Do you have the keys?

by Steve

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An Erotic Short Story about two lovers lost in each others presence and deeply captivated by one another's love... totally oblivious to the world around them.

Dinner had been extravagant that night, the food and wine almost too good to be real. It had been over 4 hours since we left the villa for dinner that night and it was as if we had just left. We were two lovers lost in each others presence and deeply captivated by one another's love... totally oblivious to the world around us. All we could see and hear that night was each other.

The entire evening you had been sending little cues, each one carefully planned and timed so as to slowly build up an intense desire inside of me. A desire so strong that when fully grown, it could not be controlled...

The drive back home was so picturesque that night, the full moon lighting the entire coastline and casting its warm soft glow everywhere. It was so bright it could have been early morning, except that it was only 1:30 am. With the convertible top down, your hair appeared almost radiant as it blew in the warm wind and was illuminated by the moon. The whole evening was like a page out of a travel magazine, advertising the perfect romantic getaway.

As we stood there on the porch, an incredible urge began to sweep over me as if someone were pouring warm oil all over my body. I was now only seconds away from being free to let my desires run wild, and my heart had already begun to race in anticipation of all that was about to come. As I fumbled for the keys, like a young man on a first date, you gently brushed up from behind me, sliding just your erect nipples slowly and deliberately across the back side of my arm. This caught me completely off guard and seemed to open a floodgate of passions and desires that had been so carefully planted by you all evening... one at a time.

Your black silk dress just seemed to magnify the sensation of your hard nipples sliding back and forth across my skin and caused me to drop the keys on the ground. Slowly, as if I were being turned by some unseen hand, I found myself facing you and looking deep into your waiting eyes...

I gently and slowly slide my hands ever so lightly across your breasts, avoiding your nipples as it was only a tease. My hands slide down the outside of your arms, giving you the chills and the tingles... a feeling you had not felt since you were in High School. As my hands now slide behind your back, I pull you closer, looking deep into your eyes, running my fingertips up your entire back.

Now as both my hands are behind your head... my fingers are running through your hair and it is sending shivers throughout your entire body. It is almost an electric feeling as I gently hold your face with both hands and touch my lips ever so lightly against your quivering mouth.

As I pull my lips away from yours, you stand there completely captivated and enraptured, not even able to move. Your only thought is how amazing that just felt and we have only just begun... Again I come close, and this time, I begin to kiss your upper lip with both of mine... making that ever so sensuous and quiet sound of a gentle and erotic kiss. You love the way this feels and you begin to melt into my arms as I take turns kissing your lips, one at a time, gently and softly, again running my fingers through your hair and caressing your back. It has now been 5 minutes since we stood at the doorstep and we have not been able to let one another go for long enough to even think about opening the door.

It is such a warm and balmy night, the gentle breeze, the soothing and almost hypnotizing sound of the waves, the perfect candlelight dinner out on the veranda at the restaurant. It all seems so surreal, like a romantic dream or a movie you once watched... except instead of waking up or coming to the end, you are falling deeper and deeper into this sensual and erotic bliss.

Was it the champagne before dinner or the bottle of luscious zinfandel that accompanied the food that was doing all this to you? Could it be all the time you spent in the sun that day which was now catching up with you. Whatever it was, it was beginning to take over. At first you were afraid of these incredible feelings and the fact that they were consuming you... but now you have given in and have completely let go...

You have forgotten that you were still on the porch of the villa and are now oblivious to anyone who happened to be passing by or watching from a distance. All the while, the handmade light fixtures which were wrought in the sixteenth century have been illuminating the entire scene for all to see...

As time seemed to stop and eternity had taken over, we were now embracing as lovers who had been apart for years and had now just reunited. You could not tell one from the other, they were as one... kissing passionately and embracing each other in a way that few have ever experienced.

As your arms wrapped around me I instinctively grabbed your beautiful cheeks and pressed my rock hard manhood against your now dripping beauty that lie between your legs. With every kiss and touch initiated by you, you could feel my cock throb and pulsate. This feeling of power and control made you wildly excited and all the more intent on taking me to the ultimate level of pleasure.

Again you pressed hard against me and kissed me deeply, only this time, without warning, I ran my hands down the sides of your waist and lifted your short dress all in one motion. To my surprise and sheer excitement, I discovered you had not worn any underwear out to dinner that night.

All the while, your shaved beauty had been exposed to the warm night air, and the touch of your sleek hand beneath the table at dinner. Now it was perfectly clear why you so erotically and slowly fed me the grapes and other pieces of small fruit at the table. As you carefully and slowly selected each piece with your right hand, the fingers of your left were deep inside your beauty, picking up the incredible and tantalizing taste of a woman in love. Each piece was carefully switched to your left hand before feeding it to me... all without me ever knowing that you were secretly feeding me a potion... a potion of passion and desire.

The moment I realized all this, I almost came to an immediate climax. I had to stop myself and take several quick deep breaths in order to not cum all over you right then and there. I wanted to save myself for you but it was all I could do to keep from exploding. It was more than I could handle and so overpowering to know, that I had been seduced with a potion of your inner juices. Like Adam and Eve, you fed me the forbidden fruit... and now it was taking me over.

As I realized you were completely naked underneath your dress, I dropped to my knees as if I had been pulled down to the ground by a hungry lion. I had to see it, I had to taste it, this part of you that had so completely taken control of my thoughts, my actions and now my emotions.

Still we were on the porch, not even realizing it, falling deeper and deeper into this trance we were both in. It was as if a spell had been cast and we were both under it. As I fell to my knees and lifted your dress over your waist, I could see your engorged lips, like a beautiful butterfly waiting to spread its wings. The lights on each side of the porch were perfectly placed and shining ever so brightly. Would the craftsman that made these ancient fixtures ever have imagined that they would one day be used for this majestic and sensual purpose? They were now allowing me to see everything in a beautiful light... and the sight of your glistening juices running all the way down your inner thigh to the top of ankle was a sight to behold.

Like a hungry animal I wanted to consume you but I was more intent on teasing you and making you beg me to finish you... after all, you had fed me a secret potion without me knowing it and I did not stand a chance against it. This would be my way of getting even, to make you wait in utter ecstasy until I finally allowed you to finish.

Your legs instinctively spread as your hips rotated upwards towards the heavens. You grabbed the back of my head as the tip of my warm tongue began to flick at your swollen clit. This began to drive you crazy and caused your whole abdomen to contract and shake with each flick of my warm and moist tongue. You were beginning to moan and breath hard, and without me even knowing it, you had taken your dress completely off and it now lay on the ground next to you. Never had the thought ever entered your mind that you would be standing totally naked on the front porch of the villa... for all to see.

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