The Odd Couples

by msboy8

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Spanking, Swinging, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two couples, totally different, meet at Octoberfest. The younger couple seems to get caught-up in the older couple's wild life.

Thanks to 4degrees for his help and friendship.
Written by request for Frank & Susanne.

Chapter 1

They were as different as night and day, but would soon become inseparable. Here is the story of Fritz & Ilsa and Frantz & Ingrid. How they met and how they came together.

It was Oktoberfest and the beer was flowing all the time. Buxom serving wenches carried four large mugs of beer in each hand. And they didn't spill a drop, either. No one bothered the barmaids when they carried the beer, but on the return trip with the empty mugs, they received pinches and pats a-plenty.

Strangely enough, the spouses met each other in the rest rooms. Fritz and Frantz stood at adjacent urinals. Ilsa and Ingrid met side by side at the mirrors after squatting to empty their bladders. Ilsa was a 60 year old with light gray hair in a bun. She was rather plump. Fat, actually. She had big tits, a big ass and thick thighs. She was rather short, but had good posture. Ingrid was just the opposite, 18 year old with long, silky blonde hair worn loose. She is thin, but not anorexic. She had perky tits, a well-rounded butt and shapely thighs. She was tall and willowy.

Fritz was 65 year old with black hair, mixed with gray like a crown of hair around his mostly bald head. He was stout, no fat, looking like a short rectangular man. All parts of him were broad, including his circumcised 9" dick. Frantz could see it while they both pissed, and he was suitably impressed by both the length and the thickness. Frantz was a mere 19 year old lad with medium length brown hair, also in a bun. He was well muscled and as tall as Ingrid. His cock was 7 1⁄2 inches of uncut meat. It was not quite as think as Fritz's, but thick enough for Ingrid.

Ilsa powdered her face while Ingrid brushed her long hair. Ilsa took a long deep breath and said, "I love the smell of beer piss, don't you my dear?" The rest room reeked of that smell. Ingrid hadn't really thought about it, but she sniffed some of the pungent air in and analyzed its scent. It does smell like beer piss. Revolting, yet heady at the same time, thought Ingrid.

Now that you mention it, you can smell the beer. How did you ever come up with that? By the way, my name is Ingrid."

"I first came to that understanding after an Oktoberfest years ago. I was giving my husband a blow job and his cum had a beer taste to it. After that I noticed what my husband ate or drank and how it affected his cum. I told him about it and then he noticed a difference when he ate me out." The old woman was very frank about it and her eyes never left Ingrid's. Ingrid blushed when cum was mentioned, but never lost her friendly smile. "Well, enough about me, my name is Ilsa, are you here alone? Would you like to sit with me and my husband, Fritz?"

Ingrid thought about it, "Actually I am here with my boyfriend, Frantz. I'll have to talk with him about it. I'm sure it will be OK, we are here alone and would like the company." Ilsa is a little rough around the edges, but she seems friendly and we don't know anyone here.

The women actually met the men when they came out of the rest room. The men had talked, as well, and they all found a nearby, almost empty table and sat down. Fritz waved over a barmaid, who set down four beers. Fritz thanked her and paid her, giving her a big tip, stuffing several bills down her cleavage. The serving wench smiled and weaved off towards the bar to get more mugs of beer.

Ilsa apparently didn't mind her husband copping a feel from the buxom barmaid. Fritz and Ilsa kept making toasts and the mugs were empty by the time another wench with full mugs arrived. Fritz would not accept the money that Frantz offered and again stuffed some bills down the barmaid's cleavage. She didn't seem very happy about it and slapped Fritz on the face. He just laughed and swatted her butt as she stormed off.

It seemed to Ingrid that they were drinking much too much, but she didn't want to be impolite. The conversation had turned to sex after the first round. The young couple had enough beer to speak freely about sex and the things they had done. I can't believe I'm actually telling some of the sex adventures that I've had, thought Ingrid. The old couple matched them story for story, happy to share their sexual escapades with the young couple. Ingrid was not sure if they were making things up or not. No, they really happened, I can tell by the way they tell the stories. They are so much more experienced, thought Ingrid. Fritz got horny with the story swapping and asked his wife if she would help him out.

