Woman In The Park

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Who was the mysterious woman in the park. She came into a young man's life and left as mysterious.


Copyright┬ę May, 2003

On my way to the shops I passed a young woman sitting on a park bench just staring into space. She was still there when I returned an hour later, still staring with a vacant look on her face. Five hours later I glanced out of my flat window and she was still sitting there.

The day was getting colder as it does in late October; all she was wearing as far as a coat was concerned, was a thin raincoat.

I couldn't just let her sit there, so I decided I would go and ask her if she was in trouble and if I could help. I approached and stood right in front of her, she just stared right through me.

"Can I help? You have been sitting here almost all day? It is getting cold and you will catch a chill if you continue to sit here," I said, but got no reaction.

I know I shouldn't touch her, but I placed a hand on her elbow and lifted, she stood up without any objections. It was then I realised she seemed in a trance or something worse. If she is in some sort of a trance, I couldn't leave her here to freeze, now could I.

"Come with me at least I can get you warm and give you a warm drink, for you must be starving," I said, but still no reaction.

Taking her arm I led her through the park, over the busy road and up to my flat. If she had a purse or handbag, it was long gone, for there was nothing in her pockets of her coat. It was strange, for usually everyone carries something on them, no matter how small, but she had nothing. There were no rings on her fingers, but I could see that she had worn a ring on her wedding finger, so I assumed she was a married woman. There were no necklaces, bangles or even a watch.

I helped her off with her coat, she let me take it off when I unbuttoned it and she even sat down close to the fire, holding her hands out to get warm. She was a lovely looking woman, with a good full figure and must have given some man much pride to have as a wife.

I made a cup of tea and placed the cup beside her. "Here try to drink this, it will keep you warm. I'm cooking my meal you are welcome to join me," I asked her.

She must have heard what I said for she looked up at me and the sides of her mouth turned up in a small smile. At least I was getting somewhere, instead of just staring into nothing she looked at me. Now she was sipping her tea holding the cup in two hands, lifting it to her lips. She had turned and was staring into the fire once more.

I should have continued contacting the police, I tried and after hanging on to the phone for ten minutes without getting a human to answer, I hung up. I was curious that no-one was looking for a good-looking woman like her. I even put the TV on to see if anyone was reported missing, but no mention was made of any searches for a missing woman. All the time I was preparing our meal I was watching her as she sat by my fire. What should I do, if I get the police to take her they will lock her up in some mental ward among all the loonies? I hate what they would do to her there. I think she would be raped and abused, by all these inmates or even staff there. I have heard stories about how they treat any woman in those places.

I have decided to keep her here until I read or hear about a missing woman, for she will be better off here than locked away. At least I could look after her, no-one will ask her to leave since this, was my own flat.

She sat at the table and ate the meal I placed in front of her, but she never spoke. I was wondering if she was dumb and maybe deaf and this was the way she acted normally. Somehow I didn't think so; it was as if she was sleepwalking, but awake.

After our meal, I washed up and I sat down to watch a movie, but she didn't seem interested in watching TV, she just stared into the fire. When it was time for me to go to bed, I took her into the spare bedroom and handed her a pair of my best pyjamas. I had been given them as a present, but I slept in the buff, so they were never used. Taking her hand again I showed her the shower and gave her a towel, then closed the door. She must have understood for a short time later I heard the shower run and then the door opened and she walked out wearing my pyjamas, carrying her clothes in a bundle. This reinforced my feeling she was deaf and dumb.

I went in and had my shower and when I came out to be on the safe side I wrapped my towel around me. I noticed the door to the spare room was closed, so I relaxed a bit and let the towel drop and I carried it in my hand. I walked into my bedroom and there she was sitting up in my bed naked, well without a top as far as I could see. She had the firmest pair of knockers I'd seen in a long-time and she was now smiling at me. If she was in a trance who did she think I was, or if she was only deaf and dumb, this was an invitation I wasn't about to turn down.

There I was standing just inside the bedroom, with a rising penis, looking at her beautiful breasts, but not for long. I switched off the lights and got under the sheets with her. There was no hesitation as one usually finds on the first occasion of getting into bed with a new partner. She just moulded her body against mine, trapping my rigid tool between our bodies. She even locked her mouth on to mine and probed my mouth with her tongue.

Hell this woman was eager, as she slid her hand down and grabbed me by my penis and started sliding her hands up and down my shaft. At the same time I had her right firm breast in my hand; it felt so firm yet soft with the acorn sized nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. Her breathing was more rapid now as I worked the nipple and the under surface of her breast.

She lay back on to her back bringing me with her and guided my hard penis between her legs guiding it into that crevice of excitement. Slowly I was consumed, for there was no other word for it by her warm body. It was then I heard the first words from her mouth.

"Oh God I missed that feeling, thrust hard, please sink your cock as deep as it will go," she uttered in a loud voice.

So she can speak. I was taken aback for a second, but it was too late now as I thrust hard into her pliable vagina. She had her legs well up, allowing more of my cock to sink into that warm passage of hers, which was giving me one of the best feelings in the world. If I was thrusting, she was even more vigorous, digging her nails into my back and biting my shoulder between the cries every time I thrust deep into her.

Her hips were like pistons increasing in speed and as she sped up, the cries became one continuous scream, until she let out a piercing cry and gripped me as tightly as anyone ever has. Seconds later I unloaded my stored up sperm into her warm vagina. I know I should have taken precautions, but everything was so sudden. I only hope she isn't HIV, but it is too late now to worry about that, the deed has been done. Somehow I don't think she is, but I should have used a condom to stop any likelihood of pregnancy. Then I would have needed to go out and buy some, for I usually never needed them. I have no woman friend and they would only lie and rot before I could use them. Most women don't like the feel of an eleven inch cock rove up them, but this woman does.

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