The Thanksgiving Encounter

by LVWolfman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A smart remark and a chance encounter at Walmart makes for a memorable Thanksgiving shopping trip.


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"Oh, we need another egg slicer too. I broke the old one." Debi turned down the appropriate aisle while I followed behind pushing our shopping cart.

It was Thanksgiving Eve and we were grocery shopping for the the big dinner we were having the Friday after Thanksgiving. Since Ben and Kristin were having Thanksgiving dinner at her parent's house this year, we were having the kids over for our dinner the day after. Rather than fight the crowds earlier in the evening, we chose to visit the Walmart Superstore after midnight knowing that instead of fighting crowds, we'd simply be dodging cases and pallets as they restocked.

"I need some more wooden spoons too." I said. I'm normally the cook of the house, but my wife has this thing about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. That's the one dinner a year I know in advance that I won't be involved in. I also have this thing about traditional utensils. Plastic spoons just don't cut, it yet unfortunately, wooden spoons are getting harder to come by. Sure enough, hanging there on the hooks were two types of "wooden spoons"; one set was obviously plastic and was labeled "Poly Spoons", the other looked almost identical and claimed to be wooden spoons but still felt and looked like plastic.

"If these are wooden, they must have come from a plastic tree" I said in disgust. "Now THIS is a wooden spoon!" I held up the only real wooden spoon hanging there. It was a big one, about fourteen inches long. You could see and feel the grain of the wood and it just "felt" right compared to the cheaper set of four.

"But it's far too big" said Debi, dismissing it out of hand. Not that she'd be using it anyway.

Teasingly I responded, "Well, it's perfect for when I turn you over my knee and spank your bare bottom."

As Debi giggled and told me how bad I am, I happened to make eye contact with a woman who'd come around the corner of the aisle just in time to to hear my comment and see me holding the spoon. At first I thought I'd embarrassed her, as her very fair skin was blushed from above her blonde hairline down into the slight cleavage revealed by her top. Looking further down, I noticed two large points appearing where her nipples were trying to force their way out of her blouse.

A quick scan of her showed to be a medium height, 30-something blonde with a cute face (lightly marred by acne scars) and a nice enough looking body with everything in proportion pretty much the way I like women to look. She was wearing a dark blue nylon-type warm up pants and jacket suit over a white top. The embroidery on the left breast of the jacket gave the name of a beauty school.

Her blush deepened as she recognized my quick appraisal for what it was and while waving her hand in front of her face in a theatrical and corny attempt to cool off she stammered "I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't mean to intrude."

I couldn't help it, something clicked. Waving the spoon at her I sternly asked "Have you been a bad girl?"

As Debi gave a soft giggle thinking I was clowning around, I watched the blonde catch herself as she staggered and her breathing quickened. "Ye-N-n-nooo..." she said, her eyes firmly fixed on the spoon as she slowly walked closer to us.

"Would you like to be?" I asked with a big grin.

"Oh gawd!" was her response as the air around us filled with that wonderful scent of feminine arousal and she reached a hand to one of the shelves to steady herself.

Recognizing a very rare opportunity had presented itself to me, I decided to take a major risk. Even though I'd been away from "the scene" since before Debi and I married, I quickly fell back into the Dom role.

Lowering my voice to ensure that the three of us would have a little bit of privacy, I said "If you want to play, it's your choice. I see a nice large purse in your cart. You'll go over to the changing rooms and put your top, bra and panties in your purse. When you come back to us, you'll have your jacket closed and zipped up. As you get closer, you'll unzip the jacket to reveal the same amount of cleavage you're showing right now. When you get back to this exact spot, you'll unzip it much further and show us that you've obeyed and removed your underwear."

I paused to see how she reacted and was pleased to see that she was trembling and could barely stand there while holding onto the shelf. She was certainly getting into this.

"The choice is yours. If you don't want to play, just walk away in opposite direction of the changing rooms and have a happy Thanksgiving. No harm, no foul. If you choose to play, you'll be back here in less than five minutes. How you prove your obedience is your choice, but I want to see skin, not clothing from your purse. So make your choice, we'll be in this area of the store for the next five minutes." At that, I turned our cart around and headed down the aisle in the other direction.

Debi quickly caught up to me and fiercely whispered, "What in the hell are you doing? We don't even know that woman!"

"I know her type dear, remember what I used to be into."

Debi snorted, "What, are you going to fuck her? I know we have an agreement but this isn't the time nor place."

"Nope. That's reserved for you dear. Though I do plan on making this a Thanksgiving shopping trip she'll never forget." I snickered.

"Don't count on it buster. She's probably complaining to security right now." Debi is still very naive about some things.

"I doubt it, most likely the worst that'll happen is that she avoids us. After all, it'd be her word against ours. I didn't touch or threaten her in any way. If there's any security cameras on us, all they'll show is that the three of us were talking."