Ingrid's eyes just about popped out of her head when Ilsa slipped under the table, unbuttoned Fritz's pants and unzipped his fly. She pulled his large cock out and captured it with her lips. Shit! Fritz has a giant cock! How does Ilsa take it in her mouth? Ingrid thought. Fritz moaned as Ilsa started sucking on his hard dick. Fritz looked over at Frantz and said, "Well, what about you friend?" Frantz looked over at Ingrid, who just shook her head. She wasn't that drunk, yet. Fritz noticed the head shake and stared at Frantz, "No problem friend, Ilsa will be more than happy to help when she's done with me." That lowlife Frantz will probably take her up on her offer. What a dick, thought Ingrid.

Frantz didn't know what to say, so he just took a long drink from his beer mug. Ingrid just stared out into space, getting drunker and drunker. Frantz's mug was empty, but Ingrid's was still half full, so he tapped her on the shoulder to see if she was done with her beer. Ingrid just slowly collapsed onto the table. Frantz just shrugged and took her beer mug. Fritz moaned and shot his wad into his wife's sucking mouth. His face took on a satisfied look and lip—smacking was heard from under the table. I love the way Ilsa gives head. She may be a fat, old bitch, but she can still satisfy.

Ilsa must have been listening to what Fritz had said before, because she pulled down the waistband of Frantz's sweatpants until his uncut cock jumped free. She licked her lips and then took it into her hot mouth. Her other hand reached in his pants to fondle his balls and she began sucking. What a great cock sucker she is, Ilsa's gonna make me cum hard. It didn't take long before Frantz came with a groan. Ilsa sucked him dry and stuffed his dick back in his sweats. Ilsa climbed back into her seat with a broad smile on her face. She had just gotten two shots of beer flavored cum and was just sitting satisfied with herself. Ilsa knew that this was going to be a night to remember.

Chapter 2

Fritz said, "Well mama, are you ready to go? It's getting cold here. Come Frantz, you're in no shape to drive and we have room at our house for you and Ingrid." Fritz stood and helped his wife to her feet. "Wake-up that sleeping beauty of yours and we'll go where it's warm and cozy." Frantz had enough control to stagger over to Ingrid and nudge her awake. Fritz noticed she was awake and said, "Come sleepy head, we're going to get out of the cold." They all piled into Fritz and Ilsa's car and drove to their house which was at the end of a dead end street with a tree and bush covered yard. The house was back from the road, so it was very private.

The heat hit Frantz and Ingrid like a wall when Fritz opened the front door. They all went in and Ilsa shut he door behind them. It must be 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit in the house, Ingrid thought. All of them took their coats off. Fritz and Ilsa didn't stop there; they took all their clothes off. Frantz didn't notice until Ingrid asked them what they were doing. Ilsa replied, "We like the freedom that living nude gives us, that's why we keep the temperature up so high in here. Feel free to join us, we won't be embarrassed or make rude comments. As a matter of fact, it would be rude of you two not to strip." Ingrid mumbled something about the bathroom and disappeared into it, closing the door. Frantz shrugged and started taking his clothes off. I don't want to cause them any grief, besides Fritz had bought all the beer, Frantz justified in his mind. He felt better in the heat once he was nude.

Ilsa got him a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. She walked up to Frantz and handed him the bottle. Ilsa stood there watching his sculpted body as he took a swig. He was pretty enough with strong muscular arms and chest; flat abs and, she looked around him, a nice, firm butt. I think this boy will be just what I need. Ilsa had already seen his uncut dick up close. She pulled him to the couch and sat on it with her legs spread. Her bush was overgrown and her fat belly hung down blocking half of it. Ilsa's big, droopy tits hung down on her belly. Her large nipples were hard and Frantz could smell her old pussy. It smelled faintly like beer. "Bring that sexy mouth over here and suck on my old, wet cunt." Frantz licked his lips, finished his beer and stuck his head between Ilsa's thunder thighs. His tongue broke through her bushy forest and attacked her ancient pussy.

