The Power

by sexstringwizard

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jilted man meets match in feisty female adversary.

Chapter 1

"Objection to form."

Sean puzzles for a second at the objection but his years of litigation experience keep his face a mask to the witness, the ten other attorneys and the court reporter all packed into the opulent conference room at Smith Hightower overlooking Lake Erie.

"I will repeat the question, or rephrase it for the witness," Sean says with an intentional hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Mr. Penoyer, you knew the safety guard was off of the machine prior to using it correct."

Once again from across the table Sean hears "objection, misleading." Sean is pissed.

Trying to keep his composure he directs his chocolate brown eyes to the intermingler in what should have been a simple discovery deposition. The "objector" is sitting directly across from him on the other side of the elegant mahogany conference room table around which the participants of the deposition are seated. The objector glares back at him.

Sean quickly appraises his adversary of the moment. She is young. At least younger than him by all appearances. She is blonde. Natural from the looks of her neatly trimmed eyebrows. He recalls that when she walked into the conference room she was petite, about 5'1," wearing high heels appropriate for a day in court or a night on the town. She has on a neatly tailored blue two piece suit. Her white shirt under her jacket is smartly pressed and devoid of frills. She is wearing makeup, but not a lot; just enough to enhance her striking hazel eyes. Her hair is curly and tied back with just two cascading strands framing her lightly golden tan face. The look on her face is serious and gives no hint of fear or hesitation.

For some reason he notices her hands. At present they are tightly gripping a Cross pen as if at any moment she will lunge across the table and jab it into his neck. They are petite, devoid of jewelry and have a french manicured look to them.

After what must have seemed like hours to all of the other participants in the room, Sean begins to speak. First he alerts the court reporter that what he is about to say is to be "off the record." "Miss... ," he pauses realizing he does not even know her name. "Meyers, Baillee Meyers," she says with a hint of southern drawl. "Miss Meyers, I am not sure how you all do things down in Texas but you're in Pennsylvania now. This is a discovery deposition. If you open your mouth to spout out some stupid objection again I am going to get the judge on the phone and we will let her decide what punishment is appropriate for you. Do you even have a clue as to what you are objecting too? Maybe your firm should send someone more qualified next time to handle its depositions," Sean says with as much condescending attitude as he can muster.

There is silence. A nervous clearing of the throat comes from somewhere at the other end of the conference table. Miss Meyers, continues to glare at him.

Sean waits a moment to see if she will respond. She does not. Satisfied that he has asserted his dominance, he takes a moment to scan his notes.

Just as he is about to ask his next question, Miss Meyers begins to speak in a clear and firm voice: "Sir, I do not appreciate your treatment of me in this room. I don't know how you conduct your depositions up here, but down in Texas we don't waste time asking stupid questions with obvious answers. If you want to keep wasting my time, my client's time and the time of all of these nice people go ahead. Ask your questions. I will object. Move on. Otherwise, we are through for today and I will permit you to question my witness tomorrow after you have had a chance to prepare properly for this deposition which I need not remind you was scheduled three months ago."

Sean is boiling. He can feel redness spreading up his neck and onto his face. "Who the fuck does this little bitch think she is?," he thinks to himself.

"Miss Meyers, I think we are through for today. It is late, we have the next two days blocked off. I don't want to create a scene. Maybe we all need a chance to unwind," Sean says with more than a trace of irritation in his voice.

"That will be fine, sir," Miss Meyers says with a note of satisfaction.

Quickly Sean gathers his notes up, throws them into his trial bag and slams through the oak panel conference room doors. He needs fresh air.

As he rides the elevator from the 5th floor down to the main lobby his anger does not diminish. "What the hell is the matter with me," he utters aloud to no one else but himself. "I used to eat young pups like that for breakfast," he says with a sigh. He cannot help his mind from wandering to the events of the last year.

Life had been good for Sean. He was a successful civil litigator. He had several large insurance companies and corporations as his own personal clients, and his progress to the top of his firm was almost a sure thing. He was fast tracking to becoming senior partner in the local office and taking a huge step up in money and prestige within the firm. Then it all came crashing down while idly searching on-line at home one lazy Saturday afternoon.

