The Teacher

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Teaching the elderly how to use a computer can be daunting. Better to teach them in a familiar enviroment, that is what this young man does, but read how he tackled one elderly person.


Copyright┬ę 1998

I was asked to take part in a programme to teach the elderly how to use a computer. Instead of conducting these lessons at a centre, where many of our senior citizens feel embarrassed by their mistakes in a group, this service was done in their own homes, using their own computers. The computers they would be using to do their banking, emails and surfing from. It was up to the instructor to what fees he or she chose to charge. All the instructor had to do was register with the local authorities, for police clearance; prove they were competent with computers and willing to work in the evenings. Names of the participants were then given to them by the supervisor of the programme.

I had been doing this for four months now, usually I had the pupil up and running in a couple of hours some even less, but Mrs Elise Tallboy was a real challenge.

Even to switching on it took me three hours, I couldn't understand what was so difficult in pressing one switch, but Elise did. Maybe I should say two switches the one on the wall plate and the other on the computer itself. We had eventually got it, but she has to think about it even now when I go and see her, I feel it's just company she wants and the lessons are just a means to get me to visit her.

I don't mind visiting her at all, I always get a meal there and she is the most elegant woman I have ever met, well-spoken and her dress is always faultless; from her silk stockings legs to the top of her head. There is hardly a hair out of place. In fact I thought it was a wig the first time I called, but I soon discovered it was her real hair. Sitting on a chair so close to her, one sees every pore and blemish and I have really looked Elise over. She wears the subtlest of perfumes which I love to smell on a woman.

Last week we even sent an email to me at home, I sent a reply, so tonight we are to check that it came back to her.

The first two evenings, she wouldn't even sit close to me, as I showed her how everything works, since then she has got closer and closer. Just last week, when I called she had replaced the two chairs with a piano stool and we sat very close. In fact I felt she was a bit too close, she had her hand on my thigh, which could be quite innocent.

Being a virile male and tall I seem to intimidate some women by my size, I'm 78 inches tall, broad-shouldered and weigh 210 lbs or there about. I'm 24 years old and even if I say so myself quite good-looking. Elise is about 63 inches and weighs about 100 lbs so I dwarf her. This could have been the reason she kept her distance at first, but now she sits with her thighs against mine.

I shouldn't say this but I am beginning to fancy her as a sexual partner, but an old woman? She is older than my grandmother. Women of Elise age are not interested in sex, it's Bridge and Scrabble, or gardening they are interested in not a young stud like me between their legs I thought.

Usually when I arrive we have a meal together, and she sat on the end while I sat at the side of the table. Tonight she was sitting directly opposite and she kept watching me all the time and smiling. I was getting the full-frontal attention and the little body language that I knew, was an indicator I was getting her full attention, and she was passive for her hands were turned up and wide apart.

I know that she likes me for she is always smiling when I arrive. After an hour with her at the computer I found that her attention wavers and it is pointless going on. It is then she usually makes a cup of coffee and we sit and have a chat in her kitchen.

Tonight she wheeled the coffee on a trolley into her lounge and we sat in front of a coffee-table on her sofa.

"Am I being a pain in the neck for you John, I just can't get the idea of the computer into my head. I see you doing it and when I try it all goes wrong and I can't use that mouse thing, or control the arrow."

"It will come to you suddenly and then you will be off."

"And you will be off also!"

"Why should I, I like coming to visit you Elise. If you want me to continue visiting you as a friend I will definitely come and see you."

"I thought once you have shown me everything you would stop calling."

"You like me calling to see you?"

"I am always looking forward to each of your visits, I wish you could come and see me every evening."

"I could even do that. If I have another pupil which is usually for an hour then I can call round after, would you want that. I don't want to see you lonely and miserable Elise. Not a lovely woman like you."

"You think I'm a lovely woman John."

"I certainly do, I like almost everything about you, your dress your hair your perfume, your bearing, yes a very lovely lady."

"But a bit too old for you."

"No woman is too old to be admired and loved."

