Taboo cohabitation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My husband leaves me, but my brother comes home!

I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on my shopping list as my husband's face hovered close to mine, we were right out of baking powder and beef stock cubes.

"Yes that's it" his voice brought me back to reality as he gasped out that he was coming, his eyes were bulging, a sure sign that he was almost there, dutifully I ran my finger nails across his back and hoped that he'd finish soon.

He did, I felt the flood of his seed inside me and groaned softly to signal my enjoyment,

"Aah yes lovely"

"How was it for you?" I never really knew why he always asked me that stupid question, he certainly didn't care how it had been for me, but I couldn't be bothered to argue,

"It was good"

He rolled off me and was asleep almost instantly, deep resonate snores resounding through the bedroom as I drew my white cotton nightgown down to cover myself.

We'd been married for five years, five boring, loveless years and I think I can honestly say that I'd hated every minute of those years, on our honeymoon on an island deep in the Indian ocean, I'd packed all my sexiest clothes including stockings and filmy little suspender belts to wear for him at night, but on our first day there, he'd gone mad when I took my bikini top off on the beach,

"For Christ's sake Sandy" he stormed, "Haven't you got any shame, people will see your breasts?"

I wanted to tell him that I'd love people to see my breasts, I wanted to lie completely naked on the burning sand, I wanted my pussy to be on display, I wanted it to be wet with desire from longing for him, but it stayed dry and virtually unused for the entire two weeks of our honeymoon!

His job as a sales consultant for a large international company was all that made our marriage bearable, that and the long absences that were very much a part of his job!

My own job as a part-time private secretary to Geoff and his lovely sister Sheila helped to keep me sane and gave me the much needed relief that I craved and I was considering their offer of a live in position with them as I drove Paul to the airport the following morning.

He dragged his luggage out from the boot, dutifully kissed me dryly, said he'd be back in a month and was gone, I sat back in my seat and breathed a sigh of relief, a month, a whole month before I had to endure the weekly fumble again!

I was still sitting there smoking a long awaited cigarette when my mobile rang and I smiled as I saw my brother's name on my screen,

"Hi Jimmy" I said softly and idly toyed with the hem of my skirt as he asked if I was free for breakfast,

"I'd love it" I replied and asked him what was wrong,

"I'll see you at your place and I'll tell you then"

Something was wrong, I could tell from his voice, he and I had always been close, far closer than many siblings and in our teenage years, we'd come within an ace of actually doing it, the dirty deed!

We'd pulled back at the last moment, or rather Jimmy had pulled back and we'd never spoke of it from that day to this.

His car was in the drive as I pulled in and I was shocked at his appearance, he was unshaven, unkempt and looked like he hadn't slept for a week.

"For God's sake Jimmy" I gasped, "What's happened to you?"

"Let's get in Sandy" he said and pulled out a couple of heavy hold alls, "Where's the asshole?"

I grinned at his description of Paul, he'd never liked him from the first day they met and for that reason, he'd been a very infrequent visitor to my home.

"He's gone to New York" I told him, "For a month, what's in the bags?"

"All my worldly possessions, can I stay the night?"

"Since when did you need to ask?" I was suddenly quite cross with him for even thinking that he had to ask me,

"Sorry" a little grin almost sparked up but then he was serious again and we went indoors,

"How long have you been sleeping in the car?"

"What day is it?"

"It's Sunday Jimmy" I said with a sigh as he counted on his fingers,

"Four days"


"Don't shout Sandy, I'm too tired"

I made us both a coffee and he told me all about it as we sipped it,

"Well you know I've been working away for the last six months don't you?"

"Of course"

"She was hassling me about money, but she knew damn well that I wouldn't get paid until after the contract finished, it was my first job since going alone, I wasn't able to negotiate any interim payments, but the money will be there, there's no doubt about it, in fact it should be in tomorrow morning"

"So what was her problem?"

"She reckoned she wasn't earning enough to keep the house going and pay all the bills as well"

"Rubbish" I exclaimed, "She's a supervisor isn't she?"

"Yeah, look Sandy can I get a bath?"

"Of course you can, do you want a bacon sandwich while it's running?"

"Can I just have a whole pig, nothing too much?"

I laughed and threw a couple of rashers into the pan while he talked,

"She was getting unreasonable Sandy, screaming at me down the phone, demanding money, threatening divorce, you name it, she threatened it"

"She's a bitch"

"Yeah I know"

I made his sandwiches and told him to come upstairs with me whilst I ran the bath, I drew it hot and poured gallons of bubble bath into it,

"Take your clothes off and get in the shower first, that'll get the worst of the dirt off and then get in the bath and soak"

"Yes miss" he grinned through a mouthful of bacon and bread,

I gathered up all of his clothes and took them downstairs whilst he showered, after emptying all of his pockets, I threw them all into the washing machine and went back up to find him lying back in the warm, soapy water,

"Can I beg another coffee Sandy and a cigarette?"

"For Christ's sake Jimmy, you don't beg for anything here, if you want something just take it"

He laughed and stood up to reach for my cigarettes on the window sill, his lovely thick penis dangling in front of my face,

"You bastard" I laughed, "You lousy rotten bastard"

"Well you said to help myself!"

"You know how it is with me and Paul" I said and felt myself going red, "Do that again and I'll get in and rape you"

"Is that a promise Sandy?"

