Worth Waiting For?

by Anna Starr

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Doctor/Nurse, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Is real life stranger than fiction? Can an erotic fantisy become reality? Or is it all a dream?

He laid her down upon the black silk sheets adorned with fragrant rose petals. "My sweet Cassandra, how I have longed to be one with your supple body". Ever so gently he slipped the strap of her white lace nightgown off one side and bared her milky whiter shoulder.

"Ms. Taylor"

"Oh Andrew" she whispered as he began to kiss her neck and shoulder. " I must tell you one thing before we begin our magical wedding night"

"Ms. Taylor"

"Damn" Susan thought to her self as she closed her latest romance novel. Suddenly she was jolted back to reality.

"I'll be right there"; Susan began to pack up her things and head toward the tall slender nurse who was glaring at her. Susan grinned sheepishly as she followed the nurse back to the last examining room at the end of a short hall. Since her recent promotion at the advertising firm, she never could find the time to get lost in a good trashy romance novel.

"Please undress and put on the gown, Doctor Anderson, with be with you shortly."

"Thank you" Susan said with a smile, trying to make up for the situation in the waiting room. The nurse was not impressed. She continued to glare as she swiftly closed the door.

"Ugh" Susan groaned to herself. Yes, it was that time of the year again. Hopefully this doctor would be better than the one she had in Springfield. Dr. Smith seemed to have an affinity for dirty jokes and saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Susan had been living in Minneapolis for six months now and loved every aspect of city life. First the promotion, then the transfer, Susan was the happiest she had been in a long time. Alas, the only thing missing from her life was a man. But that never got her down. Susan had always lived for her work.

Plus, "love was never as sweet in real life as in the romance novels" she thought to herself and grinned as she hopped up on the examining table.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"All set in there?" a gentle deep voice asked.

"Come on in" Susan replied.

"Hi, you must be Susan. I am Dr. Anderson. How are you today?"

"I'm... I'm fine" Susan stammered as she took a second long look at Dr. Anderson.

Connie a co-worker at the office had recommended Dr. Anderson, she had mentioned he was handsome but this was more that Susan had expected. There he stood; six foot tall with a tan muscular build and shoulder length jet, black hair. "Oh my God", Susan thought to herself, "he looks like one on the models from a cover of a romance novel". Dr. Anderson could sense Susan staring and began to clear his throat.

"Shall we begin", he asked.

"Yes" Susan replied bringing herself back to the real world again.

"I wan to first get a full medical history from you. I feel that it is vital that I speak one on one to all my patients and hear their concerns".

Susan took a deep breath and began to tell Dr. Anderson about her medical history.

"Ok", "Hmmm", "Great", Dr. Anderson commented as he took notes. "Now, I know this might be uncomfortable for you to discuss with a new doctor, however, I do need to ask you some questions about your past sexual experiences". Susan could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks and she began to shift uncomfortably in her seat.

"I am sorry", that did not come out right, Dr. Anderson was also turning a bright shade of red. "I ment to say, um, sexual related testing such as an HIV test."

"Oh, yes of course", Susan giggled, feeling like an ass.

"I can't believe you thought this guy was coming on to you... He is a doctor for God's sake", she thought to herself.

"Yes, I was tested two years ago and it came back negative, I have not been in a relationship since then", Susan replied to the doctor.

Dr. Anderson looked at her over the clipboard in his hand. "That is a damn shame", he muttered under his breath.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?", Susan asked, there was no way he said what she thought she heard.

"Umm, nothing, sorry" and Dr. Anderson's face became flushed again as he cleared his throat.

"Please lay back and we will begin with the breast exam".

Susan did as requested and laid back on the examining table. Her body quivered as he open the blue hospital gown.

"Get it together", Susan scolded herself. "You are acting like you have never had a man touch you before"..."Never a man like this," she thought.

Susan looked deep into his dark eyes, they we mesmerizing. She suddenly felt a warm rush flow over her that started deep in her loins and radiated through her body. Dr. Anderson began to caress her breasts as he looked deeply into her piercing blue eyes. Again her body quivered, her jolt snapped Dr Anderson back to reality.

"Uh... it is very important that you do monthly self breast exams at home", he stated very matter-a-factly.

"Um, yes, of course..." Susan stammered as she instinctively covered her bare breasts with the gown again.

"This is not happening... this can not be happening... shit like this does not happen to me... this is right out of a smutty romance novel", Susan thought to herself. Suddenly she felt like the room was spinning out of control.

"I'm sorry, you seem uncomfortable, Ms. Nelson, would you like me to stop for a moment", Dr. Anderson asked sensing her nervous tension.

"No... please don't stop"... she sighed and brushed her lips with her fingertips.

"What? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you nuts, are you honestly coming on to your new doctor that you have known for all of ten minutes?", Susan continued to scold herself, but her body didn't listen as she arched her back and let her knees fall open. Dr. Anderson followed her cue and moved to the end of the examining table and placed his hands on her knees.

"Just relax and we will begin the exam", he whispered as he slid the rubber examining gloves on his hands and squeezed lubricant on his latex covered finger tips.

"Relax and take a deep breath, let your knees fall to the side... good, I am going to begin the manual exam". He looked deep into her eyes. Susan felt her heart pounding beneath the blue gown.

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