Second Prize

by Alistair Acorn

Copyright© 2005 by Alistair Acorn

Erotica Sex Story: Shopping Centre draws for cars. Who really looks at the second prize. I am sure most peoples fridges have old out of date tickets for those draws. A young man was like all of us, but he won the second prize. Read who this changed his way of thinking.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

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I am sure everyone has seen the car's being offered as prizes in the shopping centres, but whoever looks at the lesser prizes if you don't win the car.

I for one, a nineteen year old whose dream is to own a new car of my very own. A new car to draw in the birds; just to have the edge over my mates was all I needed. This was a hunt and like all young men of my age our brains were between our legs.

I paid my two dollars, got my ticket and stuck it on the fridge door with all the other draws which Gran and Mum entered and never won. Yes I live with my mum and Gran; I was the result of a lost love affair, just like the ones I get involved in.

Two months later, I had forgotten all about the draw and the ticket was now under a few more recent entries to other over the moon draws. A letter arrived with my name on it telling me I had won the second prize, which was a ten day bus tour.

What the hell does a nineteen year old want with a ten day bus tour? These tours are usually filled with tourists or old wrinklies. I offered it to my Gran and Mum who refused as they were working and couldn't take the time off. I tried to cash it in, but it had been a donation to the charity that ran the draw. I either used it, gave it away or just forgot about it. I decided what the hell, I was doing nothing at the present, just killing time waiting for university to start, I would go myself.

I rang up and there was a tour starting tomorrow which had a spare place, so I booked myself in. Just as well use the prize now and get it over with.

Early the next morning I was down at the hotel where the tour started from and sure as hell it was as I expected, loaded with wrinklies and foreign tourists. I recognised the Americans they were the ones wearing the big wide-brimmed hats. I bet the pair of them came from some big city and had never seen a horse in their lives, but liked to dress up as cowboys.

I stood back after I had handed over my baggage, given a seat number and took a good look at my fellow tour companions. If the youngest one was under fifty I would be lucky. They milled around chatting to one another and it was obvious that a few of them had been on tours together in the past and seemed to know the ropes.

Now like most teenagers I was far taller than any of my fellow travellers and I towered over them in my six feet five frame, which was still filling out. I wonder why my age group had suddenly started to shoot up in height; there must be something that is causing this?

There were thirty-two of us, and three members of the tour company, the driver and two attendants who were at least a lot younger than the rest of my fellow travellers. We were asked to board and I have never seen people take so long to board a bus as this lot. They fussed and then slowly boarded, then when on-board they stood in the isles taking off coats and packing items into the overhead lockers before even trying to sit down.

I must have stood by the driver for ten minutes before I could even make my way to the seat I had been assigned at the rear of the bus.

When I eventually got there in the seats over the rear wheels an elderly woman was sitting in the seat I had been assigned. I was meant to have an isle seat and she the window seat, but she was all comfortably settled in my seat.

"Excuse me lady but that is the seat I have been assigned, do you mind moving over?" I asked her.

"No, you will have to sit by the window, I like the isle seat, it's easier to get in and out of," she replied.

I couldn't care less for these tour busses gave enough leg room but with my long legs I would rather have sat on the isle seat."

"Do you mind then getting up so I could get in?" I asked.

"Why didn't you get here earlier then I wouldn't have needed to get up," she said angrily.

"Lady if I had got here earlier I would have been sitting in the seat you are now sitting in," I replied.

"Oh yes, you would have wouldn't you," she said smiling now, I think in embarrassment.

She stood up and I doubt she was five feet tall, and was a lot older and smaller than my Gran. I got in and settled and then after another wait we were off.

This was meant to be a tour of the south-west of our state and along the south coast, up through the gold, nickel and lower iron mining area then eventually back home. There must be long stops for I worked out that I could have done that in a car in four or five days.

For three days I listened to the old woman whose name was Sam short for Samantha tell me all about her family and how she never sees them except at Christmas. She keeps coming on these tours because she is alone at home and this way she gets to meet people. When I was able I managed to get an occasional glimpse of the passing countryside which was a lot greener than the city.

It was on this day that Sam had placed her hand on my penis and being a virtual walking erection, my cock reacted by shooting up to attention. Not only am I tall but I'm a good bit over average in the sex department and I'm quite proud of the fact among my peers. So when she felt the size of my erection her face lit up with a wide smile.