"Oh you bastard" I said again and practically ran downstairs to make his coffee,

He was out of the bath when I went up again and toweling himself dry, I stood for a moment just admiring his muscular, sunburned torso, even his firm buttocks were brown from the desert sun,

"Seen enough?" he chuckled and I swore again as I put his coffee down and went to Paul's wardrobe to get him some clothes, it took a second or two for it to sink in, it was empty, the chest of drawers where he kept his pants and socks was empty, the other wardrobe for his shirts was empty too!

"What's wrong Sandy?"

"He, he's gone, he's bloody left me"

Then I saw the envelope propped against his dressing table mirror, there was just one word scrawled across the front, that was it, just the one word "Sorry"

The feelings inside me welled up, but they were of anger, frustration and betrayal.

"No tears Sandy?" I felt him behind me, his arms round my waist and the warmth of his cheek against mine,

"Tears? Good God no" I said and screwed the envelope up, "Relief more like, you've not told me yet what happened when you got home"

"Oh nothing much" he said bitterly, "She was far too busy riding some asshole's cock"

"Oh Jimmy, I'm sorry" I leaned back against him, "We're a pair aren't we?"

"I wish we were Sandy"

Turning round still in his arms, I touched my lips to his and whispered,

"I think you should take me to bed Jimmy"

"Why, just because the asshole has left you?"

"No" I whispered, "Because I want you to make love to me, because I want to feel like a woman again, because he's left, because she's kicked you out, but mainly because I want it Jimmy"

I felt his erection rising against me through his towel as he lowered his head and kissed me, he fumbled with the buttons of my blouse as I stripped his towel off and grasped his penis, he finally opened my blouse and moaned as he saw my breasts bulging out of my bra,

"Beautiful Sandy" he breathed and eased them out of the lacy cups, his tongue slavered over them one at a time as I moved my hand up and down his shaft, my skirt slithered down to the floor and I felt his hands on my bottom, his fingers slipped under the string of my thong and then we were both naked.

Mouths locked together, we sank onto the bed my hand still gripping his prick,

"Are you sure Sandy?"

"Feel my cunt Jimmy" I breathed into his mouth, "Feel how wet I am and tell me if I'm sure or not"

I felt his fingers delving into the folds of skin between my legs, one entered me and I spasmed,

"I think you're sure" he whispered and I drew him down on top of me, my legs were as wide apart as I could get them and the feeling of his prick as it slid into my welcoming wetness was incredible,

"It's been six months Sandy" he gasped, "I won't last"

"Neither will I Jimmy, but I don't care" I breathed as he began moving inside me, "I'll have your spunk inside me and we've got the rest of our lives"

"Sandy" he looked at me and I thought how handsome he was, "Sandy, I'm gonna cum, I'm sorry sweetheart"

"Don't be sorry" I hissed as I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, "Just fuck me darling, do it, let it all go"

The feeling increased in intensity and I realized I was coming too,

His eyes were wide open, staring into mine, he jerked and I jerked with him as I felt the first splash of his sperm inside me,

"Jimmy" I squealed, "I'm coming" he spurted another jet up into my pussy, I gripped him with my thighs and my hands as he jerked again and again and I rode out the most powerfully intense orgasm I'd ever had in my life!

I slept for about an hour, then I disentangled myself from his arms and pulled on a robe before going down and taking his washing out, I emptied his bags then and put the rest of his clothes in the machine. The sun was blazing down as I went out into the garden and I felt deliciously wicked as I hung his clothes out on the line and my robe rode up over my bottom,

I untied it and let it hang from my shoulders whilst I finished the rest of his washing and generally cleaned the house, I kept smiling every time a caught a glimpse of myself in one of the many mirrors, there seemed to be a glow about me and the reason was asleep upstairs!

I bustled about until well into the late afternoon when I made myself a coffee and took it out with my cigarettes into the garden to read the Sunday newspapers, I couldn't concentrate on them though because I kept thinking about what me and my brother had done that same morning, we'd broken one of the world's most rigid taboos.

So why was I so happy about it? Why did my legs drift apart and why did I slide a hand between my thighs as I relived the moment that his cock first entered me?

"You look beautiful Sandy"

I opened my eyes with a start and felt suddenly flustered, he was leaning in the doorway of the kitchen, still naked and his penis began to rise slowly as he looked at me,

"I feel sexy, is that wrong Jimmy?"

"No" he shook his head, "It's not wrong Sandy, you are sexy, a beautiful, vibrant and very desirable woman"

Slowly he walked towards me proudly naked and looking at me,

"What were you thinking about?"

"Us" I answered, "Us and what we did"

"Do you regret it?"

"No, not one bit, do you?"

"Not at all Sandy" he smiled and kissed me, "I want to do it again later on, but this time I promise I'll last a little bit longer"

"I thought you might not want to" I said and dragged my eyes away from his penis to smile up at him,

"A man only makes that mistake once sweetheart" he grinned and I made it about eight years ago"

"I'll do you a deal Jimmy" I said, my eyes back on his lovely thickening prick, "Go get a shave whilst I get changed and I'll treat you to a dinner at the local pub"

"I haven't any money baby" he replied glumly, "Not a penny until tomorrow"

"Well" I laughed, "You'll just have to pay me back with your body, won't you?"

He laughed but his laugh turned to a groan as I bent and took his growing erection into my mouth, I was twenty three years old and I had a penis in my mouth for the very first time!

"Oh Jesus Sandy" he gasped, But by then I was running into the house laughing and giggling, it promised to be quite a night!

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