to meet her lips. Rich's hips moved, thrusting up into her, his hands digging into the thick wet locks of her hair.

She could taste him in her mouth, his excitement and eagerness leaving a salty tang that was arousing. The feel of him, pushing in between her lips, his hands guiding her head as he pleasured himself with her was deliciously thrilling. Her hand slipped down to her thighs, pulling at the wet skirt that clung damply to her skin, raising it to push her hand between her legs.

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