U is for Unleashed

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Cousins, Aunt, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Paul comes home on leave to a lot more than he could have ever imagined.

Paul stood at the railing as the USS George Washington pulled into port. He'd been at sea for nearly a year now. A throng of people had gathered on the docks, he could almost feel their excitement from here. And though he was happy to finally be home again, he was coming home with more than a little intrepidation and concern.

Paul had received a letter from his mother a month earlier. His Aunt Sybil whom he dearly loved had for whatever reason left her husband, his Uncle Jack. Paul knew they hadn't been getting along for quite some time now, not at all surprised when he received the news. And he wasn't too surprised when his mother had informed him that his Aunt would be moving in with her either. He had lost his own father several years previous in an accident, so having the company was something Paul was certainly happy about for her. It had been tough on his mother ever since trying to maintain the home they lived in on her own without any additional help. Paul had even suggested she get out, date... meet someone and perhaps even marry again. All she did was laugh whenever he brought the subject up.

"I don't need or want another man in my life just now," she'd told him. "I'm perfectly happy just the way things are!"

Paul had actually gotten bold enough to get personal with her. They had always been close, so any sexual subject wasn't exactly foreign to him, but discussing his mother's sex-life was still somewhat awkward. "Mother? You're still young, don't you ever have needs and desires to be with a man again?" She had laughed boisterously at that one.

"What makes you think I haven't?" she challenged back. "I didn't say I haven't slept with anyone, I just said I wasn't ready to get married again is all."

And with that, Paul had let the subject drop.

No, it wasn't his Aunt that concerned him by her moving in with his mother. For that he was actually quite pleased. He was actually looking forward to spending some time with her, especially as he was now due to rotate into shore duty here in San Diego where his family lived. No, it was his cousin Casey that troubled him. And though he hadn't seen her for at least six years now, they never had gotten along very well together, at least not in his mind. As far as Casey was concerned, they'd gotten along great, fabulously great! His mother had even teased him early on during their childhood that she was sweet on him and that if it hadn't been for the fact they were actually cousins. She'd never finished the thought or comment though, something else he was glad she hadn't done. Paul had tried dealing with his cousins antics, he truly had. But she seemed to enjoy torturing him in one way or another, and had always done so for as far back as he could remember. He had hoped that now since she was no longer a silly teenager that whatever infatuation she once had for him would have dissolved by now. Meeting her at the docks had proved to him otherwise.

Casey had of course moved in with his mother too since she was currently unemployed though actively looking for work. She had taken a part-time job for personal expenses, but it wasn't the kind of job you actually made a career out of unless you were actually content to wait on tables the rest of your life. So, for the time being at least, the four of them would be living under the same roof together. And that is what truly bothered him.

Paul had never considered himself to be good looking. But even he had to admit he looked pretty decent in his dress-blues uniform. Medium height and build, though he'd exercised regularly aboard ship, he certainly wasn't muscle bound. Though his hair was kept short, it was dark offsetting his almost cobalt blue eyes. Likewise his skin was a natural light coppery color, part of his Indian heritage along with his high cheekbones.

Coming down the ladder, he spotted all three of them standing together waving at him madly. Paul smiled waving back, then gritted his teeth as he approached, first giving his mother a warm loving embrace before turning to do the same with his Aunt, and finally his cousin. He had to avert his eyes from her when he did. As always, and as he'd half anticipated, Casey just being Casey was enough to intimidate him. She stood wearing a pair of very short, cut-off Levi's that showed more of her ass than not. But even worse was the fact she was also wearing an old cut-off tee shirt (one of his he realized) that barely covered the lower portions of her obviously braless breasts.

At fifteen years of age Casey had been more of a woman then than most girls her age. Now, at twenty-one, she was even more so.

