My Neighbour Hazel

by Alistair Acorn

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Alistair Acorn

Erotica Sex Story: Two weeks ago I got a new neighbour. The most peculiar woman. Drawn into a relationship never contemplated. What would you have done? any different?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .


My new neighbour moved into the house next door two weeks ago. She must be aged between sixty-five to seventy. She is about five feet tall, rather full figure, large hanging breasts, wide hips going on the plump side. Very little or no hairs on her crotch and when she bends down has a wide backside.

Now how did I know all this when I haven't even spoken to the woman or come in contact with her?

I work from home and I have just got over a messy divorce. I am glad to say that I came out of it very well, which is unusual these days for the man to gain the upper hand.

Any way back to the story!

As I said I work from home, my study is on a slightly higher elevation to the house next door, and my window looks into, what my previous neighbours used as a small bedroom.

For the past week this elderly woman presents herself naked at this window. No blinds are drawn (They have vertical blinds fitted), fondles herself and rolls her breasts in her hands, bends over presenting her rear end to my full view. Not once has she looked up at my window all the time she has been performing this exhibition. I had a distinct feeling from the start that this exhibition was for my benefit.

I have never felt any attraction to-wards older women in the past, as I always placed them on the mother figure pedestal. But something in the way this woman acts has had a distinct affect on my sexual urges.

I vowed that if she started performing again I would go and approach her.

Sure enough, even though I came to my study much later than usual, there she was again. I hurried out the door, nipped over the low wall, and knocked on her door. I had to wait a short time and she opened it up so slightly.

"You have taken your time calling, my name is Hazel. Come right in!" she said

I slid in the small opening, and she stood there still naked. The door was shut quickly; she came close up to me and grabbed hold of my penis through my tracksuit trousers. "You have a nice big one, Dearie," she said.

All this time I was just dumbstruck I just didn't know what to say. Old ladies like this weren't meant to be as randy as this woman was.

"I know you would like to fuck me as your Willy has betrayed you. I don't want loving I just want fucking, can you do this for me?" She continued.

I have never been approached like this before; all I could say was "Yes!"

'You don't have any diseases do you?" She asked outright.

"No!" I replied

"You won't need any condoms as I don't think I'll get pregnant at my age." She said with a chuckle

"Then skip the preliminaries and get your clothes off and let's get into my bedroom." She said walking into a door off the hallway.

For an elderly woman the bedroom was superb, and looked like the ones you see in movies, but not in real life. It was all decorated in soft pink and lace, and all the lighting was diffused. Real sexy looking if I may say so.

Once I had discarded my clothing, she pushed me to the bed and straddled my shoulders with her legs. There in front of me was the same rear end I had viewed from my window, but now six inches from my face. What the hell I thought I will give anything a go, and one pussy is the same as another. So I reached up and drew her rear end down. This woman was a user of perfume, not the strong heady type that lingers in the air for hours like a disinfectant, but the soft subtle aroma. The type of perfume that blends with the female body enzymes to complement each other.

I stuck my finger straight into her vagina without any foreplay at all and found that she was very aroused indeed. So I stuck two fingers in and used my thumb to rub her clitoris.

She started gyrating this huge expanse of backside and pushing herself into my fingers.

All this time she had my penis sunk into her mouth as far as it could go. But she was doing it so strange. She opened her mouth wide and pushed her head down closed her mouth, closing her lips tight, and raised her head. It was a totally different experience;

I have never been given a blowjob like this before.

I removed my fingers, plunged my face into the ancient cavity, and rolled her now small but erect clitoris with my tongue. Her taste was no different to the younger women I had performed the same thing on. So it didn't dry up as everyone says. Turn the lights out and you wouldn't know the difference.

She had had enough of this, got off me, and got up on her hands and knees. "I want you to fuck me doggy fashion, and please ram it home, not too rough though." She asked

So I mounted behind her and guided my penis between the now swollen lips at the entrance of her vagina, I never got a chance to do anything else, she just moved backward and I slipped right in. Not as slack as I though she would be, not tight like a virgin, but that of a woman who has used and not abused her vagina.

I just couldn't resist it I leant forward and reached under her and grabbed hold of these large hanging breasts. And almost like using them like reins on a horse, pulled her to me.

"Come on," she said, "I want you to ram that tool of yours as hard as you can and as fast as you can into me."

She surely wasn't subtle this elderly woman. So I released her breasts and took hold of the ridges of her hip bones and started ramming in and out of her, all the time she was rolling her hips. At times it was hard keeping a grip of her hipbones she was moving that much.

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