Spouses of Sex Challenged Spouses Club

by Integra Z

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Humor, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: If you are the spouse that is not getting enough action in your marriage, trust me when I say you don't want to take that information and start a club of like minded individuals. The results could start a revolution.

It was a time of riot. I mean, how could it not be. When a husband is subjected to the ultimate cruelty of all time from his wife, and with frequency I might add, well, at some point revolt would be expected right? No, expected is the wrong word. Revolt would be required. A right. Everything else is a right these days, so certainly these types of situations would jump to the head of the list. Revolt was a right. My right. And I took it. And now, I really don't know what to do... it is clearly out of hand. Everyone is in on it. Would one expect less if forethought were given?

I should start by explaining the ultimate cruelty. I am married to a wonderful Irish woman. Yup, complete with red hair, freckles and temper. I stay on the right side of that temper, except for when I don't, naturally, and pity those poor souls who do not recognize the fact that my wife is Irish and what it might mean if crossed. Anyway, she is gorgeous. From her face down to her toes she is all woman. So, the ultimate cruelty is to share with me, her husband, that wonderful body of hers and then cut me off. "What's that?" you say. Yes, cut me off cold. She probably doesn't see it that way, but as I have learned over the recent past, most sex-challenged spouses do not. What will happen is when she is in the mood, she will rock my world. The sex is beyond, beyond and will leave me wanting more. It almost leaves the realm of desire and enters the realm of possession. I want, no need, to possess her and want for her to need to possess me. I want to crawl up into her and stay there forever. It is as close to heaven as someone like me will ever come. Anyway, as I said, when she is on, she is on... for two or three days/nights in a row. She leaves me after the third night wondering if I can keep up... but, then, it is like someone removed all that warm blood and replaced it with ice water. I mean she is loving enough. Hugs, kisses, etc... but do not think about going "down there." Then there are the headaches, the allergies, that time of the month and if nothing else seems to be available that evening, the comments. "You always want it." "Is that all you think about?" "Sheesh, we just had sex last month?"

"Last month, damn woman..."

Well, as I said, it was time for revolt. I mean, I can put two and two together and come up with trouble as well as the next guy, and I did. In spades.

Women when they get together, well they talk. And their talk is not all about the weather. Luckily, my wife has shared with me some of that talk. There is a gal whose husband is OCD. In the time they have been married they have had sex all of less than a dozen times according to my wife. This gal is going nutty! Who would blame her. An OCD husband, I guess I can understand, but oddly enough, another couple is in the situation where the wife is horny all the time and the husband is a bit of a slacker in taking care of his wife's needs. I mean WTF?? Frankly, that seems odd to me. No odd is not the right word here. Something a lot stronger than odd is required. I usually assumed it was the husband that was the horn dog and the wife was duty bound to find a way to avoid sharing with the husband on his schedule. That is, after all, part of the marital vows, no? I guess there are anomalies out there. Anyway, I decided enough is enough and time for me to get some on my schedule and I called up these two ladies and explained my thought process.

The thought process was something like this. I love my wife more than life itself, but frankly I have a much higher sex drive than she does and I need to be enjoying some action more often than I am. I have heard tell that you ladies are also in that position, and I think we should get a club started, put together some rules, and get some satisfaction. I thought it could be called the "Spouses of Sex-Challenged Spouses Club." They busted a gut over that one, and actually, were rather receptive to my advances, much to my surprise. I expected both of them to flatly deny what I was saying about their lack of sex life and come right out and tell me they were going to rat me out to my wife. Ah, the power of the unsatisfied hormone.

The three of us made our excuses and were able to get together at a secret location away from our spouses. We met, made some small talk and teased one another mercilessly. The talk about how to achieve satisfaction, without causing marital disharmony was a major concern. The discussion went from soft swing, to mutual touching, oral and full blown intercourse. What would be acceptable and what would not? Should there be a non-disclosure statement that everyone would have to sign? How could we possibly keep this a private affair?

We decided the best thing to do would be to see if we could line up a few other "spouses" and go from there. They, being of the housewife coffee shop gossip circles, pretty much had a bead on who was getting some, how often and who was not happy about it. I left it up to them to determine who else we invited. Heck, my battery was fully charged with the two in front of me, so whatever they did after that was fine with me. We did not decide on any rules, who would see whom, when, what was allowed or any of that. I guess we figured we were all adults so we could make up our minds on some of those issues as time went forward. Besides the point of getting a slightly larger group together was to determine how to handle those delicate issues.

Both of these women are fairly good looking, nice bodies, with small breasts and the clothed appearance that if you could see more you probably would not be disappointed. Between the wine, the teasing, and the two hot babes, well, naturally, I had a hard-on. Although frankly, my wife would tell you that I always did, but I knew that was not true. When I was a teenager I always did, now in my forties, well, according to my past experience, I almost never had a hard-on, but my wife, not being of the historical perspective of the male teenager variety, did not "understand" it that way. My pants were fairly tight (ok, so I have been putting on a few pounds) and the more forward of the two not only noticed, but mentioned the fact that I appeared somewhat interested in more than the conversation we were having. I commented that who would not be? In the presence of two beautiful sexy women talking about sex, well, yes, it had affected me.

The more forward of the two, reached up with her right hand touched her neck and slowly slid her hand down her blouse, unbuttoning the top button in the process. The entire time she kept full eye contact with me as I followed the motion of her hand. In a rare bold move for me, I slid my hand up my thigh and caressed my jean encased hard-on. Her eyes flitted downward, saw what I was doing and she proceeded to undo a second button and slide her hand inside her shirt. The other gal saw this interplay between us and reflexively squeezed her thighs together. Seeing this and imagining the wetness that grew there, had further effect on me and my only thought at this moment was how to get these two beauties fully displayed in front of me.

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