Girlfriends Doing It Together

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Honey and Ann thought they were just best friends, but one evening during a sleep-over they find out there's much more going on between them.

Chapter 1

Ann and Honey had been friends for several years. They did a lot of things together and they both trusted each other completely. Both of them had boyfriends but they found on occasion that they each had a need for sexual intimacy and physical fulfillment different from what their horny boyfriends could give them in a girl/guy event in bed. Finally, one evening when Ann and Honey were together, just enjoying some quality girlfriend time, they suddenly realized that they could achieve some sexy fulfillment like they had never experienced before with their boyfriends.

Ann was a very sexy young brunette and she had a nice figure, nicely rounded breasts that sat high on her chest and she loved sex. She had actually lost her virginity at age 15 and now she had fucked more than a dozen different guys in her years of dating. Honey had a name that matched her appearance -- she was a tall, slender blonde and she also had rather nicely shaped breasts that she loved to show off in whatever she picked out to wear. She and Ann were not only close personal friends, but Honey had also long thought of Ann as a potential sexual partner as well as just a female friend. She wasn't sure if Ann thought of her in that way or even reciprocated her girl/girl interests, but Honey finally decided to try her own desires out one afternoon and she was Ann's response was to her approach.

Ann and Honey had decided to spend the weekend together at Honey's house, and everyone else was gone for the evening except for the two of them. They had actually gotten some snacks to take care of their hungriness and then they'd gone to Honey's bedroom to watch some videos while they just enjoyed girl talk and being alone with each other. Both girls were lounging in only T-shirts and cut off shorts and Honey began to notice how sexy Ann looked as her rounded full breasts pressed against the skimpy material of her shirt. And she also noticed that Ann was wearing some very short shorts and most of her shapely legs were exposed too. Honey felt her pussy growing very wet and very horny too as she sat there talking to Ann while her mind was going madly over an internal scenario with Ann being totally naked and Honey with her face in Ann's crotch.

"Ann, has Larry been treating you good lately?" Honey asked, trying to work her girlfriend's thoughts onto sexual subjects with being totally obvious about it.

"Pretty much, Honey, but Larry never fucks me enough. I'm almost always horny for his big cock much more than he gives me the sex I'm wanting," Ann replied.

"Really?" Honey said as she couldn't believe her good luck in Ann's ready response. She'd figure she'd have to just start putting moves on Ann and here her sexy young girlfriend was telling her that her lover/boyfriend Larry wasn't fucking her nearly enough. Honey wondered if Ann's high level of sexual need would translate into her allowing the two of them to play around in the bed.

Honey had been with other girls before, but she'd never made that known to Ann. She didn't want Ann to think she was a full-blown lesbian although she did know that she enjoyed being with other girls as much as she enjoyed having sexy with her own boyfriend, Eddie.

"Ann, I don't know why Larry wouldn't want to fuck you every time he got the chance," Honey said, as she tried to finesse her next comments to get Ann's attention. "I think you're very pretty and you've got a totally hot body. You've got the nicest breasts of any of my girlfriends, and I'm serious about that," Honey said.

"You do?" Ann said as she couldn't believe how nice it felt to hear Honey say those things about her. "Do you really think I've got sexy breasts, Honey?" Ann asked as she turned to face her girlfriend and tried to push her breasts out more without making it too obvious. Honey almost laughed as she saw Ann obviously wanting her to pay her more compliments.

"Yeah, Ann, I do. I think you've got luscious tits. Your tits are so nice, Ann, that I've often found myself wanting to get you naked and slowly take your bra and panties off and enjoy you myself," Honey said as she tried to drop the obvious hints of her own sexual fantasies about Ann without making it appear that she was coming on to her girlfriend.

Ann looked into Honey's eyes as she heard just what Honey had said to her. Ann felt her breath catch in her throat as she heard her best girlfriend telling her things that only her boyfriend or some of the guys she'd had sex with had ever told her before. She also realized that her pussy had suddenly started to get wet and her nipples were very hard inside the cups of her demi-bra that she was wearing underneath her tight-fitting T-shirt.