Tina had been out shopping with her girlfriends. Being home alone was relaxing. The yard work was done and he was enjoying a frosted mug full of his favorite lager, Molson Canadian. He randomly began to search through various innocuous sites. Boring quickly, he decided to explore the history folder to see what new things Tina had been checking out on-line. Suddenly, his eyes were drawn to an address for a website called authorserotica. Sean at first was puzzled but assumed that Tina had been bored and had stumbled on something that caught her fancy.

Sean thought a second about clicking on the link to see what it was about but hesitated. "Should he intrude and spy on Tina?," he wondered to himself. They had been married for 4 years and he had to be honest, things were better now than they had ever been. He stood up and actually left the office for ten minutes but his relentless curiosity drove him back before the monitor.

Slowly he clicked on the web site. Little did he know how fateful this step would be in his life.

Tina had been posting messages to various authors and visitors on the website. Utilizing his well-developed skills at finding people and information, he quickly established that Tina had been visiting authorserotica for quite some time. As fate would have it, Tina had not logged out when she last visited the site at 4:50 am the night previous. He quickly searched through all of her postings. While most were innocent and even playful, one name kept appearing in her posts - Miguel.

As the elevator gently eased to a stop at ground level, Sean caught a quick glimpse of himself in the glass walls of the elevator. He was not happy with what he saw staring back at him. While his sturdy, athletic 5'7" frame and neat navy blue pin stripe suit portrayed a confident power, the specks of grey in his short, neatly trimmed hair and in his goatee, told a far more telling story on how hard this year had been on his physical, mental and emotional state. He was far too young to be going grey. He was only 32 for Christ's sake!

Easing behind the steering wheel of his rented Lexus, Sean's mind wanders once again to the events of the last year.

Sean's instincts as a lawyer took over in a never ending quest to locate the story of Miguel and explore just how far things had gone. He quickly located Tina's e-mail account through the website. After overcoming his initial shock at the fact that she had a secret e-mail account, he set to work at breaking into the account. With each keystroke the sense of pending doom tied his stomach into seemingly never-ending knots. He had to know. He was caught now in that horrible place between the fear of knowing and the fear of not knowing.

It took him some time but he eventually lucked out on Tina's e-mail password. As the discussions played out before his frozen eyes it was clear that Tina's fascination with Miguel, while initially innocent and playful, had evolved into a full blown affair of the mind and soul. Her vivid descriptions of her need to seduce and fuck Miguel sent Sean into a rage. A few thousand dollars in damage later, he once again sat down before he computer. What to do? With trepidation he checked the last e-mail and his world changed forever in an instant. She was with Miguel today to finally physically consummate their theretofore affair of the mind, heart and soul.

He lost everything in an instant. To this day Sean could not recall all of his actions for the rest of that fateful Saturday. When Tina arrived home, his confrontation of her was neither pleasant nor understanding. His rage was beyond measure. Tina rationalized her conduct on his never being home from work and his lack of attention to her needs. Bullshit. It was all bullshit.

After throwing most of her belongings out the front window of their opulent townhome he called his friend Trish and set to work destroying the love of his life. The divorce was quick. The result was satisfactory. In the end justice was served. Last he had heard, Tina was on her own. Apparently, Miguel was not one of the characters from his stories as Tina was foolishly led to believe. Miguel was having to much fun seducing and fucking married women to be tied down to a broken down divorce'. Now that was justice in the complete sense of the word. His only regret was that he was never afforded the opportunity to kick the shit out of Miguel for ruining his life.

As his car eases into the parking lot of his hotel, he quickly thinks back to the events of the day. Who the fuck was that little blonde bitch to embarrass him before his colleagues. Tomorrow, he would show her a thing or two about litigation.

While lost in his train of thought as he enters the revolving door of the hotel, Sean fails to notice the figure bent down in front of him checking her luggage and blocking his path. When he does notice, it is too late. He literally walks right into her. His crotch strikes into the ass of the bent over female causing her to stand abruptly and screech "asshole!." "What the hell," Sean exclaims as he realizes that the figure he had just boned from behind was none other than Ms. Baillee Meyers.

