A Girlie Night In

by Sandy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: While browsing a BDSM site, three friends stumble upon Skinnyboy's advert and an evening of CFNM fun is arranged.

Sally and Kate huddled close to Ann, watching the cursor fly around the computer screen. It hovered for a moment over a link before the screen went blank and they waited for the page to load. "Here we go..." Ann announced as a list of adverts appeared.

Ann scrolled down the adverts selecting the odd one, which they read with varying degrees of amusement. Most were looking for a woman they could serve as a slave. Some were hoping to find a woman who would cane or humiliate them in some way. Quite a few seemed desperate, others rather pathetic and sad, while the occasional advert appeared more intelligent and articulate. Not that they were seriously considering any of the ads, they were simply having a bit of fun browsing the some times sincere, though often bizarre appeals...

'Shy, skinnyboy, 22, total novice, no experience, desperately seeks a Mistress who would be gracious enough to allow him the opportunity to serve her in anyway she saw fit. Sexual contact not a prerequisite, just the opportunity to serve for her amusement/punishment. I will do anything you wish so long as it does not involve another male, is not in public or constitutes an illegal act. Long term relationship preferred but brief, one-off, encounter considered. Please help me fulfil my fantasy.'

Sally howled with laughter as she read the advert again. "Hey Skinnyboy, come round here and take your clothes off so we can watch you play with yourself!"

"Do you think he would?" Kate grinned slyly.

"Probably..." Answered Ann, "But then again he placed the advert over a month ago so he's most likely found someone or has got cold feet — anyway there's three of us."

"So what?"

"Aww! Come on — what guy is going to strip off and play with himself in front of three of us."

"Male strippers do it all the time."

"Not wank themselves off they don't."

Sally giggled loudly, "Do you think he'd go that far?"

"Why not — he said anything — email him and ask him."

"Really?" Kate screeched sceptically. "You're going to invite him over here to take all his clothes off?"

Ann turned her head from side to side, looking at her two friends with a wicked sparkle of amusement in her eyes, as if daring the other two to consent. "Shall I?"

Two heads bobbed in agreement and an email was composed in double quick time. They giggled profoundly as they suggested various amendments to their composition. Slowly they calmed down and agreed on something less crude, something which stated the basic facts: They were three women looking for a bit of fun, was he interested in providing the three of them with some private entertainment one evening, discretion assured/expected, and approximately where they lived.

The next day both Sally and Kate got text messages from Ann saying she had received a reply to their email and that they should visit her. That evening the three of them duly assembled at Ann's house to read the brief email, which read as follows:

'Dear Mistress (they immediately fell about with laughter), Thank you for your email, I can confirm that I am still available although I am not sure about there being three of you as I have never done anything like this before. May I respectfully ask what exactly it is that you require of me — skinnyboy'

They found the idea of being addressed as Mistress highly amusing. Sally was practically rolling around the floor with laughter whilst Kate was a little more cautious... "You don't suppose he expects us to dress up in leather and stuff like that do you?"

Ann reassured her that wasn't the case; the term Mistress was merely a polite reference, an acknowledgement, that he saw them as being in charge. They started to discuss how they should word their reply and try to lure him in, especially as he was so obviously nervous of the fact that they out numbered him three to one.

"I think we should tell him outright that we don't expect him to grovel at our feet, lick our boots or anything like that." Sally suggested, "At the same time we should try to bait him somehow."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well offer him some kind of incentive."

"Not sex." Kate replied firmly. "Don't you dare suggest anything like that or I shan't come."

"No silly. Tell him we want him to undress in front of us, to play with himself until he ejaculates while we watch. And ask him if we would be allowed to touch him — that should wet his appetite."

"It say's he's never done it before — do you think he'll turn up?"

"There is only one way to find out."

A reply was drafted, reworded a couple of times and then sent. They sat giggling as they discussed their plans for the next twenty minutes. Ann's computer suddenly announced that she had mail and the three of them scrambled back to the computer. None of them had expected such a swift reply, which could only mean that Skinnyboy was currently online...

Dear Mistresses, Yes touching would be allowed if that was your wish. I'm still a bit nervous about there being three of you. I think that in order for this to work from my point of view you would all have to be quite dominate, or at least one of you be very dominate, so that I would feel that I had little choice other than to obey your every wish and command.

"Oh my God! I can't believe we are doing this." Kate gasped "Who's going to be the dominate one — not me, that's for sure."

"Ann — it was her idea." Sally immediately suggested.

"What about you?"

"I'd laugh too much." Sally answered with a chuckle.

A flurry of email exchanges passed, none of which produced a confirmation that Skinnyboy would actually be willing to attend. Finally Ann wrote to him, reassured him that they were serious in their invitation and that as it appeared he was not genuinely interested, they would move on and invite another more worthy slave for their evenings entertainment. A swift reply followed, asking for a date, a time and an address.

A week later the three young women gathered at Ann's house to await Skinnyboy's arrival. They set about re-arranging the furniture in Ann's living room, chatting excitedly as they closed the curtains and shifted her sofa so as to create a space where they could all watch the impending performance. Despite their obvious nervous excitement and high spirits, Ann told them in a serious voice that they needed to act sensibly and not put him off. "It would be a disaster if he arrived, took one look and ran for home." She told them both, "So keep the laughter under control."

Ten minutes before he was due to arrive there was a knock at the door. Sally started giggling as she grabbed a bottle of wine. Ann scowled a warning at her as she headed for the hallway. Kate sat herself down on the sofa, nervously adding her own voice of caution for Sally to calm down. They heard Ann open the door and Sally plonked herself down on the sofa next to Kate to await his entrance.