Fritz thought that Ingrid had enough time to use the toilet, so he opened the bathroom door. She heard him coming in; the door didn't even have a lock, and ducked into the tub behind the shower curtain. What the hell? What about privacy, thought Ingrid. Fritz saw her slip in there, still dressed in her pants and shirt. He opened the shower curtain with a rush, standing over the girl. "I told you it was rude not to get undressed, maybe you need some motivation. Luckily, I have just the thing here." He grabbed his semi-hard cock and aimed it at her. He wouldn't dare, that old fart, Ingrid thought. Ingrid's mouth was open to tell him no, when the piss shot out of Fritz's dick and into her mouth. He aimed it down and soaked her blouse and pants. His piss petered out and he shook off the last few drops. "Now you have to take them off. I'll help if you want?" Ingrid just sat in the tub spitting and sputtering, trying to get the taste of beer flavored piss out of her mouth. Shit, he hasn't been very helpful so far!

Fritz turned on the cold water and showered her clean. In spite of herself, her nipples popped erect. "You better get out of those cold, wet clothes. Come on, I won't hurt you Ingrid." She rose up and stripped off her wet clothes until she was as naked as he was. Fritz held out his hand, she took it and he led her into the living room. Well, there's no holding back now, reasoned Ingrid's intoxicated mind.

Frantz had his face buried in the old woman's cunt. At first, Ingrid couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then she got mad at Frantz, of course, the beer she had drunk helped her to decide. That son-of-a-bitch, he just went after that old pussy. He couldn't wait for me! She turned and looked at Fritz, "Well, are you waiting for an invitation. I want what she's getting." Fritz threw her into an easy chair and knelt down (Knees cracking) and pushed her slender legs apart. He gasped with joy upon seeing her clean shaved pussy up close and buried his face in her young cunt. Thank god that she is shaved, no spitting out hairs, Fritz thought, overjoyed. His tongue plunged into Ingrid's delicate folds and her moans soon rose to meet the moans coming from Ilsa. Both men were giving it their all with their mouths, trying to please these two horny bitches.

Ilsa came first, her cum flooding Frantz's face. Frantz lifted his face out from between Ilsa's fat, short legs. He grinned at her with his cum covered face. Ilsa smiled back and licked her own cum from his smiling face. Once she was done, Ilsa leaned back again saying, "Fuck me now, young blood. Stick your hard cock into my soaking puss."

Fritz moved forward and sunk his dick all the way into Ilsa's stretched out, old pussy. She gasped as he started fucking her cunt fast and hard. His hands grabbed her large, floppy jugs and he flung them around. Then he squeezed and twisted her hard nipps. Ilsa loved everything he was doing to her. "That's it boy, use this fat old body for your fuck-toy. Use me all up, you stud!" Frantz, take me, take me hard lover boy!

Ingrid was moaning loudly as Fritz's tongue fucked her clean, fresh pussy. She had forgotten who was eating her out, lost in the pleasure that she felt. She even had snuck her hand down to her clit and was furiously rubbing it. She screamed as she came, her hot cum rushing out to fill Fritz's mouth and coating his happy face. Fritz's voice brought Ingrid back to reality. "Whoo hoo, your juices are so sweet, I just have to reward you, honey." Fritz stood up with some effort (more cracking) and guided his fat, hard dick to the entrance of her sopping wet pussy. She opened her mouth to protest, but Fritz covered her mouth with his and slammed his large cock into her hairless, young twat. Only a mumble was heard as Fritz's tongue, covered with Ingrid's own sweet nectar, invaded her nubile mouth. He didn't waste any time, thrusting in & out of her tight cunt. It was so tight, Fritz knew that she hadn't been fucked that much. Oh my god, he is so big; I've never been so full. Ingrid moaned as she was roughly fucked by the old man. Her breasts and Fritz's fat stomach were both dancing wildly. Ingrid laughed at the sight; she couldn't tell what was bouncing more, his tummy or her tits. She stopped chuckling and went back to moaning, as Fritz's plump dick slammed repeatedly into her.

Fritz thought, my dick is now covered with enough of her sweet juice so... Fritz stopped fucking her slick folds and pulled his aged shaft from there. Ingrid was confused. Why did he pull out? I wasn't done... She felt his dickhead resting against her little rosebud and knew what was coming. Ingrid screamed, "No Fritz! I am a virgin there! Do not..." She was interrupted by his hard, fat cock pushing against the ring of muscles surrounding her anus. She screamed as his plump meat broke into her untouched butt-hole. Fritz gave her a moment to get used to his presence, and then slowly pushed his swollen cock further into her. She is so tight; my dick is being squished by her tight ass. It brings back fond memories, thought Fritz. He pushed in more and more, causing Ingrid to groan uncontrollably. It's gonna tear me apart! My ass-hole is going to be as stretched out as Ilsa's. Fritz kept pushing until he was all the way in. He then waited for Ingrid's groaning and heavy breathing get softer and less frequent.

