Different Kind of Prisoner

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A recently released prisoner picks up two stranded women and he volunteers to drive them home. One turned out to be the lawyer on the prosecution who blackmailed him to be a sex slave.

Copyright© 2004

Twenty miles out from the city I pulled up alongside a car which had two elderly women sitting with the doors open, the hood up and steam coming from the engine. I was two days out of Peterhead prison having to serve my full sentence without remission. The car was a friend's son's which I was delivering for him. I pulled up alongside them and got out.

"Can I help?" I asked the two women.

"Our car just made a loud bang then stopped," the younger one answered. Younger maybe but she was well over sixty, the other could well be her mother or older sister.

I took a look and I saw the piston had blown a hole in the block and oil was pooling under the car.

"You have blown that engine, you will need a new engine, that's for sure," I said, giving them the once over. God I could screw both of them, I've never had a woman in fourteen years and any woman would do, maybe if I helped them I could get my leg over I thought. Act the good Samaritan Jimmy, I said to myself.

"Are you in the AA or RAC?"

"No we are in neither," the old woman said.

"Well where are you going?" I asked.

"The city, we live there," the older one replied.

"Which part for I'm on my way to deliver this car for a friend, if it's near where they live I'll drop you off home?"

They told me the suburb which was a real posh area.

"Christ that's at the other side of the city to where I am going, but I'll take you home, come on get your stuff into my car and we will be on our way. Better take anything that can be stolen, for bet your bottom dollar someone will pinch it."

"Can you help us, we have a few cases?" The younger one asked.

I helped them clear out their car; they had travelling rugs, pillows and a lot of junk in the car as well as their suitcases. We managed to squeeze everything in and off we went.

"How can we thank you for doing all this for us," the older woman said.

"What you could do if it's no problem, could you put me up for the night, and once I drop off this car I have to find somewhere to spend the night." I asked,

"We can do that for you we have a couple of spare bedrooms, and I am sure a nice man like you would be no trouble," The older one said.

"Thank you very much, I appreciate that, I'm always willing to help a traveller out who is in need," I said. Yea the last traveller I met I gave him such a beating he nearly died. All I wanted was his bloody wallet, if he'd given it to me he could have walked away unhurt, but he tried to throw a punch at me.

"By the way the names Jimmy," I added.

"I'm Janet and this is my daughter Anne," The older woman said.

"Pleased to meet you Janet and Anne," I said.

God this is going to be easy they are so willing to help me, I thought. I was soon into the city traffic and instead of turning right I turned left at the airport roundabout and into the posh area of the city. All the streets here were tree-lined and the houses all had walls and neat gardens. I drove slowly until Janet told me to turn into a driveway. She activated the gates by a remote she had in her handbag and I drove right in and pulled up outside this two storey house.

Definitely not my part of the town, but I've been in a good few of the houses, uninvited of course. I helped them take all of their stuff into the house and I left them smiling.

"Remember Jimmy, you are welcome to stay the night, come back soon we will be waiting," they said as I left.

Christ they were almost begging for me to stay now, things were looking up. I dropped the car at the lock-up I was asked to, collected the money which was hidden in the lock-up and made my way to the bus-stop. It took four changes before I got to the suburb the women lived in and a man walking these streets was definitely a suspect if the police showed up. With my record I would spend a few hours in a police station if the stopped me.

I was lucky; I reached their gate and used the two way to tell Janet I was at the gate. The gate opened and once I was through it closed again behind me. I strolled up and as I got to the front door it opened and Anne opened it.

"Come right in Jimmy we have a meal ready, you arrived just in time," she said then locking the front door behind me.

"I very much appreciate, this meal and the room," I said as we were sitting around the dining table.

"Where do you work Jimmy?" Janet asked.

"I'm at present looking for employment Janet."

Nothing more was said on that subject all evening as we sat talking in their comfortable sitting room where all the easy chairs and sofa were made of leather, very soft leather where one sank into the chair. Then Janet showed me to a room on the first floor, after that I saw her open the door of the room just opposite mine. I caught a glimpse of the bed just as she closed the door, so I assumed that was her bedroom.

I lay awake for what seemed like hours, I heard all the creaks and groans of the house. When everything seemed quiet I rose and slunk across the passageway and silently opened the door of Janet's room and slipped in, closing the door silently behind me.

