Day in Heaven

by isadore

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: a cum slut's tale

I would like to tell you a fact about myself. I am a slut, not only a slut but a cum swallowing, cock sucking, wanting to do anything for my mistress slave boy.

Let's start at the beginning; I got this way over time not something you wake up one morning and have thrust upon you! Having always been a bisexual with almost no barriers I am willing to do most anything, short of scat or animals, with anyone that cares to take me home.

Most people I know can list the attributes of their perfect lover, as for me, as long as they have a pulse seems to be the only marker. Well, that's not true, if it was a male he better be well endowed, the bigger the better, size really does matter! She needs to be able to be a very prolific domme that is confident in herself and her ability to make a man do her bidding.

I am rather partial to my mistress because she can fill the two positions at once; when she puts her strap-on harness on I know that I'll be filled in a very delightful way. As a woman she is a very innovative and patient lover; with her penis on she is not only the same loving and tender woman but she an also be rough and tumble man. My lady is able to make my body do things at her whim. We had a job posting on the West Coast together and discovered the glory of outdoor sex. She had me tied to the hood of her car and used a riding crop to warm up my cheeks; she then took out a large paddle and beats my ass until it glowed red. I passed out after counting to 100-at her command.

When I came to she had me hog tied and hung from a pole like a bagged deer, the only difference was that standing in front of me was two rather large sailors from the local Coast Guard base. In her position she had got to know a few more people than I did and these two stunning men were proof of that. I was thinking that she was going to have them fuck me but instead, while I was tied up they took turns and gave her a royally good run at ecstasy. All the time they were doting on her, she kept saying how good these men where and how they made her feel like a woman, something that an insignificant little man as I could never do. The two of them were stunning examples of male hood; chiselled belly, full shoulders, thin waisted and both with the type of full thick cock that makes you drool.

She was revelling in the fucking the two gave her. There was a look of pure unabashed lust on her face when I could see it. She took one of those cocks deep into her throat and lets him use it as a pussy until the creamy white cum oozed out of her mouth. Her pussy was full of cum as well as her asshole, brimming from the dumping of what seemed weeks of pent-up sex. She had the two sailors carry her over to where I hung and placed her ass over my mouth and told me to suck it clean. It was one of the most wonderful thing that I tasted, her's and the sailor cum and sweat. I ate it as if it was the most delectable meal ever put down.

When I had finished she had them put her down and told them to let me down as well. I thought that I was going to be let free but I was wrong. Then she sat on my face and let all the cum in her pussy run into my mouth and let me know that I had better not spill any. At the same time one of the sailors put his cock into my ass, what a great feeling tasting his cum before he lets it go. I would have thought that after the fucking they had given my lady there would have been nothing left, but this guy was still ready to go as if he was a fresh lad. It didn't seem to matter that he was buried in a man's ass at all.

He was pummelling my ass with his large cock and I could feel the golf ball sized nuts slapping my ass-cheeks all the while tasting and loving the cum in my mouth. He was touching all the right places in my ass and soon I was ready to cum but he could sense that and pulled out and came all over me. His friend not wanting to be left out, stepped up and used me the same way. Soon I got to the same state as his friend did but instead of pulling out, let loose in me, what a feeling you get when a torrent of hot cum fills your ass.

Before they left my mistress had them put me back up in the tree. She fucked them each one more time and then let them go on their way. I, on the other hand was there for a while still. She had plans for me now that I was loose and creamy. Taking out her harness and putting it on she told me that the screwing the Coast Guard gave me was nothing compared to what she was going to do me.

In the past, she had started with one of the smaller dildos that we owned and worked her way up to the monster sized one, this time she went directly to the monster and with two hands slipped it into the harness and walked to my mouth. With a menacing grin on her face she dangled her penis in my face and told me to open up or else. I did my best to let as much in my mouth as was possible, but that was not enough for her as she pushed until the whole thing was buried in my mouth. She used my face as a pussy and soon had a rhythm going that had her panting from exertion and I was feeling as if my face was ripping in two. She pulled it out and walked around to my ass-end; without any sort of nicety I was split in two by the huge cock she had hanging off her.