"So, your worries were unfounded sweet girl. Let's get down to it now." Fritz said softly like a concerned father. Ingrid didn't bother trying to say anything, she knew what would happen, and it did. Fritz took a deep breath and began a rhythmic pace of energetically fucking her tight butt-hole. He was machine-like in his efficiency; every stroke was done with the same force, at the same interval of time. Fritz enjoyed watching her young tits bouncing. True, they didn't bounce as much as Ilsa's, but they bounced with some restraint. Ingrid's tits were firmer by far, not as large, of course, but they were new to him and he wanted to explore them thoroughly.

Frantz was trying to 'use Ilsa all up', but he was growing tired and sleepy from all the beer. I've got to make her climax! He used hit last reserve of strength to furiously pound their pelvises together as his young cock reached deep into Ilsa's old, but hot cunt. Her entire body was quaking and shaking as Frantz slammed into her. It looked like a woman made of flesh colored Jell-O on a paint shaker. His final assault took her over the top and she cried out, "Yes, yes... Oh you sexy boy, you're making me cum!" Her well used womanhood gushed out a supply of hot nectar, not quite as sweet as Ingrid's, but definitely beer scented. Ilsa shuddered through her orgasm and after shocks, lasting a good length of time. When she had experienced them all, she stretched and yawned. Frantz's spent member slipped out of her cum soaked pussy. "Pick me up, dear boy, and carry me to bed." Frantz picked up the short, fat old woman and carried her to the bedroom. They collapsed in a heap of arms and legs on the bed and were soon fast asleep.

Fritz was pounding Ingrid's ass unceasingly. Her hand crept to her sensitive clit almost unconsciously and she began fondling her magic button. Ingrid kept the same rhythm that Fritz's thrusting had, the synchronized feelings pushing her closer and closer to release. Fritz knew he was getting close too. His pretence of control fled and he fucked Ingrid's tight ass-hole furiously. She felt as the rhythm was abandoned and diddled her hard clit faster and faster.

Fritz came first, his cum spurting out of his fat cock to coat the inside of her bowels. He kept thrusting as he injected the sticky, white spooge into her overfull ass, where it came dripping out. It was running down her crack, her inner thighs and onto the slip cover. Ingrid could feel his hot offering filling her butt and oozing out. She moaned loudly as she climaxed, her pussy releasing sweet-smelling nectar. She experienced multiple orgasms, her fingers pinching and twisting her clit, trying to bring more pleasure to her lust-filled body. Ingrid was lost in a sea of raw sexual pleasure for an unknown length of time. She finally collapsed, shaking and breathing heavy. Fritz kissed her tits and her forehead before pulling his semi-hard cock from Ingrid's stretched out, leaking butt-hole. He gathered her up in his arms are carried her to the king size bed. He set her down where she rolled over and cuddled with the sleeping old woman. Fritz smiled and climbed onto the bed to spoon with Ingrid and close his tired, old eyes and surrendered to sleep very satisfied.

Chapter 3

Ingrid awoke slowly. The first thing that got her attention was the taste in her mouth. Her tongue tasted like it had been used for a jockstrap for a brewer. She was sure that she tasted beer, cum and just a little bit of urine. Yuck! Her head was throbbing and throbbing, almost causing her to forget the taste in her mouth. But the thing that drove all other thoughts from her mind was the fact that she was naked and someone had their hand on her tit.

She slowly opened her eyes and was surprised to find that she was cuddling with a naked, fat, old woman. The events of last night rushed through her brain like a bolt of lightning, everything that she had done and had been done to her. The hand on her tit squeezed it affectionately. "Good morning dear, did you sleep well? Ilsa didn't wait for a reply. "I did, a really good fuck makes all the difference for me." She leaned closer to Ingrid and whispered conspiratorially, "And your boyfriend gives a really good fuck!"

Ingrid blushed, embarrassed by her frankness. "I... I... I slept ok thank you." Ingrid was reminded that Ilsa's hand was still on her breast, when it was squeezed again. Ingrid placed her hand on top of Ilsa's and carefully removed it. "I have to go to the ladies room, please excuse me." She padded in her bare feet to the bathroom, her bladder getting very insistent for relief. As far as she knew it was the only one in the house. The door was partially ajar, so she took a relieved breath and pushed the door open.

