Dot - My Neighbour

by Alistair Acorn

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife orders husband to help a neighbour who has lost her husband. He takes over more than the little jobs in the house and all on the insistance of his wife.



Disclaimer:This story is entirely fiction. It does not relate to any real person, living or dead. Any similarity to a real person, whether living or dead, is purely coincidental and completely unintended. While actual places may be mentioned in this story, it is not to be the conclusion that any part of this story is real or ever happened.

The following story is a work of fiction containing descriptions of sexual acts between adults. While all the sex depicted is consensual, the author does not intend to promote incest or sexual relations with under-age children. The story is written purely for entertainment purposes only. Those who are offended by such material are strongly encouraged not to read this.

"I want you to go and help Mrs Smallwood, she needs some things done that a man can only do, and since Samuel died she is lost. You are on a month's holiday so you can spare her some time. I like that old woman and I don't like seeing her struggle."

These were the instructions I was given by my 33-year old wife the first day of my holiday. I didn't know Mrs Smallwood that well, I used to speak to the old man Samuel and he was always helpful.

"Right I will go over right now and see what she wants doing, your words are my command."

She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a loving kiss, pressing her gorgeous breasts on to my chest. I started getting hard and she drew back.

"Later; you go and help the old woman; we have plenty of time for the other later." She said with a smile.

There is only two years difference in our ages, we have been married now for 14 years and we have no children. My fault, my sperm count is too low, Sue my wife doesn't want children, but she loves the sex bit. We are still like newlyweds, enjoying each others bodies.

I wandered over the street and knocked on Mrs Smallwood's door, which was opened in under 30 seconds, she must have seen me crossing her lawn. She was a well-built 64 years old, with a well proportioned body. Her hips were child-bearing, that is wide, her breasts just a bit on the large side, but not too much, she stood just over five feet and was wearing a floral loose dress now. Her hair was white and shoulder-length and wavy, in her youth she must have been a striking beauty, she still kept that beauty, but now the lines of age were showing on her face.

"Oh Duncan it's nice to see you."

"Sue said you wanted a hand with some things around the house, since I'm on holiday I can spare some time to help."

"It's only small jobs like knocking in a nail here and there, I am useless with tools, I can never get them to do what they are meant to do, Samuel used to do all these small jobs."

"Well you show me and I will see what I can do."

The jobs she wanted done would only take under an hour, so I got started. Dotty (Dot she said to call her) followed me around like a shadow, picking up things I dropped and sweeping up when I made a mess. She was a timid woman and seemed to need a man around. It got that bad I had to do something.

"Dot sit down I will tidy up, you're getting under my feet." I had to say it firm so she would do it.

"Yes Duncan, I am sorry." Then she started to cry.

That did it, if there is one thing that gets me, is a crying woman, I just go to jelly when they start that.

I went over and drew her head to my chest. "I'm sorry Dot I didn't mean to speak sharply to upset you."

"That's OK, you just sounded like Samuel there, I miss him so much, I need someone to lean on and make decisions, and I'm so lonely nowadays."

Why I did what I did next I'll never know. I lifted her head by the chin and kissed her full on the mouth. Dot responded by throwing her arms around my neck and returned the kiss fourfold. That calmed her down and a smile came to her mouth as well as her eyes.

What made it worse she followed me even more now and I hadn't the heart to tell her to sit down. After all the work was completed she insisted I stay for coffee.

"Duncan sit there and I'll bring you a coffee," she said sitting me down on an easy chair in the lounge.

In front was a low coffee-table and across was another easy chair with a settee against the wall which matched the two chairs. Dot came in with a tray containing two coffee cups and some biscuits. She then sat down in the other chair.

"It's nice to have a man to make coffee for, I miss that," she blurted.

The coffee was nice in fact I thoroughly enjoyed it; she sure can make a cup of coffee. I glanced over at Dot and saw that she was sitting with her legs apart and I could look right up her dress, I even saw the lace panties she was wearing. Not the type I expected on a mature woman, I expected to see cotton briefs, but these were silk, lace and purple.