No more was said but I started calling in every working day evening to see her. I was even getting emails from her, but the tone of the emails was changing, even the start and end. It used to be John; then Dear John; now it's My dearest John and now I'm getting xoxoxo at the end. Tonights was 'My dearest John; I am so eagerly awaiting your hour with me I only wish it could be so much longer, come quickly dearest. Elise xoxoxoxo'

This is the type of letters and emails you get from teenagers, not an old woman who you visit because she is lonely. This woman has the hots for me I am certain, what would she do if I put my arm around her. I knew I had to go slow, but I am going to start tonight.

I had another pupil tonight a 19-year old mentally retarded young woman; her parents want her to use the computer they have for her in her room.

I called round at the time I had the appointment, which was an hour earlier than I usually go, this was for this evening only at 6pm, and an assessment of how I thought she would respond. Her name was Tony and she looked quite normal to me, as we stood in the hallway.

"The computer is in her bedroom and study she is very possessive and sometimes won't let anyone in her room. I am just telling you this for she may start yelling for you to leave if she gets upset. Other than that she is quite normal, but her IQ isn't very high.

I had been told most of this by the course supervisor so I was prepared for any upset and was told to leave immediately she started showing signs of aggression.

"Well Tony I'm John, your parents want you to learn how to use the computer, but I am sure you do know how to use one, care to show me how much?"

She was quite good and could access programs and send and receive emails as good as anyone else.

"What is it you really want to learn Tony?"

"About sex, and about how to use some of the tools and accessories on the computer and about sex."

"From what you say you want to learn about sex, what actually?

"What it feels like to have a cock inside me, Oh don't worry I can't have children, a hormone imbalance."

"You are very well informed Tony,"

"I know how to use a computer, but I know nothing about getting fucked, I have to feel a cock inside me so I know what to expect. My parents never let me out of their sight except here in my room. Here we can do anything. Just to feel it inside me that is all I want." She pleaded.

No-one told me about this situation, what do I do run, and she cries rape, give her what she wants and then get accused of rape.

"No fucking, just the penetration only, no kissing or anything else and I choose how." I said to her.

"Yes I agree."

I lay down on her bed and unzipped my trousers and pulled them down to my knees. "Now you sit over my hips once you remove your panties."

"I'm not wearing any, just like my mother."

Well that was one bit of news whether it was of use was another matter.

I didn't need to say any more, Tony just sat on my knob and sank down and I shot right into her hot moist young cunt. Her hot cunt made it feel like being sheathed in a silken glove. But she raised herself as if to get off and lowered herself again then again and I couldn't stop her, until after about a dozen humps.

"Tony that wasn't what we agreed on, be fair, I helped you, maybe the next time we will go further, but not tonight."

She got off and I adjusted my clothing.

"Sorry, it was so nice," she said looking down at the floor.

"Look I have to go; I will see you next week."

I couldn't get out soon enough, that was a very close call.

I made my way back to Elise's house but I was still bearing a semi hard on, after all I had just been rove up a 19-year olds tight cunt with an oversized cock.

Elise met me at the door and she went on tiptoe and kissed me on my cheek. This is the first time she has ever done this and it wasn't until after she had done it, I realised I had bent my face so she could. I was beginning to accept this old woman into my life unconsciously.

She had the table set and we sat down to have what she called her supper. Afterwards we went into her lounge. Now I was relaxed in this room, I had been coming here for so long now. She sat down beside me and I put my arm around her and drew her in, she came like a lamb and rested her head on my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

"I know it's silly an old woman like me, but I love you John. I want you to hold me tight, will you do that?"

I hadn't intended to go beyond putting my arm around her, but she had asked to be held and I did.This has moved my agenda up a good deal. Now she was pressing her chest on to mine and I could feel her soft breasts against mine. Why was I holding an old woman like this, I kept asking myself, but she was now searching for my mouth to kiss, I just lowered my head and our lips came together. There was no difference to kissing a younger woman I found.

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