Her dark brown hair was long now, well past her shoulders. She looked even more the Indian than he as he glanced towards her briefly, Casey suddenly embracing him much the same way both his mother and Aunt had, with one tiny exception. She kissed him fully as though welcoming home a lover, a husband rather than simply the cousin that he was. As she kissed him, taking him off guard momentarily, he felt the fullness of her soft breasts pressing against the material of his Navy jumper. He broke the kiss, or chances were they'd still be standing there kissing. Even then she hugged him closely to her once again, and he felt the quick nip of her mouth against his earlobe, then her whisper, "Welcome home sexy."

Paul felt his face turning color, grateful that his mother once again embraced him allowing him a moment to compose himself, though he also cursed as he felt his unwanted arousal twitch inside the too tight fitting Navy bell bottoms he was wearing.

"What say we go home so you can fix this old Salt a real home cooked meal?" he stated anxiously, wanting to go home now before Casey could say or do anything more to intimidate him.

Unfortunately, that wasn't to be the case, for no sooner had they gotten into the car, did Casey make it known to him her old games of "tease you silly" were just getting started.

With his mother driving and his aunt sitting up the in front seat with her, he'd of course gotten in back along with Casey. And though she hugged one door and he the other, the way she leaned against it at an angle facing slightly towards him made it impossible for him not to notice.

Now, as she leaned against the door, he could just see the soft underside of her bare breast, and worse, the hard press of her taut nipples against the tightly stretched material of "his" tee shirt! He thought once again to himself. He glanced up at her face realizing he'd been staring at her. She was smiling, knowingly, and then winked.

"Shit!" he said to himself. "Shit, shit, shit!"

He was grateful at least that the trip home was less than a half-hours drive. That, and his aunt kept periodically looking into the backseat chatting with him, or chances were that Casey would have done a hell of a lot more to torture him than she'd been doing already. Once, she had made some pretense of shifting and in doing so, managed to completely lift the bottom of her already too short shirt, giving him a quick, but full glimpse of her right breast. Paul felt his unwanted erection stiffen, once again glad they were almost home now so he could change into something a bit more comfortable as well as far more restraining.

"By the way Paul," his mother began. "You'll be excited to know we have a hot-tub now!" He glanced up catching his mother's eyes in the rear-view mirror as she spoke. She smiled.

"Oh, great!" he responded at the same time he felt Casey's bare foot suddenly travel up his leg towards his crotch. He took the moment to lean forward towards the front seat. "What made you decide to do that?" he asked.

"Actually, it was my idea," Sybil explained, Cynn didn't want to at first but I talked her into it."

Sybil had always called his mother Cynn, short for Cynthia, her given name, drawing out the last two n's making it sound like 'Sin' whenever she called her that.

"It's the best stress relief you could ever possibly imagine!" his aunt added.

"I'll bet," Paul thought just as Casey spoke adding her two cents.

"Yeah, I love using it," she piped up saying. "It releases all kinds of stress and tension... which I'm sure you'll enjoy having taken care of as well," she stated with a not so subtle hint at what she had really meant by that. Paul had finally had enough of this cat and mouse game Casey was playing with him. He waited until his aunt and mother had gotten into a brief discussion on what they were going to do about dinner that evening, then he turned towards Casey and in hushed tones spoke.

"You and I need to talk later," he actually whispered, hoping that was enough to stave off any further response from her. In a way it was, but in another, she responded just exactly the way he feared that she might. She grinned mischievously so, once again winking, and this time purposely slid her hand down the front of Levi shorts. Paul turned his head away from her, unable to watch any more. His erection already throbbing bad enough as it was.

His mother had kept his room for him of course, though he'd been home on leave enough times to put most of his childhood things away, turning it into more of a man's room, rather than a boys.

"We had to turn your father's den into another bedroom," she informed him as she stood just inside the door watching as he began digging out a pair of Levi shorts for himself, along with a sleeveless tee shirt. He was anxious to undress and hang up his Uniform. "Now it's Casey's bedroom," she added as though knowing Paul wouldn't be all that happy hearing it. It meant that her room shared the connecting bathroom between the two.

"Figured as much," came his simple response. "So where's Aunt Syb sleeping?"

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