by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, FemaleDom, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: You have to be careful who you go home with, you may get caught and sufer as this man did.

I was sunk deep in Marge's love passage when the door opened and her young daughter walked in and saw me buried deep inside her mother, who had her legs wide with her heels on my buttocks.

"Mum, I'm going to tell daddy what you and this man are doing."

I immediately pulled out of Marge and stood up revealing to the young girl a dripping wet erect nine inch penis as Marge shot off the bed and took hold of the young girls upper arms. The young girls gaze was glued on to my glistening still erect penis.

"Susan, you will do no such thing! Promise mummy you won't"

"I won't if I can have that in me too." She said pointing to my erect penis.

"Susan, your only eleven, I know you have started menstruating but that doesn't mean you can take a man's penis, especially one as large as that."

"That or dad mum." She said adamantly.

Marge looked at me with pleading eyes. "Would you, it would save much trouble."

Without thinking I agreed by nodding my head. Marge left the room and Susan just pulled off her dress and pants exposing a body with half lemon sized breasts and the skimpiest of pubic hairs. Her body was still child shaped, yet her hips were widening.

"I very much doubt if you will manage to take my penis Susan, it's too big for your small body."

"I'm not a virgin, I used mums dildo to break my maiden head, it was sore and I bled a good bit but you don't have to break me in."

God what have I got here, she was so sure of herself.

"Right but you will have to do the work; you are too small for me to lie on you. You will have to lower yourself on, but I doubt if you will manage it."

I lay down on my back and this small four feet girl positioned herself on my shaft. It looked ridiculous the head of my penis was as wide as her crotch, as I gazed at her positioning herself. She used her two hands to pull her labial lips apart and lowered herself a little until I felt with the tip of my penis her small opening.

She had her head bent watching what was happening as she lowered herself further, and to my surprise the head of my penis vanished in her body. She was as tight as hell, it felt as if someone had a tight hand around my penis but I watched as half-inch by half-inch I was sinking into her body. She looked up and smiled at me. "See I am getting you in, and it isn't sore, it feels like I need a shit and you are filling my tummy."

By this time half of me was engulfed and still it felt like a tight velvet glove had hold of my penis. In fact I was enjoying the feeling; I've never been in so tight a cunt ever. Down, down she went, then she lifted herself up and I felt her body slide off my phallus. I thought she had given up but I was wrong. She slid down a bit then dropped suddenly. Completely engulfing me, that had caused her some discomfort for her face grimaced. The smile appeared then she again raised her small body off and then down she went again this time a lot easier than the last. Now she was moving up and down, tight but easy as I even helped her by thrusting up as she came down. I had been about to shoot my load in her mother when we came to a sudden stop and with this tight warm encasement I could not help myself as I shot my load within her small body. Her eyes popped as she felt the load hit her inside.

"You have to do this again with me or I will go to the Police."

"You little bitch, you planned this didn't you."

"Yes I knew mum would bring a man home one day so I just waited. Also my friend will want you to do it to her also."

Not a request but a demand, and I could do nothing she had me cold; object and I would end in prison and be accused all my life as a child molester. What else could I do but agree.

She got off my deflated penis and just said "Be here tomorrow at the same time."

I got dressed and left the house without even speaking to Marge. I thought of moving away but that would make it worse, I knew the little schemer would have thought of that and then there would be a warrant for my arrest in every state. I had to comply and hope that she and her friend whoever that would be got tired and left me alone.

I was round at the house as commanded the next day but no sign of Marge just Susan and another girl of the same age smiling at me. Me the sucker trapped by a young girl.

"We want you undressed and on the bed as you were yesterday." I was told by Susan.

I was determined that I would only comply but offer no help hoping this would distract them. They both got undressed and the other girl I saw was a bit apprehensive of the whole thing. The worst thing though was seeing these young immature bodies I immediately got a real boner. And it was sticking straight up in the air. Susan jumped up on the bed and she once more impaled herself on my erect penis. This time though she managed a lot better than yesterday but she still felt like a tight velvet clad glove and warm.

"Come on Mary you wanted it do as I did."

"He looks so big how you managed to get such a big thing inside you?" She asked.

"It was a bit hard yesterday but I just kept at it and it all went in. Today was a lot easier; I think it feels lovely, I wish all the boys we know had a cock as big as this. Their little tiddly ones are no comparison to this." She said as she pulled herself of my erect penis.

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