"My you do react quickly," she said in a whisper. I didn't know where to look or do. If this had been someone my age doing this I wouldn't be in the same state of uncertainty. What do you do when a wrinklie does it to you? I thought they had given up the sex thing, but it appeared Sam hadn't.

Sam had a travel rug over her lap and she just readjusted it so it also covered mine as well and now she had her hand grasping my hard shaft. Not content with this no doubt because I hadn't objected, she unzipped my trousers and plunged her hand inside and now was holding my naked shaft and even gently moving her hand up and down.

"You like that don't you John?" She whispered.

God what nineteen year old wouldn't? This was better than doing it myself which was usually a daily ritual. Even though it was awkward with my left-hand which was closer to her I pulled up her dress and placed it between her legs feeling her pussy through her silky wet panties. She had moved her right leg allowing me full access, well as far as I could sitting down in a crowded coach.

Why couldn't some of my girlfriends be as obliging as Sam was and she was so bloody wet too?

We were coming to the place where we were to spend the night and since I was an odd number I always got a room to myself, the others shared. Sam knew this, so when she whispered. "Wait till later and we can continue what we are doing in comfort," I knew she would be round to my room in the motel where we were staying tonight.

One of the tour guides was walking up the isle speaking to everyone so we stopped what we were doing and acted so bloody innocently, but I was almost ready to blow my fat. Sam knew how to handle a cock, but I suppose she has had years of experience behind her.

Now I was thinking, could I fuck an old wrinklie. God she was way over the age of my Gran and I thought she was old. Oh, I had fantasies about Gran as well as any woman I met, but what teenager didn't. It was one thing to fantasise, but another to actually carry out the act. Well I was going to find out tonight that was for sure.

I wasn't in my room five minutes when there was a knock at the door and Sam was standing there. Immediately I opened the door she pushed her way in.

"Close the door I don't want everyone to know I am here," she said immediately grasping my now limp cock, but not for long. As soon as she touched me, up it went as hard as a rock. She pulled me over to the bed by my penis and she lay back on to the bed and pulled her dress up showing she had removed her underwear.

I may have had reservations about fucking an old woman earlier but seeing that bare pussy was all I needed. This was the only feature that I saw and it was being offered to me. I wasted no time dropping and stepping out of my pants and got between those open legs.

I guided my cock to her crotch and it seemed that it would be an impossible task to sink this huge cock of mine into the pussy offered. The head just seemed to slip in so easy and I soon followed with my whole cock sinking into Sam's lovely moist cunt. Holy shit I thought this was better than any of the other women I'd fucked, as Sam thrust her hips hard into me driving me further into her small body.

She felt so soft too as I pounded my meat into her willing and eager cunt. Now her legs were straight up and I was beating a tattoo with my balls on her bottom. I had never measured my cock except that the breadth was three inches and seemed to fill her complete crotch.

I changed to slow penetrating thrusts and this seemed to please her even more as I felt her cervix rub on the top of my cock's head every time I penetrated deep. This was an added stimulation and it didn't take long before I blasted my full load inside her.

I was going to pull out, but Sam stopped me. "Don't you dare John, let me feel you come inside me," she said when she felt me try to withdraw. This was the first time I had ever shot by bolt inside a woman and there was nothing like it, no controls whatever. This gave me a greater lift than any other time I'd fucked a woman.

I just stood there with my cock soaking inside her, loving the feeling I was getting from her warm moist pussy.

"Well John that was really something. I don't think I've ever been fucked better and what a monster you have. I bet all your girlfriends love it when you sink that piece of meat in them," Sam said looking up at me with her short legs by my side and her heels hooked behind me.

"Well they don't, they complain I hurt them, for I'm too big," I replied.

"I bet they are all young, once they get older they will realise how good a big cock is. The thicker the better I say," she said.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it Sam for I did, it was fantastic."

"Well I'll be round after dinner and we can continue where we left off. What do you say?" She asked.

"Yes, sure, that will be wonderful, I am really looking forward to that," I said eagerly.

"Well get that wonderful thing out of me so I can go and shower, but it would be nice to just let that lovely juices of yours stay there. See you in the dining room in an hour's time," she said as I withdrew my dripping limp tool from her warm cunt.