"I'll believe it when I see it, no woman is going to do that for a total stranger, especially in a public place like Walmart. Let's get back to shopping and save your dirty mind for later." With that, she led the way in a huff around the corner to the next aisle.

We hadn't made it more than one aisle away and halfway down the next when the blonde pushed her cart around the corner almost at a run.

"Oh, I thought you'd left!" she said, her blush returning. "I-I-I mean I was afraid you'd changed your mind."

I love it when I'm right!

As Debi stood there with her jaw almost on the floor, the blonde positioned herself in front of me, surrounded on three sides by tall stacks of boxes waiting to be shelved. As she reached to her neckline for the zipper, I noticed a distinct wet spot forming in the crotch of her warm up suit. As she slowly unzipped the jacket, she revealed that her blush now ran past her nipples and about halfway to her navel.

By the time she had the jacket completely unzipped and hanging open, her nipples were at full extension, the areolae crinkled and her chest heaving as if she couldn't catch her breath. At my nod, she gulped, glanced around as if to make sure that were alone and inserting her thumbs into the sides of the waist of the warm up pants, quickly peeled them down below her knees.

"Gawd! I can't believe that I'm doing this!" she whispered as she stood up straight.

"Assume the position" I softly ordered. She'd obviously had some training or at least was familiar enough with the D&S scene to know what I meant as she quickly spread her stance so that her feet were about as far apart as they could go with her pants down around her ankles, she then brought her hands up behind her head and clasped them, her eyes looking down at the floor.

Most of her body was now in a full blush, her nipples looked hard enough to poke holes in paper and there was a distinct shine on the insides of her thighs where her juices were flowing from her shaved pussy.

With my wife standing there taking in this all in shock, I reached out and drew my fingers down across her cheek, along the jawline, through the hollow of her neck and headed for her breasts. My fingers lightly followed the rise across the top of her right breast, then down under the breast, across to the left breast and back up. By this time, her blushing torso was covered in large goosebumps and her areolae seemed somehow crinkled even more tightly.

As my fingers completed their round trip to the top of her breasts, I altered their position a bit and lightly drug my nails down her left breast. She gasped as I drug a nail across the nipple. When I reached out with my other hand and proceeded to pinch and tug simultaneously on both nipples a soft moan escaped her lips as she trembled in a minor orgasm.

While still tugging on her nipples I leaned forward and sternly whispered... "Did I give you permission to cum?"

"N-n-n-ooo" she gasped, "I'm sorry Daddy!"

"Oh Ho!" I thought, as it dawned on me where she may have gotten her training. "You will not cum again, until I give you permission."

"Y-y-yes S-s-sir" came the meek reply.

I released her nipples and let my hand lightly trace down from between her breasts towards the Promised Land. As they crossed her slight tummy I enjoyed watching it ripple in anticipation. I skirted her clit which was proudly extended, standing at attention begging for equal time and drew my fingers through the folds of her very swollen lips. Sliding my index finger deeply into her, enticing yet another gasp, I pulled it back out along with a copious amount of her nectar. As I held my finger to her mouth she quickly began to gently lick it and then sucked on it cleaning every last trace off.

"Now I believe that we have some unfinished business and that you wanted some time with the wooden spoon. Am I correct?"

"Oh gawd... yes" she gasped, lost in a daze, seeming to fight down another orgasm.

"First, you've been a very bad girl. You took too long getting back here!" I sternly told her. Laughing to myself I thought that to be any quicker she'd have had to run through the store, or perhaps removed her top and underwear only an aisle over.

"I'm sorry Daddy, I promise to do better next time..."

"I know you are and that you will. But you still need to be punished. How many swats do you think that you deserve for being bad?" I asked, knowing that it was likely that she'd pick more than I had in mind.

"Umm... three... please Sir?" she managed to squeak out.

I reached into the cart for the wooden spoon, letting her see it. "OK, three it is. Now turn around, bend over and put your hands on that box there." I ordered.

She quickly complied and I stepped around to her left side to give me the freedom to swing the spoon with my right hand. Our position put my wife on her other side with a full view of what we were doing. Debi still had a look of disbelief on her face and was sporting her own blush with her own nipples tenting her top.

Reaching into my jacket, I got out my digital camera and handed it to Debi. "Only take a few as the flash will draw too much attention." She numbly nodded confirmation that she understood.

As I looked down at this delightful butt sticking out at me, I flipped the blondee's jacket forward over her head so we could see her breasts hanging down, slightly swaying from side to side as she quivered in anticipation.

"First young lady, you took too long to return to us. Three swats. Then you disobeyed me because you didn't have your jacket unzipped as you approached us, three more swats. You also wet your pants with your pussy juice in public, that's three more. Then, you let yourself cum without permission, another three swats. Finally, you are a VERY bad girl for doing this in public. That's another three swats. How many do you get now?"

With each charge, the blonde had let out a moan of anticipation and was starting to tremble again. "uh... f-f-fifteen Sir?" she finally gasped out.

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