Under The Desk

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A conversation... Sorta... :-) A gift... In a way...<br> Quote:<br> Jude, how about I send you a present? Oh, good idea. What? When? Hold on. Hold on. A... sort of virtual present. Oh, sounds like a cop-out. Bet it's free!

Hi Honey. God, sorry it's so late. Those assholes kept the meetings going forever.

It's alright, Scott. I was just sorting out the bills and stuff.

Kids in bed?

Yeah. That daughter of yours has delusions, you know.


She thinks she's in charge around here.


Yeah, oh. You know where she gets that, right?

I know what you think.

Yeah, bet you do. Bastard.

Hey, I didn't phone so you could call me names.


Uh uh. Well, not that sort.

Oh, what sort then?

Something more inventive, Jude. More personal.

I might be able to help with that.


Uh huh. Scott?


You are coming back tomorrow?

Uh huh.

Good. I need some help with the painting.

Painting? Is that all I'm good for?

No, there are other things.

Oh, Good.


Oh, oh.

... the dishes.


I could, however, have done with your assistance...


... last night.



You going to tell me?

I might.

Oh, come on. I'm stuck in this Goddamn hotel room...

You tell me first.

Tell you what?

Last night. Did you get horny?

I... yeah...

And did you do something about it?

I did.

And what was that, Scotty?

I think her name was Crystal.


Or was it Cindy?

You did not.

No, I didn't. And yes, I got cosy with my hand. Big deal.

Not that big.


Your hand, dear.

Oh. Anyway, you?

Well... I kinda...

Yes? Come on Jude. Spit it out.

I started, but I just really was too tired. I needed you there.

So you stopped?

Well... fell asleep.

I thought we had an agreement?

Well yeah, we did, but...

But nothing.

Oh, come on dear.



Nah, my fault. I wish I could be away a little less.

So do I!

You know, I was looking forward to you telling me, you know.


Yeah. It would have... given me something... for tonight.

Oh, I would have liked to help.

Yeah. Hey... hmmm...

What, Scott? I don't much like the tone. You're thinking again.

Yeah. About helping.

Oh oh.

Jude, how about I send you a present?

Oh, good idea. What? When?

Hold on. Hold on. A... sort of virtual present.

Oh, sounds like a cop-out. Bet it's free!

No, no. Okay, listen.

This better be good.

Listen, close your eyes for five seconds, and then open them again.


Go on.

Okay. One... two... three... four... five. Nothing.

No, no.

Nothing has changed here, Scott, and you know it.

Look Jude, do you trust me?

Not with blondes, but generally, yep.

Blondes? Never mind. Okay, you're sitting at the desk, right?

Uh huh.

Okay, look down, under the desk. See anything?

Yeah, I need to vacuum.

No, not that. The man.


Under your desk.

You've been smoking with that brother of yours again, haven't you?

No, no. Young guy. Muscles.

You've been smoking with a young guy?

No, listen. You have to have a little faith.

In what?

In me!

Oh. Okay, okay. What can I see?

That's better. Young guy.

How young?

How young do you want?

Twenty six?

There you go.



Hmmm... some.

And he's naked.

Is he?

Oh, yeah.

Hmmm... if I close my eyes, he could be.

Yeah, that's it. Jude, how are you dressed?

Huh? Tank, jeans.

Kids are in bed, right?


Lock the door.

Ooooh. Done.

Okay, now he's waiting under the desk.

He is? What for?



He can smell your arousal.

What arousal?

Are you going to play, or not?

Yeah, okay. Sorry. And... I am, a bit. You're not normally so inventive.

Good. Oh, I think.

He he.

So anyway little Miss Difficult, he wants you.

He does?

Yeah. He can tell you are excited, and he wants more of you.

Sounds nice.

But he can't just take you. You need to invite him.

Invite him? How?

Girl musk.


He needs to smell you. To get close to you.


Hey, you still got that headset, for the phone?

Yeah, sure.

Put it on. You might need your hands.

Oh. Hold on. Testing... Yeah. You hear me still?

Yep, loud and clear. Anyway, so, keep your eyes shut, but go with me, okay?

Yeah, alright. God, you're in such a mood.

Okay, now being careful not to kick him, can you undo the button on your jeans?

Uh huh.

And unzip yourself?

Ah, yup.

What are you wearing under there?

I can't... can I open my eyes and look?

You don't remember?

Look, they may be sexy to you, but in the morning, they're just clothing...

Okay, okay. Have a look.

Alright. Oh, black.

The slinky ones?

Yeah, actually.


You know, I remember now. I put these on specially.

You're making that up.

No, I was thinking about... you... this morning.

You were?

Yeah, I had been debating finishing last night's effort, before I got up.

Oh. And did you?

No. I kinda played a little, but then looked at the alarm clock.


Yeah. But then after my shower, I thought I could wear these, because you like them. Maybe I could... no, never mind.

No, tell me.



Oh, alright. I could imagine that you were rubbing them. You know. How your finger slides down the middle. Kinda spreads me. Opens me, just a little.

Oh, God. I do like that.

I do too, Scott.

Mmmmm... oh, back to the story, or not?

Yes please.

Okay. You know he can smell you already, but it's not enough, not yet.

So what should I do?

Well, don't kick him, but how about pulling the jeans down?

Oh, for real?


Oh, good.


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