I could hardly take my eyes off and tried to look into her eyes. She saw me and shook me with the next statement.

"Samuel used to like looking up my dress too, it was he who said I had to wear nice underwear, don't you like looking up my dress?"

I was lost for words, what could I say; yes I love a perve as much as the next guy. Would I offend her, she seemed to want to do anything I asked her. Samuel must have had her well trained.

I thought I would try something out and see the reaction I got. I was in foreign territory here and I didn't want to do or say anything to offend, but to hell with it. "What's the good of looking at the goods if you can't get them?"

"Do I attract you Duncan? I have watched you through the window many times as you went about your chores. I need your help and will do anything for you to help me."

"Look Dot I have to go. Thank you for the coffee, if you want me just call."

I got up and got out of her house as quickly as I could and returned home.

"Did you help the old woman sweetheart?" My wife asked.

"There were only a couple of jobs that needed fixing, it was easy."

That afternoon the phone rang and Sue took it. It was Dot could I come over she had a problem with her cooker.

"Come on lazy bones go and sort out Dot's problem," Sue chided me.

To keep the peace I went over and Dot opened the door right away. She was wearing a terry towel dressing-gown and I could see she had just come out of the shower for her hair was still wet.

"There's something wrong with my oven door, can you have a look at it?"

Sure enough it was off and lying on the floor, I went over and of course Dot followed. I knelt down and Dot got on her haunches by doing so the dressing-gown parted and there fully exposed was her pubic region with her heart-shaped well trimmed love patch. This time the hair was not white like her head hair, but a salt and pepper look.

She saw where my eyes were focused. "Is that better Duncan, do you want to try the goods."

Nothing could be so obvious, she was offering me herself and I can't say I didn't want to, I was as hard as a rock.

"Yes I would Dot, but let's put the oven door on first, you crafty old woman you knew this door just clips on and off," I said with a smile as I replaced the door into the guides. Dot had a smile on her face and took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

She stood by the bed and dropped the dressing-gown and stood naked before me. I quickly dropped my shorts and removed my tee-shirt and stood there with only my underpants for two seconds and they quickly followed the other parts of my clothing.

"I've never done it with another man before, only Samuel, you must tell me what you want me to do?"

"I love it doggy fashion," I replied as though it was an everyday affair between us." So get down on the floor on your hands and knees, I said this with a stern voice again I don't know why, I just felt that Dot liked to be dominated and I was going to do just that.

She got down as quickly as she could and I got behind her and spread the cheeks of her bottom. There in front of me was I think the most beautiful sight on earth, a woman's sex in the receptive position. The puffy labia lips of her sex organ with no bits of skin sticking out with the tuff of hair covering just visible. I hate seeing skin sticking out, that turns me right off. Using two fingers I opened the lips of her love passage and exposing lovely pink flesh which was now running with her juices.

"Dot you have the loveliest looking cunt I have seen in ages, I am going to love this."

"I'm glad you like it, but must you call it by that name?"

"Dot, from now on it's your cunt, no wrong it's my cunt, and it belongs to me only. What is it Dot, and who does it belong to?" I asked.

"It's a cunt, and it is yours and only yours."

What I haven't mentioned is the size of my penis; I think my mother used to lift me in and out of my cot by my penis. It's over ten inches long and has a girth of over seven inches, greater than some men's length. I saw Dot look at it, but she never said anything. Some women I have had just couldn't take it. Sue on the other hand said she was a big penis woman and loves my large cock. I had forgotten, as Sue accepted it as normal, but others thought it too big. I hope Dot was going to be one of the ones who could take it. She had the wide hips, so I assume she would. Anyway I was soon going to find out.

I moved behind her and taking my penis in my hand I rubbed it up and down her slit.

"Please Duncan, put it in" she pleaded.

"Put it in where Dot?" I asked.

"Where you have it just now, please," she continued to plead.

"No you tell me where to put it."

"In my cunt, no your cunt, now," she replied.

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