Lena & Me

by falcon29

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Short story about a developing relationship.

"Whew! Is it always this hot down here?" Joe was gleaming from head to toe with sweat. And I mean head to toe because he was naked. For that matter, Lena and I were naked and sweaty, too. We all had good reason to be sweaty because we were recovering from nearly an hour and a half of hot monkey-love sex.

"After a marathon like that it's bound to be this hot. But it is July and this is Arizona. There are extenuating circumstances," I told him. I looked down at his meaty cock, lying limply (but still nearly its erect length) across my wife's thigh. It was leaking the last drops of his semen and a thread of it connected them for a second.

I looked back up at Joe but his attention was on Lena's right nipple. He was flipping the silver ring up and down and grinning at the way the nipple puckered up from the stimulation. "You better watch it buddy!" Lena cautioned him. "You're gonna get me started again."

Joe looked down at his soft dick (the strand of semen had dropped away -- I watched it) and laughed, "I'd need some pretty good help before I'd be ready to go again. I already came twice. I haven't gone three times at one go since I was about thirty."

The three of us had been friends since college. For a long time back then, Lena and Joe had been an item. Then Joe transferred to a different school for his major program and Lena and I sort of naturally gravitated together.

Joe was grateful, just as I understood when, on his first visit home after she and I had gotten together, she asked if he could join us in bed. I wasn't completely sure about it, but I was determined to go ahead with it. My rationale was that he'd been having sex with her for a couple of years before I had anyway. Besides, it sounded kind of kinky to me, and I've always been up for something new and different.

The bottom line was that it worked very well. The sex Lena and I had that night with Joe lying there at first (but then participating with us) was better than any we'd had before. Joe and Lena both said the same thing. It was as if with three of us we hadn't increased the pleasure by half, rather it felt like we'd raised things by a power of ten.

So Joe went back to school and Lena and I went about our life. One night after we'd had our epiphany with Joe Lena snuggled up to me and asked if I wanted to invite any old girlfriends to spend the night. I know, every guy in the world would have jumped at the chance. The problem was that all my old girlfriends were in other parts of the world. Or else we weren't on friendly terms.

So Lena began to list possible candidates from the women we or she knew. I was unfamiliar with most of them but the two or three I did know definitely interested me. We settled on one of them and she was amenable. Well, amenable is too soft a word. She was eager, since she had a crush on Lena anyway.

When the night came, we had a lot of fun. Though I fucked them both I felt that I was simply a sidelight for the other woman. Her main interest was Lena. Still it was good and we all had fun. Lena got her fill of orgasms and so did I. It was pretty sexy to watch Lena lick a hot pussy that I'd just fucked. And when she looked up at me while her girlfriend sucked my semen from her slit, the look in her eyes was priceless.

So I suppose I should have expected it when, on the eve of Joe's next visit, Lena again snuggled next to me and began to try to convince me how sexy it would be if — this time -- Joe and I were to interact the way she and the other girl had done.

She told me, "Joe and I used to talk about group sex and he always said that if it happened it happened. So I know he'd go for it."

"Well, if you can get him to go for it first, then I might be willing," I told her.

Long story short, the next night, just after I'd pulled my dripping cock out of Lena's pussy, it was in Joe's mouth. He kept me hard just by cleaning me up. It was evident that he enjoyed it so I was more than willing to give it a try. I liked it. I still wouldn't do it with just a guy -- even Joe -- but as part of a group scene it's fine with me.

That first time turned out to be a revelation to me. Lena was sucking Joe's cock so I got between her legs and fucked her. After he cleaned me up Joe turned his attention to licking all the cum from Lena's oozing pussy. She rolled them over so that she was squatting over his face.

That left me on my knees with Joe's limp cock right in front of me. Lena took hold of it and flopped it around, looking at me. She crooked her finger and I leaned forward. It was hot -- I mean temperature hot. That surprised me. It was musky and had a rubbery texture. As I started to lick and suck on him, he hardened in my mouth. I was able to hold less and less of it in my mouth, but I tried my best.

The thought that I was sucking another man's cock was kinky enough to turn me on. I thought I was ready for it when he came but I couldn't take it all. I had to release him and let him dribble over my stroking hand and his shaft. Lena saved me from my doubts about whether I really wanted to lick it all off him by diving down on him herself and doing the honors.

So when Joe asked for help getting his cock up again, I was only too glad to provide it. One of the factors about our threesomes has been an increased capacity for oral sex for us all. Each of us enjoyed giving or getting head from the other two, either jointly or individually. So I leaned forward and gently lifted Joe's cock from my wife's thigh and leaned down. I inhaled the sexual aroma Joe had brought from Lena's depths. Then I licked a thick glob of his load from under the head where it had settled.

Joe's cock slowly resurrected with my help. I sucked him and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. I pressed the very tip of my tongue at the opening of his urethra and he seemed to like it. At least, he got a little harder and gripped my hair tight when I did it. The thing about Joe is that his cock is a little different than most guys. My cock, like most of them I've seen — either in person or in pictures -- has a round bulbous head that's a little wider than the shaft. Joe's cock has a small head so it is tapered from the tip to the base. I was about to learn the advantage of that.

While I sucked on Joe, Lena had moved around and was bent over. She was spreading and probing between my ass cheeks. I rose up on my knees (maintaining my suction on Joe's cock) and spread my knees to make it easier for her. She was the first partner I've ever had who licked my ass and taught me to love doing it to her too. She moved in and licked the sweat from the back of my balls to the top of my crack before descending once more to tongue my hole. It didn't occur to me then what she was doing, it just felt really good. I was about to learn that she was preparing me to be deflowered, just as I was preparing the instrument of that defloration.

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