Then suddenly the main lights came on and I was standing there in my underwear. "I wondered how long it would take you James Ferguson, I recognised you in the car, I suspect you don't recognise me. I was one of your prosecutors when you were sent down fourteen years ago for the murder of that young woman, which was the only crime we could pin on you at the time, but it was enough. Yours was the last case I handled before I retired, so I remember it well. I checked with a friend of mine when we got back home and found out you were only freed from HM Hotel only day before yesterday. Now you come sneaking into my room, I suppose to rape me. Now what would the Police have to say about that Jimmy?" Janet said with a smile on her face sitting up in bed.

"You knew who I was, yet you said nothing, why?" I asked now curious.

"Have you noticed we have cameras all over the house, well in the halls, front and rear doors and all sides of the house outside, so I have a recording of you sneaking in here? Now why have I said nothing you ask? Well you won't have to rape me that is one thing. Also I know you must be really frustrated after fourteen years without a woman, especially you who had so many coming to your defence at the trial. My daughter and I need a man and you will do fine, for one of the things that came out at the trial was that you were a well-endowed man. Is that true?" She asked. I felt as though I was back in the dock again.

"What if I just turn and walk away?"

"I'll shout rape, who do you think the Police will believe, you or me. Then you can spend another fourteen years behind bars at Her Majesties pleasure. Do as I ask and maybe I will let you go, when I see fit and you live up to expectations, "she said now with a wide smile on her face.

"Well I don't want to go back into prison that's for sure, I suppose I could get used to living here, if that what is in your mind," I replied.

"See Jimmy, that wasn't too hard now, was it and I can assure you, you will get to exercise your asset far more than you ever imagined," she said.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Not now, firstly come into bed with me, I'm all ready for you," with that throwing back the cover to show she was naked.

She hadn't the best body in the world, her boobs were long and flat with just a bulbous end, her pubic hair was almost white. There were a few wrinkles on her body, but then I had only had Mrs Palmer for the last fourteen years to keep me company and now she looked to me as a virgin Goddess. I just dropped my underpants and removed my vest and joined her in bed.

"Well the statements the women gave, were not exaggerating now were they, God for a small man you surely are well-endowed. I think that was where all your growth went," she said holding my pride and joy. It was nice to feel someone else hold it and I pumped more blood into my already rigid member.

Oh she was ready all right for her juices were running out of her pussy as I slipped my hand down on to her lipless pussy. I say lipless for she hadn't the puffy lips of a younger woman, they were just non-existent as my finger slipped into her hot sticky cunt.

She raised and splayed her knees as I got between these old legs. This was going to be the oldest woman I have ever fucked. But as I said now I would have voted her Miss Universe as I slipped my plumb sized crown into this waiting and willing woman's treasure.

God it felt great as I sank in right into the hilt, oh how I had missed this, God I'm not going back into prison and lose out on this any more. I'll do anything she wants as long as I can have a woman wrapped around my cock. I don't care how old or ugly they are as long as I can sink my cock into them. I started pumping in and out and Janet started rolling her hips and thrusting on my down stroked driving me even deeper into her body. I couldn't stand much of this great pleasure the first time, for I just exploded inside her after only a short time.

"Sorry Janet, but I just couldn't help it it's been so long," I said looking down at her.

"Just you stay where you are, I understand, after all this time it was to be expected," she replied stroking my face, and rubbing her hands up and down my body. That was enough to re-harden my still imprisoned cock. I started again driving even harder into her and she seemed to love this. Now her legs were high and her heels were on the small of my back and her old hips were being pushed into me with equal ferocity.

I never realised that this old woman really felt great to fuck and not the way I had imagined an old woman would act or feel. I also doubted I would catch some sexually transmitted disease from her too not like that last bitch I fucked that cost me fourteen years. I caught the full house from her well not quite everything but syphilis. It was when I confronted her that she laughed in my face that I hit her that many times I killed her. Jimmy the hard man being floored because of a young common slut that was what upset me more than anything.

But having the name of a hard-man in prison saved me from the ridicule that normal sex offenders have to endure, so I was left alone and I was treated as a normal murderer was treated.

Now I knew where I would get the best fuck without all the hassle I used to have, with younger women, here was a woman I could fuck every day, not worry about periods or getting pregnant. Yes I will stay and keep her fed with as much cock as she wanted.

Now I pounded into her, to give her exactly what she wanted, my meat. Once I'd blown my load for the second time I felt satisfied and now I smiled at her as she too lay back smiling.

