T is for Twirl

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ned and Christy throw a fetish party for their friends.

There were just some things you never fully understood, nor tried to change for that matter. Ned's wife of the past ten years was the perfect example. Not that he really wanted to change her. He didn't. He'd married her knowing that. He'd accepted there were just certain things she enjoyed doing, no matter how strange or how kinky others might find them to be. And to be honest, Ned had to admit that being married to Christy had provided him with more excitement and pleasure than he could have ever thought possible.

Christy was a long haired brunette with almost emerald green eyes that sparkled like gems of the same name whenever she was in one of her adventurous or "frisky" moods as he called them. Ned had always been a breast man, though it wasn't the size of a woman's breast that mattered to him, as he loved all shapes and sizes. But Christy had been blessed with a rather ample chest which Ned spent hours enjoying, especially as Christy enjoyed it just as much as he did.

At nearly six feet, Ned was himself a large man with sandy colored hair, strong chin as well as a five o'clock shadow that never seemed to go away no matter how many times he shaved. And he shaved often simply because he loved nuzzling his wife's breasts whenever he got the chance.

"What time is it?" she called out to him from the bath.

"Almost six. Everyone should be here in about an hour," he reminded her.

Ned as well as Christy had been looking forward to the evening. It was one of their 'special' weekends that they enjoyed with a few very 'special' friends. They had friends, normal everyday friends that they both enjoyed associating with, friends that wouldn't be as accepting of Christy's particular little fetish, at least the wives anyway, though Ned had no doubt their husbands wouldn't mind. But they had other friends, people they had met with like-minded fetishes and desires much like his wife's.

Ned was excited about something else too. There was a new couple coming tonight whom he'd never met though Christy had heard others talk about them Angela and Chad. Angela had also agreed to become a part of a little surprise that was being planned, which Ned had no idea about.

"Did you set up the stuff for Angela?" she called out to him once again from the bathroom.

"Yep, all set and ready to go," he announced. Ned had never personally participated in Angela and Chad's particular fetish, but he and Christy were both open-minded enough that they'd already decided to try it just for the hell of it and see what all the fuss was about. At that moment however, Christy emerged from the bathroom wearing a Hawaiian print sarong, though she'd fixed it to allow a single breast to show completely.


As was always the case, Ned couldn't help himself. He approached his wife, bending over slightly in order to suck it for a few moments.

"Beautiful!" he mouthed around her hard taut nipple. "Simply beautiful!"

Most everyone arrived within minutes of one another, all except for Brad and Xenia as everyone knew her, but there again, it was the only name she went by whenever attending one of the parties. As was usually the case, Xenia and Brad would show well after the dinner portion of the evening was over. And no doubt except for those two, everyone else would all be wearing some sort of Hawaiian attire as they'd planned the evening around an outdoor Luau.

Dozens of Tiki torches lit the secluded back yard. But it was the natural rock pool with a cascading waterfall that everyone found both breathtaking as well as alluring. Ned knew before the night was over, that there would be a dozen naked men and women swimming in it, or playing beneath the falls or just rolling around in the grass doing whatever the hell they felt like doing.

Just as Ned was wearing, most of the men had also worn simple short wraps that were easy to get in and out of. In a way, it was like going to a toga party, but with Hawaiian print attire. And much to his own delight, just as Christy had appeared, many of the women were soon fashionably topless as well, either readjusting their own wraps, or as in the case of Julian, discarding her clothing all together. She was one of the women Ned knew that invariably started things off. That's also just the way she was, in many ways no different than his wife.

Ned had stood at the outdoors bar mixing up Mai Tai's for everyone. She'd approached him shortly after he'd begun doing so.

"Mixing one up for me?" she smiled sweetly.

Julian might not have had breasts quite as large as Christy's were, but she had the longest nipples he'd ever seen on anyone. And at the moment, at only half the length he'd seen them before, they extended from the tips of her breasts a good inch at least. Ned stuck a straw in her glass and began to stir it.

"Not with that!" she exclaimed stepping towards him. "With this!"

Ned felt Julian's hand as it slipped inside the fold of his wrap finding him easily. Still slightly flaccid, she began stroking his cock.

"This will never do," she said grinning. "We need it nice and hard to stir my drink with!" Moments later, it was. Taking her glass back from Ned, Julian slipped his hard stiff prick, spilling some of the drink as she did inside, then swirling his member around momentarily until satisfied that her Mai Tai had been properly mixed. Releasing him, she winked sipping her drink happily, and then wandered off to see what other mischief she could get into.

"Oh yeah, this fetish parties off to a great start!" Ned mused as he gave up trying to replace his now obvious erection.

Almost immediately Ned spotted Candy, though it wasn't her real name. He wasn't even sure what it was, though everyone called her that for a very good reason. She had incredibly long red hair that fell all the way down to her ankles, she'd stripped it white in several places, so that when she wrapped herself in it, she appeared much like a human candy cane at Christmas time. But that again wasn't where she'd gotten her name from either. Candy loved to masturbate, especially for an audience, which she had now. The challenge was in finding something she hadn't tried or used to get herself off with. So far, Ned hadn't come up with anything himself that she hadn't tried, and for those few that actually managed to do so, Candy would immediately use whatever item was named and proceed to masturbate with it right then and there, but she was known for masturbating primarily with chocolate bars, all kinds. Which is where her name actually came from.

Ned approached Bob, a bigger man than he himself was. Not at all a muscle bound body-builder type, just a big strong hulk of a man. And he happened to be married to Candy.

"Looks like someone found something she's never tried," Ned said approaching. Bob laughed.

"Yeah, surprised I never thought of this one myself," he agreed.

Candy lay on one of the many chase lounges, legs spread, bent at the knee. Ned stood shaking his head in amazement. Someone had given her a tuft of golf-divot sized grass, she was currently using it, rubbing it up and down her wide-open displayed slit, thoroughly enjoying herself while doing so.

"I hope to hell she doesn't get a bad case of the 'itchies'," Ned stated continuing to watch her.

"Well, if she does, there's plenty of people here who will be more than happy to keep scratching it for her," Bob quipped.

"Well, you've got that right!" Ned agreed.

It was then that Ned heard Christy call out to him as she began bringing out several of the hot dishes they'd prepared earlier. "Dinner's almost ready everyone, but I still need a nice helping of man poi," she added with a lascivious wink. "So... which of you is going to help me out with that?" she asked setting down the single empty plate she carried.

Ned wasn't at all surprised when it was 'Stan the Man' as he was called and Julian's husband, that now stepped up to that particular plate. If there was ever a time when being a premature ejaculator was in demand, then Stan was definitely the man. But even more interesting than that, was his ability to recover so damn rapidly in between times. Ned had seen him in action before, on several occasions. Not only did he climax quickly, but he'd never seen anyone squirt so much cream all at once either. It was like the guy walked around in a perpetual state of arousal, which is perhaps why he came so quickly, and so much.

"I knew I could count on you Stan!" Christy said smiling. "So, give me some cause I feel naked without it!" she told him. Ned had wondered how long it would take before Christy explored her own favorite little fetish, something she'd no doubt be doing all evening long.

Stan promptly stood over the plate she held up for him, stroked himself perhaps a half dozen times, and began spurting copious amounts of his semen on to the plate she held up for him.

"Thanks honey!' she grinned moments later. Then taking her exposed breasts, she began smearing the hot sticky cream all over herself until each was covered in the thick sticky goop. "Ok, so now who's going to rub it all in for me she asked seriously."

Janice, another one of Christy's dear friends quickly approached. "Come here honey, I'm more than happy to do that for you!" she said playfully.

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