Jessie Babe's Story

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a story about how Jessie finds herself and everything she wants. Her dad is unmarried and quite a stud. She notices him looking a her with more than the love of a father. Can it be lust? Dare she think those thoughts?

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This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people is merely a coincidence. This story may not be used for wrapping fish or any other commercial endeavor without the author's expressed permission.

Jessie is a delicious girl. She lives with just her dad and idolizes him. She is not a virgin, but her partners have never satisfied her. They have never met her expectations. This is a story about how Jessie finds herself and everything she wants.

Jessie was 22 and she had to admit that she looked good. Her boobs were high and tight, not too large, but pert and perfect for her figure. Her ass was just fine too. All in all, Jessie was hot. She noticed that her dad, whom she had always been close with, was suddenly making attempts at becoming even closer with her. Maybe, too close.

She thought back to last weekend. Her dad had been washing the car when she returned home from work. It had been a hot day and she had stripped down to a halter top and shorts. Her Dad had said, "Hey Jessie, it's hot out here. Why don't you take a shower to cool off? I've got the hose right here." She tried to beg off, but before she knew it she was soaked. The water was cold so her nipples instantly perked up. She stood there stunned her tits and nipples standing out for everyone to see. Some neighborhood teens started whooping, so she gave them the finger and went inside to change.

Then there was that day at the beach. Jessie was wearing her new black bikini that her dad had helped pick out. He told her it didn't show too much, so she bought it. Jessie was about to go in for a dip, when her dad said, "Well, I'll be. Look who's here Jessie; it's your Uncle Joe. Say 'hi' to him like a good girl." They stood there talking for almost a half an hour. Jessie really wanted to go swimming, but she knew it would be rude to just leave. As the three were talking, Jessie noticed that the men were staring at her. Uncle Joe seemed to find her butt fascinating and her dad was standing close to her, looking down her cleavage. They were pretty nonchalant about it, so Jessie just ignored them figuring the looks were accidental.

She eventually got to go swimming, which she loved. When she came out of the water, Uncle Joe had left. The water was a little cold, so her nipples were standing out. They were so sensitive to the air, temperature, everything. Her daddy was so caring, he had a towel ready and helped Jessie to dry off. If he had not been her dad, Jessie would have thought he was trying to feel her up.

Jessie thought about all these things as she lay on her bed. It was a hot night and their house was not air conditioned, so Jessie wore her skimpiest nightie and was lying on top of her covers. She thought about how long her dad had been without a woman and the way he had been treating her lately. Could he be turned on by me? Was he trying to get me to have sex with him?

Jessie couldn't sleep, these thoughts just kept running through her mind. Is that why he bought all those short skirts for me to wear? Jessie went into the kitchen to get a cool drink. She accidentally spilled some down the front of her nightie. Zoom, her nipples were erect again. Damn, I am such a klutz. Jessie put her glass in the sink and turned off the kitchen light. Unable to see in the dark, she carefully made her way back to her room. Half way there she bumped into her father. He was going to the kitchen and they hadn't seen each other in the dark. Jessie instinctively wrapped her arms around him so she wouldn't fall. He was not wearing a shirt, so her hard nipples were grinding into his bare chest. After a long moment, when she could swear she felt something growing hard against her leg. Jessie stepped back and moved around her father. Neither one had said a word. Jessie walked unsteadily back to her room and climbed back onto her bed. Now Jessie's mind was really spinning. Was that his cock that I had felt? Was he excited by my hugging him? All night Jessie dreamt of sleeping with her dad. They were both naked and holding each other on his bed. Is this right that I have these dreams? Am I turning into a pervert?

The next morning came and Jessie woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. She stretched, got out of her bed, threw on her robe and walked to the kitchen. Her dad was in the kitchen, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He went to her before she sat down and gave her a hug and a kiss. "Did you sleep well, dear? It sure was hot last night. Have you got any plans for this afternoon, Jessie?"

Jessie thought for a moment, "Not really, daddy. Why, do you have any plans?"

"Yes daughter, when we brushed against each other last night. I noticed that your nightie was a bit worn and thin. I want to take you shopping this afternoon, Jesse."

"OK, sounds like fun, dad. Is it OK if I have lunch with my friend, Donna, first?" I really need to talk to someone about this.

Her father nodded, "No problem, baby doll, take your time."

Jessie went over to her friend Donna's house after breakfast. They chatted, Jessie revealing what had happened so far and her feelings about it. Donna's mouth dropped open while Jessie was talking.

Then she commented, "Cool. Your mom is long gone and your dad is a stud, a seasoned older stud. I'd go for it if I were you, Jessie."

After lunch, Jesse bid her friend goodbye, driving home to meet her dad. Her dad was waiting for her in his pick-up truck. He was smiling as she drove in. Leaning out the open window her dad told Jessie to hurry up and climb in. They drove to the local mall. Her dad surprised her by not parking near the Sears or the J.C. Penney. He led her, without explanation, into the mall and up to the entrance of Victoria's Secret. Jessie looked at her smiling father questioning him with her eyes.

"I was thinking that you are grown up enough for something more intimate." her dad said with a wink. Jessie practically ran in to the store and started grabbing different types of sleepwear she wanted to try on. After picking out a pool blue stretch lace underwire babydoll, a english rose peek-a-boo flyaway babydoll and a rosita pink chemise thigh length nightie with a built in shelf bra and side slits, she decided to get them all. When she met her dad at the checkout counter, she found a selection of bras, including a miracle bra, and panties, including V-strings and thongs. The odd thing was they were all in her size. Her father must have been watching Jessie more and for longer than she had noticed.

"Oh daddy, they are all too special. How can I ever thank you? Let me buy you dinner."

They had dinner at a local steak house. They were laughing and talking intimately all through dinner, which included a couple of drinks. Jessie wasn't used to drinking, so when they got back to their house, her dad held her close by her arm and steered her inside. She took all her packages into her room and closed the door. Wow, my dad is so cool. I wonder if he really wants to jump my bones? There's only one way to tell and now would be a good time.

Jessie stripped off her clothes, all of them. Then she put on the wonder bra and a sexy V-string. Over this she put on her skimpiest, tightest blouse and a pair of short-shorts. The wonder bra lifted her boobs up and pushed them forward, almost spilling them out of her blouse. The V-string barely covered her moist cunt and let her round, tight ass-cheeks hang out creating a sinful show. She walked out into the living room, where her dad was sitting in his recliner drinking a beer. Jesse walked in front of the TV and struck a pose. Her dad almost dropped his beer.

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