"Why don't you watch where the hell you are walking," Baillee says as she clearly recognizes her violator.

Sean is taken aback for all of two seconds before he regains his composure.

"Look Ms. Michaels, I apologize for bumping into you. I guess I was lost in thought and I was not paying attention," Sean says with all the sincerity he can muster.

"I guess this just isn't your day asshole," The name is Meyers. I guess details just aren't your thing," Baillee says, her words biting with acidity into Sean's ears.

Before Sean can utter another word, Baillee storms up to the check-in counter and demands the clerk to check her messages. Sean continues to stand rooted to his spot dumbfounded.

He remains frozen as he watches Baillee proceed from the counter to the waiting elevator. Watching her walk away he notices for the first time that Miss Meyers is incredibly attractive. Even beneath the rigidity of her suit, her ass is a thing of beauty. Sean is positive that she is either wearing a thong or going commando. He also notices that she had removed her jacket. Her perfectly shaped breasts are forcing the buttons of her blouse into puckers revealing the elaborate lace on her white bra.

Finally, Sean finds the energy to mutter under his breath, "what a shame that such a fine package has been wasted on a nasty, rotten bitch." Sean proceeds to check in and go up to his room.

After surveying his room, Sean runs through his notes and exhibits for the depositions scheduled for the next day. After an hour of intense work, he begins to notice a pang of hunger in his gut. Sean recalls that the clerk had advised that the hotel bar served food.

After checking his voice mail messages, Sean throws on a silk button down shirt and a pair of Dockers and proceeds to the bar.

After ordering the largest steak on the menu (aren't expense accounts grand), Sean eases back into his chair and begins to imbibe in the house zinfandel. As he is ordering his third glass of wine, his attention is diverted to the table across the bar from his perch. There sits Baillee Meyers, also alone.

Baillee had donned a tight fitting blue cotton top cut out in the front exposing her ample breasts. She also appears to have discarded the elaborate lace bra judging by the protrusion of her aroused nipples. Her low rise jeans expose the small of her back each time she leans forward to speak with the waiter.

Sean decides to summon the waiter over and asks him to get Baillee whatever she wants to drink from the bar and place it on his tab and to tell her that it is a peace gesture from him. As he finishes the last bite of his delicious steak he watches as the waiter approaches Baillee as he had requested. It was quickly apparent that peace is not going to be forged this evening. As Sean watches the waiter walk back towards him, his anger once again rises to the surface.

"Sir, the lady said... ," the waiter pauses as if embarrassed to continue. "Its ok, spit it out," Sean says reassuringly. "Sir, she told me to tell you to take your drink and shove it up your ass," the waiter mutters clearly embarrassed.

"That's it!" Sean is tired of trying to be a nice guy. Maybe he just isn't cut out to have any type of relationship with women. Rising from his seat, he walks quickly over to Ms. Meyers.

"Baillee, I tried to be nice, you spit it back at me. Expect no quarter tomorrow," Sean says with venom in his voice.

Baillee turns slowly up from her dinner piercing him with her hazel eyes. There is a bemused smile on her full lips. For the first time, Sean notices that her blonde curly hair is no longer in the bun and is now flowing free over her shoulders and down her back. He also is intoxicated by her perfume. Subtle and not overpowering but definitely sexy. Without saying a word, Baillee grabs the glass of water sitting in front of her and slowly and deliberately pours it directly onto Sean's crotch.

The icy water hitting his balls is in stark contrast to the steam Sean feels rising from his ears. Embarrassed and pissed off, Sean turns, and with as much dignity as he can muster, walks out of the bar and back to his room.

Upon getting into his room, and after stripping out of his pants, Sean takes the chance to reflect on what had transpired this day. Not once, but twice this girl had made him out to be a fool.

Sean logs into his laptop and decides to do a little research on Ms. Meyers so as to better size her up for the battle looming ahead the next day.