I am not sure what she was thinking but it certainly wasn't about me as she had a far away glaze in her eyes and was taking full advantage of where she was. The cum that was spilled in my ass was the only lube to start her fucking of me; and it wasn't really enough for the size of dildo that was working it 's way in and out of my bowels. That had no bearing on how she felt about me, I was a hole and she was filling it.

After a few minutes of the abuse she heaped on me I started to feel a familiar tingle deep inside me. I focused on that and within minutes had cum all over my stomach. This seemed to bring her out of her state of ecstasy and soon stopped ramming into my ass. With a few fumbling motions she had unhooked herself and left the cock buried in me. She walked around and squatted over my face, her pussy was so wet and juicy and I needed no prompting as to what she wanted me to do. I ate as if a man starved. There was a mixture of her cum as well as the sailor jism and sweat that made for a most wonderful cocktail. I cleaned her pussy and brought her to the edge of orgasm, she backed off and without any nicety pulled the dildo out of my ass. The slurping sound proved how loose I was and with no warning forced her entire fist into me.

The stars opened in front of my eyes when that happened, colours and sparkles flashed and I went to heaven. Soon she was pumping like there was no end to the day. Her arm was twisting as she went in and out and it felt as if my insides were going to follow her hand. This went on for what felt like hours but soon she pulled out and let me down but not before a large plug went in. This was to keep me open or so she said, for what I didn't know. When we got home she had me draw her a bath and wash her body. I made her dinner and then let her relax on the bed as I curled at her feet.

I am not sure how long we slept but we both awoke to the sound of the door bell. She told me to answer the door and as I stooped to pick up my shorts said not to bother "just go naked". This excited me and by the time I got to the door I had a nice erection. When I opened the door standing there was the two sailors. With them stood two more, somehow I knew that this was no coincidence. I also knew that I was in for a long night! The more forceful one from the afternoon pushed the door and walked past me as if he owned the place. The rest of them filed in after him and soon turned to look at me. It seems rather strange standing naked in front of four very assertive men. The erection that I had didn't seem to slacken any. If anything there was a rock hard exhibition for them to see.

I hurriedly closed the door and wasn't quite sure what to do when I was told to kneel in the middle of the room by my mistress. Then she strode into the room dressed in a very tight shiny PVC merry widow and full leg coverings she looked as if the bottom 2/3's of her had been dipped in India ink. On her feet were some of the tallest spike heels she could wear and still walk. In her hand were a leather crop and a cat o' nine tails with little golden rivets at the end of each lead.

Still not sure where they came from, a pair of handcuffs appeared around my wrists holding my arms crossed behind the head. It was at this time that my lady started telling me what was going to happen tonight and for the rest of the long weekend. The small navy that had now pulled in and taken up residence in the living room were going to use me for whatever they wanted. My lady was going to let all four of them sleep with her in the bed. I was to take up residence in the bathroom and be used as the urinal.

This arrangement was to take effect as soon as I had given each of them a blowjob. Now the sucking of cock didn't bother me, actually was turned on knowing that I was to suck four beautiful cocks. It was the being used as the urinal for them that caused some concern. My lady had used me for a similar purpose a few times. She had even used her piss as an enema once but the idea of four complete strangers peeing on me during the evening was unsettling. I got to work and started giving the most sloppy and noisy blowjob any of them had heard. The first cock was about the size of a soda can and I was able to work it for all it was worth; I am an accomplished cock sucker after all. In no time the first mouthful was dumped into me and I swallowed all of it-good to the last drop-as the commercial goes. The second cock was a bit thicker around but much shorter and I was not able to put all of it in but still got a goo load of stringy cum after all of my attention.

The last two cocks had been the guys from the afternoon session and they still had lots of spunk left to get rid of. I took one in my mouth, stroked it for good luck and slid my lips lightly over the head just enough to get it wet. The next bob down was right to the bottom. I heard a gasp and felt him stiffen in my throat. For the next few moments neither of us moved. I got used to the feeling of him in my throat and soon was sliding back and forth a few centimetres at a time. With each stoke of my head I pulled back and got more out every time. The down stroke got more and before either of us knew it I was stroking the whole length of him with my lips. It was a great feeling being able to deep throat 20cm of manmeat and not even gag.

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