"Yes, Ann, I've thought you were very cute, and very sexy from the time that both of us started to get breasts and our bodies started to show curves and roundedness. You're very hot, Ann," Honey said as she felt her own pussy getting very horny. She felt her nervousness vanishing as she loved the fact that she'd finally made some comments to Ann that hopefully told her just a little bit about how sexy she thought she was and about how much she wanted Ann.

"Honey, I had no idea you felt that way about me," Ann said, and then she saw Honey's hand reach over and cover her left breast and squeeze it through her T-shirt and the sexy bra she was wearing underneath it.

"Yes, Ann, I've thought that and a lot of other things about you for a long time, sweetie," Honey said as her hand kneaded Ann's B-cup breast and she began to feel Ann's nipples grow hard underneath her sexy caresses.

"Honey..." Ann stammered out as she realized that their relationship had suddenly taken on a much differerent meaning, and Ann felt her heart racing as she'd never felt the touch of another female on her body. She fought the immediate tendency to pull back and get her breast out from under Honey's touch but it felt so good and this was Honey touching her. Honey, her best friend and the person in the whole world who meant the most to her. Ann lay there with Honey caressing her breast and then she felt Honey's warm breath as her girlfriend's mouth approached hers and Honey placed her lips over Ann's and began to kiss her tenderly. Ann loved the sexy feeling of Honey's lips and then Honey's tongue darted out and she began to French kiss Ann. Ann felt herself responding and her nipples grew very hard in response not only to Honey's caress but now a very erotic and sensual kiss like she'd never had before from anyone.

Honey broke the kiss and said, "Ann, I don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with," but before she could continue, Honey saw Ann's hand slide up to her chest and Ann's hand closed over Honey's right breast, squeezing it and playing with her already hard nipple through her top and bra, too. "Are you sure, Ann?" Honey asked as she loved feeling Ann's hand touching and caressing her breast.

"Yes, Honey, I'm very sure," Ann said as she threw herself into the kiss with Honey again, and then Honey rolled Ann over onto her back and the two teenage girls kissed hotly as they gave themselves in to whatever happened next.

Chapter 2

Honey and Ann had been lying there on her bed watching videos during their sleepover together, and Honey had decided to see if her best friend was as interested in her sexually as Honey was in her. She'd steered their conversation onto sexual topics and when she saw Ann's pleasant response to the comments she made about sex and her nice body, Honey decided to push her plans further. She'd reached over and cupped Ann's breast through her clothes and when Ann didn't pull back, Honey had begun to kiss her and the moment had quickly taken on a white-hot fire of sexual desire that instantly began to flame into full-blown desire between both girls.

When Honey took advantage of the realization that Ann wasn't rejecting her advances, she pushed Ann over onto her back there on the bed and then Honey began to seduce Ann in the way she'd long dreamed about doing. She actually laid on top of Ann, kissing her brunette girlfriend and then she let her right hand cup and knead Ann's left breast inside her T-shirt and bra before she felt herself growing so horny and wet that she knew they needed to take this moment further or break it off and stop before they went farther than they'd intended to.

Ann looked into Honey's eyes and she felt herself responding eagerly to the sexual approaches of her pretty young girlfriend. When Ann saw Honey reach down and grab the bottom of her T-shirt, Ann sat up and allowed Honey to pull the T-shirt up and off over her head. Ann felt a gush of hot wetness escape her pussy as she realized that she and Honey were about to engage in girl/girl sex and she'd never done that before. She wasn't sure but Ann felt that Honey had experienced this sort of sexual play with other girls. At that moment, she only cared that the girl getting naked with Honey was her, her best girlfriend.

Honey got Ann's T-shirt off and she found just what she expected underneath -- she'd always love the style and shape of bras her sexy brunette girlfriend wore and Ann had on a very sexy lace demi-bra that matched the thong panty she had on that night. Honey knew it would match because she and Ann had talked about their taste in lingerie and had gone shopping for bras and thong panties more than once. Honey quickly got Ann's cutoff jeans off too and then she pulled her own T-shirt off and her shorts as well. With her and Ann both down to bra and thong panties, Honey laid down and started kissing Ann again to get her very turned on and ready for the next step.

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