A quick search of the on-line legal directories discloses the basics. Baillee Meyers graduated cum laude from the University of Texas School of Law in 2001. After clerking with a judge sitting on the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals she launched her career with Bubba Watts, a large nationwide Texas based plaintiff's products liability law firm. She has been with Bubba Watts since 2002. Her bio on the firm website does not provide any additional information other than her date of birth and various awards and law school accolades.

"Fuck it," Sean says to no one other than himself, "I have been at this longer than she has. I will eat her alive tomorrow. I will show her who has the real power."

After working for a few more hours and after trying to lie down and get some much needed sleep (sleep had been hard to come by after the Tina tragedy), Sean decides that he should try to blow off some steam in the hotel exercise room.

Quickly, he slips on some athletic shorts, a t-shirt and athletic shoes and grabs his I-pod for some tunes and isolation.

He is glad when he gets to the exercise room that it is still open. The sign on the door says that it will be open until midnight. Sean glances at his watch and sees that he has about 35 minutes to unwind and de-stress.

Sean opens the door and peers into the room. It is empty. He sees a few weight lifting machines, a stair master and several treadmills. There also appears to be a sauna located in the back. Sean decides on a sturdy treadmill and begins a brisk walk lost in the guitar genius of early Van Halen. He has been on the treadmill for about 5 minutes and he is beginning to work up a slight sweat so he ratchets up the pace and begins a steady jog.

Sean is unaware of the door behind him opening and someone else entering the room until he sees a shadow out of the corner of his eye. He is startled for a second. That feeling is immediately replaced with anger. "Can't she just stay the fuck away from me," he thinks to himself. Sure enough, Baillee Meyers is stepping onto the treadmill to his right.

Sean appraises her appearance. Baillee is wearing tight, form fitting pink exercise pants which accent all of her assets. On top, she is wearing a white t-shirt with the word "flirt" emblazoned on the back in pink lettering. Her curly blonde hair is tied up in a neat pony tail exposing the back of her neck and the simple gold hoop earrings she is wearing.

Sean cannot resist the temptation to try and get back at her for the misery she has caused him this day. "Are you trying to fuck with me or are you just an overall pain in the ass," he says with little kindness and a great deal of malicious intent. There is no response. "Hey blonde, what is your problem?," he asks with no real concern. Still no response.

Sean steps back off of the treadmill causing the motor to rev up and hum. "Hey! I am talking to you," he says with anger rising in his voice.

Suddenly, Baillee steps back off her machine and turns towards him. She takes several steps in his direction leaving only inches between their bodies. Out of her high heel shoes she is a good head shorter than Sean. Sean sees her formulating a response and gears up for the fight.

"Let's get this straight." " I don't like you, you thought you could push me around and now you are pissed off because I got the better of you." "Deal with it," she says emphatically.

Sean is fuming. It is high time someone knocks this chick back a peg or two. Sean can feel the anger rising as he steps even closer to her. Before he can respond, Baillee lunges towards him locking her lips on his open mouth. Instinct takes over. Her tongue is wet and playful darting in and out of his mouth. Sean, quickly recovers and begins to plunge his tongue deep into her mouth. His right hand comes up and grabs a handful of her blonde hair pulling her head even closer to his. A small whimper escapes Baillee.

With his left hand Sean reaches around her waist and pulls her midsection towards his own. Sean is fully aware that his cock is becoming engorged. He can hear the blood pumping in his head. He did not see this coming.

Slowly he begins to back Baillee up against the near wall. For a brief second he is cognizant of the hum from the treadmill machines in the background. "This is crazy," he thinks to himself.

It has been a long time since he has had sex - not since Tina on the fateful night before that Saturday afternoon a year ago. Sean quickly tries to gain his composure and stop the swelling he is beginning to feel in his pulsating balls. As Baillee's back eases up against the wall, his hands take over.

Sean always prided himself on being an attentive and affectionate lover. Perhaps due to years of guitar playing, his fingers have a dexterity that sometimes amazes even him. Bringing a women to orgasm with just his fingers is something he prides himself on. He always felt that a women's clit and vagina were like musical instruments that when touched the right way produce incredible music.

Sean plunges both of his hands down the back of Baillee's athletic pants. She is wearing a thong. He takes in two handfuls of her tight, firm ass forcing her hips and pussy towards his swelling cock.