When she had left I sat down and realised just what I had done. Instead of feeling revulsion I felt more satisfied than I have ever done after fucking a woman. I never realised how different it was to be completely free and no worries about pregnancies, but what about STD. I wonder how many other men Sam has had and how sexually active she is. I didn't know how old she even was, but she was well over sixty. I doubted that she was that sexually active, but I'll ask her later this evening.

Why I should think of my Grandmother now, but I did. I was wondering if she too was as good a fuck as Sam was. God what has come over me, one good fuck with a wrinklie and I'm thinking like this. I went and had a good cold shower and after dressing went to the dining room where Sam was sitting with the woman who usually shares her rooms with her.

I went over and sat beside them.

"Sam, this is Melissa we share a room together," she said introducing me to her.

I don't know but she gave me a funny look and smiled. There was one thing this woman wouldn't win any beauty contests, she had hair growing on her chin and her eyebrows were really thick looking as though they had never been cared for. She reminded me of the woman in an Italian food advert I'd seen. She was quite plump as well, but she was very well-dressed and had enough jewellery hanging on her to sink a ship.

"Sam seems to think a lot of you John, she was full of you before she came down," she said with a slight Italian accent. So I was right in one thing.

She sure was full of me; she sure was right about that. Not only with my cock but of my sperm, I thought as she said these words. I doubted if she meant it the way I picked it up for she didn't look the type, but what did the type look like?

We had dinner and then I returned to my room. About ten thirty Sam returned dressed in a housecoat, the usual procedure, she quickly darted in when the door was opened.

"Ta, da," she shouted opening her housecoat to show she was naked under it. Her breasts were saggy but what the hell I had a good look at all of her without any of the restraints of clothing. She took the housecoat off and leapt on to the bed. "Come on lover boy, come to mamma," she said holding out her arms.

I was hard again, which wasn't that unusual because half the day I was in this state. I quickly tore off my clothes and joined her on the bed, and made a grab of her.

"This time, I'm on top. Get lying on the bed for I'm going to ride the cock horse," she said laughing at my sprawling figure.

This was the first time any woman had sat over my cock. For every other time it had been the missionary position with the woman's legs straight out, not like the way Sam and I had fucked this evening. I was learning and I loved the way Sam was teaching me.

She had just positioned herself over my knob and slid down. Now she was sitting looking at me while I was buried deep within her body.

"John this is the first time I've been with a man in almost ten years and I just love the feel of a young virile young man," she said giving her bottom a little wriggle.

Well that statement answered the question I won't have to ask, so if it had been that long ago then the fear of STD was none existent. Maybe it was me who was the risk, but it had been four months since last I had my end away and that was only for about ten seconds before she changed her mind.

God it felt great buried up within her. Now she started rocking her hips the sensation became even greater. How could a great cock like mine so easily slip inside her body, but then we were all born through that passage so it must be able to stretch quite easily. I never thought about it that way before, but now I had I wasn't worried about a woman not being able to take my cock.

I didn't last much longer than the last time before I once again drenched her insides with my secretions. She just sat there with her breasts bare, I reached up and took one in each hand and kneaded them like dough. This seemed to please her as she started rolling her hips, this caressed my cock and within minutes I was hard again.

This was a new sensation for me, getting hard while still buried in a hot pussy. I felt my cock press up and fill her pussy; here was another new sensation I experienced and longed to try it again. So back she went to her rocking and thrusting as we both reached new heights. Sam's head was thrown back as she seemed to reach a state of almost bliss the way she was smiling and humming to herself, rapidly rubbing her bushy love triangle against mine. Then she let out a cry that must have been heard two rooms down and fell on to my chest.

"My, the last time I felt like this must have been thirty years ago. This was a feeling I thought I would never have again," she said looking up at me.

She closed her legs and lay along my body trapping my rigid cock inside her. I hadn't come this time and didn't even feel like it at the moment.

"John, will you do the same for Melissa as you have for me," she asked.

Now how could I refuse such a request, I was still on a high and still buried inside her, but will Melissa feel the same as Sam. I loved the feel of Sam and the way she unashamedly took my cock. Then again Melissa is another wrinklie I still had Sam and another week to go; maybe I could fuck the pair of them. Now that would be something.

But Sam stayed the whole night and twice more I fucked her. The last time was doggy fashion and I loved that way almost as good as the Cock Horse. I sure was learning fast.

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