Ann showed a tall, thin young man into the room and introduced her two friends. Kate and Sally both rose to their feet to greet him. He stood awkwardly before them, his face already turning pink as he nodded to the two young women. He was smartly dressed in a suit jacket over jeans and shirt. It was easy to see where he had got his name from. His advert had stated that he was twenty-two though he looked much younger, and he was very slim, giving the impression of a stick. He rose to some height, and then dangled down again.

"Do you need anything before we begin?" He looked at Ann in confusion; his eyes darting quickly back to Kate and Sally. "Well do you need to use the bathroom or something before we get started?"

A quick nervous nod of his head indicated that the bathroom was required and Ann gave him directions. No sooner had he vanished than Sally scoffed, "What have we done — he's a stick-insect!"

"What do you want me to do — send him away?" Ann answered from the door.

"Well he's here now — we can't just tell him to go!" Kate replied.

"We might as well have a look at his dick now that he's here." Sally remarked with a giggle.

They waited for him to return. The door opened gently and he stepped inside looking edgy, his gaze avoiding each of the women. Ann took charge, directing him to the middle of the room where they could all watch him undress. He paddled across to the centre of the room in his stocking feet. It was a rule of Ann's that everyone took their shoes off when entering her house. He turned to face the three women looking apprehensive.

For a moment the three grinning girls glanced puzzled at each other, unsure if they should do something. Ann took the initiative... "Do you want some music to dance to?"

He shook his head quickly.

"Right, well get on with it then — everything off."

He slipped his jacket off and neatly folded it before carefully laying it across the arm of a chair. Next he pulled his tee shirt up over his head to reveal a slim, pale chest that was totally smooth and hairless. His ribs were clearly defined around his chest and two small, flat nipples stood out in stark contrast against his pallid skin. Things did not look good from the women's point of view. His elbows and wrists were sharp-edged, and looked awkward against his painfully thin arms.

His fingers visibly trembled as they reached for the buckle on his jeans. It slipped open; the three women stared as he unbuttoned himself. They watched his fingers slowly guide the zip down and the folds opened to show a small pair of dark blue briefs underneath. The jeans tumbled easily down his long bony legs in which the knees were prominent, but the women were no longer interested in that, their eyes glued to the tiniest pair of men's briefs clutched tight across the bulge of manhood hidden from view.

Kate sucked her cheeks in, pursing her lips tight in an attempt to contain the giggles threatening to erupt from her at any moment. Ann and Sally were fairing no better as they each fought their private battles of restraint. A quick glance stole between them as Skinnyboy stepped out of his jeans and laid them across his other clothes. Sally's face held a stupid looking smirk of mirth as she glimpsed his covered bum.

He faced them, his face glowing bright red as the three women bent forward in anticipation, eyes keenly locked on the bulging pouch of his underwear.

"Time to get the worm out!" Kate chortled after he pulled his socks off.

His hands slid down his hips, catching the waist of his underwear in his fingers and the garment descended his legs as he bent forward. He straightened himself upright, leaving his underwear on the floor and three pairs of eyes zoomed in on his limp cock dangling toward his feet.

"See! There is some meat on him!" Sally giggled.

Kate suppressed a chuckle as she stared at the wrinkled length of his dick. It looked odd, slightly darker than the flesh of the pale thighs it nestled between. Wild, unmanaged hair splayed in all directions at the base of his shaft. The hood of skin concealed the head of his cock completely as it bunched about the end of his dick, and whilst it was no monster cock, it did look somewhat disproportionate by comparison to the rest of him. "Turn around and show us your ass." Ann instructed.

Duly he turned to display two firm and compact looking globes of flesh. He bent over when instructed and the three women watched his bum grow taut, the crack between his cheeks widened as his balls swung back into view. Soft downy hair covered the crinkled fleshy sack. Strangely Ann was reminded of how a walnut looks. She resisted the urge to reach out and cup his balls. Ignoring her two sniggering friends, she told him to turn around and approach her.

Sally and Kate looked sideways on as Skinnyboy stood in front of Ann, his crotch on a level with her face and only inches away. "Lift it up and show me your balls." Peering across the room over her head, his hand clasped his dick and raised it clear. Sally's body rocked with mirth as they watched Ann lean forward and gently blow air over his downy balls. Kate saw his hand slowly slide over his limp cock as he groaned quietly. She knew immediately what was happening and suddenly blurted out...

"Stand back so we can all see!" Ann and Sally looked at her puzzled. "Let go of it!"

They stared in amused silence as his dick slowly stared to fill out, growing in length and girth. Marvelling at the delicious sight of his pumping cock steadily rising up from between his legs, they looked on with gaping mouths and delighted eyes until it stood firmly erect, pointing directly back at them, throbbing gently in the air. Ann instructed him to present his cock for each of the women to inspect.

He stepped up to Kate first. She looked slyly at her two friends before carefully resting a finger on top of his erect manhood and pressed down; pushing his cock down toward his thighs as far as it would go before he started to lean forward, sucking air between clenched teeth. And then she released it. Immediately Sally howled with laughter and Kate started giggling as it sprang upward to slap against his belly before bobbing up and down like a yo-yo.

All attempts at self-control were abandoned. Laughing profusely, she pressed her finger against the side of his stiffened member and pushed it right across until it was hinged as far as possible across the top of his thigh.

"Ready?" She cried to her friends, and then let it go to spring back and forth like a demented pendulum to the shrieks of laughter from the three women.

Sally beckoned him and he side-stepped to stand before her. Spurred on by the confidence of Kate, Sally licked her lips and with a wicked grin, extended her forefinger and thumb. She pulled back the hood of skin to fully reveal the glistening head of his cock. Ann and Kate craned their heads to drink in the sight of the small slit. Sally boldly closed her finger and thumb over the top and bottom of the split and gently squeezed. The slot opened like the gaping mouth of a fish to reveal his pee hole.

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