My Wife

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: How many of us get to have the woman of our dreams as our wife. This young man did, read how he did it.

Lying in our matrimonial bed with Mary resting her head on my shoulder with her arm over my chest cast my mind back. Back to that day twelve years ago when I had escorted Mary Murphy and her mother Betty back from the cemetery after burying her husband, her son of ten and her daughter of thirteen. All three incinerated in a car crash. The only way they were able to identify them was by DNA and dental records.

After the wake I sat on the sofa with both these women sobbing their hearts out on my shoulders. Betty, the mother who lived with Mary and her family, soon left to lie on her bed leaving the pair of us alone.

I sat for hours holding Mary as she wrecked her body in tears. It was wintertime and soon it was bitter cold even within the house. I picked Mary up and carried her to her bedroom and laid her fully clothed on the top and pulled the quilt over her. But she reached up and pulled me down to her.

"Please stay with me, I don't want to be alone tonight, hug me please."

Now I am a nineteen year old and being asked to lie with a thirty-six-year old woman in her prime was something one never imagines. Getting into bed also fully clothed I pulled the quilt over myself as well and we resumed the position we were in, in the lounge but now lying in her bed.

Although I was nineteen at the time, I had never slept or been with a woman. I was classed as a geek I spent all my time until the age of sixteen on my computer. I even had two registered domains which I ran in my spare time, which was all the time I wasn't at school.

According to my school reports I would never amount to anything I never put any effort into the subjects that were taught. I couldn't get out of school quick enough.

It was the time when up and going web sites were being sought and I just happened to have two that was in demand. Within three months of leaving school my two websites were snatched up and I became an overnight multimillionaire with enough money that I need never work again. So much for the school reports, they certainly got it wrong in my case.

After getting the money I left home and rented a small flat where I started a new web site and with a registered domain name. This one I was to keep as I needed this, for I found I was lost without one to run.

I wasn't content to do nothing so I opened a computer shop, and managed to get the distributorship for our area for importing components. Now I had twenty people working for me and was making a substantial income from this enterprise on its own.

On reaching the age of eighteen I bought a large river view property suiting my earned wealth. Setting up a room especially for my computers, I never needed to go anywhere and I could control my life from this very room.

Oh I thought a lot about women, but none appealed to me except Mary Murphy and she was way out of my reach. Everyone in the Murphy household were friends and I loved them all, but Mary was my one desire. I was content with my other love so that was where I concentrated my energies. I saw other lads who were at school with me with young beautiful women hanging around with them, but then again I could buy anyone of them if I had wanted to. I had found out very early that anyone can be bought; it was just the price that one offered.

So when I was told of the tragic death of her husband and two children I called around immediately, and have stayed in their home right up to the funeral. Now here I was lying beside my dream woman, I didn't care if we were fully clothed or not. She was here alongside me.

The next morning I was awakened by her as she moved. She looked into my eyes and hugged me tighter.

"Oh thank you for staying with me. I needed someone to be there."

"Mary you know I will always be there for you."

"I know you will, but I can't stay in this house any more there are too many memories, but I also have my mother to think of, she has nowhere to go."

"Come stay with me and bring your mother with you."

"You would take us in just like that. We would interfere with your life, you are young and having my mother and I living in your house we would be in the way."

"No you won't. I now insist the two of you are to come. Sell this house and you will have a bank balance to buy whatever you want."

"I would love to live in a big house like you have and see the river."

"Get dressed, pack what you will need for a couple of days and get Betty to do the same and we will go this morning."

I must point out that both Mary and her mother are women who both need someone to look after them. They are both very servile and nothing is too troublesome for them to do. They were born way out of their time. Modern women are mostly more worldly and eager to get out and see and do things. Mary and Betty were the stay at home type whom modern women don't like. It's not only women who are like this I have met many men who are just as timid and over obliging.

So I now had Mary Murphy and her mother settled in my house, under my roof. Two nights later she appeared beside my bed, asking me to once again hug her, for she was feeling distressed. The only difference this time, she was in a nightie and I was naked. That did not stop her from getting in though when I agreed.

She just touched me and my body responded with an immediate erection. Having her soft unsupported body so close was the trigger that started me. I held her close and kissed her for the first time fully on the mouth. I was expecting a rejection but no, she responded and kissed me back, putting her hands firmly round my neck. Pressing her ample breasts into my chest and her hips hard against my lower abdomen she had to feel my hardness.

I at last gained the courage to place my hand on her breast and found that her nipple was standing proud. Through the material of her nightdress it felt all nice and silky, and her breast firm and round in my hand. Now her breathing was becoming more shallow as I continued caressing and fondling that wonderful orb.

Gaining courage by being given that privilege I moved my hand down her body, following the contours of her body and following the line of her pubes, passing over her pubic hair, I felt the outline of her mound. I was expecting it to be puffy as I have read but then all I could feel was a damp slit. Using my fingers in a walking movement I pulled up the hem of her nightie until I had it bunched up and now I could feel naked flesh beneath my fingers.

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