She gasped as she saw Fritz sitting naked on the toilet, a newspaper in one hand and his erect, fat dick in the other. "Come on in, plenty of room. I was just checking out the personals, after all, you won't be here forever. So, I gotta strike while the iron is hot, or fuck while the dick is still hard, hehehe." Ilsa came up behind Ingrid, who jumped at her touch. "Come in momma, plenty of room."

Ilsa herded Ingrid in and told her to climb in the bathtub. "Just squat in there dear, the drain goes to the same place." Ingrid climbed in the tub, squatting in the front of the tub and blushing. Ilsa climbed in the back of the tub saying, "I can't believe you can still blush, especially after what you did last night. Go on, just let it all out, dearie, you'll feel much better." Ingrid didn't want to piss in front of Fritz and Ilsa, who were staring at her, but she had to let go and a tinkling sound filled the bathroom.

Fritz stood up and pointed his large, old, well-stroked cock at Ingrid. "I just love hearing a woman pee. It makes me want to cum. Ingrid closed her eyes as the first heavy glob of spunk landed on the bridge of her nose. Fritz kept pumping his shaft until it was empty, covering the poor girl's face in the process. Ingrid just huddled in the corner of the tub. What, do these people fuck all the time? What ever happened to nap time?

Ilsa moved closer to Ingrid saying, "Let me help clean that off." The next thing Ingrid knew, the old woman was straddling her face. A stream of hot, beer-smelling piss ran down Ingrid's face washing away some of the fresh cum. Ilsa squatted down next to her and began licking the beer-piss flavored cum from the younger woman's face. Ingrid was freaked by what Ilsa was doing, so she just lay there and let it happen. Fritz smiled, knowing that his wife would take care of Ingrid for now. He waddled out of the bathroom to see if Frantz was still alive, the sounds of a licking tongue and smacking lips were left behind him.

Frantz was lying on the king sized bed snoring. Fritz rolled up the personals, nice and tight, and then smacked Frantz once across his cock and balls. CRACK Fritz had never seen someone jump up so quickly. "Wake-up sleepy head! I have a feeling your dick is gonna be needed soon. Frantz groaned and staggered to the bathroom. The door was wide open and he stood in front of the toilet, willing his hard-on to lessen a little so that he could piss. His eyes were only half open, so he didn't see the two women lying together in the tub. Frantz sighed as his piss started to flow from his mostly erect penis.

Ingrid heard the piss hitting the water in the toilet; she could tell by the sound that it was a man. What the hell, is this a public restroom? Ingrid's eyes popped open when she realized that some man was watching her naked body being cleaned off by an, also naked, old, fat woman. She quickly sat up and saw Frantz standing there, a stream of yellow liquid jutting out from his dick. Ingrid started to reprimand him for his indiscretion, "Frantz, what..." Ingrid was suddenly made speechless when Frantz turned toward the voice and his stream of piss arched in a tight circle spraying into Ingrid's mouth and all over both women.

Fritz was standing in the open doorway and began laughing. He was laughing so hard that his whole body shook and he had to grab the door frame to keep from falling. Frantz's stream of urine drizzled out leaving both women drenched with piss. Ingrid was very mad at Frantz, but she was too busy spitting piss out of her mouth to yell at him. Ilsa chuckled as she turned on the shower to clean them both off. The hot water streamed down on the women cleansing the human waste from their naked bodies. Realizing what he had accidentally done, Frantz quickly ducked into the living room, followed by the still laughing Fritz.

Ilsa was scrubbing Ingrid like she had been sleeping with pigs. Ingrid was starting to feel the pain as Ilsa rubbed her skin raw and swatted her tits around like they were punching bags. Ingrid jumped to her feet. "Stop, stop... what are you doing to me? I like to have fun also, but this is going too far. I'm going to get my clothes and leave." She stepped out of the tub and turned to face Ilsa, her battered boobs spinning around. "You can keep Frantz if you want, I'm leaving!" Ingrid stormed out of the bath room and right into Fritz. He held her tight in his arms and pulled her towards the couch. Fritz's fat stomach pressing against Ingrid, almost bending her in two.

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