"Yes Jimmy, I think we will fit in here real fine, now go back to your bed, I've had what I want from you for tonight at least," she said shunning me off as though I was her servant. That really pissed me off, as I got off the bed picked up my underwear and returning to my room, but not before giving the camera wherever it is the one finger salute.

I dropped off and slept like a log, but I suddenly felt cold and a weight on my hips as I woke up. I was right there was no bedding on me and Anne was sitting over me with my cock buried into her fanny. Now that I was awake, I was getting the lovely encased feeling of being buried in this younger woman's pussy.

"My mother told me that she had spoken to you and you were going to stay a while and help us, so I thought what a better way to get to know each other was like this. Janet said you were big, but I never realised men could have such a large penis as you have Jimmy, and it's all ours now," she said wriggling her bottom sending waves of more pleasure through my body.

God I thought Anne feels even better than Janet and her breasts are not as saggy as hers were either.

"You lie back I want to do all this myself, This is the only way I like it, I don't like men lying over me, I want to be in charge." She said.

"Please yourself Anne, I don't mind as long as I have my cock up your cunt who cares who is on top."

"Must you use that crude language, surely there are more eloquent ways of describing it," she asked rather indignantly.

"Sweetheart, a fuck is a fuck known throughout the world, and a cunt is what takes a cock. Nature designed us that way, so go sweetheart I'm all yours," I said laying back and letting her get on with it.

Two days I endured the same routine, Janet at night and Anne in the morning. They acted as though butter wouldn't melt in their mouth throughout the day, and I was really getting a bit pissed off being used as a stud. What could I do about it? That Janet had me by the short and curlies and I didn't want to go back to prison, that was for sure.

Then that afternoon two other women arrived in the house, one was even older than Janet and used a walking stick. The other was tall and eloquently dressed and stood up straight and proud and spoke as though she had a stone in her mouth. I wasn't in the room as the four of them spoke but sitting in the dining room, the sliding doors were slightly open and I was catching bits and pieces of the conversation. It went on for well over an hour, interrupted by the cook who came in early every day wheeling a tea-trolley in. I wasn't offered a cup but I poured myself a coffee from the coffee machine which was always on in the dining room.

Then I caught, "Yes Agnes dear, soon now, Janet has arranged it," said by the tall eloquent woman with the distinctive voice. Just then the sliding doors opened and Janet came through closing them tight behind her.

"I have an old woman who hasn't long to live, I want you to give her what she wants, I'm sure you can oblige Jimmy. Oh and tomorrow I am taking you into town and have you fitted out, I can't take you to my friends dressed in the clothes you are wearing." She said haughtily.

"What are you doing, pimping for me?"

"You will do just as I say, or I will see you back in prison. The woman you are about to help is the grandmother of the Chief Constable, so you see I have some influential friends."

"Who is the woman with her?" I asked.

"Oh you saw them. That is the mother of the Chief Constable, you will be meeting her tomorrow afternoon in her home, don't worry there will be no men there who might recognise you for what you are. Now get up to your bedroom I will be bringing the woman up shortly," she said as she returned through the sliding doors.

I seemed to be getting deeper and deeper in this mess. I thought I was a hard man, but this Janet has me screwed and knows my weakness — returning to prison, so I have to go along with her. The only thing I'm now getting what I used to lie on my cot all those nights and hope for. I made my way up to my room and waited putting on a soft classical CD to play in the small CD player in the room which also had a radio.

There was a tap on the door and Janet came in with the old woman, "Jimmy, this is Agnes, she will tell you what she wants. Take your time there is no rush," she said and left.

"Well Agnes what do you want from me," I asked right out.

She came over and sat on the seat by the bed and looked up at me sitting on the side of the bed. "Gee it is hard to tell you what I want you are so much younger than me and I've never asked a man before," She said in a high-class voice that sounded just like her daughter.

"You want a man's cock once more, is that what you are trying to say, Agnes?" I asked.

"Yes, I want to taste it and feel it inside me."

"That's no problem at all, it's just how you want it, naked in bed or dressed, either way suits me," I said trying to be blasé about it, but wondering what an old cow like her wanted shafting.

"In bed of course, I wouldn't have it any other way," she replied.

"Well Agnes, what are you waiting for, get your clothes off and I'll give you the cock you want," I said stripping off my shirt and undoing my trousers.

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