Her kisses intensify. She catches his tongue in her teeth and bites not too gently. This further arouses Sean. Sean moves his hands now to her front forcing them up under her t-shirt and athletic bra. Her tits are amazing. Like two ripe apples. Her nipples are hard and erect. As he moves his hands upward he pushes her shirt and bra up to expose her breasts. Amazing. Her nipples and areola are a light pink in color. Sean moves his head down and takes her right breast into his mouth. She tastes salty from the sweat from her workout. His nostrils are filled with the smell of her perfume. His tongue begins to stroke and caress her nipple. He grabs her breast with his right hand and squeezes it gently to give his tongue a better attack on the nipple. This maneuver elicits another low moan from Baillee.

Sean moves his left hand to the front of Baillee's pants. He can feel the heat emanating from her center. He lightly traces the outline of her mound, gently gliding his fuck finger over the center of her inferno.

No time for being bashful now. Sean starts at the bottom of her mound and moves his finger tips one at a time slowly across where he is sure her clit is swelling to life. As he reaches the top of her pants with his left hand, he brings his right hand down and inside her pants but still keeping his fingers outside of the thong. Her thong is moist with her wetness. He gives her pussy a gentle squeeze with his hand and then begins to trace around the outline of her underwear. He moves his fuck finger to the top of her panties. He can tell that she wants him to touch her; feel her; free her. He pauses as if on a precipice, then he plunges his hand downward through the wispy curls of her pubic hair, across her clitoris and into her opening.

This move brings the desired reaction. Bailee stops kissing him and moves her head to the side and closes her eyes. Her face expresses her intent and focus on his hand. Just as he desires. Sean can feel his penis throbbing in his shorts. He wants her. Hell, he needs her at this point.

Sean uses his finger to draw out some of her juices in order to lubricate her lips and clit. He then moves his attention northward. Her clit is small but not too difficult to find. He begins to rub it in circles pausing every so often to rub up and down and side to side. Sean can tell by the heavy breathing from Baillee in his ear that she is close to climaxing. This makes him even harder.

Sean is done playing. Today is not the day for a finger fuck orgasm. His balls need release and the sooner the better. Sean takes both hands and pulls down Baillee's pants and underwear leaving them on the floor at their feet. She is a natural blonde and quite possibly the most beautiful woman he has ever seen naked. He is aware of Baillee moving her hand to his cock and beginning to lightly stroke it. One of her petite hands cups the head of his penis while the other moves down and tickles his balls. Sean is using all of his efforts now to keep from coming in his shorts.

Baillee can apparently sense his need because she deftly removes his shorts allowing them to join the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Sean places both of his hands underneath Baillee's immaculate ass and lifts her easily off of the floor, slamming her back none too gently against the wall. He then proceeds to slowly lower Baillee onto the shaft of his penis. The sensation is incredible. Using her own weight he forces the tip of his penis up against the wall of her cervix filling her completely. She is dripping wet and his nut sack is immediately soaked in her juices. Slowly, Baillee begins to raise herself up and down on his cock relying on Sean to keep her against the wall. The sensation of her moist pussy lips caressing the sides of his penis is paralyzing. Sean can feel the semen building up pressure in his balls. He is nearing the point of no return.

Suddenly, Sean hears voices out in the hall. It must be the staff getting ready to close down the exercise room. Baillee does not seem to hear them coming. She continues to swivel her hips moving Sean's cock in and out of her while always leaving the tip just inside of her swelled lips.

"Baillee, do you hear that?," Sean asks. Without stopping her movement she gasps out a "yes." "We have to stop," Sean says not believing his own words. Baillee looks back at him with her pleading hazel eyes. She clearly has no interest in stopping.

Sean quickly looks around the room. His eyes are drawn to the door of the sauna in the back. "Sauna," he manages to whisper.

While still keeping her impaled on his penis, Sean carries Baillee into the sauna and shuts the door. The smell of cedar is overpowering. Sean lowers Baillee so that her back is on one of the benches while still managing to keep his penis inside of her. He tilts her hips and places both of her legs over his shoulders.

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