Second Chance

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Does our past really matter?

There I was at the dinner table with my new girlfriend sitting next to me. She had come over to meet some of my family for the first time. She had met mom and dad many times. They love her almost as much as I do. I think they thought I would never get married again after the first fiasco of a marriage I had. It was my fault. We got married when I was only twenty one years old. I guess I just wasn't ready for marriage. I was just into the sex like most guys my age at the time.

I was caught cheating on my wife. We were at a New Year's party and I guess I had too much to drink and was caught with one of the women in the back bedroom. My wife walked out of the room and out of my life. That was six years ago. Luckily we didn't have any kids. We just split what few assets we had and went our own way.

I'm now thirty and a lot wiser and more mature. I'm an accountant for a large firm and do quite well. Of course I have a degree from State College where I sowed my wild oats. The girls were plentiful. Some were there to find husbands but a big portion were there to party just like I was. I had nothing against these women. There was no real love but a lot of sex went on. There weren't too many virgins. At least none that I knew. What you have to understand is that all these guys at college were having sex. They had to have partners so anyone that says the girls were all little saints are lying to you. Take it from a person who was there. In fact that is where I met my first wife.

I met Sally, my girlfriend, at work. She applied for a job as a executive secretary at our firm about seven months ago. She had moved here from California a couple of years before that. She was a good looking woman that carried herself with dignity. She was twenty-five and dressed and acted professional unless we were alone. Then she was just a sweet loving woman. It reminds me of the song 'Behind Closed Doors' no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. She worked for the executives on the floor above me. I met her in the executive lunch room one day when I was watching her and dropped my food tray. Boy, I really felt stupid. She just laughed and helped me pick up my mess. I got another tray, sat down with her and we became friends.

We started dating. It just seemed right the two of us together. We didn't have sex until about two months into our relationship. She never told me much about her past, just that she went to college in California and received her degree. She needed a change so she moved east to basically start over. I never mentioned it to her but wondered. Starting over from what?

I do have to say she was the best lover I have ever had. She could be gentle or she could be rough. She was willing to try whatever I wanted. I know she had sex before we ever met. No woman could be that good and not have some knowledge of the sexual acts. With me she seemed so giving, so loving. After about three months with her, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted her for my wife. If she would only have me.

She was also a good homemaker. Her apartment was spotless, neat and looked as though it was decorated by a professional. She had done it all herself. She was a great cook and could make some of the best desserts. Well-mannered, caring, smart and beautiful, all in one package. Every man that saw her wanted her. She always politely refused and said she was a one-man woman, and I was that man. No man could ask for more. I asked her to marry me after dating her for just three months. She cried and said. "Jerry, are you sure you want to do this? You don't really know me well enough?"

I just looked at her beautiful face with tears coming down and said, "I love you with all my heart and soul. I have never loved anyone as I love you. Please marry me."

She was crying as she said, "Jerry, I love you so much and, yes, I'll marry you."

We were both hugging and tears came to my eyes. I wondered what I did to deserve such a wonderful woman. She smelled and felt so good. I never wanted to let go. We went into the bedroom, got undressed and made slow passionate love. I was kissing her and slowly worked down her body. God, what a gorgeous human being. I stopped at her heaving breasts as I sucked on her nipples until they became taut. Then I worked my way down her body kissing her soft tummy. I could feel her getting worked up as my mouth went lower over her soft trimmed mound. She pushed her vagina up against my mouth. I tried to devour her taking her in my mouth and listening to her sighs and moans.

I had to take her, I couldn't wait much longer. I reached into the night stand to get a condom. She put her hand over mine saying, "Not tonight, honey, I want to feel the full power of your love. Please, just take me, I am yours and yours alone."

I slid my hard penis into the moist valley below. She felt so warm, so good. I laid across her body resting on my elbows so I could devour her lips as I exploded into her. I raised slightly and looked into her eyes, and saw tears forming. She looked at me and said, "No matter what ever happens I want you to know I truly love you." Then she kissed me again before I could respond.

After we made love and showered together I felt better than I ever have. I called my parents with the great news. Sally and I were getting married. Mom said they were so happy for us. Then she invited us over Sunday for a family dinner so my sister Leah and my brother Kevin could hear the good news.

As we were sitting at the table my brother Kevin and his wife came in with their two rug rats. Kevin took one look at Sally, smiled and said, "My God, Jerry, what did you do to deserve her?" as he smiled with his wife giving him a love tap on the arm. They were a great couple, made for each other.

I mentioned to Sally that my sister went to college in California also. Sally all of a sudden looked nervous and said, "What college did she attend?"

I just told her USC. Sally looked extremely nervous. I didn't know why. Then my sister Leah and her husband came in. Sally stood up to face them. She looked at Leah. As Leah looked at Sally she said, "Oh my God, it's Sally." as she covered her open mouth. They both said their hello's but I knew there was tension there. Sally told us that they both attended USC at the same time and it was a surprise to find out Leah was my sister. Leah said to Sally, "You need to stop by so we can talk over old times." I needed to find out why there was so much tension between them but had to find another time to ask about it. We went on with dinner. Everyone being polite to each other. It surprised Leah to hear that Sally and I were getting married. She and her husband had just gotten married two years ago and had one child of their own.

Sally didn't say anymore to me about Leah. I dropped Sally off at her apartment, kissed her goodnight and then went home. The next day I had lunch with Sally. She said she was going over to Leah's after work to talk to her for awhile so she wouldn't be able to see me tonight. It bothered me so when I left work I headed over to Leah's myself. When I got there I saw Sally's car parked out front. I pulled into the driveway and entered the house through the garage.

As I entered the kitchen all I heard was Leah yelling, "You can't, Sally, you just can't. Please don't do it."

I rushed into the room. Sally looked at me with tears in her eyes and ran out the door. I looked at a crying Leah and yelled, "Can't what, Leah? Can't what? Can't marry me? What's going on, Leah?"

Leah looked up at me and said, "She just can't do it." I looked at Leah and then ran after Sally. I had to know what this was all about.

Before I could get to her car Sally had sped off. I ran out, got in my car and went looking for Sally. I knew I was driving too fast for these crooked roads, but I needed to catch up with Sally. The next thing I knew I didn't make the curve and my car was rolling over an embankment. Then I woke up in the hospital or was I awake?

It was like I was a spirit looking down on my body just lying there. I could see the doctors and nurses working on me. I was hooked up to all kinds of machines. I could see it all happening. Was I dead? No, I was breathing but was unconscious. I was comatose. I could see everything happening to my body but couldn't do anything but watch.

My parents came in and took my lifeless hand. I could hear everyone talking but couldn't even move a finger. I wanted to tell them that I was alive but had no way of doing it. I couldn't move my fingers or even my toes. My eyelids would move ever so slightly and that was it. I kept yelling while looking down on the room. I'm alright, please hear me, I'm alright. Mom was crying as dad held her. When they walked out, my sister Leah came in with her husband. She kept saying she was so sorry as she cried over me. Why couldn't I move? God, let me at least move a finger.

My brother came in with his wife. I guess they only allowed two visitors at a time. My little brother tried to keep a stiff upper lip but broke down and started crying over me. He kept repeating, "Why, bro, what happened?" He and his wife then walked out.

God, what happened to me? Was I dying? Would I recover? What ever happened to Sally? I needed answers but all I had were unanswered questions. Why was I able to see what was going on? Is this the way it is for all comatose patients? Do we see ourselves dying. No, this isn't the way it's suppose to be. I was suppose to be getting married not dying.

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